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Ethereum Mining with a Power Color RX 460 4gb Yes u can

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added a 460 to the mix since all the 470/480/570/580's are sold out.
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Keith Colin Granali (1 year ago)
I only get 10mh though it spike to 12 sometimes. How to make it stable to 12-13 mh?
Left lane FPV (1 year ago)
PCI slots can only deliver 75w
John Braman (1 year ago)
have you tried mining monero?
Triforce Hub (1 year ago)
what does your batch file look like? i am currently trying to mine with the same card but i cannot find the right string of code
Sean Eredia (1 year ago)
Will mining with 6 of rx 460 be equivalent to 3 rx 480s?
xprS Z (1 year ago)
Any other way a 460 2gb can mine? Lots of youtubers are saying only the 4gb can mine :(
cheezzy (1 year ago)
I'm from poor fucking country! our Internet is so fucking not good! too sad cant afford that shit. I wanna try that fucking mining! u guys are so freaking lucky!!
Heimer Donger (1 year ago)
how do you mod the bios? nice vid
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
use ATIWINFLASH to pull bios off card then edit bios with polaris. changing the memory timings affect hash rate.
Xtra Miles (1 year ago)
Keep it up!
Abriche Mokhtar (1 year ago)
thanks for the video but what about non red dragon or non netro?i'm talking about the msi RX 460 4GB OC or the gigabyte rx 460
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
i have no clue. but 3x 460 1x 480 does 74.5 mhs brings about$275-350 month depending on ETH price. no bois mods. looking for a 460 vbois that gets 14..anyone?
Kakarla Eswar (1 year ago)
Daniel Hawk how many days to take rx 460 to give a etherium block
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
any 4gb 460 should be the same.
Nabil Basheer (1 year ago)
So I am looking to sell my RX 460 4gb gpu specifically to anyone who would be interested in using for mining. As you said that they are beginning to become scarce in supply. Would you say that there is a demand for a gpu like that and if so would it be worth to sell one for that purpose. Trying to get as much money as possible into getting a better graphics card for my gaming pc. Thanks in advance.
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
the 460s are still easy to get and sell for a hundred new. doubt you would get that much but it will hash nice at 12.5 with out any extra power supply connections like the 6 and 8 pinners. Im so happy with it i just went and got a 560 will post a vid soon of the 560
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
modded the vbios and getting 12.48-12.54 steady
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
yeah i think it was from 2 days of coffee and probably was creating my own problems.
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
I am pretty stuck on win 7. I tried to upgrade to win 10 when i had the 560 but had all kinds of issues with win 10. couldnt get the right relive driver and also had win 10 wanting to quarantine claymore's .exe. I got it off nanopools site so idk why it said it was a virus. ended up buying ETHos and I am pretty happy with that. ETHos draw back is you can not mix r9 and RX series cards on the same machine. has to be one or the other. and ethos didnt support the 560 either.
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
ok thanks for the info i havnt unlocked them yet. dont even try a 560. I purchased a five 560 and spent 5 days off line trying to set everything up. WIN 7 doesnt have any 560 drivers. I bought ethos and it doesnt support 560 either. so the 560 are only good if you are running win 10. HOwever win 10 deleted claymore miner thinking it was a virus. ended up finding a nother 460 took the 560 back.
Daniel Hawk (1 year ago)
no shaders unlocked. I may try that but I copied 1500 mem to all mems above

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