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Turkish citizens rush to exchange US dollars for Lira

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The Turkish economy is having a hard time, with the Lira stumbling against the US dollar. But an interesting campaign has the country’s citizens running to foreign exchange offices to support the local economy. CCTV’S Michal Bardavid has the report. Subscribe to us on Youtube: https://goo.gl/lP12gA Download for IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cctvnews-app/id922456579?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Download for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imib.cctv Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCTVNEWS Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CCTVNEWSbeijing Tumblr: http://cctvnews.tumblr.com/ Weibo: http://weibo.com/cctvnewsbeijing
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Text Comments (252)
İroş İkboş (1 month ago)
Nobody gets the point Erdogan does this because they are increasing the dollars to lower turkeys economy and plus it is already working and this is mainly trumps fault and Brunsons fault that America has to face this
haseeb shk (1 month ago)
Huge respect from pakistan. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 We love turkey, 😍😍💯💯💯
bank business (1 month ago)
USE gold, that's 100% real transaction!
Roger didit (2 months ago)
Turk at the airport..... Name? - Dede Kopeoglu. - Sex? - Three to five times a week. - No, no. I mean male or female? - Male, female, sometimes camel. - Holy cow! - Yes, cow, sheep, animals in general. - But isn't that hostile? - Horse style, doggy style, any style! - Oh dear! - No, no! Deer run too fast!
Sal Prive (2 months ago)
Lo, it's the other way around. The Turks are all selling their Lira's for dollars and Euro's. Because the Turkish lira is nothing worth anymore.
Hid s (2 months ago)
in sha allah you will come victorious
Tajoul Ahmad (2 months ago)
I love you turki
Hid s (2 months ago)
well done turkey
Giorgos Georgiou (2 months ago)
I Like Cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus 🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾🇨🇾ΤΟΎΡΚΟΙ Σκυλιά θα πεθανετε... Θα πάθετε ότι επαθε το ΙΡΑΚ και η Λιβύη
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
Michal Bardavid is a JEWISH WHORE, infesting the mass-media, film, entertainment, publishing, PORN industry, and the INTERNET, with thousands of HASBARA TROLLS.
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
Apart from Qatar, it is the 'FAMILY-OWNED' ARAB dictatorships, in-bed with the Israelis which should be shunned by all non-Arab Muslim countries. These Arab BASTARDS, especially the Saudi FILTH have $TRILLIONS in American banks, yet Arabs and Muslims are still being abused DAILY by Jewish-Ruled America. All Arab DICTATORSHIPS are needed to be DESTROYED. They are the WORST ENEMIES on non-Arab Muslims JewSa / JewSa / JewSa /JewSa / JewSa / JewSa / JEWSa / JewSa / JewSa / JewSa /JewSa / JewSa / JewSa / JewSa. Trump is the trashiest, lowest of the low, elected by the lowest of the low Americans.
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
END diplomatic relationship with AIPAC / Israeli owned and ruled America. Their 'JEWISH-BOUGHT' politicians and rulers can NEVER EVER be friends of Muslim Pakistan, a nuclear-power country. Iran has been doing fine without diplomatic relationship with the AIPAC / ISRAELI owned / ruled American ENEMY. Remove or arrest all CIA murdering agents in Pakistan. Show NO MERCY, same as what Americans do to your people. Remove 95% of Americans from the embassy in Islamabad. END all co-operation with the American ENEMY.
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
Trashiest Trump TRASH has made the biggest mistake, picking on TURKEY. All Muslim countries should END diplomatic relationship with USA, the Number 1 'ENEMY' of Muslims, owned and ruled by AIPAC & ISRAEL. And, END trading in $US DOLLAR. SHAME on 330 MILLION worthless American Christians, to let tiny number of JEWS to RULE the USA. ISOLATE Trump TRASH's America. American business people are going to KILL this Trump TRASH bastard. He is hurting their businesses.
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
From among decent 330 millions, the American TRASH had elected the TRASHIEST TRASH EVER as their President, who, like all previous US Presidents HAD TO GO GROVELLING to the JEWS at AIPAC Conference. Decent / patriotic Americans need to REVOLT against this AIPAC / Israeli / Goldman Sachs / Bloomberg 'STRANGLEHOLD' on the so-called 'SUPER-POWER' USA. Time is NIGH!
