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Secret Tip To Detecting Trend Changes As Early As Possible In Forex

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► For more on this video topic visit - http://www.forexreviews.info/secret-tip-to-detecting-official-major-trend-changes/ Want to know how to detect a trend change on the Forex Market as soon as possible. Well, let the video above show or reveal a secret tip hidden from most professional traders. And that secret weapon is understanding what to look for on the weekly charts, by identifying when to get in or stay in properly, not only can one dominate the forex market, but one can also manage there time as effectively as possible.. If you enjoy this video please subscribe for more future video updates and do not forget to like before you go.. By Watching this video and clicking the play button it means also that you agree to the disclaimer at the website here - http://www.forexreviews.info/privacy-and-disclaimer/
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Text Comments (621)
Christian (2 days ago)
I think what he means is the 3/4 candles bearish or engulfing signify the trend, you wait for a reversal in the next bearish or bullish candle - be wary to trade if there are false signals so look left as a large bearish or bullish candle will indicate that. So trend on trends and price action movement and as a result you will have a lot more success, that's what i got from the video anyway..
L. Hill (23 days ago)
or you could just trade the USD/JPY & GBP/USD using the 4hr wick fill strategy based of the the candle that forms at 1300 eastern standard time to trade when 1700 hits. it has yet to fail for me and it happens just about everyday if youre trying to take 15-30 pips a day per chart you should do more research on it
Max Xul (1 month ago)
ANYBODY could go over a PAST chart. With your explanation, I would really like to watch how you trade LIVE MARKETS..
Lukasz sSSS (1 month ago)
Hello traders. How to trade on weekly time frame?? What leverage?
Hayden Harris (1 month ago)
Trends mean nothing cos you do not know the millions who make the trends and what they will accumulatively create on the fly. Gosh what it so complicated for people to understand. regards Hayden
John Simpson (1 month ago)
Great video! Thanks Timon!
S Avgoulis (2 months ago)
Four candles!! Ronnie Corbetts sketch! Fork handles??
Belinda Patel (2 months ago)
This video lacks clarity. It's very difficult to know which candles you are talking about. The 3 to 4 candle minimum thing does not make sense to me. You need to be much more clear and detailed in your explanations.
Belinda Patel (2 months ago)
Those candles are not engulfing candles
Sandi R (2 months ago)
Found this very interesting. I can see where it is more accurate on a weekly chart. Thank You for the posting.
farid (2 months ago)
I am looking for a tool for monymegment can you help me
Steve zielinski (2 months ago)
I give credit for trying. Don't use 20 Ema, But Bollinger middle is 20 Ema.
mister ribeiro (3 months ago)
what if the a candle is being engulfed by a candle of the same colour?
Rana Yasir (3 months ago)
Wow. I had really enjoyed, liked ,impressed ,and much learned than before. Thanks a lot Sir.
Walking Dead (3 months ago)
Hello, I saw this video and I got the hope so I can trade in forex.please can you confirm this identifying market trade with BoLlinger Bands is still on power, is it still working? I saw some reviews so they are sure like, this is 4 years old video and old style, now is the market changed, this strategy useless. Thank you.
hai prem (3 months ago)
Your video is amazing ...plz make a english subtitle for others
John Danielson (4 months ago)
You second red doesn't have three to 4 patterns for confirmation. Great vid, just threw me off.
Alan Cosens (4 months ago)
I have some trouble understanding why anyone would want to leave a trade open for months to make a few hundred pips.
Walking Dead (3 months ago)
Alan Cosens few hundred pips, but a lotsize bigger. And not only one position, maybe everyday new position.
Sayian God (4 months ago)
Love your vids
Allan Yusto (4 months ago)
Very good info
Michel Stuart (4 months ago)
It is said that trend is your actual friend in forex market and turn your trader against trend. But most of the traders make mistakes figuring market trend including me. I think I might not make any further mistake after watching your video. Thank you for sharing such wonderful video with us. I am currently trading with and Australian broker named AAFX which also helps me to learn more about forex. I am still learning about forex market and hope s see some more videos about trend from you.
Haris (5 months ago)
Thanks so much I'm a young trader(14) and have done so well so far and it's only been a couple of days, I started with £50 and its now about £400
watsupgardener s (25 days ago)
Do you use the weekly chart tho
han han (5 months ago)
Thanks.... for sharing..., awesome knowledge....
Joshua Sanchez (5 months ago)
good stuff man
NoAir Beats (5 months ago)
are those 1 week candles
kingmike40 (5 months ago)
Instead of telling us what the market did in the past why don't you tell us what it will do tomorrow or for the next hour.
