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Naarva S23 stroke harvester & firewood processor - S23-sykeharvesteri

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www.naarva.fi Naarva S23 harvester and firewood processor. Naarva S23 sykeharvesteri. Naarva S23 stegmatare. Naarva S23 schubharvester. DEALERS: Find your local dealer: http://www.pentinpaja.fi/en/naarva+products/dealers/ USA http://www.fellingheadsusa.com/products/stroke-harvestors/model-s23.html CANADA Garage S.M. Audet Inc. Ste-Claire, Bellechasse 403, route Bégin (Québec) Canada GOR 2VO Tél: (418) 883-3926 Fax: (418) 883-4701 http://www.garagesmaudet.com/ [email protected] EUROPE and ASIA http://www.pentinpaja.fi/en/front+page/ Lightweight, simple and reasonably priced harvesting head for tractors and small excavators. Naarva S23 is simple and easy to operate. The required oil flow is only 40 l / min, and installation is easy because additional hydraulics or electricity are not required. All functions are controlled with just grapple open/close- valve. Tilt function is mechanical. The head can be locked in a vertical position with the delimbing stroke. When a tree is cut the head can be tilted by using the delimbing stroke movement, weight of the tree trunk tilts the head. Delimbing back and forward is done with the grapple open/close- valve. Sequence valves operate grippers and delimbing blades automatically. When the delimbing stroke is in the maximum position and pressure reaches a limit, the cutting blade starts cutting. www.naarva.fi
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Vijay Maliwad (2 hours ago)
Ankit Singh (6 days ago)
Hannie Wetsteijn (8 days ago)
Lyrics World (10 days ago)
fantastic vadeo
Lyrics World (10 days ago)
Janusz Górski (12 days ago)
🙋Poland 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
João Teixeira (13 days ago)
Canção novo
Kayam Ali (13 days ago)
Hii I request receive Me apke company me kam karna chata hu me crene oporter hu my phone no 8958107931 call me confirm ok
Mithu Kumar (15 days ago)
Sonu Rawat (17 days ago)
super video
Ibarhim Sahil (18 days ago)
I like
original number 1 (19 days ago)
four Nansi (21 days ago)
MUSA BISWAS (1 month ago)
aleksandr gribkoff (1 month ago)
Вот если бы эта берёзка подросла , дров можно на немало больше получить .
Pavan Sai (1 month ago)
Easy to work with that type of mechines
Barai Naran (1 month ago)
dark warrior (1 month ago)
It is not good work !
sriniwas yadav (1 month ago)
Fatma khatun (1 month ago)
Wow very nice
Srinaiah T (2 months ago)
By bio pin xi week No
fac fac fac fac fac
MD raju khan (2 months ago)
ayatulla khan (2 months ago)
Nice machine
Md Delowar Hossain (2 months ago)
Ramachandra Rama (2 months ago)
Gayathri Jai (2 months ago)
Ellarum marathai valarkanum solranga but neenga marathai vetringa, this machine no use
Sree Nivash Ram (2 months ago)
Nitish Kamaljari (2 months ago)
Nitish kumar
Moslem mondal (1 day ago)
Nitish Kamaljari #
Kim u
Ram Zan (2 months ago)
Mohammad Ali (2 months ago)
Naice pic is
Irivaldo Souza (2 months ago)
Quando chegará ao Brasil
Sakaldeep Sah (3 months ago)
Ashutosh Rahish
Kukadiya Ashok (3 months ago)
Alauddin Ali (3 months ago)
Alauddin Ali
مكسيكي محكمة منكم خخخخخ حمو منحتني تنته مني ن
يضعه مكبس يضعه
Ravinder Thakur (3 months ago)
Ravinder Thakur (3 months ago)
Ravinder Thakur (3 months ago)
jast jokes guru (4 months ago)
Mobeen Ahmad (4 months ago)
Gajendra Saxena (4 months ago)
Funny Sarakar (4 months ago)
Lodo ped hamari jaan hai
Boobalan A (5 months ago)
Sukhvir Sukhvir Singh (5 months ago)
nice mashine
Ajith Kumar (5 months ago)
Best machine
Rajyul Khan (6 months ago)
Neeraj Kumar (6 months ago)
Neeraj bhai
Giani Lal (7 months ago)
philaqua1 (7 months ago)
Do you have a distributor here in the Philippines? And how much if exported here from the nearest source?
Naarva (5 months ago)
Unfortunately we don't have a distributor in the Philippines. Send your contacts to e-mail [email protected] and we'll find out freight costs.
