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Information about Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/08/01/Insights-on-Multiple-Sclerosis.aspx Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about Multiple Sclerosis or MS.
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Ted Teddy (8 months ago)
I found out about LDN over a year now and finally got it 1 month ago ! God Bless you ! Just hearing you mention it is God sent for me ! Thank you Dr. Mercola Thank you 🙏
I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that people with serious autoimmune diseases have experienced a significant emotional injury/event in their early youth (prior to age 5 or 7). In addition, sometimes emotional treatment is not always enough. Great video. Thanks. I will definitely be sharing it.
SUASTE (3 years ago)
I have multiple sclerosis and at the age of 5 was abandoned by my father and then my mother at the age of 8, from there my life was a series of events that had me seeing therapists and other things until I was diagnosed in September 2012, now idk what to do because my body has deteriorated greatly and quickly in these past couple of years. :/
Rolandas Jaciničius (5 years ago)
Don't sure about "childhood emotional injury",but here are the solution:beyondms(dot)info This men fully recovered without drugs BTW:raw food contains systemic enzymes,that's why raw food work for MS. Enzymes fix your digestive system,leaky gut and immune system cams down
Tesshin ryū Dojo (6 years ago)
good luck with your Copaxone LOL!
angelusa73 (9 years ago)
Thank you for your suggestions! I am taking the 50.000 units of Vitamin D and I am very careful with my diet. Many are the things that I try to do to try to get better! My MS is a very active one, so it's important to do many things to try to slow it down! Thank you for helping! Hugs, Angela
ActiveStorage (9 years ago)
hell even antibiotics that people eat on a daily basis to fight cold symptoms are killing all good microbes and bacteria in ur digestive system. talk about toxic medicine
sloppymantis (9 years ago)
Also I think an important note to make is aspartame and MSG.. both products appear to damage the brain and i have read studies where they have lead to misdiagnosis of neurological troubles.. like lupis and MS.. but avoiding brain tumors, holes in the bbb and effects of excitotoxins just sounds like a good idea
Hippie Steve (9 years ago)
I seen videos here on you tube where MS patients were using hemp oil and Cannabis as medicine also with good effect. Why don't the scientific community look into it?
Steps To Simplicity (9 years ago)
Apparently Colorado is a place in which this disease suddenly can appear out of no where. I imagine that there is a correlation between radioactivity and this autoimmune disorder.
Bob Davis (9 years ago)
What do you think about bee sting therapy? What about detox foot pads? I agree that steroids are a big mistake. They supress the immune system and what you really need to do is build up and repair your immune system not destroy it!
Just Traveling (9 years ago)
PLEASE do a video on sudden hearing loss.
Klaatu (9 years ago)
Rumsfeld was always difficult but really started to go out of his mind while head of DoD until they had to force him out of office. I don't doubt that as former CEO of Searle, maker of Aspartame, he probably had it coming out of his ears.
Becky Watt (10 months ago)
Klaatu It wold appear to a normal person he had an extradimensional force acting on him .
TheSpiceOfLifeJD (9 years ago)
Thanks for that Dr M!
GnosticNinja (9 years ago)
Diet drinks can cause Diabetes. Donald Rumsfeld is called "Aspertame Man". Neurological toxins are every bit as nasty as vaccines. Its slow poison. Think what 'they' did to tobacco was on purpose? Naaaw...
Ron Burton (9 years ago)
I have always heard Aspartame causes MS. I heard it harms the nerves in lab tests. If someone has MS they probably should stop drinking diet drinks and stay away from Aspartame. I am interested in your thoughts.

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