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Dubai | Currency Exchange Guide | Travel Guide | Episode#4

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Dubai Currency Exchange guide for visitors in this DIY Dubai travel guide by Hipfig. 1). Dubai Currency information (Dirham or AED) 2). Dubai Money change counters in Dubai like banks and private companies 3). Information on major Currency Exchange counters in Dubai at Airport and other areas like Malls and Metro stations 4). Tips for Currency Exchange counters in Dubai (like shop around for better rate) – Dubai travel guide S U B S C R I B E: https://goo.gl/bZzVS5 Official Hipfig Travel-Channel Website: http://www.hipfig.com/ F A C E B O O K: https://www.facebook.com/HipfigTravelChannel T W I T T E R: https://twitter.com/hipfig
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Asma YACOUBI (1 month ago)
Check out the best app for android: Emirates Dirham Converter https://tinyurl.com/y3l9a8om -Go straight from the Emiartes Dirham to all other currencies and any currency to the Emiartes Dirham directly and with one click. -Get the updated exchange rate based on the most accurate data. -The application is easy to use and fast. -Conversion between EAU and EUR, USD, CNY, AUD, QAR, GBP, TRY, SGD, SGD, CAD, TND and other currencies in the world.
Hipfig Travel-Channel (1 month ago)
Cool...thanks for sharing your App info. Happy Travels!
Angel LEW (2 months ago)
I hate carrying cash.... how much cash do you think you should have on hand? Like the minimum amount for Dubai?
Hipfig Travel-Channel (2 months ago)
Cash is still heavily used in old Dubai and remote parts. It is a good idea to have some local cash on hand. If this is your first visit to Dubai then checkout our newly published Dubai articles at our website Hipfig.com Happy Travels!
Angel LEW (2 months ago)
+Hipfig Travel-Channel Is cash really that heavily used in most parts? I would hate to be in an area that is cash only since I rely primary on card. Thanks again and Happy Future Travels to you as well!
Angel LEW (2 months ago)
+Hipfig Travel-Channel Thanks for quick response! Wow that's a lot! I was hoping to just use my cc and take $150 cash if needed.
Hipfig Travel-Channel (2 months ago)
Tricky question..All depends on where you going to hangout. If you are using Credit card for hotel, restaurants, attractions etc then I guess US$500 to US$1000 should be good for a week in Dubai to cover cash part. Happy Travels!
Tips& Tricks (9 months ago)
i like ur video u have done a very great job i think u have so much experience in this field and running a very good channel keep it up try some media group too thanks.
Hipfig Travel-Channel (9 months ago)
Thanks! Happy Travels!

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