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With a population over 30 million people, Peru is the 4th biggest country in Latin America and one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources and biodiversity in the world. In this vast Andean country we can find, among many other resources, the biggest silver reserves, the third biggest zinc and copper reserves, and the sixth biggest gold reserves in the world. In this video, we’ll talk about Peru. Did you enjoy our video? Click the 'subscribe' button and stay tuned for our new videos every week! Related articles: The Peruvian Success Story - http://www.americasquarterly.org/content/peruvian-success-story Partnership with Peru features high degree of openness, bilateral investment set to rise - http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1019088.shtml Who is Peru's new leader Pedro Pablo Kuczynski? - http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-36459958
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Sharmyn Palacios (3 days ago)
There is a controversy when it comes to talk about the Fujimori's whole story. I was not part of that generation. However, when you hear a conversation held by people that were indeed in that situation, they are grateful with Fujimori's actions because they believe that he HAD to make that radical decisions and changes. Judging of what I've heard, I would say that the government was more like an obstacle rather than a help for the citizens. So there are people that nowadays give the support to Alberto Fujimori and his family. Still it's worth to mention that this is just an explanation of the actual situation and the politics of Peru. Please do not think that I'm in favor because is just an observation 🙂
Games e Tuturiais (4 days ago)
Peru and Chile brazil and Argentina
carlo calderon (5 days ago)
Fujimori, best President of Peru!
grelomia (30 days ago)
All politicians mentioned starting from Alan García to Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) passing through Alberto Fujimori, Alejandro Toledo and Ollanta Humala, all of them have been involved in serious cases of corruption. Yes, it is true that Fujimori (1st government 1990-1995 ONLY) did what was least expected to get us out of the nightmare García left; but his greediness and megalomania made him in one of the worst governors of this country ever, followed by Kuczynski and Garcia (Look for Barrios Altos attack, Cantuta University attack, Comisión de la verdad y reconciliación cases just as a few examples). Peru would be a in such a great place in economy terms but corruption in the politics culture is so ingrained that seems like a cancer almost impossible to defeat, a cancer that keep my country behind any list of progress. Btw, PPK resigned at the first threat he faced, such a tremendous Wall Street Wolf turned out to be a scared and coward chicken. He has never loved Peru, he just wanted to use his position to keep increasing his bank accounts in fiscal paradises with corrupted deals (Look for Page 11, Odebrecht and Panama papers scandals just as a few examples). Among all of them, i would say that electing PPK as President of Peru has been the worst decision ever (included all the other pathetic clowns mentioned). Finally, it is true that economic changes should have been made and reinforced at that moment but there should have also been a balance on how to take care of ethics , moral, justice and most importantly a priority on providing opportunities for all the citizens to grow and develop their potential. That is the basic premise for any economy to grow healthily; specially in a society like Peru, a country that has been fragmented, mistreated and where racism and the old-fashioned mindset of class divisions are still present in our collective subconscious. There is no other way!
Gonzales Frederic (1 month ago)
The best fertilizer is guano. Peru was once famous for guano, which was highly sought-after and still is. Silver also once flew from Peruvian mines. As for their women, the Peruvian men are lucky: the majority are at least cute, most are kind, many are hard-working. As for nature, oil discoveries damaged a lot and deforestation is still on, but Peru does have magnificent panoramas. Peru is pleasant and rather safe. Visit it if you can. It is worth a sojourn. And almost no Muslim !
Gonzales Frederic (1 month ago)
Peru is indeed nice and still devoid of Muslim vermin... although the vermin is present already.
Gary Downes (1 month ago)
He needs to increase tourism to Peru in a big way. Also get foreigners to but second homes there. GO PERU.
rene labonte (1 month ago)
How much you wanna bet that Reagan and the CIA were directly responsible for everything in the 80's crisis?
A. D. Thomsen Sp/F (1 month ago)
Now Kuchinsky has resigned due to corruption
David 1821 (1 month ago)
He is being investigated.
Vincent Buyck (1 month ago)
At ru is on the right track. And that they will become the Latin equivalent to South Korea AKA the Asian tiger As it was said in the video there is always a way out if you want it bad enough.
valeria santillan (1 month ago)
How sad is that, right now, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is been investigated by, what a surprise, corruption. Our country it's in serious problems
Father Bertolucci (1 month ago)
At 10:54 comparing Perú to the tiger economies of Asia is laughable. Consider this: average IQ of Singapore 108, average IQ of Hong Kong 108, average IQ of South Korea 106, average IQ of Taiwan 104. The average IQ of Perú is 85, hence more corruption, more religiosity and superstition, more crime, shorter time preference and more poverty. Essentially Perú just doesn't have the human capital to achieve anywhere near the standard of living of these first world Asian powerhouses.
