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Mock Job Interview Questions and Tips for a Successful Interview

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Preparing for a job interview is key when trying to land the career you want. In this video a Virginia Western student participates in a mock interview with questions asked by a human resources expert. The HR expert analyzes what the interviewee says and reveals why HR asks those types of questions in the first place.
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Eyinade marg (18 days ago)
Can some ask amount of paying at interview
Dani Fahisis (2 months ago)
Interviews depend on the luck
Jenny With Candi (2 months ago)
I have interview anxiety this helps
Alexandra Bixler (2 months ago)
This wasn't even good
autumn1231 (2 months ago)
worst interview ever was with wells fargo....... two millennials who thought they were psychologists.....what a waste of my time
NeverLetGo KojnKuv (4 months ago)
This is very helpful
Jo-Ann Halemano (4 months ago)
Just listen to the questions and answer them as honestly as possible. In my last interview, which was about five or six years ago, I basically said to the interviewer "I don't pull punches". Also plainly said "Right is right and wrong is wrong". Wanted him to know ethics plays a big roll in my work habits. By the way, the interviewer happened to be the owner of the company. I worked for four years. Retired to watch grand babies.
Jack Killer (4 months ago)
Shawn Douglas (6 months ago)
All she said was.... "Um..Um..Um..Um.....Umm" you're gone honey!!!!
Anthony Phung (6 months ago)
cmon now
Tony Bresse (7 months ago)
People can prepare, practice and make up answers for all these questions to sell themselves for the interview. The only best question the interviewer should ask is "Tell me how your skills and/or experiences can be of benefits to our company!" All other questions are not really useful... Because answers can be made up and cannot be verified... Here is what can be verified: -------------------------------------------- Look at the candidate LinkedIn Professional Endorsements and Recommendations from previous employers whether from co-workers or stakeholders which are all credible references of the candidate proven skills practiced on previous jobs related to their strengths and successful accomplishments. These can be a great indicator of what the candidate would bring to the table once hired with the new company.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
True. Sometimes so many unnecessary questions are not necessary. 1 or 2, the perfect questions is all you need. Yeah some job positions is stupid to come with these type of questions.
Jack Malvern (7 months ago)
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peter dawn (7 months ago)
lanjenny jen (7 months ago)
bill cristian (7 months ago)
tks very much
Thuat Ngo (7 months ago)
tks very much
ThuatNham (7 months ago)
tks, useful free ebook
The Career Force (7 months ago)
Great points about preparing an elevator pitch. It seems like it should be easy to talk about yourself, but a lot of people stumble over this question during interviews.
Cynthia b (8 months ago)
Shaukat ali (9 months ago)
SHE is completly desastor
Don Patron (1 month ago)
Your spelling is a complete disaster.
MissAnonima1 (4 months ago)
She tried...
Rachael Hernandez (9 months ago)
Too much ums!!
Erbil forever (10 months ago)
The key to get hired is to make the interviewer to like you, If S/he liked you then your duty is easy because the final decision is personal anyways, even if you are a robot person full of skills if the interviewer didnt like you then you are finished.
MissAnonima1 (4 months ago)
That's tough because some small minded people decide they don't like a person "just because" so you're basically out of the running even if you're more than qualified lol
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Is true.. Find the way to be likeable, if not for more skill you are, you won't get hire
Hanafi (10 months ago)
6:20 arhh that face look from the interviewer..i always got that look n its make me nervous....everytime....
OCDTraci (7 months ago)
Me too!! It's like the polite way of saying "we appreciate you trying, but we're not going to hire you", lmao
Zechariah (1 year ago)
I’m more worried about not understanding the question then answering it
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Exactly my fear. But I try to look at it this way, the interview is to get to know you, they are irrelevant information not important to say because they have it in front of them on your resume. Why would I have to re mention my EDUCATION or my work experience when you already know it. Instead I try to talk normal and natural as possible, instead of a robot, if I don't understand [o you] don't be afraid naturally to say the truth [sorry but I dont understand your question,can you please explain it better]. it's totally normal to be nervous and anxious in moments like this. My other fear my friend , is not knowing WHAT TO SAY to answer a question. Someone told me to answer the question even if you never be in that position and it doesn't have to be work related. Give an answer of *what you would done or say in that particular scenario *. It's totally ok and acceptable. The interviewer want to see your reactions in personal behaviors ..now when it comes to perform a physical skill is different, but heeyy there are people very talented out there and sometimes is the first time ever doing it. People very good at something. What's the worst!! It can happen. Otherwise keep moving
Brandon Cazares (1 year ago)
I hope this helps me when I have my interview
ricardo (1 year ago)
6 or 7 strengths? I can barely think of one.
