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Indian Economy for UPSC CSE (IAS): Economic Policy, Supply, Demand, and more - Unacademy

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You can watch the entire course - "Economy of UPSC CSE (IAS): Indian Economy" here:- https://goo.gl/bKpT2i | Download the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- https://goo.gl/02OhYI | Discuss the course with fellow aspirants here:- https://goo.gl/9yBvw1 One course that you should watch before you study Indian Economy for UPSC CSE 2017. Ayussh Sanghi tells you everything you should learn to master Indian Economy. One of the most comprehensive courses available online. For more lessons/courses on UPSC CSE Preparation, please visit:- https://unacademy.com/upsc-preparation/
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my india (3 days ago)
Do the micro and macro economy varies from one form to another like example when we consider state as an unit from nation point of view where study of state is micro and nation is macro and from state point of view were individual is micro and state is macro
Kera Tam (7 days ago)
in one video how many times introduce ur self
veer pratap yaduvanshi (10 days ago)
Sir jo Delhi me salt ka rate 400 RS per kg ho gya tha suddenly,how would you define that???
sir,could you plz share me your whatsapp no.? wonderfull lecture....
Black Spot (20 days ago)
I need hard copy of these lesson can u please provide me
Suman kushwah (1 month ago)
Sir Ek person Ek hi Baar like kr skta Warna Mai bhut sare like krti..... Your teaching way is good as well as your voice is also too nice ,neat and clean... Thanks a lot for this wonderful video.🙏
Sri Ram (1 month ago)
Sir.. I am an engineering student.. can I able to understand..
GYAN GURUKUL (1 month ago)
wow gr8
Addhyan Milan Ravel (2 months ago)
till 18:23 microeconomics is the unit or u can say the "cell" part of economics with full analysation of " Individuals " eg.. A particular Individual..etc... Macroeconomics is the Integration of all the individuals and seeing their thing from a whole persepective. Like If a River is Micro.. Then Sea is Macro..
sanjay g (2 months ago)
Sir make videos on Indian economy by Ramesh Singh UPSC so it will be helpful to us
salil gaurav (2 months ago)
Micro dependens on individual household a firm And Macro it depends upon agregate or group of firms and function
salil gaurav (2 months ago)
Micro dependens on individual household a firm And Macro it depends upon agregate or group of firms and function
rajasekhar reddy (2 months ago)
Akarsh Sharma (2 months ago)
Best lecture 👌
ramesh talakeri (2 months ago)
Microeconomics deals with individuals Macroeconomics is the study of aggregates
vasan vas (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir
uma patil (2 months ago)
Really thank you so much sir for dis meaningful video
Jyotsna Priya (2 months ago)
Microeconomic deals with individual units whereas macroeconomic deals with the group of units or totality
Sweety Chowdhury (3 months ago)
Wonderful teaching... Hats off to u sir 😊😊😊
Raja King (3 months ago)
Standard of living increase but span of life???
Mayapati Tiwari (3 months ago)
Excellent sir your english is very interesting
Gajendra B (3 months ago)
Sir.. How can I get the notes.
Yasir Star (3 months ago)
1:38:00 if numerator is higher than denominator, how can elasticity be less than one?
Shantanu Khule (3 months ago)
It really helps me much more... Please continue to make such videos on economy...
anuradha yadav (3 months ago)
Sir we have been using seller and producer for same meaning ,do they actually mean the same ?got confused please help
Deoghar Wale (3 months ago)
Indian Economy ??
Ajit Naik (3 months ago)
Awesome... great job
# adventurous#!! (3 months ago)
Gdmrng sir I have a query sir plz answer it Is it enough for economics part 4 preparation or we have 2 knw more than this It z necessary 4 gs3 So to prepare 4 it hw should we prepare
indradtiger101 (3 months ago)
Sir I have ramesh singh for economics....do I need to study the entire book for upsc?? Or some selected chapters ?? If yes then which chapters ??
Priyanka Sonwal (3 months ago)
it's very helpful thank u so much sir
learn something everyday (4 months ago)
Micro economy deals with single unit i.e.individual..firm..bank..ny financial institution..company etc..macro economy deals with all these as a totality or as an unit...it shows how every single unit is related to each other..n thus it delas with d national product or national income
Sneha Shah (4 months ago)
Hii...sir ,I wanna give IAS xam ,so plz help me with the syllabus as well with the best scope of studying economics , plz sir ...........and u r great explainer
Kiran Preet Kaur (4 months ago)
Sir . . Your lectures are really helpful n the way u teach . . . . Build a strong base of the particular topic . . . Thank u so much for your lectures
trinadh K (4 months ago)
I like ur lessons sir..thanks
kewal Rajwal (4 months ago)
Thanks to provide this lecture
amit kamble (4 months ago)
Pls spend less time on introducing yourself. Otherwise good content.
Devendra Kumar (4 months ago)
It is very nice n would be very useful for me. Thank you very much sir ji
aplokeshbabu 2015 (4 months ago)
The only genuine and real faculty @ Unacademy is Ayush Santhi. Even Roman Saini will never reach him.
aplokeshbabu 2015 (4 months ago)
It is Ayush Sanghi. Get corrected in my above msg.
charan yadav (4 months ago)
srry to say u sir.there is no clarity in shift demand concept
Pujyesh Tiwari (4 months ago)
microeconomy is the study of economy in small scale or indiviual level example:- household expenditure or any industry macroeconomy is the study of ecomony in whole or on large scale planning for a country
Nandana P (4 months ago)
Hello sir, Micro economics—deals with studying about each individual things and Macroeconomics —is studying about the complete details.
shrikant pawar (4 months ago)
Simply Great sir....as you make me more familiar with Economics
Sharavan Sharma (5 months ago)
Sir plz Hindi main samjo
Micro-economics is just like an utilization planning in a family whereas macro economics is planning for the utilization of available resources for a country.