David Zou (2 months ago)
I got interested in Peru's economy after reading the books of a Peruvian economist Fernando de Soto. I am hopeful for the future of this nation
Victor Vera (2 months ago)
"el condor pasa" version rock/metal?? Cool!
Angelo Joseph Wong (2 months ago)
Alfredo LdR (2 months ago)
THE ILLUSION OF ECONOMIC NUMBERS SHINES BRIGHTLY IN PERU. Peru shows that the choice between socialism and capitalism is one between all-around chaos on one side and on the other great economic numbers (for a few) + disastrous everyday criminality, pollution, humongous traffic jams, precarious instability and spreading mental disease (for most). Have you checked out the evolution of suicide rates? The prosperity told by the economic numbers by no means reflects a quality everyday life. That's why many of us no longer buy any of the political stories around and the options they define. And why it's high time to start thinking green. That's a lot more difficult because it's not a ready-made option, but one that still needs to be wrought. Visual Politics just parrots (although very well indeed) your standard conventional thinking. That's why it can deal very well with most subjects, but can't meaningfully handle -- and must thus ignore -- the biggest political issue in all the history of humankind: climate change, that ineradicable bug in the modern OS, for now stuck in the corner of our consciousness, that's set to overwhelm us all ...and Peru is among the most vulnerable nations. Of course that's in the future, so who cares, right? Well, anybody under 15, whose life will be dramatically shaken by the climate trials we are bequeathing them. Both the socialist and the capitalist stories were powered by fossil fuels, that provide 80% of the world's energy, but must be eliminated over the next generation if civilization is to have any chance of persisting. And when you look at the terrifying math of climate change, you immediately see that "green energy" wont do the trick. But we dont need to "change" the modern "way of life." It's about to crumble anyway.
jo jon (2 months ago)
Anyone know the name of that song at 2:55?
HELL77 (2 months ago)
Aditya Kashyap (2 months ago)
Name of the Music at the beginning?
loki katzbalger (2 months ago)
thank you alberto fujimori.
cayo marco (2 months ago)
good video but one big detail was missing here " yes fujumori was involved with corruption but he destroyed the terrorists and without terrorist investors were more likely to invest in Peru coz the country become more safe for everyone. Some people dont say it but those are facts . btw thanks for making this video.
TheWizard (3 months ago)
Fujimori saved Peru from terrorism and stabilized the country. Important detail. He was not bad for Peru he was the strong hand that was needed at the time. Liked the video in general
Melchior Claromonte (3 months ago)
proper Kuczynski pronounciation is KOO-CHIN-SKI
derchesten (3 months ago)
Lol, funny thing that Alejandro Toledo is currently fleeing the Peruvian justice, Humala stayed about a year and a half in prison right after his government. Alan Garcia is the only one that has been doing about alright, even tho we all know he's the most corrupt of them all
Green Cheesecake (3 months ago)
Kind of stupid to compare Maduro's gorvernment with any other government
Eddy Boh (4 months ago)
Got to love British trash phonetics, inconcistant at all levels, thankfully Rome help them come out from caveman to a tiny British island that lack recources forcing them to lean towards corruption to substitute for their short comings. The way they go about saying "not at all" is "Nut ut ull !!!!!" the British way..."ull" instead of "all"
Fezza Manezza (4 months ago)
Perus Ppp wouldve been the same as Italy, South korea, spain??? Hahahahahah how stupid. PLACES LIKE PERUVIANS ARE POOR BECAUSE THEY ARE FULL OF PEOPLE LIKE PERUVIANS. Sorry for telling the truth
C (4 months ago)
And then PPK also follow the others and pocket million of dollars ..... he will also be in Jail ...I hope
Brad Keen (4 months ago)
Not any mention of Hernando de Soto Polar? He has been instrumental in Peru's market economy.
jorge luis Lopez Llanos (4 months ago)
Jajaja la mayoria de comentarios son en ingles pero los subcriptores son latinos tiene sentido este canal en ingles?
Francisco Siles (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention Fujimori was convicted by a Kangaroo Court in which the presiding judge had a political agenda against him, pedro pablo kuczinski pardoned him a few months ago on humanitarian grounds due to his frailing health
fergal farrelly (5 months ago)
Dam right. Lack of corruption and money getting to where it's suposed to go.
