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My Money Calculator Promo

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Money Counter/Calculator Application for Easy and Fast Money Counting Are you using Simple Calculator or Your fingers to Count big numbers of coins and banknotes at Billing Center's, Shopping Malls, Banking Counters etc.??? And Facing the problem in Counting??? We have a perfect solution of it to make this process so simple and easy… We Have “My Money Calculator/Counter” Application… Just put the number of Banknotes And Coin… Money counter will help you to sum the total values of banknotes and coins. The summation of the entered money will be calculated and show instantly.. It Will Tell you total amount, total num of coin and total num of banknote which you have… Using the “Reset All” button you can instantly set everything back to 0 without having to delete the values yourself… Currently We Supported 26 Country "Argentina (Argentine peso)", "Australia (Australian dollar)", "Austria (Euro)", "Brazil (Brazilian real)", "Canada (Canadian dollar)", "Colombia (Colombian peso)", "Denmark (Danish krone)", "Egypt (Egyptian pound)", "Germany (Euro)", "Hong Kong (Hong Kong dollar)", "India (Indian rupee)", "Italy (Euro)", "Japan (Japanese yen)", "Korea, South (South Korean won)", "Liechtenstein (Swiss franc)", "Malaysia (Malaysian ringgit)", "New Zealand (New Zealand dollar)", "Norway(Norwegian krone)", "Peru (Peruvian nuevo sol)", "Philippines (Philippine peso)", "Russia (Russian ruble)" "South Africa (South African rand)", "Spain (Euro)", "Sweden (Swedish krona)", "United Kingdom (British pound)", "United States (United States dollar)", More Country And currency will be added sooooooon…… Many More Surprise and Features Are on the way…..  For Any Bug Or suggestion Please Contact Me on “[email protected]” Please Rate Application download link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mymoneycounter.featherwork.com.mymoneycounter
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