Shalini Pandey (5 months ago)
Thank you so much sir Kindly provide me Paytm number for my contribution.
Abhishek Kanojiya (5 months ago)
Sir please in Hindi
DEVESH ANAND (5 months ago)
Sir , you are teaching us in simplest and refined way . This is not my subject concerns though i liking it . Keep doing it sir with huge respect .. And you unacademy guys really doing impressive job 😉
DIKSHA CHAUHAN (5 months ago)
Monitized difict aur budget deficit KB equal hote h aur monitized difict KB jyada hota h budget difict se
Keep going sir ur voice is good for teaching..
Kartik arora (5 months ago)
Sir, your voice is breaking in every lecture after first lecture Please review and help us I believe you will look into this matter and support us
PAVAN UPARE (5 months ago)
I like your video.
nanda vignesh (5 months ago)
Micro economics is a branch of economics that deals with individual things for economic analysis while macro economics considers an entire system or aggregate of individual components for economic analysis.
Motivation U (6 months ago)
just willingness will not create demand. willingness should meet with ability then it creates demand
varsha saini (6 months ago)
Too fast
ankita kumari (6 months ago)
Very nice sir👍
rajender teja (6 months ago)
Sir this video is translated in telugu
yash thakur (6 months ago)
please indian economy ka vodio hindi me bnaeye
Surya Sagar (6 months ago)
Best neat teaching
Mahuya Khatun (6 months ago)
Sir aapke baki lectures vi upload kijiye .pls we need your teaching.
Priyanshi Sharma (6 months ago)
Thanks sir
kumar vegireddy (6 months ago)
Sir Super explanation Thanks sir.
Real Universal Truth (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir
vinay kumar (6 months ago)
Sir. Exlent explanation about the subject. But I mostly prefer to read books plzz tell me a perfect book of economy for concept....for civils.......
1st rank reading (6 months ago)
DINESH CHAUHAN (6 months ago)
What a video ... Excellent job bro/Sir/philanthropist... Please make some more videos
Methlesh Yadav (6 months ago)
Pinky Sharma (6 months ago)
micro economics is the branch of economics which studies at micro or at an individual level like say income of household or expenditure incurred by an household whereas macro economics is the study at general level or at an aggregate level like income of all households or expenditure incurred by all household at general level during specific given time period.
Pinky Sharma (6 months ago)
brilliant tutors.gr8 explntn by unacademy makes subject very simpler.
success world (6 months ago)
marvelous lecture.
rekha mishra (6 months ago)
Sr apke course hindi me available??
Rajat Singh (7 months ago)
Thank you Mr. Ayussh you are doing a great job. I'm really glad I found your channel 👍
Lakshmipathi Avula (7 months ago)
Micro economy talks about each and Individual unit and Macro economy talks about all the individual s
ankit tomar (7 months ago)
English kamal. Haaaaaa
amie sample questions (7 months ago)
Micro economic in general terms can be explain as an in small scale or in an individual part how we are segregating our resources, & how much effort we put to get best out of the given resources. Macro economics can be defines as in aggregate of all this micro economic for the development of a country,ex GDP, resources etc.
appanna molli (7 months ago)
Thank you sir it is so useful for poor student s
Pankai Chingsaham (7 months ago)
Thanks sir
Ravi Doddamani (7 months ago)
Very good sir thanx
dipak golte (7 months ago)
Please in Hindi sir
Siddu Siddu (7 months ago)
Pls in kannada
sweta chaudhary (7 months ago)
making economics interesting for those whose feel it bored while studying and i m one of them... thanku ayush sir
Musically me (7 months ago)
Great Work
LAKSHIT VYAS (7 months ago)
Thank you sir😊
nivisha selvaraj (7 months ago)
sir unacademy videos are very useful to me...i have one request please made videos in english also..i didn't understand hindi..
Rajnish Kumar (7 months ago)
Koi v Subject kharaab nhn...kharaab kewal berojgaari/low paid hectic jobs hai...
TAPAS SARKAR (8 months ago)
PDF file ki Kari PABA?
ashwin hingase (8 months ago)
AP hindi me videos kyu nh banate .. Understanding is important sir language doesn't matter ty
amit pawar (8 months ago)
Great sir.... Thanks
mayur shailesh (8 months ago)
Please make video on macroeconomic ncert class 12th
Nitish Ji (8 months ago)
sir plz ek baar hindi m v kra dijiya plz
saleem marazi (8 months ago)
Social service at its best👏. I think it would be great if such social service is given a constitutional touch, making it mandatory for high quality institutions to provide education free online without any discrimination* Because sharing is caring😊
leelakrishna kottapalli (8 months ago)
Micro basically talks about the single person. Here person includes Individual, Household, Institution, Govt body. But, when we talk about the aggregate of two or more persons in related to their income or consumption (Resource or wants) is all about the macro level.
sumit uchchariya (8 months ago)
Best vedio sir ji.. may i get its ppt
kapil kumar (8 months ago)
Sir hindi me video dale
Owais Ahmed (8 months ago)
Excellent explanation thanks
ravinder kaur (8 months ago)
if we talk in terms of economy sir ur lectures are highest quantity that we are getting at lowest price (wifi expenses) and moreover ur lectures are inelastic subject to very little change if other competitors come in market.
Prabuddh Bharat (8 months ago)
Microeconomics : Study of economical issues of an individual..... whereas macroeconomics is the study at the aggregate level
Revathi V (8 months ago)
very useful ... thank u sir
Aquida Sheikh (8 months ago)
Awesome... thank you so much it’s really help
Saujashree nayak (8 months ago)
How to contribute
aafaq rather (8 months ago)
Good attempt sir keep it up

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