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Waste Management and Recycling

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This clip shows how household trash are recycled and processed. More info can be found @ www.wm.com Please subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/user/ScienceChannel Copyright belongs to Discovery Communications LLC. Please support Cable TV and subscribe to the Science channels.
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BHAVIN TSY (2 days ago)
I want to start this bussines
Natasha HAYFORD (1 month ago)
this video really helped me in lessons thanks xx subscribe to simi ;0
Transcendental (1 month ago)
6:50 I swear they tossed that pizza there just for the lulz, like a easter egg of sorts. XD
Jie Yu (1 month ago)
Feel bad when I making rubbish for this earth!
shehroz sandhu (1 month ago)
the moment he said somebodys else eaten nugget is fun to find in garbage
We are using this video in our background sample of Free Speech Season One: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRhenWu3hUCOc3WAm-di7b6trbsWvLBD8
vikas chamoli (1 month ago)
http://www.wastemgmtexpo.com Waste Management Expo Lebanon 2019 is the only dedicated event in Lebanon that will attract the most influential and active decision makers from Lebanon’s http://www.wastemgmtexpo.com waste management industry
Project Red DotTM (1 month ago)
this issue needs to sort out! waste segregation awareness is very important
Latham Skips (1 month ago)
Definitely, recycling is the best option for reducing the pollution and saving our mother nature "Earth" See how recycling helps get rid of solid waste https://www.lathamskips.co.uk
proteek sengupta (1 month ago)
Good video
deathdealer1972 (1 month ago)
Deposit their load....lol....😀
IKEHH (2 months ago)
This is awesome!! Recycling will save the future!!!
Hd Lim (2 months ago)
This is not recycling! Its called sorting. North America sorting out the waste and export to 3rd world counties and 80% end up in China. In 2018, China stop importing these so called recyclable waste due to toxic chemical content in the waste and polluted their country. The chinese is cleaning their own backyard and the north american have to "RECYCLE" their own waste. Prepare to pay more for your trash disposal North American! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ArmtKFYYkI
mark young (2 months ago)
Waste Management has no idea how to recycle . What happens to the lawn mowers & appliances , Etc mixed in trash ? . Answer it goes to landfill.
Lawrence Fernandes (2 months ago)
I would like to know if your Company would assist to set up a complete waste management plant in one of the States in India. Thank you. Lawrence Fernandes
Denil David (2 months ago)
Ist should be immediately implementation for in India
Cillian Fraher (3 months ago)
It is called rubbish you Luther
Cillian Fraher (3 months ago)
Sorry I call it rubbish
alamal khan (3 months ago)
its good to see how western countries like america uk canada turn rubbish into usefull and look how asian is dirty especially india its world big democracy and look they are dirty fucking indians just like their minds narrow and polluted ashamed to be an indian
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Dr. Snowman (3 months ago)
*why don't we just burn our trash?!*
Dr. Snowman (2 months ago)
Criscross *VACCUM THE SH*T*
Criscross (2 months ago)
Dr. Snowman because it isn't feasible for the environment and health of the people. Besides, you can do so many things out of garbage; for example , you can make organic fertilizer from grass and food, polyester from plastics and if I'm not mistaken you can also make thermal insulation, or you can also reuse the plastic to make new bottles, and from paper you can make cellulose insulation. You can also create energy but you also have to deal with the ashes. Who would imagine the trash has become a new asset?
James Edwards (3 months ago)
Just burn it and use the power to create more power
Conex Xenon (3 months ago)
He throws away a fucking half pizza... wtf?
KoSh Films (3 months ago)
wow such an inefficient way to dispose solid waste.......very energy intensive and taking up virgin land and making it into an extremely poisonous area with all of the rotting garbage............so much of the trash can be sorted at the source and most of the biodegradable garbage can be converted into compost......the rest of the garbage can be incenarated and used for construction purposes.
AviAceC130 (4 months ago)
That process is still very wasteful and inefficient our WM really needs to come into the 21st century
Nathan Arciniega (4 months ago)
Fuck that , that shit ain’t fun
Patel Raju (4 months ago)
Sniper Clown (4 months ago)
What a video! A glimpse into the working Mind of God.
dogri masti with sunny (4 months ago)
Bhawana Chopra (4 months ago)
I don't know how people throw away good food,don't they use refrigerator?
Adedeji Efunkoya (4 months ago)
How can i have a contact with the waste management for partnership
Merry Maiden (5 months ago)
how to collect methane from landfill so it could be used as biogas? My email: [email protected]
Manaal Hameed (5 months ago)
Not this :)
Manaal Hameed (5 months ago)
These dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Manaal Hameed (5 months ago)
The Accidental Farmer (6 months ago)
why are the plastic bags and wrappings not recycled
Thelonious Breskin (6 months ago)
wow things have changed. Pier 92 in san francisco winds up with nearly 98% marketable material from single stream
28M views - Kahana List (6 months ago)
we create a website that connect between The food industry food store ,food factory , distributors warehouses and food donation organization All over the USA soon in canada and to sale product with short expiration day http://www.kahanalist.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j8gbDri3IY&index=1&list=PL_h8bG80NtCO_DxFDswSEQ3u5niS7VIHN
Hariom Tiwari (6 months ago)
Very nice
James Robertson (6 months ago)
press f5 on the windows keyboard and desktop to refresh the applications.
beatriz viacava-goulet (6 months ago)
6000 homes seems low...they could power 3 times that at least...adding worms will accelerate process....