Gregory Jumiah (2 months ago)
Time has come for the world nations to UNITE against AIPAC / Israeli controlled 'MEGA TERRORIST' USA, for 240 years of its history. ISOLATE AIPAC / Israeli / JEWISH controlled 'MEGA-TERRORIST' USA. STOP TRADING in US Dollars. Target US 'Terror-Bases' around the world, starting with Persian Gulf, Bahrain and the Bagram in Afghanistan.
Zafer Tütüncü (2 months ago)
tramp abd nin başın daysa abd bir gün yıkılcak
Zafer Tütüncü (2 months ago)
Serly Avt (2 months ago)
My salute to turkish. Turkey nation seems like a huge family support each other. And erdogan isn't only loved by his people but loved by moslems arround the world. Long live turkey!
Naeem Hassan (2 months ago)
All from the world support turkish lira.bangladesh pakisthan china iran uae saudi all brothers stay against us
Chloe Wang (2 months ago)
This was back in 2016. Their currency had been falling for years
Hekmatullah Oryakhiel (3 months ago)
Love from Afghanistan to the president of Turkey Erdogan
Harun İnci (2 months ago)
Hekmatullah Oryakhiel thenk you bro 👋❤️
Dennis Bernic (3 months ago)
if all the patriots are selling their US savings, who is buying all of that currency ? who is the intruder ? I bet it is the clique close to the president...
hira pic Saleem (3 months ago)
We are foregion currency deal in amazing rates in whole country .pick and delivered on door step for sale and purchase foregion currency on amazing rates so please contact with me .USMAN 03038029099..
Ghazally Spahat (3 months ago)
Salute to you Turkish!
nergis lara (3 months ago)
If all muslim sports they coantry money amica fuck up come muslims be sporting ur own coantry plssssss
luis hernan (3 months ago)
Ohh the power of America !!
Harun İnci (2 months ago)
luis hernan fuck you usa 🇺🇸😡😡
Gregory Jumiah (3 months ago)
Pakistan will PROSPER now. END trading in US DOLLAR. In fact ALL countries should END link with US DOLLAR, especially the ARAB rulers in the MIDDLE EAST, or they will be traitors, which presently they are. For 240 years America has been the 'MEGA-TERRORIST' country on this God's earth, with so much bloodshed and killings throughout its HISTORY. AIPAC / Israeli owned US politicians and rulers can NEVER EVER be Muslim Pakistan's friend. Treat them as the number 1 ENEMY, which America is, if not the people. Salute to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for ending trading in US DOLLAR.
Saim Qadeer (3 months ago)
Erdagan is a great muslim leader. Love from Pakistan
Bostersip II (3 months ago)
Turkey Keren !!
Faisal Manzoor (3 months ago)
I love turkey 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
simba1 (2 months ago)
I love Turkey too , especially the leg, deep fried with some spicws.
red bull (3 months ago)
Boycott dollars, destroy evil power,
apoyu siken (3 months ago)
We turks are a mountain. You cant move us - were are a peg in the ground
Akis K. (1 month ago)
Let's hope, for the good of the whole area around modern Turkey, that soon you'll all go back to the mountains of Mongolia which was the born place of the Turk race. Since you are a mountain you'll fit perfectly into the mountains of Mongolia. 👍🙏
Merkid Qagan (3 months ago)
World > U.S.A
ASTUESP (3 months ago)
Only the state of California has 3 times the economy of Turkey.
ASTUESP (3 months ago)
Lol Turkey is 1000 years behind US and Europe.
Murtuza Khan (3 months ago)
I love Turkey i love you turkey minister tayyab urdogan I m from india
0_0 (2 months ago)
Scream Anal hu fuckbar and blast yourself up flithy Muslim
Harun İnci (2 months ago)
Murtuza Khan thank you bro
z-k (3 months ago)
US dollar crisis is started
Tessa Red (3 months ago)
Supreme Being (3 months ago)
Turks were never the brightest people on the planet. They're not even important by accident.
canary prive (3 months ago)
Turkish citizens, sell your Lira's for dollars now because the Lira will be nothing worth anymore soon. Take all your money out of the bank because your banks will soon go bankrupt very soon because of your leader Erdogan.
nergis lara (3 months ago)
canary prive boll shit turkiye more strong than ever ... u try to lie about turkish econome l think u are Christian or jew that’s only think true cant scare any turkish person if we lost we lost no problem everything ok for my coantry we dont care
canary prive (3 months ago)
nergis lara While you were typing you comment your Lira went down another 10%.
nergis lara (3 months ago)
canary prive so ok l check nothing halpan what hell are u jew or christian??? u cant scared any one in turkiye even are money gone no problem ok.. now go fucking hell
canary prive (3 months ago)
nergis lara Really? check your bank account tomorrow mornimg then you moron and compare your lira to the dollar. All the Turks are taking their money out of the bank and changing it to the dollar and euro's. You will be the only person left with those shitty lira's.
nergis lara (3 months ago)
canary prive why u lie like that u dont know anything about turkiye u fuckur
Sal Prive (3 months ago)
TheTurks will have nothing left anymore after they change the strong Dollar for a piece of paper called Lira that's nothing worth anymore.
