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Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—the #1 personal finance book of all time—Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives, take control of our financial future, and live the rich life we deserve. With perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned an international reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education. Robert’s most recent books—Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and More Important Than Money—were published in the spring of this year to mark the 20th Anniversary of the 1997 release of Rich Dad Poor Dad. That book and its messages, viewed around the world as a classic in the personal finance arena, have stood the test of time. Why the Rich Are Getting Richer, released two decades after the international blockbuster bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, is positioned as Rich Dad Graduate School. Robert has also co-authored two books with Donald Trump, prior to his successful bid for the White House and election as President of the United States. http://www.richdad.com Facebook: @RobertKiyosaki https://www.facebook.com/RobertKiyosaki/ Twitter: @TheRealKiyosaki https://twitter.com/theRealKiyosaki Instagram: @TheRealKiyosaki https://www.instagram.com/therealkiyosaki/
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Umer K (1 hour ago)
Ok not even two minutes into this I like this video and am also am appauled by the reaction of the this young girl when Robert says "Or idiot like me" and this stupid girl goes: "Exactly". Its very obvious he wants to make a point and make her feel agreeable but Robert is not an idiot even though he said it himself. He said it because he wants to make the shithead make feel better and she goes validifies that yes he is an idiot. Shame. Okay going to watch the rest of it, just hoping her stupidity stops right here.
Aimee Maurer (3 hours ago)
You do realise right that millennials do not know what those abbreviations mean....and I still don’t understand what you are saying, ditch my job go bankrupt, buy a house, sell it then have money?
10X Entrepreneurs TV (5 hours ago)
Rich Dad poor dad Rocks!!
Primeval Fitness (13 hours ago)
I dont get it. How do you ay with debt? do you just get a credit card and put no money on it and still buy things with it? if youre in debt the govt will take your stuff and youll end up in jail or dead
Nelson Jiménez (15 hours ago)
So shes working for you just for joy? Im sure she told right at the interview she didnt want to be payed cause she doesnt work for money right??
Dominik Keller (17 hours ago)
You cant get rich as an employee, thats for sure...Check this people and learn it, it can make you rich with right mindset - cfdbotpro.ga
Jeff B (18 hours ago)
I know you can just say that the evidence speaks for itself, but I want to know why you think it's more important to live owing the bank vs live off of what comes in and reuse it wisely to gain more income. Maybe I don't understand how debt and tax system work together to out compete the income and tax system... Maybe there's a certain point where it becomes profitable..? I just don't see why someone would lean on the banks so heavy, it generates the income to them and they're the richest of the rich... they invest the proceeds to direct money in and out so to me it seems like you are saying "don't work for the man, work for the bank" not "work for yourself".
Zalmoxes (18 hours ago)
Easy to say easy when you are a magnate due to previously having had some big STARTING CAPITAL and good business relations to help you invest to win and not to lose. I mean it is very hard to apply what he tells us when you have no starting RESERVES (cash). If Trump is now successful he owns everything to his father. He now can easily say he did everything he's got but he knows behind the scenes he didn't.
Erin applebie (21 hours ago)
This video is Good Because he gets to the point and it's understandable. This is the first video of his that I am watching. I'll continue to see if he sets me in the right direction. Some videos are dreams and scams that want money up front and they are so hard to make money from that you give up.
Taz Mania (21 hours ago)
"Job" - slave for money...real shit
Sagar Sehrawat (1 day ago)
A southern cowboy🤠🤠 watch this in 1878..... Cowboy: bring this chinese to farm I will show him how assests work.
The Crazy Show Bang (1 day ago)
Marlon C (1 day ago)
why is trump being used as an example here? he scammed a lot of people to get rich. im not a hater but we gotta keep it real.
DLDmaster (1 day ago)
The one person I can assure you that is a loser is the guy who did the video work for you. Its a simple green screen job and they manged to make your cheeks transparent. If anything else, fire that dude.
