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Brazilian Currency & Exchange Rate

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What does Brazilian money look like and what is it worth compared to the US Dollar? Find out! The exchange rate is always fluctuating so there is never a set price, as of mid October 2018, the time of this video, it was around 3.576 to $1. Taxes are a large portion of the cost of living in Brazil, the taxes on fuel and the energy industry have been harsh for the people living here. Obviously, if you are a tourist, this does not effect you. PLEASE NOTE: My information comes from what I believe I am understanding with the language barrier.
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A FUCKING WHITE MALE (17 days ago)
Is a brazillion more than a gajillion?
Ali Hamidi (19 days ago)
How much 8000$ in Brazilian currency?
Patches (21 days ago)
1:58 10 liters R$244!? So over R$24 per liter? You must be mistaken. At the most it's raised to about R$5 per liter in the NE of Brazil which is already super expensive.
Sahil65 Ali72 (2 months ago)
I need your help i can barazil 10000 2 note i means 10000+ 10000 currency can i chnage or not please help me and tell me what can i do ????
Hi, may GOD bless your life powerfully!!

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