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Connect with Eric Wroolie. Get free consultation from App Developers around the globe. Free yourself up every Friday 5pm UK Time. Talk to Eric and Friends. Join the discussion! #AppDevelopment #Appdevelopers #AppCreators
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yori98 (2 months ago)
Hello Eric, I subscribed to your channel recently, I love your videos. I think you should make a video about how much you spend on your add campaigns for your apps.
Digital Tech (2 months ago)
Simply, if your one app making 5$ a day, so you should invest 2 to 3$ on your Apps
Overpass Apps (2 months ago)
Thanks, Yori. I'll add that to the list :-)
Digital Tech (2 months ago)
Hi Teacher, why google play not updating Install status on App live page, i mean my app cross 10k+ Installs but still showing 500 only why? any solution please help us

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