Slim Chain (1 day ago)
She hella cute
Appetite 4 Chic (1 day ago)
He’s literally teasing people that have a job while speaking to his employee 💀😂
tfatphvt (1 day ago)
He’s 600 million pounds in debt!?!?! How?
electric417 (2 days ago)
I have a question: in his book he says there is a big difference between starting when you’re 20 as opposed to starting when you’re 30. My question is, how much harder is it for over 30 year olds? Sure, less time for over 30 year olds to make mistakes and recover, but has anyone else followed these principles after 30 and been equally successful? When are you caught in the gap of been not too young but not too old? I mean at the end of the day, escaping the rat race is always the best option regardless.
inpaulwetrust (2 days ago)
I make a lot of mistakes. This company would love me! 🤣
Andrew Mattson (2 days ago)
Losers need winners and vice versa. Won't work with everyone being an entrepreneur now will it? Dumb content for dumb people.
Patrick Poblete (2 days ago)
You shouldn't convince people that paying taxes is stupid... because taxes are your contribution to society. However, there is nothing wrong with working the system to pay as little taxes as possible.
Kevin Doyle (2 days ago)
Parents tell their children money is not important and rich people are evil
Robber-baron. Don’t make. Own.
dave (2 days ago)
You do not have employees you have losers according to your logic!
Ayman Hazeem (3 days ago)
life is not to worship money lol
Alex Perales (3 days ago)
How do you learn a business if you never been in the business? OJT on the Job Training? Sure I could run it I can run now, any fool can know the point is to understand. I have my own I want do out pocket once I show Gossett we can work something out, he likes selling for fun me too I love selling none has show me with wanting to control me I going little to get basic one step at time, Sure I can get rich faster but not until I know the Children of this world has fair chance of choice 😇🙏😍😘🌞🌏🌖🙌👹👺😂🤣
I-Dream Ofjeannie (3 days ago)
Girl you look like kelli Rowland. Is anyone else here because you're broke? 😂😂😂😂
Darnell Lyons (3 days ago)
That girl is looking like a snack 😋
Gene Wood (3 days ago)
What a load of bullshit. Everyone of these guys. They just want you to buy their shit to make them richer then you.
The Sleepy CEO (3 days ago)
True. I became a CEO at age 18 and now I just started documenting my story on YouTube..... It's worthless to work 9-5, if u wanna make it in this world you have to use your mind not your sweat
Doin Thangz (3 days ago)
Do you want to run your own company or work for a company that doesn't respect you or your interests?
Munivision Muni (4 days ago)
So I guess all his employees are losers.
Paul M (4 days ago)
hmmm i wonder... if jobs are for losers and being a plumber is a job, I wonder who will fix Kiyosaki's toilet when it will get full of shit and get clogged, if the losers will stop being losers and quit their job...? Ah yes he will go on youtube and look up "how to fix a clogged toilet", but wait youtube doesn't work? hoooow? weell the losers that were employed to keep up servers and the interface running quit their jobs because they didn't want to be losers anymore... hmm that sounds nice, no one has jobs anymore but is financially educated in world without jobs...
Tumble The bag (3 days ago)
Paul M hello...i got business for you ...its a little on the immoral side but will definitely help you stack it up real quick. Call or text me if you interested 5129753502
Tumble The bag (3 days ago)
Paul M 😂😂😂
mohammed hoque (4 days ago)
www.daytraderstock.com.for sale!
Jose Lugardo (4 days ago)
It's this a political propaganda?
VersionBest (4 days ago)
Yeah great ideology but what happened when everyone becomes a Robert Kiyosaki? Who would be left to provide the cash flow in the economy? The rich people's economy only works because they need poor people to provide for them.
Matthew (4 days ago)
Get rich by teaching people how to get rich.
Ourdeen Islam (4 days ago)
I learned this lesson the hard way 🤦🏽‍♀️
purplequail (4 days ago)
“Trump would have to be a complete idiot if he paid taxes.” He’s breaking the law in order to do so. $600 million in debt is horrendous. Investing real money is something to be proud of, not cheating.
toljazn (5 days ago)
yea let me just go out and buy a couple of oil wells with no money...lol
BlackArrow (5 days ago)
Teeth fail...
