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Federalism: Crash Course Government and Politics #4

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In which Craig Benzine teaches you about federalism, or the idea that in the United States, power is divided between the national government and the 50 state governments. Craig will teach you about how federalism has evolved over the history of the US, and what powers are given to the federal government, and what stuff the states control on their own. And he punches an eagle, which may not surprise you at all. Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Support is provided by Voqal: http://www.voqal.org Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Instagram - http://instagram.com/thecrashcourse
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Text Comments (1784)
Chhaya Chaudhary (2 days ago)
FYI, tribes form only 10% of India..need to move on from stereotyping Indians..thanks :)
g4ngst4crizz4b (4 days ago)
The US federal government should be disbanded. "Congress shall make no law" is the only amendment needed. Bill Will Wright.
Jazzlyn Lamond (5 days ago)
I don't want to do these stupid class questions. I have a terrible migraine.
Cole Walliser (14 days ago)
You quoted Wu-Tang, referenced Warren G and paid homage to strip club culture in a 45 second span during a video about our government. God bless ‘Mercia.
Beribiyood Beribiyood. (16 days ago)
It's my frist time to watch some of your videos so how may I know your frist vedeo explanation please owner of the chanel if you see my comment reply me thanks
Anthony Perrini (17 days ago)
And keeping government small is not just what the founders intended. They were incredibly smart to know that big government can't work. It becomes too corrupt. Too bureaucratic. I'm for small government because I'm for our rights, our freedoms. And as we see today, the power of government has been shifted to the hands of the "elites" our politicians vote in favor of the $ not in the best interest of the people. At least government on the local level we can actually combat because these are our neighbors, but power centralized in DC is really just a bunch of lobbyists and lawyers who don't know you and look at you as a benefit or detriment to the cause.
Lf (17 days ago)
I can't focus because he keeps distracting the flow with "jokes"
Anthony Perrini (17 days ago)
I'm simply here to fine tune my understanding of government, and after watching this I'm a firm believer in duel federalism over cooperative federalism. Part of why things are so messed up here in this country is due to the cooperative federalism adopted by FDR. Because it opened the door to the states being bought off by the federal government. It opened the door to corruption.
caroline slater (18 days ago)
i love this guy. some crash course teachers can be a little annoying or unfunny or just off-putting for some reason, but he is so funny. he seems easy to get along with and reminds me of john and hank, which is a good thing.
tapson riva (19 days ago)
your the best, you know your staff
Kenneth Trice (19 days ago)
Redneck : 4:06
cmanenarwhale (24 days ago)
this dude is really funny
Unidorsal Icosahedron (25 days ago)
Federalism has not worked out so well for Europe recently.
Adam L. (27 days ago)
Who is here because they just want to learn about the US government and totally not cramming for a test that is tomorrow?
Robert (28 days ago)
Um education should be national. Is it state run or what ?
Greenly Moos (30 days ago)
does anyone else notice that he has a lisp
CC289 (1 month ago)
"can you talk Stan?" LMAOOOOO
Liliana Figueroa (1 month ago)
anyone else taking ap government and politics?
Notch Poodles (1 month ago)
Craig can I️ have your doggo >w<
Yami (1 month ago)
I feel so bad for the eagle.
Elly Green (1 month ago)
Craig Claeys (1 month ago)
Craig Benzine is elucidative, and damn funny.
Tiernan L (1 month ago)
@CrashCourse would you consider doing a series on UK government and politics?
Cinthia Pratt (1 month ago)
That's Wheezy Waiter!
Joanna deymonaz (1 month ago)
I'm here because I'm confused
Cory Wilkinson (1 month ago)
the amount of references to classic hip hop made my night ahahahahah
ClickToPreview (1 month ago)
It's pretty clear to me that when a particular State Government oversteps the bounds of the Preamble, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, THAT is when the Federal government can and must step in to keep the State Governments in line with the overriding idea of a Perfect Union. Maybe I am idealistic, but the federal government is MEANT to be a check on State discrimination that takes away from The (virtuous) People and their (virtuous) desire for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The Golden Rule is the basis for a civil and virtuous society. Those that break this simple, self-reflecting rule should receive punishment for it. That is how we know what is accepted in a virtuous society, and what is rejected.