Abdur Rohim (7 months ago)
Nice macin
Jaydeep Singh (2 months ago)
Abdur Rohim
Rengarasu Rasu (7 months ago)
nice Machine
moofymoo (7 months ago)
no trees were harmed.. oh wait. :D
vasanth kumar (7 months ago)
Arvind Talpada (7 months ago)
Subrat Barai (7 months ago)
Rahul Ahirwar (7 months ago)
Soumya Pavadashetti (6 months ago)
Soumya Pavadashetti (6 months ago)
agriculture purpose
Soumya Pavadashetti (6 months ago)
Rahul Ahirwar
Michael Todd Bizzak (8 months ago)
I've been watching different machines all day and. Half of you guys are cutting up beautiful saw logs you could make more money just selling them
Vijay Pujari (4 months ago)
Michael Todd Bizzak h
Tecnical Idea (8 months ago)
Ramesh Choppari (8 months ago)
Rathod Nagin (8 months ago)
nazeer ahmed (8 months ago)
kapil satma soa
Didzis Lakutis (9 months ago)
733129 views (9 months ago)
Dhanraj Chachr (9 months ago)
Asjad Tarrar (7 months ago)
Dhanraj Chachr paj
Майкл Фрол (9 months ago)
конечно я дружбой 2 резвее пилю
Som Nang (9 months ago)
Hansraj Singh (18 days ago)
Som Nang qerfc
Som Nang (9 months ago)
Sankar A (1 month ago)
Som Nang 2
Ashok Solanki (9 months ago)
Som Nang bio
Som Nang (9 months ago)
Som Nang (9 months ago)
Arjun Kumar (1 month ago)
Som Nang to the
Muneer Shekh (9 months ago)
Mokaddes Ali (9 months ago)
G Sandeep Reddy (9 months ago)
Okay nice
Martin Grefe (9 months ago)
Geht gar nicht
shivam rajpoot (10 months ago)
Shivam Rajpoot
Bhagwan Singh Rathor (10 months ago)
randolph patterson (11 months ago)
That's a mighty skilled operator, there! Nice machinery. Good thing, getting them damn popples out of there, so that there's room for some good wood to grow.
Vladislav Adrian (11 months ago)
That`s bad!!!
MailariNaiK LAHjkya (11 months ago)
Bharath skills (1 year ago)
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Arul Arul (17 days ago)
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Congds Truong Van (2 months ago)
Bharath skills s& . . A
khurram shahzad (2 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar (2 months ago)
Bharath skills and
كمحنهتجن💄- 🎩- يضعه
george stachura (1 year ago)
machines that replaces humans
Ragi Kankaiah (2 months ago)
george stachura
Mukesh Gangash (1 year ago)
Nathu gangash
Cynical Texas Dad (1 year ago)
mustaq khan (1 month ago)
Cynical Texas Dad
Ramiz Raza (1 year ago)
Relinda Marbaniang (1 month ago)
Ramiz Raza ey
Dhananjay Hapse (2 months ago)
Bapi Jally क ूी
Vije Sah (2 months ago)
Bapi Jally free dfa
Mehbub Alam (3 months ago)
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Bapi Jally (8 months ago)
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hajredin muca (1 year ago)
Dinesh Manat (1 year ago)
...... Dinesh mkm
Vijay Kujur (7 months ago)
Dinesh Manat CB
Nijat Railway (1 year ago)
u haveii
magnus stamnes (1 year ago)
liker det
cheryldunnington (2 years ago)
Where do buy on in the USA ???
Sabin Shrestha (10 months ago)
cheryldunnington kuy
Monu Pandit (1 year ago)
+Naarva 4yyer
Naarva (2 years ago)
Thank your for your message Cheryl. In the USA our harvesting heads are imported by http://fellingheadsusa.com/
Metro Moon (2 years ago)
wow .... Like it. how to buy the truck car and compatìble with the chain saw ? how to find it.
Pradeep Bauri (4 months ago)
Metro Moon
Mott theHoople (2 years ago)
the worst thing about these sor tof machines is it makes it too easy to get wood.Its easy to just go out and clear fell everything and before you know it the woods are gone.
Fred Liebm. (2 years ago)
Look at my machine , 75 cm stem diameter splitting force 60 tons
La Va (22 days ago)
ganesh mishra mi
Selim Bunjaku (26 days ago)
Unlmkkjkbccvñ nninlo. N likjpnvbl n bani vbj lmnlpnlm0
Suat Güneş (2 months ago)
Fred Liebm. Merhaba
Vikram Kumar (3 months ago)
Fred Liebm.
ganesh mishra (1 year ago)
DJstoopnig (2 years ago)
Seemed to work with small trees that are perfectly straight, and have zero limbs. =/
lovejago (2 years ago)
my dad has a tool that he uses to cut firewood. ME!
Yingcharoen Mobile (3 months ago)
lovejago ใฝ
Parmeshwar Padavalai (3 months ago)
Salim Pasha (4 months ago)
He has a brave machine
Minhajul Hoque (9 months ago)
+Rahul Kumar I love
Rahul Kumar Bharti (10 months ago)
Lito (2 years ago)
maija eisen (2 years ago)
nav thakur (2 months ago)
maija eisen einglesfalm
Segedi Srl (2 years ago)
Gerald C (2 years ago)
What is oak ?? just something keeps me warm and cooks my food
Gerald C (3 years ago)
wonder if it will handle south Ga red oak ??    Very nice of those straight soft hard wood trees
joonas meriläinen (2 years ago)
+Gerald C What is oak? I have never heard???? Is it something to eat?

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