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When Can We Build a Billion-Floor Skyscraper?

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The tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, is in the United Arab Emirates. Other skyscrapers don’t seem much taller than trees when you look down from the top of it. But what if we built one even taller than that? What if we built... a billion-floor-skyscraper? Is that even possible? Let's figure out! Other videos you might like: What If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive Today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeFnH4xux7w& What If The Sun Went Out for Just One Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJNF1R4EDnw& All The Tallest And Longest Things Ever Existed on Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auQ6_yOJZs0 TIMESTAMPS: How much personal space does each person need? 0:27 How heavy would be such a skyscraper? 2:07 The problem of winds 2:31 How about to spend ages to get to the top floors? 2:48 How tall a billion-floor skyscraper would be (Hi, astronauts!) 3:34 Burj Khalifa: the tallest building in the world 5:35 ...but Jeddah Tower is gonna be even taller 7:04 Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY: - There is an estimate that ten people of average build and height can comfortably stand on a 10-square-ft area. It means that 26 million people, which is approximately the population of Scandinavia, can fit into 1 square mile. - According to UNESCO, each person needs to have at least 322 square feet of personal space to feel comfortable. - First of all, such a skyscraper would be so heavy that its bottom part wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure and would collapse, bringing the whole construction down. - The next issue would be winds that reach very high speeds at a height of 6 miles. In fact, most atmospheric jet streams move at a constant speed of more than 57 miles per hour. - Another huge problem would be elevators, because surely you wouldn't want to use stairs to climb to your apartment situated on the 1,235,677th floor? - Broken satellite pieces, damaged spaceships, and other space trash can seriously damage our skyscraper. - As you know, the incredible Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is the tallest building in the world. The height of the building is a staggering 2,717 ft, which is two times taller than the Empire State Building, and almost three times taller than the Eiffel Tower. - Rising from the desert of Saudi Arabia is Jeddah Tower. When finished, it will be a magnificent 3,281-feet-tall construction with an observatory on the 157th floor! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Photos: https://www.depositphotos.com East News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (634)
BRIGHT SIDE (1 month ago)
Hey there BrightSiders, how much personal space do you need, in your opinion? Is one room enough?
da yo boi (2 days ago)
xxmidnight x starsxx (14 days ago)
I need the whole United States lol
Alan Saju (18 days ago)
I love UAE
Mohammad Al Sabbagh (26 days ago)
I no how to make the tolls in the world muse see 🔎the Borg klifa
Pinky Ong (27 days ago)
Um. A room. I'm basic 😂
Yoshan Bisanka (20 hours ago)
Berna Grace Ronquillo (21 hours ago)
Then build the building out of titanium
Tahir Shaikh (23 hours ago)
I hate Dubai
Mark Joshua Antonio (1 day ago)
How many buttons
Alexander Wolf (1 day ago)
CN tower
Galactic Growth (1 day ago)
Imagine a fire...
Bing Ding (1 day ago)
SkyElements (1 day ago)
Skyscrapers that are 1,000 floors tall will be the same height as an Alolan Exeggutor that has been Dynamax
alan backer (2 days ago)
i visited the largest twin  tower in the world with 99 floors
maria Salazar (2 days ago)
It's a building by the galleria in houston
Navaaf (2 days ago)
8 floors
Brenda Overton (2 days ago)
Cumpes cove
TheLlamaGamer (2 days ago)
My only question is ho would get down it take like 2 days like if u agree
Alex Cruz 289 (3 days ago)
0:18 I thought he was going to say United States
Daniel Tiger (3 days ago)
4:18 reminds me of 9/11
Asher W (3 days ago)
Being on the top u would probably get hit by a shooting star
Bill Sison (4 days ago)
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude so high
Christian XL (5 days ago)
One World Trade Center New York. That’s already mind blowing
Harold Flores (5 days ago)
Umm was it only me but on the thumbnail it said 999million floors not a billion
DarkNinja x (6 days ago)
Long nobody crash a plane in the building that would be great.
DarkNinja x (6 days ago)
Long nobody crash a plane in the building that would be great.
Harshdeep Singh (6 days ago)
The burg khalifa
Pauline Ogundipe (7 days ago)
In the future but before we get to the top we would already get to the sun
PencilTheGamer :3 (7 days ago)
Hey didn’t you realize that the amount of babies born is more than 2 times then the amount of people died in every minute?
Rajesh Dubey (8 days ago)
we need to free fall from the billionth floors
Rajesh Dubey (8 days ago)
I forget what I was going to comment but one thing was sure it was very very funny
hon shoong see (9 days ago)
I have seen a 210floor skyscraper
Ellen Ryan Sproge (9 days ago)
I have been on the empire a state building K
양재영 (9 days ago)
I went to the tallest tower in China
Officer ItsCalvin (10 days ago)
then how about the planes do they need to fly higher now i am already afraid of heights
Silent Storm (10 days ago)
I visited X-SEED 4000 it’s 3.4 kilometers high and the bottom of X-SEED 4000 is 2.5 kilometers wide year:1990-2100
Tsgereda Emhaye (10 days ago)
stratosphere las vegas
Sally Azer (10 days ago)
you forgot the dubai creek tower
Celia O'Keefe (10 days ago)
LeGaL Kron10 (10 days ago)
1st question who will build it Cause it would take till 300000000 months to build
:3 DatGamer56 (10 days ago)
It’s not possible since the max build limit is 256 blocks..