TheBaseballLiker (1 year ago)
Wow, this guy was the driver of my school bus for a couple years in middle school. Weird to see him on this video with half a million views, and as an HR professional. He must have been laid off during the recession.
Steffers 71914 (1 year ago)
Job interviews aren’t genuine “we want someone like xyz” no body acts the same in real life as they do in an interview. We are just kissing ass
Markus Aurellius (1 year ago)
What a stiff. This dude is as boring as the Wall Street Journal. I would fall asleep interviewing with this cat.
MissAnonima1 (4 months ago)
Interviewers aren't supposed to entertain you and vice versa
Monica Ortiz (1 year ago)
I have an interview tommorow. This video really helps. 👌
Thank you, glad to hear it.
Cloud Economics US (1 year ago)
Liked, great video! I made an interviewing tutorial here: https://youtu.be/HtsIbAmxLZk
RAPHAEL OKOTH (1 year ago)
Good tips a key guide to your dream job
Jennifer Lee (1 year ago)
i love it
Thuat Ngo (1 year ago)
i love it
Sobsa Bauom (1 year ago)
lol. For easy ways to make money online you guys can go to *OnlineNetCareer. Com* this is the same thing I've been doing. Hope this helps. I’m more terrified of failure than rejection—so I’ll know my way to YES!
Sarah Abdullah (1 year ago)
I hate to be judged by interviews!! I'm not good at talking and use a lot of words :)
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Me too. I wish they can recruit differently
Vitaly Samonov (1 year ago)
I like it!
taimy111 (1 year ago)
What a beautiful person the interviewer is! If every interviewer was like him, then interviews wouldn't be that difficult.
MissAnonima1 (4 months ago)
Its true, he had a calm, non judgmental vibe. I hate interviewing with someone who just sits there all cocky and deliberately wants to put the pressure on you to see how you perform.
Scott Caldwell (1 year ago)
why is she looking down so much. i would disqualify her just for that
Christos Antonopoulos (1 year ago)
just tell them to piss off when they ask for a criminal history check
Christos Antonopoulos (1 year ago)
from a science perspective why should I work for you what are your intentions? hmm.
Christos Antonopoulos (1 year ago)
and ask if they are setting you up for a blackmail victim
heavymechanic2 (2 years ago)
What if the hiring manager does not know how to conduct an interview or asks questions that are protected by law? I have been interviewed by people who have no education and are demeaning because of my college training. Like its not important to sacrifice time and resources to better myself and get shit on for my efforts.
Michael Villella (2 years ago)
this was probably relevant in 2002
Debbbb (3 months ago)
Michael Villella Still relevant in 2018. This is an excellent overview of the general interview process. Also be prepared for questions specific to the industry and position you seek.
Al Gentry (2 years ago)
I think her eye contact was poor! I feel the interviewer stumbled with his questions to interviewie! I have had hundreds of interviews and none have ever been like this. These five specific questions you ask her. Where not asked at my last interview I had at last. An I was hired on the 2nd interview right on the spot! The hiring manager checked my drivers license. Checked my birth certificate. Checked my Social Security number. Employer gave me a psychological profile test. Then physical, drug testing. Then I sent for an FBI clearance. A Michigan State clearance and lastly finger prints! So I think all companies have there own interaction on questions! They give to the interviewee! It's all different every time I've had a interview. So dress well! Smile introduce yourself. Be on time 5 to 10 minutes before your interviews is to start. Have your cover letter and resume with you. Do have your References with you! Don't offer them up! Unless the employer asked for them. Hope y'all have a great day and I really enjoyed the video. Stay positive at your interviews don't get frazzled with questions asked of you. Answer them truthfully and directly. And you should get the job!
Dustin Biondo (2 years ago)
Adendum- don't say "um" after every three words
bubblebear83 (2 years ago)
A job developer once told me to practice, practice and practice. However, there were a bit of fidgeting and lots of ums when the candidate talks. Sometimes I fidget when I try to think in answering the question and we do not expect them to ask us direct random questions at the interview. I understand that job interviews are not so important to some people. They just want us to make sure that we come to the job interview to prepare in answering the question because the job interviewer want to make sure that you are best fit for the job. People sometimes fidget because of nervousness, not prepared and under pressure. The job interviewer really want to understand whether you are best suited for the job.
shantife (2 years ago)
A lot of these questions are actually repetitive, as an interviewer I would never ask such stupid questions.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Indeed. Stupid questions
Dean G (9 months ago)
guess what they do ask. they may ask the same type question more than once to see it you are real.
Dijonne Stricklen (2 years ago)
This is a great advice thanks.
Dijonne Stricklen (2 years ago)
Great job on everything in this video thanks again for success for Me
Dijonne Stricklen (2 years ago)
Glad to know thank you.
detectivealchemist (2 years ago)
she would be a better teacher then the one I had during grades 10 to 12 my foods and la teacher made a big deal on me saying bible thumper in a sentence even though I wasn't saying it to hurt someone just talking to a friend about my issues then she went to church and told on people at church that I said bible thumper
Liam Taylor (2 years ago)
She looks like Gabe from the office...