Corey Ocampo (1 month ago)
what's with the PBS logo on the top left?
fun with m!lena (1 month ago)
Bombiss_ (1 month ago)
I personally prefer Craig to John. I see a lot of myself in Craig. Many jokes that fall flat, and I too have a very emotionless boring voice.
PedroRibeiro3 (1 month ago)
wheres clone time
Gabby Hua (1 month ago)
Dude I hate how e says one thing and says “justkidding!” Can u get to the point
AMY HERMAN (2 months ago)
ItsMeVin Streaming (2 months ago)
Who's here before exam?
Anthony Martinez (2 months ago)
this guy did everything he could to distract you from learning that federalism is the ultimate form of big government. PBS is government funded so there obviously not going to bash federalism but to paint it in a bright big picture with flowers. in reality, its a sad dark picture with bureaucrats who are not elected creating laws and regulations to tell you what to do. colleges won't tell you that either cause they also love big government. Hence why everyone is a flaming liberal who comes out of college. and your crucified if your a Christian conservative. California is a great example of failed liberal policy. crazy massive debt. crazy massive unemployment. crazy massive homelessness. crazy massive taxes. the ultimate form of failed government who is failing the people. young Americans can't see that cause there taught that freedoms and liberty is evil and men need to be controlled. I would rather live in a world that's free and reckless than to live in a world that has a reckless government. once your freedom is gone, your never getting it back.
So To (2 months ago)
So cringe...
shut up (2 months ago)
hello future seniors, you got this. :)
Can you make a video for the enlightenment
Dee Cofresi (2 months ago)
I LOVE all of CC videos. I mainly use the Anatomy ones, but i just started these because i need help with government class since i have very little knowledge. ONE THING i want to say is, ya'll talk so fast, not even subtitles help. I find myself going back and reading again. Might as well talk slower even if it makes the video longer cause for people like me, it takes more than 10 minutes to understand everything.
Christian Hidalgo (1 month ago)
Dee Cofresi you can slow down the time clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner
Yousef Ahmad (2 months ago)
I’m telling my mom on you
David Folks (2 months ago)
Janet Broadbent (2 months ago)
thank you for the fun info👍🤩
Fiona Evelyn (2 months ago)
If you think it's too fast, just change the speed to 0.75 and it will be perfect :D :D
BLUWAMAZING (2 months ago)
Jennifer Hartman (2 months ago)
Niiiice touch CC!! Adding the pooch while rolling the mightily important credits made me stick around to watch until the end! Conspicuous!!! :-)
steven leeward onofre (2 months ago)
Ipepe idede ipepedede pederalismo HAHAHA
Ellery McAlister (2 months ago)
Who is stan????? I;m shook
Daydreamer 101 (2 months ago)
I love this series!! It explains things in a funny yet simple way.
Emma V (2 months ago)
I was blindsided by the Aaron Burr joke. I literally laughed out loud!
L'Oréal Roaché (2 months ago)
Super cute, thaaankss!!!
Jenna Powers (3 months ago)
Who's here cause they are taking AP Gov???
Blank Slate (3 months ago)
who's stan???
Bruce V (3 months ago)
I like confederacy
voyagingstars (3 months ago)
I came here for our defense tommorow and idk if thats worse than having an exam
Meghan Garcelon (3 months ago)
please stop doing that old man voice i beg of you
James Jucutan (3 months ago)
So, does the US Government issue license to kill?
bea legata (3 months ago)
stop teasing stan
TheLegend27 (3 months ago)
Well the James Bond Theme sounded more like Shine on you Crazy Diamond then the James Bond Theme.
Colette Nelson (4 months ago)
Anyone else notice the dog at the end of the video lol
ClayterBob (4 months ago)
Thank you.