Kingdom of anime (1 day ago)
ZombieDash Gaming (10 days ago)
Phineas and Ferb already made a building that reach to the moon
The freedom tower
NATALIE PHAM (11 days ago)
muan pipa (11 days ago)
my house
Multiple Gamer2862 (11 days ago)
It would take 31.5 years to walk down the skyscraper.
BE AMAZED (11 days ago)
Patroanas twin tower
Jack Shiels (12 days ago)
Finland isn't Scandinavian It's nordic
Kingdom of anime (1 day ago)
Roses r red violets r blue why did u destroy me
bob (12 days ago)
If your at the top why not sky dive?
Reni Unais (12 days ago)
I am living in dubai 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪
FuryInferno (12 days ago)
I ve been to burj khalifa
The earth
It is already 7.7 billion
Jaxon Ancona (13 days ago)
The tallest building I have every been in is the rainbow tower in the Hilton Hawaiian village I stayed on the 20th Floor!
Khaheil's World (14 days ago)
Imagine you live on the top and there are no elevators
Kristy's World (14 days ago)
My tallest building I've seen is burg kalifa
Karina Ramirez (13 days ago)
I have never gone to the burj kaliffa
Dolphinman 69 (14 days ago)
Vergiel Golosino (14 days ago)
I visited Burj Khalifa because I LIVED IN DUBAI FOR 8 YRS, (but I've only seen it 40 times) (and I've seen Dubai mall also)
Qasim Akhtar (14 days ago)
There was picture of the shard
Sunny Patil (15 days ago)
Burn khalifa
Not Justin Y. (16 days ago)
Why dont add 1 more floor so its 1 billion floor?
Christian Wood (16 days ago)
My vk haone it is 3 floors tall
Ali Ali Ali Raza (16 days ago)
Guys can any one tell me what does (IDK, TTYL , GB) mean?
Ali Ali Ali Raza (16 days ago)
My comment is just ' Wow '
Devarajaboopathy (16 days ago)
The Burj Khalifa
Zachary Murphy (17 days ago)
I've seen the world trade center and I've went on the history elevator
Omar Aljuwaeid (17 days ago)
I'm in the United Arab Emirates
Omar Aljuwaeid (17 days ago)
I went beside the burj khalifa
Sean Andrei Sebello (18 days ago)
I bet Dubai creek is taller than Jedda kingdom tower
Jelly (18 days ago)
burj khalifa is tallest building which i have visted
Tanya Lovett (19 days ago)
Well ur gonna be f*cked if u can’t get space builders
They will probably build a billion floor skyscraper in a 1000 years
neil highway (19 days ago)
Mount Everest
Croix Fenton (19 days ago)
Burj Khalifa
이준영 (19 days ago)
I would make a building with 1447437274737524492747153727382734847489683893838392839848494884494848448498484848 floors
Hoang Cuong (19 days ago)
Shannon Conley (19 days ago)
7.7 billion accident's!
Samantha Ram (19 days ago)
you rock bright side
Samantha Ram (19 days ago)
auckland sky tower
But on the thumbnail it says 999,999,999 not a billion like if u seen
이준영 (20 days ago)
123=17year 1000000000=272536160392144811355512463531year
이준영 (20 days ago)
부산=만들는중 서울=123
NINJ太 YT (21 days ago)
who knows the name of the outside of the universe?
Celia Hany (22 days ago)
It's IMPOSSIBLE to build elevators on SPEED OF LIGHT😒
Kingdom of anime (1 day ago)
Destruction 100
Ali Ali Ali Raza (16 days ago)
Well how about speed of sound instead of light. 😏
Loach 5789 (22 days ago)
ganga munasinha (22 days ago)
burj khalifa
I’m Cool (23 days ago)
Imagine an elavater that goes so fast that it went faster than the flash and going to the moon instead of using a rocket just use the billion floor giga scraper
Cheeseburger Monkey (23 days ago)
hey can i build to the Sun yes okay *8 centuries later* *CRACKLE* *CRACKLE* *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*
Dat_ Guy (23 days ago)
1:52 lotte tower?
Universal Lit (23 days ago)
The tallest building for me was the Willis Tower in Chicago!
Tanuj Dafe (23 days ago)
I live in UAE I visited burj khalifa
GoMinecraft (24 days ago)
A hotel in grangcanaria has like over 646474747575775755858585 whatever this nummber is of floors!
Ayagil Mikaela (24 days ago)
Burj Khalifa is the highest skyscraper I’ve been to
Darkness1232121 G (25 days ago)
With height why not increase width
I was in the Burj Kalifa while watching this
Micah Smoot (26 days ago)
Wait a minute..... Wouldn't a sky scrapper be un stabble?
Mohammad Al Sabbagh (26 days ago)
I tek is 33345 rooms and I want to be the king of the lemons is so good
Mohammad Al Sabbagh (26 days ago)
I leave in the Dubai
little red box (27 days ago)
My dad said is fake so how could they possibly blind many floors so..that's my asswer
Sheila Guha (27 days ago)
Ive been to burj al arab
Jan Yang Khor (29 days ago)
We can build a few “Burj Khalifa” around the world
grimsgubben (30 days ago)
Finland is a Nordic country, Not Scandinavian.
Shrijan Poudel (30 days ago)
10 flats supermarket only
Jenny Jane Tolentino (1 month ago)
you forget comets

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