Ariana Pearson (5 months ago)
I love Peru. But it’s kind of like your crush that you wish would get it’s life together.
bapluda (5 months ago)
Privatization and free trade will not solve all problems. It will turn Peru into a Brazil, which is good from an economic point of view, but inequality, corruption and crime will still be there.
Oswaldo López (5 months ago)
Well is not any more . Kusynsky resigned
Lowrence Valdi (5 months ago)
Jason Flatley (6 months ago)
Thanks for this video. I absolutely love this country as I am married to a Peruvian and I've been there three times (lived there once). I hope only the best for Peru!!!
Jose Moya (6 months ago)
For Foreigner all is gold in lima
Muy guapo Eeeh ?! (6 months ago)
I mean he is right, the GDP is decreasing and the economy in Peru is doing well, but only the withe people in Peru are gaining advantages. The native people in Peru are living in property and they have to deal with discrimination. I mean the president is a withe business man from Europe for cris sake! https://youtu.be/YdeFRP6pHDQ
J. O'Brien (6 months ago)
Lima pop 9.9 million, Bolivia pop 10.1 million so Lima having a higher GDP than Bolivia a very poor country is not impressive.
Que dice.:v
Afloro Tv. (7 months ago)
Bien carajo, aunque no entiendo ni mierda
Dumb Idiot (7 months ago)
*Takes a DEEP BREATH* I feel bad for peru if u want to go to school u need to pay weekly or monthly so ur kid can go to school... Only the lucky and fortunate ones can go. The doctors r way different than America, they actually help u get ur medication or just cure u unlike here they just give u a *quick* check up and don't really care about their customers. People are so poor there that the streets that u might see now are so clean but if u go to Peru they're so dirty with shit,trash, and everything that's pretty nasty and has a bad smell. There's alot of pollution there also... The bright blue skies that u look up to today is the opposite of Peru, the sky is so cloudy that u don't even see the sun at all!! I mean I haven't gone there for 2 years but I hope the president does something... I have family there too that sometimes I wish they could come to America to experience something different and new..😢
Modern Trash (2 months ago)
Dumb Idiot u don't have to pay unless u go to private school public schools will always be public schools
C Cv (5 months ago)
"America" as you call it, and for many reasons has its days counted.
Garbimba1900 (7 months ago)
OK, wait, so all the changes in the 90's are great, changes handled by Fujimori, but, yeah, Fujimori is just mentioned as a murderer? Toledo, Garcia and Humala simply didn't, or barely touched, an economic plan that was working, a plan laid out by Fujimori. Yes, he was condemned for terrible things, but at least give him credit for his economic measures.
Antonio romero sch (7 months ago)
Yes but thanks to Alberto fujimory
Miguel O (7 months ago)
Viva Peru!
KC Alfano (7 months ago)
well, before talking about Perú you have to be there to experience... Alan steals he did his work so well that till this day he is not in jail. Alan steals, in many ways, as well of Toledo and Ollanta and Fujimori but from all of them Fujimori first period was an improvement however all at the end take and put money in their pockets. You guys can't really talk about Perú you have never been there I have I experience, I was a very young but I know how it is to experience the long lines for food just to buy a can of milk, bread, you have no idea what it means to leave in fear because of the Peruvian government decided to focus in Lima and forget about the other Cities this causing extremist to form terrorist groups who put all of us in fear, the blackouts, the damaged with bombs this terrorist group did not just to one part of Peru the entire country of Perú. Every single candidate promise and at the end they forget and steal from their Peruvian people/ CORRUPTION. You right about the resources yes they have many natural resources that till this day other countries come take and never paid taxes ... this sis Thanks to all the Presidents mention on your video
Erick Aranzana (7 months ago)
I really enjoy this video, but the context for this days is a kind different. The opposisiont finally got PPK out of the way and the first viceminister take the position of president. I really wish a new video about this new situation.
PhillipDemonic (7 months ago)
kenji fujimori japones de MIERDA JAJAJA Kenji y Puñete les desean feliz día de San Valentín https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH2fuGBs1tU
Feyser1970 (7 months ago)
Fujimori saved Peru economy in the 90 s but you don t say it, he begun the changing in Peru s economic management, so what Peru has achieved until now is his work, followed by the other presidents later , even Garcia followed this policy in his second presidency
Georgie sama (7 months ago)
Mexico is the father of all Latin America
C Cv (5 months ago)
Si wey
Black Star (7 months ago)
EgroNinjaz so why is everyone escaping from it? Actually spain is know your history
Niidea1986 (7 months ago)
Your beloved neoliberal PPK just had to renounce yesterday. So much for your "new South American major power" I would say...You couldn't have been more off with your prediction; once again proving that giving predictions biased by economical affiliations, which is basically the only thing this channel does, is terribly inaccurate.
