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China's currency to overtake U.S. dollar?

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The Chinese currency, the renminbi, is now the world' s ninth most traded currency, and has replaced the Euro as the second most popular choice in international trade finance. Will its growing use see the yuan unseat the U.S. dollar as the world' s reserve currency? Derek Han is the chairman of North Square Blue Oak, an investment bank with a special focus on China. With 25 years experience in finance and banking, the Chinese-American offers his opinion.
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Rajeshwari Janwadkar (3 months ago)
America will die soon. China is far better than America.
Until the Yuan becomes freely convertible, there is no hope of it becoming a major player. But after that maybe in 50 to 100 years it could dominate, but not in 10 years.
Alex Mercer (6 months ago)
It's already a major player, dumbass. Perhaps it's because it's controlled to be stable is why more and more countries are trading with it.
caamir zaki (3 years ago)
Stop fucking lying we all know dollar is the king and it will be forever
tacotony24 (4 years ago)
The Decline and Fall of the United States of America
eric maurer (4 years ago)
China is great at making crappy products. When you see "Made in China", most people think,....."crap"
Jay Say (4 years ago)
They only make 'crap' because you want to buy crap.  Stop shopping in Walmart.
CoolOneThirsts (4 years ago)
In the end, the guy is talking about wondering about US's real GDP and the nature of the housing bubble, is he even aware that China is in the same case?  See their ghost cities and them using arable lands to build brand new buildings that aren't even habited.  China & the US they both are in the same housing bubble case, only differently.
Alex Mercer (6 months ago)
The guy's obviously smarter than you. Maybe you're dumb enough to think the proper way to develop is not to urbanize and build cities.

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