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Best Way to Exchange Currency

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What is the best way to exchange currency? Without all the fees, of course. One of the best options is to withdraw cash from one of your bank's ATMs in the local currency. You'll be hit with an ATM fee and exchange fee, but it will be less than many money changers. I don't know if there will be an ATM for my credit union abroad. Many banks let you use your debit card abroad. There will be a currency exchange fee, but it's a flexible way to pay your bills. What about the Cambio booths in a lot of airports and transportation hubs? They may look like ATMs, but they charge some of the highest exchange fees. You'd be better of using a local American Express. I don't have an American Express card. They'll still exchange your currency for a fee. And then there's the option of just exchanging currency. That's what we were talking about! No, no, I mean asking locals if they will take American dollars. They may haggle with you for dollars, and convert the currency themselves later at the local bank. Can I change currency at a local bank? Yes, but American bank branches and American Express have lower fees. And never, ever change currency at the hotel unless you have no other option. Why not? You will pay as much for the convenience as you will for the service. What do you think about trading on the Forex? It is a good way to lose a lot of money, and it is even worse when trying to convert currency so you can go on a trip. What about using a local currency exchange kiosk? Or individual currency dealers? Why don't you just get a sign that says "kidnap me" and get in anyone pretending to be a taxi? They prey on dumb tourists. I'm not abroad yet.
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Zara (3 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 very good
Yngvild Víðarr (10 months ago)
Don't give a damn about American (US) currency. If that's what your video is going to be about you should put that in the title, so most of us don't waste their time watching.
2 Land (1 year ago)
Entertaining and informative thanks!
LosAngeles.323 (1 year ago)
Chase will charge me too much so no thanks!
Monti Khan (1 year ago)
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Shampath Kumar (1 year ago)
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London Mom83 (3 years ago)
Great video and funny! Thanks:)

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