李文宙 (4 months ago)
I feel insecure for that eagle when it`s still on the desk
Thomas Vorm (4 months ago)
Federalism > Unitary government. Change my mind
dusanberar (4 months ago)
Great video Craig! And right amount of humour I would say!
Neil Bryan Closa (4 months ago)
I love this kind of humor
Beau Daniel (4 months ago)
Your humor is painful..... wheres Hank!?
Everyday Is Awesome (5 months ago)
Isn't that Ted-Ed's intro at the start but fastforwarded?
Asian Indian (5 months ago)
What is dual citizenship, one is national and the other is state, in the USA?
Camy Zulu (5 months ago)
No, dual citizenship is when you (for example) are born in the US but your parents are from somewhere else so you might get the citizenship in that place too. For most places when you turn 18 you have to choose one citizenship. But some places (like South Africa) you are allowed to keep both citizenships all your life
BLTgamez (5 months ago)
whene you trie to copy ted ed theme
Sam Thomas (5 months ago)
States don't give the license to kill the Feds do. Basically same thing. What you *hope not" is your very reality.
Kyrawr 01 (6 months ago)
Woot woot ap gov test tomorrow. I love suffering.
Ronin Elenion (6 months ago)
My class calls New Federalism "Devolution Revolution". It's so fun to say.
Dark EeveeXx (6 months ago)
"Which has nothing to do with Aaron Burr" OOPH. SHOTS FIRED
Charllee Dodson (6 months ago)
AP Gov test...here we go!
Kim Possible (6 months ago)
Now I'm hungry after seeing the sandwich illustration.   :  P
Livana 22 (6 months ago)
What are some examples of federalism ?
Jen (6 months ago)
I LOVE your videos. They are hilarious. Make it rain!
Sai Kumar Gorantla (7 months ago)
An indian to immigration officer: This land is discovered in quest to find us and I’m here and you dont want me to be in.
Kevin Fogarty (7 months ago)
Peter stop it, that eagle did nothing to you
Ethan Powell (7 months ago)
Am I the only one who is trying to concentrate, but can’t because I’m scrolling down at the comments, due to I’am more interested at opinions then the video🧐
Giant Joe (7 months ago)
you guys talk wayyyyyyy to fast
LordDoom1985 (7 months ago)
My whole life I was told that America is a Democratic Republic. Apparently we are a Federal Republic. I am now just very confused.
Deborah Lancaster (6 months ago)
LordDoom1985 The US can also be considered a Constitutional Republic
Miguel Rodriguez (7 months ago)
this dude is actually funny
Mohit Trivedi (8 months ago)
Myyyyyyyyy Exammmmmmmmm Issssssssss Tomorrowwwwwwwwwww 😣😣😣😣😣😣😩😰😰😢😢😢😢😢
Carol France (8 months ago)
This video was listed as a resource for my Public Administration class. Has a lot of good information. However, he talked too fast and the jokes could have been left out. I couldn't watch the entire thing. Just wasn't for me. Sorry. I may need to lighten up, but....Back to reading chapter 3.
The Sentry Bugle (8 months ago)
In other words, if the State of California become its own country, the California dollar wouldn’t be worth anything due to the state economy being so poor, right?
Warren Chapoton (8 months ago)
Why does he keep punching an eagle?
Tommy Rice (8 months ago)
Anthony Clark (8 months ago)
lol @davidbarone u a poopie haed bet u wont 1v 1on minecraft hu gergames
David Barone (8 months ago)
David Barone (8 months ago)
was up past me
David Barone (8 months ago)
David Barone (8 months ago)
David Barone (8 months ago)
2015 was 3 years ago its 18 now
David Barone (8 months ago)
dai yutong (8 months ago)
Ooooohhhh! There’s a poodle!
TheKawaiiKat (8 months ago)
dollah dollah bills, yo
goddog (8 months ago)
Jo Jo (9 months ago)
“Keeps me in check” 😆😂
C. P. Smith (9 months ago)
Came for re-learning american politics, stayed for Hamilton.
Courtney Ripple (9 months ago)
I like this Craig fellow.

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