Roma Ancheta (5 days ago)
Grayson Ludovicus (5 days ago)
money is not every thing, but every thing requires money
Steve Harding (5 days ago)
Yep,so when these guys go bust they wipe their hands and move on,if we all did that boo hoo.
Brass life (5 days ago)
she wanna come so badly
Lost Thoughts (5 days ago)
So basically to be rich, I need a bunch of loser employees like her?
Lost Thoughts (5 days ago)
Is cocaine an asset?
Anh Duc Mai (5 days ago)
The fuck mate? How can economy works with no workers?? Stupid as fk
vibelee (5 days ago)
Who 's gonna clean the sewers,sweep he streets,farm food,pack foods,nurse patients and oldies.if nobody else want to be a losers
Аlex Nelson (5 days ago)
I agree with a lot of what he says, but not investing into a 401k is completely stupid. That is the #1 correlating factor for millionaires, is that they contribute to their 401k. Sorry but that is just the pure data and facts.
Darkside Sider (5 days ago)
GETTING A JOB IS FOR LOSERS - that is not 100 percent correct you need to start from somewhere some people don't even work and are lazy as fuck the best thing is to do is get a job to pay bills and then have time for your sis hustle and when you manage to get our business going well that's when you quit your job you cant just do out nowhere you need to work and learn your ant just not work or quit your job listen to gary v
Kenny Rawlins (6 days ago)
Everything he has thought there I learned in University. The only thing is that most students are so focused on getting a job and applying the knowledge they just acquired in someone else's business instead of really thinking about how to apply all this knowledge to their own life. Secondly, you need CAPITAL and quite often if you don't have it from your parents, you NEED to work to ever get any Capital. Lastly, phrases like "let your assets work for you" are completely wrong, your assets don't "work" for you or make you money, your employees are the ones doing that for you using your assets. It's okay to be an employee, just think of yourself as a business of one and know your value. Also make sure you unionize so you can exert enough political pressure so the rules can be designed for you instead of always for the rich as he himself recognizes.
Thanks a lot Happy New Year 2019
David Chong (6 days ago)
Aren't you the person who writes books for a living?
Hambardzum Galstyan (3 days ago)
Not a bad idea. Successful books are permanent source of passive income.
B Sanders (6 days ago)
kim alonzo (6 days ago)
While I agree that a 9 to 5 job will never make you rich, I would like RK to be truthful about HOW many people get rich. Most of the rich American families have become rich through ILLEGAL means. FDR's forefathers dealt in the opium trade in China. The Kennedy family dealt in bootleg liquor. The Bush family money had some dubious origins. The Clintons dealt in pay to play kickbacks. Most music executives steal from their artists as well as the artists' mangers lawyers. that includes professionals sports stars. And how does RK also get rich? Aside from investments. how many books, seminars and such have people paid to get his advice. It's all a hustle and if people want to get rich they have to find their own hustle BUT the majority of the world wasn't meant to be rich and it's insulting to call people losers just bc they don't know how or want to be a hustler. Only losers call other people losers. Besides. it's the 9 to 5ers that keep the country going these days bc REMEMBER corporations don't pay taxes ANYMORE!!
Tumble The bag (3 days ago)
kim alonzo hello...i got business for you ...its a little on the immoral side but will definitely help you stack it up real quick. Call or text me if you interested 5129753502
Warren Thrasher (6 days ago)
I like this guy, but he said he was 600 million in debt!
Mario Johnson (6 days ago)
Trump is nothing without his daddy’s money and should be richer than he is, now Jeff Bezos is a real business man. All in all, very good advice.
