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Selling My iPhone X To a Machine at Walmart

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I saw the EcoATM phone machine at Walmart and thought how much would I get for selling my new iPhone X? The video popped up in my YouTube ‘Recommended’ feed earlier this week and with the Apple iPhone X starting at $999…will Walmart buy my iPhone X? ➽Subscribe (if you’re new)➽ http://bit.ly/SubTechSmartt Selling My iPhone XS Max to a Machine at Walmart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxjRu7UtfP0&list=PLPCx-1KKqYKwj6FRyFDRyc81OtRocA9ts&t=0s&index=17 Original vid: https://youtu.be/gqZfBWeXb5o This $3 Soda Gadget Sucks…But Why? https://youtu.be/q6sjvskVULo?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKx_J4fV6alU-LKt6IkWpdzs 3 Phones You’ve Never Heard Of… https://youtu.be/bYvD7IzGiE4?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKx_J4fV6alU-LKt6IkWpdzs My $1100 iPhone X Fail… https://youtu.be/U22KHDkBMeA?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKx_J4fV6alU-LKt6IkWpdzs ⬇FOLLOW ME TO SEE VIDS EARLY!⬇ Twitter ➽ http://twitter.com/techsmartt Instagram➽ http://instagram.com/techsmartt Facebook ➽ http://facebook.com/techsmarttyt Snapchat ➽ http://snpcht.me/keaton ⬇MY OTHER PLAYLISTS⬇ They Actually Made This? ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKxWLVVxyhkJB990EqYNqXnJ DON’T DO IT ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKzvpXaeVM7eB3juiL6TguaZ iPhone Videos ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKyPMb6J4RHYf2DWPJhwFkQg Weird Shopping ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCx-1KKqYKw6NB3tiwk8pzSKToYGY55q NEW VIDEOS ➡️ Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday comment ‘wallie’ if u see this :)
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Text Comments (23004)
Aman Chabukswar (18 minutes ago)
Fucking idiot of the year!
TGotHeatt (1 hour ago)
Bruh ur stupid asf wasted $900 😭 could’ve given it to ur fans who wanted pics but ik u not tripping because of Youtube money
P-Z 1 (2 hours ago)
Prit Patel (2 hours ago)
Boi, should’ve kept the EXPENSIVE iPhone X
P-Z 1 (2 hours ago)
I love you
Debasish Kumar (2 hours ago)
I am just upset that you just gave it to a machine rather than a person.. I mean what you had to lose just by giving it to a person?
Nawas (3 hours ago)
Its so bad If you donate a iPhone X for free to a machine
Zhang Hanwen (4 hours ago)
Phantom Bloodz (4 hours ago)
Me sitting over here with an iPhone six plus watching dis dude give away his iPhone X to a machine
Lucas Pfenning (5 hours ago)
Do u realize u were sold a fake iPhone lol
Gary Hinds (6 hours ago)
A load of bullshit
Jordan Russo (12 hours ago)
Why not give the iphone away
Rafay Hassan (12 hours ago)
InfuzeHD (13 hours ago)
Why am I so pissed off watching him recycle the iPhone like its paper!
Jeffrey Tedd (13 hours ago)
Is it Tech Smartt or a Techs Matt?
Adior May (13 hours ago)
Who else is watching in 2019
xvillian (14 hours ago)
Why didnt you put the fake phone back and say it was an s7?
Daulton Mcintee (14 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
KrypticEricTheGoat (15 hours ago)
Davina March (15 hours ago)
U assholle
Thompson Twins (17 hours ago)
Hey can you give me that iPhoneX please.
SoSoTech (17 hours ago)
keep. the camera. still.
April Policarpio (18 hours ago)
Your lier
Adility Potato124 (19 hours ago)
Scott Hanks (19 hours ago)
How stupid have you got to be to believe this is real? 🥴
Savage Kidfortnite (20 hours ago)
I hate you your cancer
LEE LEI (21 hours ago)
What a dumb ass
Maserati Gizzle (23 hours ago)
Dumb ASS
XXX Signing off (1 day ago)
1 $ub mE 2 Lik€ this 3 ¡ will to0 [email protected] D€|¡very💕💯👌
Filthy Rodriguez (1 day ago)
People dying on the street man. That phone worth allota bread. Just saying.
Sherry Khandia (1 day ago)
He must want to get killed going to Compton!
