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14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

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For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit http://patrickbetdavid.com/teenage-entrepreneurs-can-make-money Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ Today's message is directed to teenage entrepreneurs. And in this video I share with you 14 ways that teenage entrepreneurs can make money. #1: Recycling - 1:58 #2: Social Media - 4:05 #3: Fiverr - 7:19 #4: Babysitting - 8:28 #5: Pet Sitting - 8:44 #6: Running Errands - 9:25 #7: Landscaping - 10:07 #8: Code Academy - 10:33 #9: Sell Products on eBay or Amazon - 11:19 #10: Start a Blog - 11:53 #11: Start a YouTube Channel - 12:55 #12: Tutoring - 15:39 #13: Washing and Detailing Cars - 15:55 #14: Solve a Problem - 17:11 Subscribe to the channel: http://www.youtube.com/valuetainment?... Valuetainment- The best channel for new, startup and established entrepreneurs. Schedule: New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on a broad array of entrepreneurial topics. For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit http://patrickbetdavid.com/teenage-entrepreneurs-can-make-money To see more videos from Entrepreneur Network partner, Patrick Bet-David check out VALUETAINMENT https://www.youtube.com/user/patrickbetdavid
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Text Comments (3199)
Tommy tLf tLf (7 hours ago)
im 15 years old but you have some great ideas and I'm going to use them especially the do you need anything the land scapping the baby sitting and the fiverr thing great idea
Candy Tok (18 hours ago)
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Khaos (18 hours ago)
Help me out with 10€ on PayPal @ [email protected] lol
Lizo Sampson (21 hours ago)
I like that YouTube presumes I don’t understand you and puts the captions up for me, I do, however understand you perfectly
daggy Dan (23 hours ago)
Guys watch my video it will probably make you feel positive for the rest of your life trust me...thank you
PinkSwagter (1 day ago)
U need to pay to recycle here. U get in debt hahahah
Lukas Alofs (1 day ago)
man you're a boss, haven't even finished the video and you've given me so many new and original ideas to make money. You're one of the only people left on youtube who puts down a title they can actually approve of in their video. Keep up the good work!
Kaylee Carter (2 days ago)
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Celeste Fulton (2 days ago)
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Pavan Perumallapalli (2 days ago)
Pat,thanks for the ideas!.
Wouter Trieling (3 days ago)
Ain't gonna get €10 for walking a dog 30min in the Netherlands
Bridgette Moulton (3 days ago)
Not trying to hate but he looks like mr.bean
sdigh (3 days ago)
Persian?? Instant like! Keep doing your thing brother💯🙏🏼
Benton D. Simmons (3 days ago)
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T gamer (3 days ago)
Thank you i make 250$ every month
Doge doge Bogi (3 days ago)
IMA DO a drink stand in my Local park
Nuvillage (4 days ago)
walter white is my inspiration
Dire Yorkie (4 days ago)
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Croilex Gaming (5 days ago)
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Louis Akkabouz (5 days ago)
STEFAN85 (5 days ago)
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Zulekha Arif (5 days ago)
but i am 16
Orla Shittu (5 days ago)
I took a course in literature so I could do the fiverr one
Zachary Packard (5 days ago)
But i live in the hood and everyone around me is bad peoples what do i do
Kaleidoscope Studios (5 days ago)
If i quit quitting won't i be quitting?
pixelz11 (6 days ago)
Remember kids, prostitution is NOT the answer.
Christy Blevinsa (7 days ago)
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Johnson Songrov (7 days ago)
steal from local stores and double the price and sell at school
FBI Onii Anime (7 days ago)
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The Burnt Dorito (7 days ago)
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Nathan Le (8 days ago)
If I run errands for my neighbors I'll be delivering drugs
Nathan Le (8 days ago)
If I ask my parents to tell people to come to me to help them with social media they'll take my money lol
ABBYS 56 (8 days ago)
I know how to setup Discord servers and how to make it look good? Is there a way I can make money out of it?
