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Mirab Opens Its New Mega Department Store

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For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Mirab has a new department store and today it opened for business, offering a high-end shopping experience. The Mirab store relocated from the Fort Street area to the Philip Goldson Highway where its one hundred thousand plus square foot store boasts a number of new additions to its product lines and departments, including the Ashley Furniture Home Store. Mirab says that to accommodate more customers and make the shopping experience comfortable and easy, they have also introduced several features for shoppers to take advantage of. Reporter Andrea Polanco attended today’s opening and tells us more about the impact of the new store.
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TOP Shatta AI Garbutt (14 days ago)
Merab and all these big company don't help upgrade Belize military and protect our sovereignty people first before merab
Helvie Smithe (4 months ago)
hope my best for these place😍
Melbourne Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Cool cool cool I'm proud my people we need more people from England Canada USA Australia wherever Belizean area take your money home and invest it in something and build Belize....
Coppa (6 months ago)
About time Belize is way behind the rest of the Caribbean. Still love my country tho!
Irvin Zelaya (6 months ago)
Irvin Zelaya (6 months ago)
Lawrence Flowers (6 months ago)
Excellent. We need more companies to do the same. It would create opportunities for the Belizean people to get out of poverty by having jobs.
Knox Knoxx (6 months ago)
Poor people cant afford expensive things hope they are thoughtful to our people

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