Don Patron (1 month ago)
brebreboo lardoo (2 years ago)
That was f*cking easy if our native language use for interview, but it was English that why it sucked I'm getting scared of the interview because of that.
Robert Jones (2 years ago)
interviews are stupid. people can do very well in interviews and suck as a worker.
Minerva Mamangcao (1 year ago)
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bubblebear83 (2 years ago)
Robert Jones - Yeah, I know practice and preparing for a job interview is boring. Job interviewers do ask candidates a couple of problem solving questions as well and not just basic questions. You have to read the job description and do research on the company before going to an interview. They want to hire a candidate who is best suited for the job. Keep in my mind you are up against other candidates for the same job position.
ROTMG LolzDxS (2 years ago)
if she says 'um' one more time i swear.
Jazleen Podraza (2 years ago)
lol thought i was the only one who got annoyed
Job Guide274 (2 years ago)
www.jobguide274.com see top 40 tough interview job tips for over 300 international organizations at jobguide274
Scott Caldwell (2 years ago)
She tried. Eye contact was awful
AMERICA IS AWESOME (2 years ago)
I hate interviews 😂
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Me too
bubblebear83 (2 years ago)
AMERICA IS AWESOME - I know we all do.
Ryss Rodriguez (2 years ago)
have an interview tomorrow. ...hope I get it
Suba (9 months ago)
With the tits she got it's unlikely they will fire her.
Erbil forever (10 months ago)
Ryss Rodriguez have u got fired yet ?
Bibi. (1 year ago)
Did you get it? :)
Ronnie Sattiewhite (1 year ago)
Ryss Rodriguez pray i get this job!
Ryss Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+brion milstead yeah I did getting paid alot more as well 😏
Rob Peterson (2 years ago)
Very valuable information, particularly for young job seekers
Mark Combs (3 years ago)
iv been on like 6 and they have never ask this stuff
Dean G (9 months ago)
almost every interview I have been on asks these questions. If you go to enough interviews you learn what are common questions and I have written out my answers and studied them to help me be more smooth in the interview.
About Me (3 years ago)
This was good but the breaks between the mock interview and explanation was distracting and didn't help the flow
too much umm from her
Scott Caldwell (2 years ago)
bad eye contact as well
Xavier Rose (2 years ago)
Ooh, burn
AMERICA IS AWESOME (2 years ago)
+Xavier Rose you were I was at the hospital
Xavier Rose (3 years ago)
No, shit. I wasn't born yesterday
romansten9 (3 years ago)
+Xavier Rose This wasn't an interview for a real job.
Santosh Pradhan (3 years ago)
I wish I could have seen this few days back! missed a great job just cause of the things I dint do that this guy just explained... Great stuff!!
omgharajuku (3 years ago)
I've fucked up so many interviews, I wish I could show this to my idiot self 3 years ago LOL
Thank you so much
Thank you so much
lilian lopez (3 years ago)
interviews SUCKS!!! some one can be bad on an interview and that doesnt mean he/she doesnt have the capacity. just because he/she didnt respond to the stupid questions what they wanted to hear.
Lyubomir Lalov (6 days ago)
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Stefan Mitrovic (6 days ago)
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Richard Ackland (3 months ago)
I keep trying to fix the word sucks with suck in your comment. I promise I'm not a grammar teacher either.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
100% agree. Interviews are just pressure for the interviewers. I believe in jobs that can go straight to the point and if you are willing to perform the duties. Some of those questions are stupid and with a common sense. They have your resume in front of them, they know what is your education, your skills and your work history..so why you care where I will be myself in 5 years, my weakness... I hate hate hate hate interviews, because I know my work ethic and how much hard dedicated person I am. Some Companies don't give a try to excellence candidates just because they didn't answer in the way they expect you to
sarita carrasco (5 months ago)
Yes, I personally know people who interviewed very well but suck as employees and others who did not do so well and turn out to be great!
mje19D (3 years ago)
During an interview try not to say "ummm" before you begin speaking. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Don't matter. Just be natural. Be yourself. They want to have a conversation to get to know you as a person more than a employee.
Shawn Douglas (6 months ago)
Absolutely ridiculous is right!!!!
Regan Ellis (3 years ago)
mje19D (3 years ago)
+Regan Ellis ugh I know right? She sounds ignorant saying "umm" so much.