Trinity Gutierrez (8 days ago)
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Install - GFX (8 days ago)
Mafew (9 days ago)
Uh McDonald’s is hiring 16 year olds lmao but idk that’s in Canada
YLK Rubiks (9 days ago)
fiverr is overrated
s.poo.ky (11 days ago)
Great video !!!!😁
Milan Vd leest (11 days ago)
Thanks man! You're so inspirational. I'm from the Netherlands and learning with coding, hope it'll work. You inspired me. Keep up this good work. Greets
Aleyahsworld (11 days ago)
If only I could find some venerable old people who would pay me to teach them how to use sc 😂
ZeeTube (11 days ago)
17:30 parents been strict😕
Maru Almazan (11 days ago)
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Alexia Feldman (12 days ago)
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Bad Hombre (12 days ago)
9:27. My name is Luke! Weird! I’m an entrepreneur also funny. And I’m 16....wait is he talking about me?
Fortnit Jafard15 (13 days ago)
I buy candy from from the dollar tree and I sell them at my school for 5 bucks kids would do anything for some candy
Noah David (13 days ago)
I’m shocked you can talk about nothing of any value for 23 minutes
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Sleavo (13 days ago)
*stop don’t skip this video* *skips video* anyone else get that ad...?
i like how he said dating was a problem
Jody Clark (14 days ago)
I am 16. I work roughly 30 hours a week making 12.50 an hour. My checks aren't bad and I only really have to pay for my insurance so I have some extra money. I want to invest in a good money maker so I can eventually invest in a property. Anyone have any ideas? I'm not looking to do something like babysitting or landscaping. That's the whole point of having a job lol
The Blue God (3 days ago)
Buy wholesale on Alibaba or Ali Express then sell retail....and market like crazy.
Hans K. Moen (14 days ago)
You make me wanna be something. Keep up the good work👍
Muhammad Saiful (15 days ago)
I started codecademy.
Live Laugh learn (15 days ago)
Please make more of these videos
Trish Scott (15 days ago)
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Luther Jones (15 days ago)
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Team Frag (15 days ago)
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Christy Blevinsa (15 days ago)
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R D (16 days ago)
Isaac Jones (16 days ago)
Jack Mertes (16 days ago)
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Megan F (17 days ago)
The problem with babysitting is I know no little kids. And for pet sitting everyone goes to my brother.
Just being me Awesome (17 days ago)
I lend people a pen for a day for £1 per pen per day and it works coz literally no one at school has pens on them
Benjamin Onkin (17 days ago)
thanks for the help pat. pat you are my fav. i love you pat. with love... ben onkin. p.s. pat... i like your name
Ted (18 days ago)
He looks like mr bean
Matty G (19 days ago)
Lol I sell on Fiverr
Mario Lopez (19 days ago)
Sell pot in school easy profit
The collidge kid (19 days ago)
In England you don’t get money for recycling
Barbra Dalton (20 days ago)
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AllThingsLife (20 days ago)
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April Goffee (20 days ago)
How can I get ahold of you? I’d like to discuss bullying and ways of resolving it
prince (21 days ago)
How do I get a PayPal if I'm under 18??
Dino martini (21 days ago)
Dude if you’re in Japan you pay to get rid of bottles
Aaron Kuo (21 days ago)
NO Bullshit, no selling, Make Money NOW!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sYLz7ID4EA&t=53s
Krsma Doctor (21 days ago)
In my contry there is something like a mall, and i work with some dude. Only at summer. I wake up in 6 am and work to 1 pm. And every day he gives me 20 euros.