Michael Jordan (6 days ago)
she fine FINE
i didnt even finish high school, im living paycheck to paycheck, but im going to apply this knowledge to better my self up
Hello fellow Business minds! Anyone wanna grow together ? ???? Small channels that want to support each other? IM SUBBING TO ALL WHO SUBS TO ME IM SUPER FAST
Natasha Henderson (7 days ago)
Great smile and so much knowledge 💜
Erica Monay (7 days ago)
For all y’all folks who are being delusional about facts in reality; I guess y’all forgot Bill Gates, & etc.... 🌚🤷🏽‍♀️🙄
Tumble The bag (3 days ago)
Erica Monay hello...i got business for you ...its a little on the immoral side but will definitely help you stack it up real quick. Call or text me if you interested 5129753502
Fleming F (7 days ago)
I think everybody can be enterpreneur. Simple, you have something, you sell it, somebody buys it. Vise versa, that other person can too, right? The only queston is, can everybody be rich?
Alex Z (7 days ago)
hahaha biggest loser and liar - Kiyosaki
Blair Franklin (7 days ago)
Beautiful! He's dead spot on.
appleseedfanatic (7 days ago)
You can spend years trying to build assets and be a million or billionaire. Why not make trillions in a few seconds? In the end it's what you do with the excess money that counts.
D. Morrison (7 days ago)
Of course we know getting a job is for losers, of course we’re aware of the manipulated education system. It’s not easy getting to success, it’s a long battle that you fight with ALL of your strength, consistently. I want to own my own business one day, hopefully with my investments I can make that happen some time soon. Until then, I’ll have to be apart of the loser’s system.
John Wiles (7 days ago)
This dude is full of shit. Easy to do all this when you already come from money
George Newman (7 days ago)
I am throwing up. Give the masses what they dream of and sell your stuff to them. Who is going to work if you all become entrepreneurs???
Jack Frost (7 days ago)
Destroy all religions, review and reform governments, update the education systems, get rid of the current medical system and change the world to make it better.
Angel Carrasco (7 days ago)
sounds so easy, yei yei buy properties with debt. they are not saying how difficult and risky that shit is you could lose your whole life if everything goes wrong or the market crash.
Crabber (8 days ago)
Sounds like another scammer
The Partae (8 days ago)
'I'm in debt about 600 Million dollars', so the homeless dude on the street with $1 is $600,000,001 ahead?
Tumble The bag (3 days ago)
The Partae hello...i got business for you ...its a little on the immoral side but will definitely help you stack it up real quick. Call or text me if you interested 5129753502
team sbia (8 days ago)
H.LEET (8 days ago)
I get it, but anyone can't just go into "real estate" and all theses stuffs in a snap of fingers. Everything is expensive, you have to start with something like ... working for someone to grow your capital/cashflow (even in the ratrace game that he invent, every player has a fixed job to start with !) for that you have to learn skills from school and then gain experiences at your work as an employee (you know, making a lot of mistakes and get yelled at :D) The next step as he shows is to invest in assets instead of liabilities (or doodads) ... but you will likely struggle with your wife (married/divorce), children to support and in the same time put a lot of time and effort to learn how to invest because good investments are not easy ! you can have a flop and be in more debt than before. You have to find a good mentor to show you the ropes, they are not cheap (they can charge 1000 US $ an hour).
George Cox (8 days ago)
Mr. Kiyosaki, I have until the end of the month of January 2019 to buy a first time home or find someone who rents to 5 dogs owner. Is this possible for me? I work two jobs, recently got fired from a job I actually loved for 10 years. But now I work 2 jobs not so good credit I make just enough to pay my car note, cell bill, and minimum expenses to live.
Oddix Games (8 days ago)
comparing gold with bitcoin... aww. just shows me his complete ignorance on what cryptocurrency is...
Oddix Games (3 days ago)
+Hambardzum Galstyan no it wouldn't. would I be hangin around this video if I made millions? ;) and moreover, would I share with some strangers my knowledge how to made millions? guess the answers :)
Hambardzum Galstyan (3 days ago)
Perhaps you could enlighten us about your deep insight regarding bitcoin. Would it be correct to assume that you have already made billions from bitcoin?
