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Return on Investment Calculation ROI

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http://www.ProfitableHospitality.com This calculator shows the 'payback' time and ROI for equipment and service investments. It takes into account the saving or profit increase expected and how long the equipment will last. Compare this to bank interest and new equipment can often be an excellent investment. Useful for justifying purchasing decisions! Examples shown for purchasing a new expresso machine, Point of Sale system and paying for a new Website. Just one of the hundreds of management and cost-control resources at http://www.ProfitableHospitality.com
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Text Comments (5)
MOISE DION (3 months ago)
Your ROI calculation is a hack / wrong !
training dv (1 year ago)
How could I calculate ROI for General TOT?
maven21 (2 years ago)
Hello - thank you for this information, it is helpful for me to calculate the potential for a new pice of equipment and I learned in the process.
Profitable Hospitality (5 years ago)
Great - glad it was useful. So important to speak in the language that influences owners and senior managers - numbers and dollars. Good luck with your project... Ken
tempura1900 (5 years ago)
Wow - so helpful - had to see this for class. Thank you! Will try using it for personnel paper I have to do.

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