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7 DAY$-24/HR$ - BITCOIN MINING EXPERIMENT - See How Much Money I Made :) JULY 2017

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KevinRuzHerrera (5 months ago)
U hav some siKk eyebrowz
MrAlanC (5 months ago)
Thank you Ms Kevin, I've noticed them to. I think I like them! But I had questioned them in the past. It's just how they grow.
Joseph Khai (5 months ago)
Wow $1.40 per day $9.40 per week how much is the hydro
Alex Salter (7 months ago)
2$ a day? FUCK THAT. just fk it, right in the ass. fkin not wasting time with that. i blow more per day on beer for myself for after 1 work shift.
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sania bicu (8 months ago)
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Chai Lee (8 months ago)
So bitcoin is basically DIY...Ill invest in chinese products ill burn no electricity
Joe G (8 months ago)
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Respect My Hustle (9 months ago)
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Joe Momma (9 months ago)
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rock32003200 (9 months ago)
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jb (9 months ago)
M a k e  M o n e y O n l i n e   a t   Cointary .c om A very yeti trails.His hardened upstairs reacts inside the economy.
Kevin Johnson (9 months ago)
Damn that aliens computer is Lit
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redrobiin (10 months ago)
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Kelly Morales (10 months ago)
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Anna Bryan (10 months ago)
Keep on going!your accounts doing awsome😀
MrAlanC (10 months ago)
Thank you Anna, subscribers are coming in fast. Exciting times!
Farcas Emanuel (10 months ago)
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F (11 months ago)
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Dick Dastardly (11 months ago)
I REALLY HOPE all you DUMB FUCKS who do this stupid SHIT blow you computers up, burn you houses to the ground, and LOOSE EVERYTHING you own! FUCKING RETARDS!!
emil ambrus (11 months ago)
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Josh Shepherd (11 months ago)
You posted this video on my birthday
MrAlanC (11 months ago)
+Josh Shepherd Perhaps it is a sign. Happy Birthday Joshua!
Rahul VS (11 months ago)
you have to put the cards in an open space and not in a case... they might catch fire as its literally like a oven now...
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Human Race (11 months ago)
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Richard picmann (11 months ago)
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ST Brad (1 year ago)
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k man (1 year ago)
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Qiu Shi Sheng (1 year ago)
....LOL laptop and R9 370... sub $2 per day GG nicehash just pwned you...that is so sad
Jr.Investor (1 year ago)
you got alienware rip
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Liquid Sh4d0w (1 year ago)
Buying a prebuilt Alienware and Bitcoin mining is the most stupid idea. The hard drives they use are not for 24/7. They are for 8 hours daily, therefore, the hard drive would have broken down by now since this video is from July. Nice work dude! I bet u thought that both your computers broke down and went to buy a new one.
Walton Bate (1 year ago)
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OTown 530 (1 year ago)
How much dollars in electricity a day cost to run your Alienware?
Ksmash Gamer (1 year ago)
Cali_Life Style3 don’t buy an Alienware for Mining, they are gaming systems
Blah 0o (1 year ago)
Hackers from places like Russia and China and Brazil ruin btc mining for everyone. One person and two pcs can't compete with a botnet of 50000 computers
Lucas Perez (1 year ago)
Are you dumb dont mine on a laptop
Lucas Perez (1 year ago)
so it is dumb
Lucas Perez (1 year ago)
He will burn out his laptop they are not made to cool graphics cards on full load
Ksmash Gamer (1 year ago)
Lucas Perez it’s not dumb, if he also uses it as a gaming laptop.
Fahad Swati (1 year ago)
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Man nov (1 year ago)
do you wear eye make up? lol.., i like yo vid :) keep it up.
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Titan Army (1 year ago)
RIP nice hash
Gods Eye Photography (1 year ago)
Are you still on the scene?
IFaTaIL (1 year ago)
Holyshit you make a dollar a day hahahaha
Kyle Enlow (1 year ago)
how much nice hash take from you
Evan LeConey (1 year ago)
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William Grissom (1 year ago)
Bitcoin going to crash. It going to be worthless. Only one who is going to be rich is the video card supplier.
thousandyoung (1 year ago)
Oh, they aren't risking jackshit. Only these clowns are.
jari van wijk (1 year ago)
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Tech Talk (1 year ago)
i m having a laptop spec i5 7th gen with Nvidia 940mx 8gb ddr4 can i mine in this laptop???
Igor Krstić (11 months ago)
Only idiots as the guy on the video use laptops to mine
Ksmash Gamer (1 year ago)
Tech Talk yeah, but it might not be as good,
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GameCaptain (1 year ago)
this guy is a moron
Iancov m (1 year ago)
youre not minint bitcoins.
Thelizzyman (1 year ago)
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Your bro Dank (1 year ago)
Just burning up your Dell's that's not a profit after your electricity cost
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bcherbs (1 year ago)
Basically just eats GPU's
Drew WilliamK (1 year ago)
btc at 11,000 !
Sebastian Madrid (9 months ago)
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Mannybone (11 months ago)
loren young yeah, lol. I cashed 2 out at $17,500 or so, bought in at $10,800. After i repaid back the $25k personal loan, I made clean with just a hair over $10k and transfered the funds to my central bank. The irony 😂
loren young (11 months ago)
Mannybone and back to 11k
Mannybone (1 year ago)
anubis jones, now $19,500 and rising
Christopher Hovell (1 year ago)
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CJ TUPAZ (1 year ago)
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