People Are Ridiculous (22 days ago)
The 1st one is illegal where i live, and in most states, to pull out trash/recycle
Dat Gamer (22 days ago)
I wish I lived in a community like this I am near a high school and a main road there’s a devolpment behind me but there’s no one that I know sad
SK RC (22 days ago)
Thx for the vid i got a rc project that can use some money
SK RC (22 days ago)
I am 13
Joe Jamous (22 days ago)
I have 18 years old I can teach teenagers how we get money and get money :p
Barbra Dalton (23 days ago)
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Pierre Louis (23 days ago)
Hey , Patrick I just want to say that your videos are very inspirational especially this one man . I was recently doing some thinking and realized that I need to make some changes in my life . I was blown away by this video man . Keep it up Also can you do a video on how to sell item on Amazon
Arctic Carrot (23 days ago)
This video helped me a lot, Thank you SO much!!❤️🍃
Nein Flame (24 days ago)
Thanks man
Mary soffe Soffe (24 days ago)
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Bizmoh (24 days ago)
We don’t get money for recycling here
Matt McKenna (24 days ago)
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Weston Comstock (25 days ago)
What ides would you recommend for rural small towns?
godly Ken (25 days ago)
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Kundan yadav (25 days ago)
Hii I am a teenager with big dreams
Ben Oliver (25 days ago)
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monster (26 days ago)
Most of these require you to go out and invest your time All active income. Might as well get a job.
Miroslav Trifko (26 days ago)
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Drew Tracy (27 days ago)
Lol his nose in the snapchat icon :) :) 4:54
Hazel Reynoso (27 days ago)
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Adi Mustafić (27 days ago)
Hey Patrick. This is first time I am watching one of your videos, and it was very eye opening at least, but there is a small problem. Not everyone lives in USA, UK, France, etc. For example, I live in small country, Bosnia, where things are so much different then in the rest of the world. People here are still stuck in the past, because of the war and things like that. So mostly, people here don't "believe" in technology and there are no jobs for teens. There is lack of jobs even for adults. Things that you talked about, like recycling bottles, having a lemonade stand, teaching older people about social media just wouldn't work, because they are not interested in those things. So I am asking you: Is there any advice you would give me, or anything you want to tell ? Hope you see this. You just got another subscriber.
Epic Mentality (24 days ago)
Ja sam ucio programiranje malo jace od 3 godine dok nisam shvatio da nije za mene. Drago mi je sto tebe to interesuje. Snimio sam klip na mom drugom kanalu na nasem jeziku o tome kako postati programer, mozda nadjes nesto korisno u tom klipu. Bokula je ime mog drugog kanala. Srecno na tvom putu da postanes programer, uz malo truda to ces i uspeti.
Adi Mustafić (25 days ago)
Epic Mentality Poceo sam gledati na internetu kako programirati, uciti kompjuterske jezike, I tako to. Skinuo Sam neku aplikaciju na mobitelu gdje ucis sa drugim ljudima. Inace volim sve sto se tice racunara, vecinu vremena provodim na internetu. Hvala za odgovor, I sretno sa tvojim kanalom :)
Epic Mentality (26 days ago)
Ne mogu da govorim u Patrikovo ime ali po mom misljenju najbolje je ili da naucis neku vestinu koju posle mozes da prodajes preko interneta ili ako imas neko znanje to mozes da podelis preko jutuba ili bloga. Nije brz nacin da zaradis ali makar je to neka opcija,sve je bolje nego da radis za privatnika i da te tretiraju kao roba. Ja sam skoro pokrenuo moj kanal, necu moci od njega u skorije vreme da zaradjujem ali verujem da cu eventualno ziveti od toga.
Tino Stipanov (27 days ago)
You are a legend
Johnny Tan Hao Wen (28 days ago)
Can u give some advice that are for people in other countries
Epic Mentality (26 days ago)
I made a video on how to make money online and will probably make more videos on that topic but you need to have some skill that you can then sell or teach others that skill online.
Dreams (28 days ago)
I think #3 Fiverr will be good for me, I am a 2 year video editor and I edit videos pretty good, i am 15 years old which is good for my age my grammar / writing may not be good, but I am good at something and that is editing! Thank you so much!
Epic Mentality (28 days ago)
Fiverr can be good but be prepared to compete with other people for the same type of job,it can take months until you get your first gig especially if you are new to Fiverr. I made a video about some other ways that you can make money online.
Try Not To laugh (28 days ago)
I wish I could code but I don't have a computer.
ImShinima (29 days ago)
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Lets Try (29 days ago)
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