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Bree Gaell (3 hours ago)
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The Flash (18 hours ago)
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Mahad Next (18 hours ago)
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chuks cupid (1 day ago)
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Alexus Smith (1 day ago)
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Cabdiwale Gurey (2 days ago)
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Donshea Jones (3 days ago)
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Matt J (3 days ago)
What Kind of Mac You Have Bro ?
Matt J (3 days ago)
Sup Bro
Lace Trap (3 days ago)
Your page is the shit
Lace Trap (2 days ago)
Yes it works, It will take work to add value to your reviews but, It works. Some reviews are worth .01 and other .05 as you continue to work I imagine you can get $1 or $2+ per review. you just have to put time in. Final thought: When I'm sitting around waiting at the car wash etc. I can still make money and thats what we are looking for :)
ZPGAMER11 (3 days ago)
Lace Trap did it work?
Laures C (4 days ago)
not availlable in my country shame i live in Belgium Europe
argonautuk (4 days ago)
Nice seeing ur face after so many years I following u man. Good video. Thanks 4 the awesome tips
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Bambie Grace (5 days ago)
do you have some online jobs available worldwide?
Bambie Grace (5 days ago)
is this available in the philippines?
Agus Usmadiyanto (5 days ago)
https://bitnyx.com/?r=23878 /30 mnit
M Smith (5 days ago)
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Praveen Sivaprasad (5 days ago)
James Vincent (5 days ago)
a lot of sites like this you can work around the clock for weeks and only earn maybe if your lucky a 100 bucks... so is this a legit way to make constant money or does it take a long long time???
The wOrld TrAcer (5 days ago)
http://mydailypay.online/?userid=5106 make 300$per month
Johnathan Cheng (6 days ago)
Not available for my country, Philippines
HJ Park (6 days ago)
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Debasisboss (6 days ago)
I want to be your friend .whats your name?
GoldenGato (5 days ago)
Jon Snow
Mo Design (6 days ago)
Alaaggbarbarie alaa (7 days ago)
Unfortunately don't find this website
Mr. Shadow (7 days ago)
I guess it's a good thing I'm 18 & living in Australia
m8y Vids (7 days ago)
1. Like 2.Sub 3.Comment saying Done 4.I'll do the same! :)
Peggy Barnett (7 days ago)
Thanks for sharing..Much love ❤❤❤
Ray-v (7 days ago)
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Anti Cenation (7 days ago)
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Jaybee3101 (7 days ago)
yeah, I'm sad because this site is not worldwide....only confined to certain countries.
Lois Hawkins (7 days ago)
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Darth Nemrac (7 days ago)
ZakysOnLine 15 (8 days ago)
Hey Golden thanks for this video, you bring very good things. I´d like to ask you if Survey Junkie is for worldwide?
Everything Cool (8 days ago)
I have a money idea it works in theory but it's hard to do practically and that is create some sort of loop but you got to have an ad in the right place to do the way it works is you put an ad somewhere on the internet and that drums up clicks to whatever you're linking to that's what I mean it works in theory but practically you've got to get the right balance to make more money then you're wasting but the question is can you get more out than you put in you can't in the scientific world but in the virtual world and the currency world you can
Everything Cool (8 days ago)
They want your personal data just being honest
Faith Alu (8 days ago)
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Truy Duong Chanel (8 days ago)
click here to try this way: https://remotasks.com/r/3HV3UB94
Hack Trix (8 days ago)
You are handsome bro!
Chizor Uka (8 days ago)
Send the link to your last video where i can work from arround the world
Kimberly Gray (8 days ago)
I always think that you was black hahahaha funny God bless you have a great day
Dude Idk (8 days ago)
Surveys are so bogus.. like fr, you don’t qualify for each one so you’re wasting time just to get paid a few cents per survey. Talk about some REAL ways to make money online.
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s.k.n Music (8 days ago)
Make a video for india also
Black Jesus (5 days ago)
Send me pic of vegana
Riko Fernando Putra (6 days ago)
Young Nephilim lol😂
Young Nephilim (6 days ago)
s.k.n Music no one cares about India
Income Ideas and More (8 days ago)
Thanks gato :-) I've been following your good content. Keep it up!
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XspeedXracerX (8 days ago)
Like it... The Grey Hoodie Channel!!! Another good one, Peter... Thanks!
Donavan LoForte (8 days ago)
You are so annoying. Speaking lessons?
Hency Mae Ann Garcia (8 days ago)
The Leoncito (8 days ago)
$20 an hour,after how long sticking around in a consistency way?...and how many "$20 an hour" consistently you can get?
Pang Nuan 34 (8 days ago)
Does it have pop ups to other surveys and are their offer walls after the survey?
Shebrew Sunshine (8 days ago)
Glad to see a face behind the voice ☺
Ayan Ahmad (8 days ago)
Love u gato!
Derrick Hoggard (8 days ago)
Any of this really work?
Nazaire Idoura (8 days ago)
xandra diamond (8 days ago)
Hey there's his cute face again..I love your videos
Nice Pls make video about this site up-short.com
نبض الحياة (8 days ago)
Nice bro
Aditya Masta (8 days ago)
Hello, I want to invite you to work together, what your instagram
Nazaire Idoura (8 days ago)
I've made $671.75 on Survey Junkie. I'm logged in and looking at my balance. I have the proof. Definitely legit.
Nazaire Idoura (8 days ago)
Update: My total is 672.31 on Survey Junkie.
Cee Jay (8 days ago)
harsha fire (8 days ago)
good one bro
Nerdy panda 1423 (8 days ago)
Scott Larson (4 days ago)
Andy is the only hacker I know
Teressa Hampton (4 days ago)
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Blake Vlogs (8 days ago)
Early squad
Patrick Delaney (8 days ago)
Gaming Bat (8 days ago)
Early for once
Adeel Ilahi (8 days ago)
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anxioussparks gaming (8 days ago)
عربي MA (8 days ago)

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