The propaganda Gaming (3 months ago)
*R.İ.P TURKEY 1923 - <2023*
Pieter D (3 months ago)
Trump Tweet is more almighty than Allah. Ameen.
Vidéos Vidéos (3 months ago)
They have the solution . They have Allah
Roberto Galeno (3 months ago)
Poor Turkish.
Roger didit (3 months ago)
Yes, we have watched the Lira plummet by 40%. It must be the "Turkish slap" that Erdogan had for the Americans. With luck, when he's finished they'll stand there naked with their pride. I doubt that they'll be proud, but at least that's what Erdogan promises. Maybe their new friends the Russians will provide them with red underwear. Polka dot ones... Cheap! Only 62 Rubles!! Hmmm let's check Lira- Ruble conversion. Could even be less!! Hahahaha
Playster (3 months ago)
They still have internet cafe's in Turkey?
Tessa Red (3 months ago)
say is (3 months ago)
the world watch and learn from turkey. this is awesome
Beautiful Monster (3 months ago)
learn from turkey a 3rd world country ??? 😂 wot a joke
say is (3 months ago)
wow this is impressive.
Ahmet Eren Çakır (3 months ago)
First president Erdogan should exchange his million billion dollars and his relatives too and then we citizens will follow. ....Erdogan raped our economy , no more fabrics remain in country, we have no production , just roads and metro done .... we will collapse
Parvez Saudager (4 months ago)
Strong lira and strong world Muslim leader erdogon
Beautiful Monster (3 months ago)
hahah u dunno nothing really 😂😂😂
shabbir shaikh (4 months ago)
MashaAllah Allah is with u always turkey
Vladislav Shirobokov (4 months ago)
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Hardeep Singh (5 months ago)
Poor people losing their money 🤦🏾‍♂️ to all the trolls hoping for a dollar collapse lololol that wont ever happen
Arrsdid Mallick (3 months ago)
Hardeep Singh HellDeep to Sing Down deep
D AE (5 months ago)
Two hours free internet? It used to sound bad 8 years ago, but now I’m growing weary of information overload. That it seems cool.
redrust3 (5 months ago)
I was in Bodrum for a week in 2005. Vendors would ask for "1 million" lira for a half liter water bottle. Would've cost about a dollar in the states. Actually, government reprinted you currency, which they would exchange onenee lira note for every old 1,000,000 lira note. Looks like Turkish inflation is up again, and it's hard to tell when it will end. Erdogan should stop throwing a temper tantrum every time things don't go his way.
Ars 1 (5 months ago)
Wow great job Turkey, your country came together wish America would come together like that
Rohit Prajapati (5 months ago)
China may benefit more by resolving all border and strtegic issues with India rather than trying to keep asserting itself in the Indian region
Rohit Prajapati (5 months ago)
China may benefit more by resolving all border and strtegic issues with India rather than trying to keep asserting itself in the Indian region
admin dadi pancar (5 months ago)
Buy Lira?, I prefer buying Gold
Alberto Ramos (5 months ago)
Mexico, has to swith too, we dont want to colapse with USA, any more, is getting to dangerous.
Shawn Travels The World (5 months ago)
Communist Paid Propaganda
babloki tansmania (5 months ago)
this ist JEWS plan!! they want to destroy turkish economy but they will failed you mess with wrrong country you fucking zionist piece of shit .. I HOPE SOMONE KILLS THAT BASTERD ..ROTHECHILD.. HE IST TGE DEVIL .
Craig Bartel (5 months ago)
Don't hear about stuff like this often , it's very telling though. I'm sure the people of turkey realize all the scams and problems caused by the petro-dollar.
Usagiynami (5 months ago)
Alex Tran (5 months ago)
No more aid or consideration . no more sales of top military hardware.... let see what happens.... fucking stupid Chinese..w over a trillion dollars invested in the U S they want to hurt our currency??? Are they snorting msg?