Marko Obstrepero (7 months ago)
A major power???? Peru had to resort to sub-human, nefarious tactics to beat NZ in football. Filthy peasants.
Herold Lamprecht (7 months ago)
Here in South Africa we wanted to impeach our president but he resigned just in time. Now facing over 780 counts off fraud. Seems like most heads of state follow this route but I must compliment the Peruvians for holding their leaders accountable. WELL DONE PERU!!
PhillipDemonic (7 months ago)
PhillipDemonic (7 months ago)
Callate gringo de MIERDA
Black Star (7 months ago)
PhillipDemonic imbecile
Valdo Perez (8 months ago)
wktjan4286 (8 months ago)
Simon has been posting Anti-Chinese and Anti-Japanese vids lately.
Pac1fic0 (8 months ago)
Bolivia is the poorest country in LA. The population of Lima’s metro area is greater than that of Bolivia. Obviously Lima’s economy must be bigger than Bolivia. The things you say on this channel show that your knowledge of the region is very superficial and should improve to make your assessments believable.
C Cv (9 months ago)
If it wasn't because of the huge corruption of almost all the last 6 Presidents including PPK, Peru would grow many times more than what has been steadily growing. My only comfort is that God will soon put an end to so many corrupt people.
Ben Baxter (9 months ago)
fuck you alan garcia ,thanks to your inflation and currency devaluation bullshit i couldn't study and travel abroad in the 80s and early 90s !
bandejamontañera (9 months ago)
ollanta, garcia, toledo? for fuck sake, ask regular peruvian and they will laugh at these idiots. it was fujimori's reform that made this possible above all, and these clowns are just taking credit for what they didnt do.
Dovah Kaaz (9 months ago)
best of luck to Peru
Mic Micson (9 months ago)
Many tourists go to see the famous cities in Peru.
C Cv (5 months ago)
They are all more than welcomed.
Anna Grouchetskii (9 months ago)
Ah, and Fujimori is out now, so....
Felipe Holtz (9 months ago)
Peru took many steps forward in the last years, but becoming a powerhouse in true sense of the word is kind of, err, optimistic. But if Chinese money keeps flowing in Peru's mining industry, the country's main source of revenue, I think Peru can dream of enjoying standards of living comparable to Costa Rica or Chile, pretty good in terms of Latin American standards.
Michael Evans (9 months ago)
I just hope peru can hold on to its natural riches as we develop
Jillmar Pacori (9 months ago)
Did anybody hear "El Condor Pasa" in the Background
Gbellamom (9 months ago)
you guys mean, major corruption? with the current President in charge, Peruvians are sick about corruption!
Hue Hue (9 months ago)
Meanwhile in brazil... HUEHUEHUE
ari stot (9 months ago)
A polish and a Japanese competing over the leadership of Peru wtf world!
David Gusqui Loor (10 months ago)
¡122300 Intis UN (1) kilo de frejoles!
Salvatore La Grasta (10 months ago)
As an Italian living in Mexico I follow your channel very frequently as I find it a very good source of independent and good information. I would like to point out in regards to Peru that a few weeks ago the Peuvian president stated in parliament that he just passed a law that all those found guilty of corruption will be facing the death penalty and this includes politicians, police, army and civil servants, so I do believe that the current Peruvian goverment would like to continue in the same route to erase the ills and continue to prosper. Please keep up the good work visual politik and thank you.
Knuff Said (10 months ago)
Peru is poor because foreigners own all the resources.
Achraf Lamassu (10 months ago)
It's always the same pattern: Socialism fucks the economy. While Capitalism fix it.
Enrique León Nava (9 months ago)
Achraf Lamassu well it's pretty much what happened here in Peru
Gustavo Rodriguez (10 months ago)
52darcey (10 months ago)
Most disappointing video of this series I've seen - the raison d'etre of it - how the economy recovered is completely glossed over...simply stating neo-liberal policies such as privatisation and fiscal restrictions where there are many cases such as Greece now where this policy is not working is not an explanation
Ant life (10 months ago)
Been there to Lima it was great to the food and of course women
Mercedes Savage (10 months ago)
I'm from Lima Peru
J0ncit0 (10 months ago)
Alberto Fujimori was a corrupt president. No doubt, and he probably deserves all the time he has spent in prison, but Peruvians will never forget he was the one who silently organized and executed the killing of all the terrorist across the country, bringing peace, trust and investment back to the nation. Terrorists were killed like dogs, and disappeared within a year or two. only God knows what happened to them, or where in Peru they are buried. Well played Sr. Alberto Fujimori.
