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If you want to change careers, start a side business (here's why)

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You're working a regular job but want to be an entrepreneur. Should you quit your job and go all-in starting your own business, or should you experiment with a side gig first? Jen Gresham, founder of the No Regrets Career Academy, has helped hundreds of people successfully navigate major career changes. Full interview (video + audio), playlist and key takeaways: http://www.ndoherty.com/jen-gresham/ This interview is part of The Foundations of Entrepreneurship series. Subscribe here for more: http://bit.ly/1euIL2L Visit Jen's blog: http://everydaybright.com Check out the No Regrets Career Academy: http://noregretscareeracademy.com/ Music by Emmett Cooke: http://soundtrack.ie
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