Alex Tran (5 months ago)
No more aid or consideration . no more sales of top military hardware.... let see what happens.... fucking stupid Chinese..w over a trillion dollars invested in the U S they want to hurt our currency??? Are they snorting msg?
Alex Tran (5 months ago)
The US needs to make those countries wanting to hurt our dollar.... we have our means
OP PAI (5 months ago)
woow, respect for turkish people who support their country and government
Joyful Joyful (5 months ago)
Awesome news Turkey
VIKING VIKING (5 months ago)
I m anty dolar
Terry Capp (5 months ago)
.....looks like everyone is jumping on the hyperinflation, fake money printing bandwagon , until all fiat printed money will not be worth the paper it is printed on and inflation makes pensions , savings and investments worthless and riots , civil unrest , crime , food shortages , high unemployment , homelessness ............seems like they’re all starting to do what the fed has been getting away with for decades.......the outlook is grim .
jlfc72 (5 months ago)
Worthless lira for dollars, yeah, makes sense. Patriotism makes people do stupid things. Meanwhile, caliph Erdogan, is living the life of royalty.
ALI KATSU (3 months ago)
jlfc72 القافلة تسير و الكلاب تنبح
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
jlfc72 I wonder if Erdogan has Changed any of his 500 million dollars to the lira. ....I don't think he is that stupid
Gee Persaud (5 months ago)
Every country should drop the dollar stop supporting the War Machine kill the empire destroy the warmongers stop using their money
Zf St (5 months ago)
I love your unity
Restrocket (5 months ago)
17% in half a year is not critical at all. Its even good for Turkey cause it makes exports more competitive.
the unreal geert wilders (5 months ago)
Restrocket you are right. Short term.
bitterboi31 (5 months ago)
ROFL...If Turkish people actually listened to Erdogan and his stupid idiot comments for the people to buy up Lira, then they are more stupid than than a pig. Buy Euros instead but you are an idiot to buy Lira as it is falling, falling, gone...ROFL...sad, shameful.
Roger didit (5 months ago)
The Turkish currency is dropping FAST! Don't believe me. Just look it up. Soon, they'll be bankrupt. Erdogan has GOT TO GO! Before it is too late.
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
What ever you do ERDOGAN you NOT going to do anything to the Dollar the lira is Turkish used in turkey only THE DOLLAR IS USED ALL OVER THE WORLD.... ERDOGAN HAVE YOU CHANGED YOUR 500 million  dollar fortune to your Turkish Lira?????? I DONT THINK YOU HAVE....that is no good leadership.....
bodrul islam (5 months ago)
Instead paper lira they should get gold.
London Power (5 months ago)
Turkey is a state terrorist in the region they deserve to go back to central Asia and leave the Kurds armenians Syrians Greeks and Greek Cypriots alone ..
London Power (5 months ago)
Stupid Turks 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Ali Raza (5 months ago)
long live turkiye hahaha
Ali Raza (5 months ago)
Chris Challouma I don't need to listen some 1 frustrated
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
Take way American and European money from Turkey and Pakistan  also 100 billion dollars by China  and your economies will collapse I do know a lot about how economies work here in the uk.... we have all sorts of people in terms of their financial standing in Pakistan you have the very Rich very few in the middle and you have people that just survive day by day if the dollar is take away ali you know that you are going to be in trouble I have been to India and seen how people live so don't talk to me about advice ERDOGAN IS A Crook has he changed his 500 million dollars to Turkish lira and where and how has he made all this money and in dollars ??? nooooooooooo ok he is a Muslim and he goes on about it ....that makes him a good politician ??? anyway you not a Turk you don't live in Turkey so what is the problem ...its a free world I can say and do anything I like I LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY
Ali Raza (5 months ago)
Chris Challouma tayub ardgon is hero. and we don't need your advice. from PAKISTAN
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
Ali Raza I hope all goes well for the good people of Turkey but am afraid power has gone to Erdogans head...he has to come down to earth and think more about you his people his only aim is power ... I have been around for a long time and once leaders thing they are GODS gift to their people they fall down like a ton of bricks ...the thing is he will take you all down with him..
Ozkan OZ (5 months ago)
millete 3.44 den bozdurdu şimdi 4.92 oldu milleti zarar ettirdi 7 liraya dayanicak bi gidisle
Ismail Marsh (5 months ago)
Demir Demir (5 months ago)
Dg Astro (5 months ago)
The lira is gold backing whats this about kebab...ignorant camel toes in the comments. Study your history
gerard . A (5 months ago)
That’s when peoples trust their president
gerard . A (5 months ago)
That’s when peoples trust their president
David Webster (5 months ago)
I bet there are regretting this decision now.
