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Sandvik QA440 screening pit run sand and gravel at @ 900tph

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Created on May 6, 2011 using FlipShare.
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Mining Machines (4 months ago)
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Jitendra Malewar (7 months ago)
Very nice
Five high (3 years ago)
that guard is still on the ground in 2015.
TheWink17 (5 years ago)
not even a chance this machine can produce anything even close to that amount. maybe where you come from a ton is defferent
MechanicEngineer78 (5 years ago)
I have one of these QA440s. I can tell you I have had over 750tph running through it. Perfectly clean. I've ran demo'd a few different makes-no hope of keeping up with the Sandvik.
David Rector (5 years ago)
that was my thoughts a bucket a minute at 15 ton per bucket= 900 per hour- not a chance but maybe it was the wrong video
MrMyboymax (6 years ago)
lets not be silly... @7.31 you hear material hitting the deck, and it then stops @ 8.30 ish, lets say 8 tonnes in a good bucket. Therefore 8 x 60 = 480 tph...

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