Fernando Cubas (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video I will encourage you to review the comments on it. We truly believe your portrait of Fujimori is unfair and and bias . Reframe the video and give the credits than Fujimori deserves.
Just 2 days ago, Fujimori was released from prison. This story is still unfolding.
Orlando Mourao (10 months ago)
dyoutube tube (10 months ago)
Nice report but Peru is rich in gold yet, but mainly just rich families are profiting that, another problem peru don't need more mining, that is contaminign amazonie , andes and coast, peru need to come back to green agriculture , clean his coast from pollution, close his factories , and make a heal sea to profit sea and more...
Milton Waddams (10 months ago)
The comparisons with Asian tigers is comedic. Asians are based on knowledge, workmanship, manufacturing - Peru is all about natural resources. There's absolutely no comparison.
Luis Reus (14 days ago)
Milton Waddams so Peruvians are illiterate or something ?
Victor Duffield (11 months ago)
yes the drop in poverty is wonderful but never label peolpe still starving as "not bad at all"
DazPaz (11 months ago)
I like your videos...I watch a lot of them.....I HATE THE OPENING GUITAR RIFF!!!
Bill Muno (11 months ago)
jajaja peru=caca
C Cv (5 months ago)
Bill Muno, de donde eres? No me digas que eres shileno.
LeeL SaaS (8 months ago)
Jaja Russia= No chile
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (9 months ago)
y que haces mamando verga aqui?
Absoleet (11 months ago)
If the pro-capitalist playbook of dollarizing the monetary system, privatizing govt utilities, privatizing pension scheme, signing free trade agreements with US/EU, tariff reduction, decentralization of govt authority is the way forward then why are so many countries which have done just that are still mired in poverty and stagnation?
Sasa Palic (11 months ago)
what is the song at the start of the video ?
Dooyong Park (11 months ago)
I don't know what did I learn for how Peru get out from hyperinflation.
Renato Galvez (11 months ago)
It is a pity that you are unable to praise Fujimori for being the architect of modern Peru. It was him who turned around the direction of the country, defeated terrorism and grew the economy. Disappointing.
Scoffi petrelli (11 months ago)
México is shit,trash. xD, Perú is beautiful, awesome. Obvio que Perú es mejor q los demás países basuras de latinoamerica , podemos seguir creciendo y lo harán poco a poco.
Gaston Rocha (8 months ago)
Carlos Aguilar Peru is such a piece of shit that they rather live in illegal settlements made out of dirt and brick in Buenos Aires than live in their country. Peru is shit
MYOB MYOB (8 months ago)
arthur scown what the hell are you talking about fool.? You can not compare Peru to Mexico on many levels. Lima is dusty and grey. Mexico is an exporter of high value products not just minerals. Mexicos economy is far more diverse. Compare yourself to Bolivia.
Angel Llanos (11 months ago)
Oh Moby You're amazing , I Like your T-shirt and Like your music too. :D
Kelly L (11 months ago)
I believe yes and even the spirit of the people is changing as well. I hope to visit my motherland again one day.
Rudy Narvaez-J (11 months ago)
jajajaja ya todos esos presidentes estarán en la cartel
Andres Carlos (1 year ago)
So all the big changes happened during Fujimori s regime but didn't mentioned. Just talked about his bad side. A little bit unfair.
The Infidel (1 year ago)
PPK is the man!
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (9 months ago)
BM29 HB (1 year ago)
Fugimori was the whole reason why terrorism was eliminated. And he kicked out the Americans aka whites out of our country and other European archeologists for STEALING our shit. Hence,I understand why Americans hold resentment towards Fugimori’s “regime” cause he fucking kicked their asses out! and furthermore get your facts straight. Peru was in a bad economic situation in the 80’s and early 90’s and thanks to Alberto Fujimori the country was able to eliminate it. In its totality. Peru is currently one of the strongest economy in South America largely thanks to their imports and continued growth.
Allan Desmond (1 year ago)
socialist are not nice people..
Apart from your Fujimori's rein.comments which I dont agree with this is a very postive video. Thank you.

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