Gee Persaud (3 months ago)
David Webster So was Alice in Wonderland
David Webster (5 months ago)
I agree but the US is the reserve currency and the strongest economy in the world. Money will be fleeing for safety which in this case is the USD increasing the value of the US dollar at the same time decreasing everyone elses. Interest rates will soar and all currencies will fall but the USD will be the last.
Chackobrack (5 months ago)
David Webster usa has a debt of $21 trillion which is crazy and will def affect the US everything has been going down hill for the USA slowly
David Webster (5 months ago)
come back to your comment in a year from now. Debt means nothing when your currency is worth zero
Abubakr Omar (5 months ago)
David Webster no they are not. Those pple will sacrifice everything for their country. Turkey is the only dept free country in the region today and its because of Him.
Extreme Ways (5 months ago)
This is just one of the signs of $ falling
Tekin ermis (5 months ago)
Dollar is rising as spekulativ. However Lira's value will up, against dollar
Atilla Kayaş (5 months ago)
Dolar 4.80 olmuş
Dogan Tosun (5 months ago)
American wall streets desperate moves to hold Türkiye down. But they don't know how strong Türkiye is yet
Rodell E-run (6 months ago)
Erdogan is printing money and encourages the people to hand him their dollar for the freshly printed useless notes.
canary prive (3 months ago)
Rodell E-run At the same time Erdogan is putting the dollars that he is stealing from the Turks into Swiss banks and is building castles with them.
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
Reza Pakniat You are 100% right !!!!
Walden Smith (6 months ago)
Thks for Report on the dlr and Lira in general all have to do with money. All i have to offer is my Youtube message on Money titled Giving and Receiving. These and other messages are divinely inspired to bring blessings, hope, inspiration and encouragement to all. No obligation but can access with Rev. waldensmith. Thks for viewing if you can.
Abdiqani Hassan (6 months ago)
May Allah make the good Wish of President Erdogan succeed
Tony F (2 months ago)
Yes! Let's support religious fascism.
Playster (3 months ago)
the unreal geert wilders, Allah is real bro. If you don't believe in him, you will burn in hell. If you think hell is an imaginary afterlife fantasy, you are wrong, my friend
Taehyung cheonmin (3 months ago)
The god gave brain people to use . I hope erdogan can use it .
the unreal geert wilders (5 months ago)
Abdiqani Hassan Allah is just in your stupid brain and nowhere else. He can't help cause he doesn't exist...
Olive Healer (6 months ago)
Poor Turkish people, they believe anything they are told, they exchange strong American dollar for a currency that goes down fast, smart move.
Ariana S'agapo (2 months ago)
Olive Healer a
ibrahim demirci (2 months ago)
We are leaving us dollar we preapering for petrodolar collapsing
Ghazally Spahat (3 months ago)
Strong dollars? Are u blinds?
Roberto Soledad (3 months ago)
Hey! ¿Anything wrong with a free tombstone? 😂😂😂
Beautiful Monster (3 months ago)
+Tessa Red 😂 how u will pay soon the Imports if no Dollars or Euro ..u dunno nothing!!!. The value of lira is falling..soon it will collapse
Harold Shit (6 months ago)
The People really . support Erdoan, This is the reason CIA planned coup didn't work
Tony F (2 months ago)
Yes isn't fascism wonderful!
Emrah Aksu (3 months ago)
+Maria Flores 200.000 dollars
Sinan Eken (3 months ago)
Harold Shit to death belevie it I hear that one guy he sold he is 2 car give free away to goverment
Playster (3 months ago)
People of Turkey want to bring back the Caliphate and Erdogan is the one who can make it happen 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Maria Flores (6 months ago)
Whow much is a turkish 1million in dollars
Killer Jakel (6 months ago)
All countries should follow this move get there country back on track dumb the dollar.
Beautiful Monster (3 months ago)
this turkish uneducated people dont understand anything how economys work 😂😂😂
haya khan (4 months ago)
Ofcurse we will 👍...
Chris Challouma (5 months ago)
Killer Jakel....that its not a Turkish name....dollar is here to stay....lira will go down even more... 5 trillion dollars are traded each day how can a poor lira compete??? if you have an answer to change that  talk to you leader Erdogan ..
Ismail Marsh (5 months ago)
Killer Jakel Then become like Venezuela?😂

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