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Challenges in Employee Discipline

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There are serval challenges employers face in the administration of employee discipline. Employee discipline is defined as the regulations or conditions that are imposed on employees by management in order to either correct or prevent behaviors that are detrimental to an organization. A disciplinary process can demonstrate to employees the organization’s commitment to due process and just cause in employment actions. However, there is a potential for a formally stated discipline process to undercut an organization’s at-will provisions. While managers are typically advised to “document, document, document,” there can be a downside if documentation is sloppy, inconsistent, or incomplete. Documenting employee conduct issues is critical to ensure that the process is done correctly. Training for managers with regard to the discipline process should include detailed, hands-on practice in recording and documenting employee performance problems in addition to how to hold a disciplinary meeting. Support from HR can help reluctant managers promptly deal with employee performance and behavioral problems. As a part of their own performance expectations, managers should be held accountable for enforcing all organizational policies.
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