Wilson Pacheco (8 days ago)
the rich remain rich for so many reasons one of them is sacrifice and lack of fear to make more. i got lucky as a drop out in college. life wasn't really fair then ,i read news on stock trade forex in particular had to mortgage my inheritance and invested and today i have so much i didn't dream of all thanks to Donald Earl.
TheBlueskyson (3 days ago)
You mean above Donald earl comments as fraud chain+Charles Ahweyevu ?
Alex R Romero (4 days ago)
Charles Ahweyevu totally nuts im getting to believe this shit totally stoned too fucker had me listening baked of my Ass oil wells in Texas huuuu muther fucker...haha got me...🤔
Charles Ahweyevu (7 days ago)
+Haitian Prodigy this is the best fraud yt chain ive ever seen. Kudos bots.
Haitian Prodigy (8 days ago)
God bless.
Dustin Nulf (8 days ago)
This dude inspired me to get a Real Estate license and start investing. I'm now a millionaire aiming to be a decamillionaire soon. Just started a YouTube channel to share the knowledge I have gained. TY Rich Dad!
OriginalTharios (8 days ago)
Damn straight. Absolutely all 8 billion people on the planet should do EXACTLY this. What could possibly go wrong?
Ramiro Deleon (8 days ago)
He lowkey called her a loser
Sipho Simwanza (8 days ago)
Dang, this man is infectious.
MisterStrongcock (8 days ago)
This absolutely doesn't make sense, and it's insulting. So we should all quit jobs? the entire world? How stupid is that? Just because you made it rich... doesn't give you the right to be an ass.
Anita Leszczyna (8 days ago)
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Christopher Adams (8 days ago)
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Matthew Rose (9 days ago)
Bit of a bold and controversial title here, I guess nurses, firemen, police, military, shelf stackers, road workers, sewage operatives (etc etc) are all losers?? All the people who are paid to keep us and our environment safe and which the likes of you and Trump (who are really only good for selling houses, books and games) clearly take for granted. Furthermore, it is because of these so called "losers" that people like you can bask in luxury, don't ever forget that, assuming you even read your emails and comments to your videos..
Hambardzum Galstyan (3 days ago)
Bullshit. He owes nothing to those people. Plumbers and road workers go to work because they need money and they have no superior options of employment.
Your book helped me alot esp.definig Assets n Liabilities.Then I bought my first big asset n try to limit Liabilities. I still have a long way to go though. But I know where i am going...
Andy Arvai (9 days ago)
Is it me, or does this kid look like he is 16yrs old?
C Phillps (9 days ago)
Dave Ramsey is a much better mentor to follow than this kook
Oluwafemi Segun (9 days ago)
My Dad always advice me to get a pensionable job...cos it's the best insurance. Oh God!
Clayton Bridges (9 days ago)
also, if EVERYONE did this, who the fuck is gonna work?
Clayton Bridges (9 days ago)
I dont understand this at all. I just want financial freedom man, I dont need to be rich and I dont want to rule the world, I just want the monkey off my back
Jack Zafiriou (9 days ago)
How full of shit is this guy
lawrence holland (9 days ago)
What does he mean when he says, I want 2 use debt, the hell that mean
Isaac Osei (10 days ago)
Well do u hire workers, do you call those losers. It’s good to teach entrepreneurship but gotta watch what you say because hardworking employees makes your business grow. So maybe you should appreciating
Discovery Planet (10 days ago)
school never thought me something about money
Peace World (10 days ago)
Epic Jamaican (10 days ago)
Nyran Stanton (10 days ago)
did he just say he was 600 million in debt??????? thats a good thing???? whos going to pay for that if you die? whoever you owe 600 million to?
Nyran Stanton (3 days ago)
+Hambardzum Galstyan thats probably bullsht, no one probably will, what will MOST likely happen is if the bank gets in trouble because of people like this, the tax payer will have to bail out the bank.........debt is actually pretty gross.
Hambardzum Galstyan (3 days ago)
The rich dad will pay for it:D

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