Forex Reviews (5 months ago)
Hey, check out the reviews where I analyse last week's price action and what I am looking at trading this week. Here is the latest review - https://www.forexreviews.info/weekly-forex-review-5th-to-the-9th-of-march/ Regards,
Tyronerollercoaster (5 months ago)
Laurenz Thenu (5 months ago)
What do you mean by engulfing candle?
Leland Geer (5 months ago)
Very helpful and thank you!
What???? wait for three candles and reverse??? no way
ohhh.... i see now. looks like it might work.  so wait for trend ( 3or 4 candles) then watch for signal which is ...opposite engulfing, then go in the engulfing direction......Also, engulfment can be a series of candles?
VikashGH (6 months ago)
Nice video! Thank you. But how do you choose your stop loss level in such a big range and not losing everything with intra day changes?
Des Mullins (3 months ago)
This is the big downfall of all new people....trading and investing are completely different.
Howard Hill (6 months ago)
good one Timon, thank you
jay singer (6 months ago)
Do you no any one individual on fx or anyone person who has a good drawdown and good performance who  provides good signals for trading im asking you because i know you been  In the tradding community for a while now and im shure you have ran acroos at least one good trader who provides signals you must have bumped into somebody good sir
Mr. Bill Parkinson (6 months ago)
minimum* lol always great content mate!
GapUpPlz (7 months ago)
Decent video, will share with our thousands of traders on our chatroom
Black Coffee (7 months ago)
Thank you so much
Mark M. (7 months ago)
Subscribe 😁
Janel Wright (8 months ago)
thanks alot for publishing the video. In fact, I have gain alot watching your video, thanks
Israel Not the country (8 months ago)
also the 3 to 4 candles dont need to be consecutive right ?
Israel Not the country (8 months ago)
has anyone tried this on a lower time chart??
joe caterman (8 months ago)
yes, but on 2nd one you'd have to ride the market up 3 weeks.. or wait entry.
Danilo Perez (8 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Very enlightening, understandable yet quite simple.
rudy c (8 months ago)
i just made my first profitable trade after watching this, youre a fucking boss man. thank you so much
Ricardo Ivan (9 months ago)
Why did you use a period of 50 without making a Fourier analysis?
Lee Sadikin (9 months ago)
Ok .. i got what he said.. movement of 3 or 4 candles to confirm trend change..but it would be better with boilnger band to filter the signal
Michael Bakewell (9 months ago)
nice video Bud keep it up
Forex Reviews (9 months ago)
Thanks Michael
lamont warren (9 months ago)
so can i use this in reference to the 4 hour chart
Zanebrain (9 months ago)
Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I will definitely subscribe
Carol Smith (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video! This is truly helpful and an eyeopener for me! You also made this so so simple about the trend for me! I was really really struggling with this. I wish I had have seen this video 8 months ago! I am subscribing and looking forward in following your videos in the future! I will also get back to update you on my progress after practicing this strategy.
Agga Poechit (10 months ago)
very impossible to wait minimum 3 or 4 candles in weekly time frame because that point is an end of a swim in average. Don't be forget that 4 weeks is equal to a month.You see the market returning to opposite at most of the 5 candle or it will go ahead one more small candle if you are very lucky. We can see those candles even in your video.
Mike Smith (10 months ago)
Why are not you a million yet!!! Lol
Christian Garcia (10 months ago)
3 or 4 engulfing candles ok. makes sense but what if it is 3 or 4 small candles where the price pushes back? small candle with big wicks. does that fall with the same rules?
Mina Shawky (10 months ago)
thanks but i need this app for downloed it and start can you send me a link for downloed or rhe name and thanks agin :D :D
Have Fun (10 months ago)
ok so, we're looking at the history... but I don't understand how this can be used effectively to execute on the fly. I grab 2000 pips per day just using simple rsi. How can you really tell the next trend that you're in if you don't have 3-4 candles moving yet?
Financial freedom--- here i come..
syam syam (10 months ago)
thanks sir
Tim Ryan (10 months ago)
Great Vid , but you need a big Acc to trade weekly and Daily for this , 4H to 1H daily profits suits me and smaller traders , but this is very good thank you ..
Rajat Sharma (11 months ago)
Very nice explanation. Sir, but firstly is this tip for Swing trade or can we use this pattern for intraday trading. if we can, then please let u know....
Gideon Toyosi (11 months ago)
Do you infer this strategy can not be used on lesser time frames like the H4 or H1
Cricket ke Dunya (11 months ago)
I am trading for last 5 years first 3 years loss and then confident trading. I develop my own strategy. But watching this video i think it will enhance my profit. I also trade on reversal and Bollinger Band is important element of my strategy. I have seen lot of videos on forex and never comment on any video for last many years. But this video force me to comment too long.
