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Can Bitcoin Save Iran’s FAILING Economy? - Here’s What Iranians Are Already Doing

More From: TechCashHouse - Best Bitcoin, Crypto, Money News
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Text Comments (24)
Mohsin Abidi (4 months ago)
Stupid video. Another Ani iran video designed to urticaria iranian people. Shame on you
uosef hajizade (5 months ago)
im iranian . here economy for another countery is goof becuse 1 dollar has 60000 rials
MJ 8Mile (5 months ago)
Everyday one of these morons talks like bitcoin is gonna blow all the way up! Lol and it does the complete opposite an goes further down! Haha smh it’s just like silver...
Aaron Hernandez (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is trash.... not a real investment.
Ken Semotiuk (5 months ago)
Iran doesn't need Bitcoin, Butcoin or buttcoin It needs to blow up tjat motherfucker bibi the Hebe nut-head-yahoo, Zionist neocon, wannabe slave nastet at his lsraeli palace!
Aminlv (5 months ago)
good video, thou its half accurate, most of BTC in iran mined or bought by IRGC so its not kinda good, as far as officials made it public 2.6B$ bought in BTC who knows maybe more ... but yeah people like Tech in Iran maybe we survive this horrible economy this way....
Lee Mooney (5 months ago)
Good luck to Iran and all the other sanctioned countries in the world whose civillians are suffering Long live bitcoin
Afurakan Emporium (5 months ago)
Venezuela surely woke up to that truth... #PetroCoin 🛢💸🌐 many of these sovereign nations need to integrate crypto into their economy to keep these parasitic central banks from ravaging their countries etc... 🥊💥✊🏾
nimo hobbs (5 months ago)
Great video.. good for Iranians to put their assets in Bitcoin which they will surely profit from end of this year..
UN SCAMMABLE (5 months ago)
What are you talking about? This is the worst video on the entire internet
Tallon IV (5 months ago)
Yeah but screw Iran
faraz seyed (5 months ago)
xilver tech shut your dumbass up
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Noble Lewis El (5 months ago)
Bitcoin Cash, would be more advisable.
Mohammad Nadid (5 months ago)
241 nt
At last Pavel Durov opened ICO for lesser mortals) Literaaaally for a couple of days they snapped up almost all tokens on tokenrating.site/tonblockchain
Excellent news, friends) Telegram started public ICO www.cryptovilla.org/cointelegram
Ahmet Cem TURAN (5 months ago)
If it does.... Then Trump will definitely wage a war against Bitcoin.
Peter Petrov (5 months ago)
lol, Yeah, he is dumb like that!
Heinz Schumacher (5 months ago)
USA never won a War last 50 Years....
nimo hobbs (5 months ago)
Ahmet Cem TURAN Trump is nothing but a puppet..
kavmir (5 months ago)
Ahmet Cem TURAN . Trumps issue is not with the Iranian people. It’s with the Iranian government. Big difference
Omar Vásquez (5 months ago)
At last an opened ICO Telegram is available! Now you have a possibility to change your old Toyota on Lamborghini) Personally I bought 1000 tokens on newtokens.org/gramnetwork
adam thomas (5 months ago)

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