Ozzyy C (3 years ago)
OMG i have an interview in like a week
Ville John (3 years ago)
+Oscar Clarke how did you'r interview go? I hope you got the job.
dannywithnuggets (3 years ago)
+Oscar Clarke Ho did it go?
angellurest (4 years ago)
We watched this in class last night, the thing that annoyed me was how many times the girl said "um." I dont think youre supposed to say it that many times.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
Here is not *you are supposed*. Be yourself and natural...they want to know you as a person
angellurest (3 years ago)
Yeah I suppose, I try not to do that, go in there with a game plan man.
Tao Zen (4 years ago)
"You all".........
Esperanza P (4 years ago)
Excellent tips!!! hope they'll be useful for me)
MzZophia (4 years ago)
This was super helpful for an interview I had yesterday. Thanks so much!
Andrew Wang (4 years ago)
As for the fact that this happens to be a mock interview, at least this helps because it would illustrate how a person would respond to questions asked by the interviewer during an actual interview.
randman21 (4 years ago)
So did she "get the job"??? I assume that this is considered a good job, since it was posted to YouTube, which is great because it illustrates that you don't have to be perfect. I have a big interview on Monday that I know I'm capable of acing, but I'm not the best speaker. This helps.
MissAnonima1 (4 months ago)
+randman21 HAHA!
randman21 (4 years ago)
Oh forreal? Is that why I put "get the job" in quotes? Was wondering why I did that.
Edgar T (4 years ago)
It was a mock interview bro.
Kenny Durbin (4 years ago)
I have a job interview July 2nd with Halliburton. Definitely a very great company to get with and have a future while providing for my family. I have an extensive military background as well as 2 college degrees. I haven't really had the opportunity to be interviewed for jobs as I have always been hired immediately. Very nervous and preparing for it now although the interview is 2 weeks away. 
ROCIO (4 years ago)
Do you have to do this if you are going to a fastfood restaurant?
Chris Jarma (1 year ago)
ROCIO if want to work there
Jonny Chan (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video! This will certainly help me in my interview.
TRINA zue (5 years ago)
She sucked at this interview...didn't seem confident at all
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
She was scared, nervous and intimidated. Totally normal. But because of it, she can't be judge by it. Who knows, she could be a good candidate. Body language is very important to pay attention from the interviewer. Based on what I see on this girl, she is very sweet ,polite, educated,willing to learn, respectful..the type of human behavior some Companies are looking for. Now physical skills is a totally different thing, but honestly you can learn it or master it with the practice and dedication to learn more and more.
Chris Jarma (1 year ago)
she was monotone
م ر (1 year ago)
kytrina tay ١ف.ل
Lord Of The Depths (5 years ago)
what if ur interviewing for a job in a general/ common field like retail, service industry, labor?
anushanth1994 (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot really helped out!
ForbinColossus (5 years ago)
not many places where "four-wheeling" is a good interest to mention. And say, "class room", not clashroom as one word. 
stephanie thorpes (5 years ago)
Loretta Allen (5 years ago)
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Iq IMB (5 years ago)
wow i am so nervous for my interview because i am so bad with words. ugh.
TheBigpapax30 (5 months ago)
You are not the only one. You might have the idea on your head, but don't know how to put it together in the way they want to hear it
bubblebear83 (2 years ago)
Iqbaal Thijeel - Yeah, everyone is nervous at job interviews especially you got the job interview after submitting a job application.
Kesha B (5 years ago)
Im the same way too. This video is really helping me out.
kalana widuranga (5 years ago)
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LiK (5 years ago)
great tips, really helpful
Mark Smith (5 years ago)
she didnt d0 s0 g00d
ZacDre24 (5 years ago)
Maintain eye contact. Don't say "um" and you'll have a fighting chance.
Suzen Riverson (5 years ago)
15 um's....geez
jasonx165 (5 years ago)
awkward acting but very good explaining and answering.
Chrysella Pereira (5 years ago)
a lot of fillers.. surprisingly not noticed by the interviewer
reflex6251 (5 years ago)
Great video!
Timothy Quiros (5 years ago)
Very helpful! thanks!
Nabz Ziggy (5 years ago)
sorry but she was shocking
Chanelle Cece (5 years ago)
ShallowRus (5 years ago)
That's just seems really sexist.
Baker gx Mayfield (5 years ago)
Umm ummm I have a big pee pee
Nancy Ehens Stanavage (5 years ago)
U says um a lot
Kimoni Kidd (5 years ago)
"um" ...wheww but we are human
Tripp Swank (5 years ago)
call me pessimistic and ignorant but interviews are so fake
TheJusticefornone (9 months ago)
SOOOO agree! Don't have any idea why they ask the questions they ask!
Chris Jarma (1 year ago)
3ratic they usually are
LadyVanDaele (6 years ago)
um, um, um, um.
TheRealVictorThai (6 years ago)
awww leave her alone, shes nervous and has a camera in her face
bighomienigga (6 years ago)
really?? >.>

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