Milo Madzin (11 months ago)
well, show it on LIVE TRADING
Jenny Zigrino (11 months ago)
raj singh (11 months ago)
Waiting for 3 candles means waiting three weeks :)
hegazy saeid (1 year ago)
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Dad Gaming (1 year ago)
Good job.
Reo Mane (1 year ago)
Had to sign in just to thank you.
Trade-In Kloser (1 year ago)
Go work !
Robert M (1 year ago)
excellent info, your without a doubt the most sincere and believable ive seen in these videos. thanks again for all your help !!
RobotFX (1 year ago)
as early as 1 week? Kind of late for me, thanks.
Sophia Shcherbakova (5 months ago)
This is just superb, I've been looking for "china world trading system" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Sonatthew Trading Tachypneic - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.
PSYCHOO16 PSYCHO (8 months ago)
Not a week but 3 - 4 weeks my bro : 4 candles is 4 weeks
L A Decker (1 year ago)
New convert...thanks
Forex Reviews (1 year ago)
Thanks for subscribing!
Ashley Neal (1 year ago)
Thank goodness for your channel. My outlook on understanding the Technical side of Forex is now clear.
Forex Reviews (1 year ago)
You're welcome Ashley, thanks for the feedback!
jacksan01 (1 year ago)
Thx so much for this video, I feel it's probably the best strategy to get into a trade and stay in it to make a profit. Thx again and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!
Jonathan McBrine (1 year ago)
How can I load semi-log charts in mt4?
Jaz The man (1 year ago)
This man talks a lot of senseAnd it does workHigh five and thank you
Dylan D (1 year ago)
what trading platform are you using?
mark mueller (1 year ago)
John Malcolm (1 year ago)
Is this 3-4 candle rule also good at lower time frames like 15min?
eddyvideostar (1 year ago)
Thank you for your video this was well done. Question: You had used a 50 ma. Could you have not have used a tighter moving average regarding your demonstration as a 20 ma? Would this have not given you a different result?
Forex Reviews (1 year ago)
Thanks Juan!
Scott Sewell (1 year ago)
Terrific analytical insight on the weekly engulfing signals. If you are getting near 85% success with this strategy, then you are most assuredly winning at FX trading. Keep up the insightful presentations, I need 'em.
Irvin Sanchez (1 year ago)
Still digging through your old stuff and my god its full of nuggets, looks like i'll be up all night going through all ur vids =)
Matt Kedziorski (1 year ago)
I'd like to form group of traders to share info about how to trade, when to buy or sell right now by emails or Skype not train by to deal with markets our enemy is a broker who lie to us, try all the time to con us for put more money into theirs account, or give us bad tip,info, so we can save lots of money and by the way make some this will be self support group so call me on my Facebook or by email
Rayyan Hussain (1 year ago)
which brokerage is this
Forex Reviews (1 year ago)
Hey Rayvan, the broker I use is ICMarkets - http://icmarkets.com/?camp=2657 Also, I have a video on what broker I use and why here - http://www.forexreviews.info/what-broker-do-i-use/ Regards,
Susie Villa (1 year ago)
The more I watch this video the more I find it impossible, wait for 3 to 4 candles to confirm the trend, so wait for month, and wake up, oh my life the world has changed. I think check the daily then go to a smaller timeframe and confirm on there
Shawn Willis (1 year ago)
What platform are you using for the graphs?
Peter Dammar (1 year ago)
Rafael Donado (1 year ago)
Very good video. Very good explained. Thanks for your time.
Anders Kaneld (1 year ago)
It is a simple and relatively safe way to predict a trend. I like the tips that you see with your own eyes. Thanks Timon.
Henrietta Theophilus (1 year ago)
i am glad to click and hear you talk on this topic, i really want you to be my mentor. i am a retiree with very little income. thanks
Debra Johnson (1 year ago)
like the way he explain it.
Jude Especkerman (1 year ago)
Your views on forex robot. By the way, great tip
Vince Wieckowski (1 year ago)
Hi mate..That last trend of 1000 odd pips was over twenty candles.. Would you really hold a trade open for 20 business Watch weeks??
thank you
Marlon McLeod (1 year ago)
Such a GREAT VIDEO Bro!!! Amazing*
Sudut Pandang (1 year ago)
so wheres the good price to entry? after we got the 3 4 candles then engulfing...
Ju Pa (1 year ago)
06.09 what is this line that measures pips? is it available on mt4? thank you.
The Bitcoin Banc (1 year ago)
Great video man, keep it up!
MusicManMarkArnold (1 year ago)
Thank You!
queen genesis (1 year ago)
You dont have to worry but still you have to be aware of who you rely on when it comes to forex trading professionals
Jason Van Nguyen (1 year ago)
thank you for your lesson, so can you shaw me how to make a small video see you under?

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