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2 Minors are Arraigned for the Murder of Bobby Garcia

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For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Two minors were arraigned today for the murder of Bobby Garcia, a nineteen- year-old San Ignacio resident. Garcia’s body was found inside a temple at the Cahal Pech Archaeological site with multiple stab wounds. Indications are that the bizarre murder was a ritual killing carried out by Emo followers. The minors reportedly have provided police with details of how Garcia was lured to the monument and his life cut short. Years ago, there was a string of suicides in the west carried by followers of Emo, but Garcia’s death is the first murder to be linked to the cult. The identities of the minor will not be disclosed, but at arraignment today, one was shaken up and the other appeared composed. News Five’s Duane Moody reports.
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Kimberly Orosco (13 hours ago)
Jenny Cal (1 day ago)
Dee H (6 days ago)
This is pure evilness, I pray they get what they deserve. The mother has my heart , sorry for her.
Jason Vasquez (7 days ago)
Why they don't show the face of the killers😑😤
donna double (7 days ago)
Man so many sick crazies !
Natalie Jordon (7 days ago)
Man's heart will wax cold. Sad.
PattyO O (7 days ago)
Damn devils
Jose Garcia (7 days ago)
His like a roaing lion
Rosa Escalante (7 days ago)
And y they Covered their faces like they have the Balls to do that so y let them cover their face but I like say police has to be hard but hard
Rosa Escalante (7 days ago)
And I am a parent I n where is my kids thanks God so that's y where is the parents because good things starts at home they need God in there life's and somethings to do but if they just stay bored at home that's y they start thinking on bad behavior they should put them to cut Caine in the sun hot let's see if they would have time to do bad things
Rosa Escalante (7 days ago)
The police should do the same things to those killers but not to have them just in jail but hard to them because that's y the people don't care to do bad thing because they have a good life in jail police has to get hard on people like those and don't let them have visitors nothing at all not to even see the light

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