Christina Ostil (7 months ago)
I told this woman to separate her trash for the environment but she thinks that I’m just running my mouth about saving the environment.
TJ Knight Researcher (8 months ago)
thats why we need to segregate our waste materials to make their work easier and make our world re-clean it
Hak Lee (8 months ago)
So what I am understanding people are recycling without know they are with waste management?
Rahul Sharma (9 months ago)
Indians still throw garbage here ad there and blame government for mess. Waste management is very poorly designed
Ashcrete Technologies (9 months ago)
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Vape en Revue (9 months ago)
7:10 Shit in the air & shit in the soil...
We need to ban plastic bags since recycling facilities don't take them.
IVAN IVONOVICH (6 months ago)
No, what we need to do is to create a need for them as a recycled material! This will keep them out of landfills, and provide jobs for other persons.
hari Rathi (10 months ago)
Ricardo Ramos (11 months ago)
Smh, what a waste of pizza
Tez pratap (11 months ago)
Stevie Norton (11 months ago)
so sad that MTV videos get more views in a day than this has in seven years. Don't forget some of us care about important things.
Robin Sequira (2 months ago)
A single music video might get viewed multiple times in one week by the same person. This is a one-time watch. Think, THEN complain.
Poetry N Shayari corner (6 months ago)
Stevie Norton yes really...!!
Simone Lamb (11 months ago)
Start Recycling, Go Green
Alan (11 months ago)
Muhammad Firdaus (1 year ago)
Sk Hossain (1 year ago)
How can I start it in India?
Death Song Gaming (1 year ago)
3:27 looks like a deer XD
enzyme Yuexiang (1 year ago)
organic waste to make fertilizer
Mas Emarod (1 year ago)
Wait, so they also go through the actual trash to pull out anything that is recyclable we didn't separate?
Iris Su (1 year ago)
This is so cool
An example for Brazil, the trash and a very problem.
sai net (1 year ago)
i want starter this project in india , maharshtra ,pune
Mukta2910 (1 year ago)
at least they are recyclinging it
Ville QQ (1 year ago)
Who teh fuck throws away pizza.
Ramesh Dhungana (1 year ago)
hey I would like to also do start this recycle business but the main thing is I can not do alone I want some team
very informative video, thanks​ for the video 👍
very educational
Plastic Segregation (1 year ago)
An idea of segregating Plastic from Garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWlUhoasAUo. Hope you like it.
Edgardo Cardona (1 year ago)
I thought that the trash that is garbage that cannot be used again, would be put in a plant where they are thrown in an incinerator and be burnt. I guess not ever waste management plant in every city operates the same way.
Scott Smith (1 year ago)
Sir,Know more informatio; Whatsapp:+ 86 15107149073 Email:[email protected] Twitter:Mr_Scott66 Web:www.recycleyuntong.com God bless you!
cplai (1 year ago)
Many cities in the US choose to bury the garbage in the landfill. Probably because they can still find land to do so. I know in Tokyo Japan, there is no trash can on the street because everyone is supposed to carry their trash home and dump in your own trash can because garbage incineration service is very expensive and you need to pay for your own disposal service. No one in Japan litters either. It would be a dishonor to burden the city or other people with your own trash. Watch my other video about Zero Waste plasmagasification. https://youtu.be/gboSDLBV1ns
Francis Meyrick (1 year ago)
I have tried very hard to do my bit for recycling. It hasn't always worked. But I tried, I swear. I meant well. That's what I shall be telling Saint Peter, when I arrive outside the pearly gates... http://www.writersharbor.org/work_view.php?work=413
MyNameIs Alan (1 year ago)
I have to prepare a presentation on 'Waste Management' tomorrow.This video is really helpful.
Random Videos (1 year ago)
i like the flat noise trucks less blind spots
N Weld (1 year ago)
For all the people who are like " This is terrible, blah, blah.." You haven't seen how it was in the 60s, 70s, and 80s in the U.S. Literally every thing was thrown in the ground. There was NO SORTING centers. There were no recycling bins, or green waste bins. I remember taking bags of freshly cut and raked grass, car batterys, tires, household garbage, appliances, cars, and furnishings to a local landfill, that was next to a typical neighbourhood for that matter, and just throwing the stuff into the pit. That's right, we could drive right up to the spot where the dozer was pushing the stuff flat. It was horribly dangerous and wasteful. What's worse: in smaller, less-educated communities, someone who owned a larger piece of property like a farm that was out of sight and out of the way, might freely allow people WHO PAID A FEE, to bring their garbage ANY GARBAGE, and just drop it off. The stuff wasn't processed, just set on the ground and left. Frankly, this video is reassuring. WM is reclaiming quite a bit, even the methane. Back in the day, those pits were NOT lined with clay or a poly liner. They did NOT have a methane venting system and what would happen is the gas would seep up through the ground and into near by homes (as they would just locate dumps anywhere even next to neighbourhoods in expensive communities) and the gas, as you see in the video, is explosive. So you can imagine what would happen. And the unlined pits allowed the garbage contaminants to seep into the ground an pollute water and streams, something that is still a problem in some places.