Zone Slinger (1 day ago)
He has such a punchable face like in the thumbnail he looks surprised by what’s he’s doing like his vids are honestly shit and the worst part is this the kind of quality content you will find on YouTube
Howard Dearing (1 day ago)
i bet your mom is mad you gave her money away
Minecraft Miner (1 day ago)
funny men (1 day ago)
I want a iPhone x
Hooman Ostad (1 day ago)
the most liar person I've ever seen. make fake video to get subscribe shame on you
Earth One (1 day ago)
Pema Lama (1 day ago)
It’s a scam.
Alan Yeung (1 day ago)
This is so dumb!
EnrollRobloxMusic (1 day ago)
animals are awesome (1 day ago)
I was the guy who sold u the phone
Marlon Imperial (1 day ago)
Travis Dewar (1 day ago)
This guys sounds really annoying first time watching your videos
Morad Hero (1 day ago)
Piss me on
Morad Hero (1 day ago)
Thomas lavis (1 day ago)
Bobby K (1 day ago)
so you just gave some drug dealer 900 bucks!!!!
corey (1 day ago)
Rich kid acting retarded... dont get it.
Arfan Ayub (1 day ago)
This guy so fucking annoying....And How the hell does everyone win you moron. He also gives it a 5 star as a great experience when the machine did not work.
Jitter Bob (1 day ago)
This actually made me upset. Why wouldn’t you at least donate it to someone who needs it instead of a money hungry for-profit corporation?
UsR Life (1 day ago)
Piss off
Lavaturd 1 (1 day ago)
Oohhh yeah
Alex Tworeck (1 day ago)
Puuuuulllll iiiiitttttt bbbbbaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lilbom 3 (1 day ago)
Paige Gunn (1 day ago)
That machine is such a scam
justicelyric (1 day ago)
Wal-mart 😂😂😂 one of their associates saw them in somebody shopping mall cause these been out for years yes your video is 2017 but the robot that takes cell phones been out try over 7 yrs or more
Phoebe Smith (2 days ago)
I would keep the phone
David C (2 days ago)
Bobik Bobikowy (2 days ago)
Does all americans act like retards? Seriously i cant even handle watching people like this, living with someone like this must be nightmare.
bryll pioquinto (2 days ago)
Your so noob bro and an idiot
SAJ ALI (2 days ago)
You stupid bastard fukin waste of cum
Daniel Lopez (2 days ago)
This guy is retarded
Marcus Farcus (2 days ago)
Jesus Christ, this kid is either naturally annoying AF ... or high AF.
Nasser Dean (2 days ago)
fake as F
Qawi Glover (2 days ago)
He is a dumb ass
coocoocharlie (2 days ago)
pinches paisas
Live Laugh Lego (2 days ago)
Danny White (2 days ago)
Dude I have a 5se Track Phone .why didnt you just give the phone to Me?
Tammy Agnostopulos (2 days ago)
I would of if gave it some poor sole!
Jake Strange (2 days ago)
Fakest shit i ever saw
Marky Darky (2 days ago)
God I want to punch this douche bag in his stupid face
Lowzen MLG (2 days ago)
Fake iphone
Kyle Hierco (2 days ago)
Kaden Rice (2 days ago)
richard klegin (2 days ago)
ive had an time that this mechiene eat my dl
Youthoughtboi (2 days ago)
Killer bean army
Obscure Terrain (2 days ago)
I want to try it out.
Claire Mcgregor (2 days ago)
Supreme Kay (2 days ago)
Your dumb for this like wth
eduardo Zamora (3 days ago)
Your wrong selling the I phone 10 what are you doing
Daniel Jordan (3 days ago)
Not smart recording while your driving:/
Sherine Lois Quiambao (3 days ago)
1 trillon
Ryan Balasingham (3 days ago)
Lazo (3 days ago)
bruh what the iPhone x has been out for 2 years already?
James Collins (1 day ago)
You have got to be trolling... Look at the upload date.
Gaming Panda (3 days ago)
Matthew Newell (3 days ago)
Matthew Newell (3 days ago)
That phone was definitely hit
Yuribia Rojas (3 days ago)
I don’t want this mincraft thing + how do you have 900 bucks O.O
Gary Middleton (3 days ago)
a fool and his money are soon parted
Somaiya Tes (3 days ago)
In Rose gold
Somaiya Tes (3 days ago)
I have the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge
Jude Nasser (3 days ago)
Plz like
Cody Alsieux (3 days ago)
I’m so mad you just did that the machine could’ve been broken for all you know
Carl white (3 days ago)
What an annoying prick.
Patric Knoblich (3 days ago)
What the absolute fuck
A good start a bad end
Tyler Dallas (3 days ago)
Fucking loser.....
Sadie McClendon (3 days ago)
he. lost.$900!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammed Faizan (3 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation at 2019 First week?

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