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Currency Exchange US dollar to Korean Won

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Right before we boarded US pitt to Las vegas
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Sue Lee (3 months ago)
Current rate from Korean Won to US Dollar is 1,116 to 1.
Sunny Gill (4 months ago)
Corean dollar merai pass hai Koi lega call me 7986635696 1000 ka
lyndonkimthomas (7 months ago)
Fesineue Aineis *to 9:-949✓©|¶×•∆ ADATA BUBTRO GAA ONEI◼️㊙️🎫🈯💴📰🉑💵💷💸💴🗞️🈵
lyndonkimthomas (7 months ago)
Reurieir Irieiwi nimrowi mineodos AISISU INEIWI UBINEI NIKKIMDI BUBEISI EDIJEI. *49;:(30✓©{^¶\. Sesk🗞️neoeo💵㊗️💵💴📰🈺..NINTOEI omrod SES ㊗️💶🈺🇲🇭
yoona kim (8 months ago)
1000 dollars in exchange money for malaysian how much get?
davidrush85 (8 months ago)
Not sure? Try Google searching the rate . It changes every day.
Silent. (11 months ago)
How many dollar did they exchanged Edit: I need answers
davidrush85 (11 months ago)
Probably around 1500 dollars or something.
Sophie Rose (1 year ago)
So basically u can exchange ur u.s. Money to Korean money were ever u live?
Alicja Hac (4 months ago)
davidrush85 (1 year ago)
mew mew zoey yes you can :)
Neizha Kuotsu (1 year ago)
Hello I am from India and I have got some 10,000 south Korean currency note with me so any idea where to change the currency?
davidrush85 (7 years ago)
@SuperOMGPPL We exchanged it in Pittsburgh, before we left. Check around and see where you will get the best exchange rate ahead of time though.
mintico snout (8 years ago)
@davidrush85 thanx for the info. it was helpful ;)
davidrush85 (9 years ago)
well eating korean food is really cheap! About 3000-8000 won($2.50-7.00) depending on the area/restaurant/meal...but if you want to eat western style food it gets a little more pricey, because most western style restaurants serve good quality food. Mcdonalds at lunch time is 3000 won for a big mac meal...while Outback steak meals are in the 32,000 won($29) range. Remember you can always buy korean style food at the grocery store and save a ton.
mintico snout (9 years ago)
how much does food cost in korea normally? like normal quality food.
davidrush85 (9 years ago)
like 1500 or 1600 cant remember exactly. It was more than enough to last for the 2 weeks before we got payed in korea

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