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Bucket Wheel Excavator - Mining Mega Machines

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Text Comments (74)
Maxy (1 day ago)
Fallout 76
sourav sekhar Nayak (1 day ago)
Where does operater park his vehicle?
DongGyu Choi (2 days ago)
Is it really efficient machine? I doubt it
Nikos Koukou (7 days ago)
Bucket wheel excavator (16 days ago)
my. ooru. I miss. u
human creations can sometime's be terrifying
Tsunauticus III (3 months ago)
The operator seems like a douchebag.
Banoth Ramesh (3 months ago)
Super bro
Marc-André Blais (3 months ago)
1:06 not very chatty is he
XinhaiMineral Antonio (4 months ago)
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Alex G. (4 months ago)
Tommy (4 months ago)
What are they mining??
THE EVERYTHING (1 month ago)
Chris Stasinopoulos (4 months ago)
Bill Knott (4 months ago)
All these complaints on this video. This design is proof that the human mind is still relevant. Artificial intelligence is here.....
RF NITIN l (4 months ago)
Great n giant
The Wraith (4 months ago)
Should be named the earth eater.
The Wraith (4 months ago)
Should be named the earth eater.
Bucket wheel excavator (16 days ago)
Makes no sense
Alex n00b (2 months ago)
The Wraith makes sense
Sarashi Xaenyth (4 months ago)
Be Careful Of Those Nazis With These
Benjamin Filbert (5 months ago)
What do one of these run? Three months salary?
david farkas (5 days ago)
Yes if you make 100 million in that 3 months and have about 5 years to have it built lmao
Milan Kamaliya (4 months ago)
I'm milan
Milan Kamaliya (4 months ago)
Benjamin Filbert hello
pradeep kumar (7 months ago)
For operating this need license or certificate ????
Chris Stasinopoulos (4 months ago)
IronManXXX (7 months ago)
Cool job...
April Nolan (8 months ago)
See they don't actually rip apart land.They are more like excavators.They pickup dirt left behind and slowly break at it.However they are very inefficient for cutting right through thick stone like butter.They work slowly but in mass quantities being very efficient.
TheUltimate Weipin (2 months ago)
In Germany they dig mountain
Cytron1515 (8 months ago)
I had a Transformers idea. Have Optimus Prime and Autobots commandeer on these to take on Devestator.
Fu Fiona (8 months ago)
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Cloudryder9 (8 months ago)
This was cool to show my son. But also made me sad that these machines can destroy entire landscapes so efficiently.
Jack Calvin (8 months ago)
im wondering how much did they spent to make dis mechine?
THE EVERYTHING (1 month ago)
2 much Clout (9 months ago)
this reminds me of bo1 moon
Crate Power (1 day ago)
+Ali K and the Vorkuta mission
Crate Power (1 day ago)
lol that's the only reason im here
Ali K (3 months ago)
bo1 Radiation had one running in the background
T. kerney (9 months ago)
And THIS is how vegetation is destroyed thru this crazy mining. Fake craters, canyons and volcanoes are formed---frim the piles if wastes and clearing of earth
Shanece Powell (2 months ago)
Mabey be thankful for the men and women that are out in the copper mines 12 hours straight for seven straight days running 12 hour night shifts in Utah copper mine
Surface4 (4 months ago)
Tiombe Amina A new habitat is formed, but nature always adapts and reintroduces itself into these "Fake" new environments.
Dan C (5 months ago)
Tiombe Amina. Shut off all of your electricity and see how long you last.
Blessings Ndovorwi (5 months ago)
you moron
HotRodRay (5 months ago)
Tiombe Amina ... but you have lights, heat, air conditioning, refrigerator, etc. from the electricity produced by coal. If people were stll living in shacks with no heat or elec and hand picking cotton things would be better.
Ryan Campbell (10 months ago)
damn that thing is massive
The old coins of India (11 months ago)
we excavated and found something awesome
Mate Varszegi (1 year ago)
How is this wheel being driven, and what kind of a bearing is being used here? It's truly amazing!
Chris Stasinopoulos (4 months ago)
Take a look at the beginning of the video. It’s driven by 2 DC electric motors attached to a massive gearbox. The wheel is fixed on his own shaft. The gearbox is attached to the one side of the shaft with studs. There are 2 spherical roller bearings for the shaft (one for each side). For example SKF 248/800 CAK 30, which means bore diameter: 800mm, external diameter: 980mm, width: 180mm, weight: 300 Kg.
francicivis (1 year ago)
bastamondi 3000
Emerio Manzano (1 year ago)
Wow that thing is ginormous I wonder how long it took them to build that
THE EVERYTHING (1 month ago)
5 years... Budget = $100 million...
Bchulo88 (1 year ago)
this is so cool, i wouldve loved to see this when i was like 7 years old
Robert Proctor (1 year ago)
Are these bucket wheels still in use today and if they are, are they being used in the U.S?? I would like to see one and being used
naftyloescher (1 month ago)
Come to germany :D
Robert Proctor (1 year ago)
Astrofan, Thank you for the info on the bucket wheels. I would love to see one running in person as I just can't imagine the size of those machines.
astrofan (1 year ago)
I'm not sure if they're used in the U.S., but they are still running in germany. They still do the same thing as in the video, mining brown coal for our electric network.
Nirmal Paraye (1 year ago)
Thank's !! Helped me understanding The Concept !
Cyye the Fox (8 months ago)
Nirmal Paraye thanks*
Mega Machines Channel (2 years ago)
Those buckets are only for cutting.
Crate Power (1 day ago)
+Bucket wheel excavator cool
Bucket wheel excavator (16 days ago)
Mega Machines Channel no it’s mining machines I work in one
skeletonboi (22 days ago)
Nice comment thread, lol
Jason Carswell (1 month ago)
Damn, you are stupid. I was clearly talking to the Indian moron above you. But it seems I have caught two people who wipe their backsides with their right hand.
BREAVETT (1 month ago)
+Jason Carswell so you're saying i don't NEED to eat to stay alive or i don't NEED a brain? Think before you say something
Chad Perreault (2 years ago)
half the buckets are missing backing to them, whats up with that?
Chris Stasinopoulos (4 months ago)
They are not missing anything. 10 of those buckets are for cutting and the other 10 for loading.
Ronnie James Dio (1 year ago)
Chad Perreault some of the holes are bigger than others, so it might be to help sift different things, like large rocks, from things like dirt and coal

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