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Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW Review

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Review of the Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW Camera Bag. Although there are some great reviews of the product already, I wanted to share how to use the Slingshot 100 AW and the various equiptment and features that Lowepro offers with this model. Hopefully you'll have a better understanding if this bag is right for you and your purposes after watching this Slingshot 100 review.
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Text Comments (22)
eksine (3 years ago)
way to cram the shit out of your camera and fuck it up
Aleksandar Likic (2 years ago)
what is the lens you have on your d7000? Nikon doesn't have 18-250, is it 18-200?
smoMashup (2 years ago)
+eksine that's cool. I respect that you treat your equipment well. But I can say mine is still as crisp as new with no scratches or scuffs on anything. I do realize I was crowding the bag though but I was just demonstrating what would fit so people could make their own decisions. Cheers!
eksine (2 years ago)
+smoMashup I didn't mean functionally, I was talking about scratching them up, I was a semi-pro wedding photog and I would have never treated my equipment so carelessly
smoMashup (2 years ago)
This video is from years ago and my camera and all lenses are working great. Thanks for your concern!
Dillon Huffman (3 years ago)
+smoMashup not sure if you still have this bag, but what makes it all-weather is it has a rain cover in a velcro pocket on the bottom of the bag.
smoMashup (2 years ago)
Thank you very much. I found this out after I shot the video. Years later and it's still a great bag!
Martti O. Suomivuori (5 years ago)
too small for 5D II with the L zoom attached
NI Urbex (6 years ago)
nice video, thanks for taking the time to make it.
smoMashup (6 years ago)
Thanks! that makes total sense ;)
Richard Law (6 years ago)
@smoMashup The AW initials in the bags title refer to the all weather waterproof cover. I had wondered why you hadn't showed this in your video but now I know :)
majinkero (6 years ago)
Excellent review. Was looking at getting a lowepro nova 170 aw bag (going on sale at Henry's tomorrow) but since this is on sale now at Henry's, I figured that I should look at reviews for this and your video helped convince me otherwise. Going to get this bag in about an hour.
Tecwhizz (6 years ago)
@smoMashup By the way, that 'Cleaning Cloth' you mentioned in the video in the basket is for covering the LCD of your camera while it is in the bag which protects it whilst in transit.
MultigrainPie (6 years ago)
that slot on the side isn't for a tripod. the newer version of this which is the 102 does have a tripod holder on the side.
smoMashup (7 years ago)
@elementguy13 The buckle at the end of the shoulder strap. Hmmm. TBH, I hadn't even noticed it before. As a counter though, there is a second strap that I don't use that crosses under your arm on the opposite side. If you used that too, then even if they got one side loose, you'd still have it strapped to you. Sorry, security like that wasn't a factor in my purchase. Hope this helped you though!
smoMashup (7 years ago)
@garyroseborough2000 Glad I could help. Last night I accidentally found a little surprise bonus with this bag after weeks of carrying it around.. Flip the bag over so you're looking at the back. Near the bottom you will see a little tab at the seam. Touching the seam you'll feel it give a little bit.. It's velcro.. and inside? a fold-out waterproof sheath!
gary roseborough (7 years ago)
Thanks. I watched this video last night, but bought the bag today. It actually looks bigger in person. your video helped me make up my mind. THANKS BRO.
smoMashup (7 years ago)
@mrpayner Good call on the cloth. I actually figured this out the next day and was like 'DOH!' Hahah.
smoMashup (7 years ago)
@xanaduflipper Thanks! Glad you found it helpful!!
smoMashup (7 years ago)
@melzer333 I think I should probably blame my audio equipment for that. I'd put the zipper noise along the same lines as your average jacket. If you need to be quieter than that.. you probably already have your camera out! :)
xanaduflipper (7 years ago)
Thanks for the review - very informative ;)
melzer333 (7 years ago)
Aside from that bizarrely loud zipper, seems like a fantastic bag. ;)

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