N Weld (1 year ago)
Those silly, silly refuge wranglers and George and his "garbage monster". Oh, how I love garbage. It's fun. Think of the fun things you can find.
I want to start waste management system in INDIA. Need your guidance help.
Enerpat Lucy (1 year ago)
good vedio !
tytuphon (1 year ago)
That pizza is still fucking good fat ass
Christian Gasser (1 year ago)
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Shefali Shekhawat (1 year ago)
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Anshul sharma (1 year ago)
great video gud knowledge http://www.conceptszone.net/
Anshul sharma (1 year ago)
great video.,,.good knowledge http://www.conceptszone.net/
Sthembiso Dube (1 year ago)
im speechless and inspired as well im in the waste management as well ,i wanna pursue recycling at this scale
buzzybee435 (1 year ago)
Well that was a good video to end a Monday lol
Jon Claude (1 year ago)
Germany has recycling down so well it makes the US recycling plants look like cavemen using stone age tools.
David Nielsen (3 months ago)
Jon Claude same here in denmark , jesus usa is behind the age here !
N Weld (1 year ago)
It's not too difficult to make the U.S. look bad. Keep in mind, this video is in California, which is progressive. In some of the Southern backwards states, we can only imagine the horrors. I've heard some of those states simply chop everything up and bury it. It's embarrassing for the rest of the country. I'm sure every country has it's knuckle-draggers.
Самые действенные способы роста продаж смотрите на нашем канале. https://www.youtube.com/user/Salestrening
rajesh parmar (1 year ago)
sir i want to stand one municipal westage recycle plant, but i have no idea that what i done after recycled item, please give me your best suggestion
venkatasai kumar (1 year ago)
Dear sir i am Planning to start recycling. Pls tell me sir how to start...
venkatasai kumar (1 year ago)
Dear sir i am Planning to start recycling. Pls tell me sir how to start...
Winding Light (1 year ago)
I don't understand how people can throw away perfectly good food. Do they know how to use refrigerators?
N Weld (1 year ago)
Cake isn't really food. No one should be eating that (but it is yummy). I'm more concerned with spinach, broccoli, carrots, etc.
Marvin prince (1 year ago)
this is america, some kid is dying of hunger while they throw away food
cplai (1 year ago)
My daughter works for a bakery. The bakery has a program with the local food bank to unload their surplus pastry to give to the homeless people. On Christmas day, they threw away 35 perfectly fine Christmas theme cakes just because no one at the food bank worked on Christmas day. And the bakery has a corporate policy not to sell Christmas cake after Christmas nor employees can take home any surplus food. Each cake sells for US$40 and they ended up in the dumpster.
Vikash Sharma (1 year ago)
Sue Phom (1 year ago)
Abdul Ahad Shabbir (1 year ago)
*HELP NEEDED* I wish to open up a trash recycle plant but sadly i don't anything about the process except for the hatred against such filth and health threats that come with it.Kindly recommend me small recycling plants/machines/appliances and where i can buy them from for test basis.
Rashid Malik (10 months ago)
Abdul Ahad Shabbir .I want to start.this please contact me in india
Abdul Ahad Shabbir (1 year ago)
marykacyy (1 year ago)
Jesus christ man how much more wasteful and useless can humans be!!!!!!! Its like were born into this earth floating in space and do NOTHING but eating and take shits into the grown literally and then throw our already been used crap into the earth some more and that process just keeps on going for thousands of years & technology just makes us all even more lazy and useless, yea I don't see this race lasting that much longer
MindBender 54 (22 days ago)
+Jesus Christ damn! XDD
Jesus Christ (4 months ago)
Suffocate on my foreskin, bruh
marykacyy (1 year ago)
Why can't the damn government make everything biodegradable so then these gigantic graveyards won't happen!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared Fogle (1 month ago)
+Conex Xenon ..... Eventually yes everything becomes useless at some point
Conex Xenon (3 months ago)
Is not suitable for alot of products... Do you want your laptop or car to rot?
marykacyy (1 year ago)
Lol is a giant game of 4:28 Tetris
Carlos ivan Arevalo (1 year ago)
my trash can is Hotchkiss disposal
Robert Harker (2 years ago)
A really informative article. As the waste is weighed in a potentially dusty environment, I recommend the remote display. It has a bright LED display which means employees don't always need to stand next to the scale when the item is weighed. More information can be found at www.weighingscaleremotedisplay.tk
Toyomercado (2 years ago)
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Captain Yoby (2 years ago)
That was some perfectly good pizza that got thrown away.
Good System, Any ideas on how to re-cycle old garage doors as I get quite a few of of them and would like to recycle them somehow to good use http://reddeergaragedoorservices.ca/

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