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What's Actually Supposed to Happen When You Land on Free Parking

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Text Comments (10627)
Today I Found Out (1 month ago)
Now that you know what's supposed to happen on Free Parking you should watch this video and find out Who Really Invented Monopoly?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca_NYNndZGk
DisregardedHappiness (11 days ago)
There's only one problem with this video and it is that landing on the "go" space does in fact mean that you get double the money ($400). Here's the excerpt from the rules: If the player lands on or passes Go in the course of his or her turn, he or she receives $200 from the Bank. A player has until the beginning of his or her next turn to collect this money. If a player lands on go then the money collected is doubled.
logmaster4life , (1 month ago)
Now you made me want to play monopoly but my family always cheat
That Guy (1 month ago)
First reply
Poopface Mcgoo (1 day ago)
How is this video 8 minutes long?!
jaevon jackson (1 day ago)
You made my adult life more complicated .
Zoe (2 days ago)
Actually I thought "free parking" meant "free parking" oh snd you buy property start away.
bethfaceplays (2 days ago)
On the Hasbro video game version it has a choice to do free parking rules.
Foshling (2 days ago)
I finally learned all this after watching game grumps play monopoly
DElectrix (3 days ago)
I play the game like that and always have.
pi4t (3 days ago)
I read the rulebook some years ago, and so was aware of all those rules. *Looks smug* There is a reason for the "no buying property until you've gone round the board once" house rule, though - it reduces the first player's advantage, since in the first few rounds the players who went later have a much higher chance of landing on a property that's already been bought (and thus missing out on a chance to buy a property that turn).
phillip anderson (3 days ago)
‘Free Parking’ you should check the local parking restrictions park within the bays, display any permits in a clear view in the windscreen - oh wait that’s the council parking, no my bad no such thing as free parking in local areas
Richard Navarrete (3 days ago)
Why? Here's why!
Sly White Wolf (4 days ago)
Its a extra rule which means you don’t have to.
Billy Sargent (5 days ago)
Eight minutes and 23 seconds to say “nothing“. NOTHING is supposed to happen when you land there!
Aka Something (5 days ago)
I played the video game version of monopoly and found all these strange changes that was apparently the correct rules. Got surprised to say the least having been playing it 'the wrong way' since I was 7
borstenpinsel (5 days ago)
Today I found out there are channels on YouTube that actually deliver when claiming "you've been doing this wrong your entire life" or "n things you didn't know". Good stuff :)
Noah Cook (6 days ago)
I assumed the free parking was free parking
Trenton Quant (6 days ago)
See, I always had the G1 Transformers themed Monopoly. Still knew that Free Parking was a free space, though.
Michael Phillips (6 days ago)
I play the game where free parking is where fines go to. It can change the game with a little luck.
Freedan (6 days ago)
I've never played a board game in my life that didn't have some kind of house rules applied to it.
Roving Mauler (6 days ago)
Monopoly is 100 years old. Let's get over it. There are literally thousands of games that are way better out now. If you are at all interested in board games, look into it. So many better games that are so fun. Stop subjecting yourselves to the pain and torment that is Monopoly.
Griffin (6 days ago)
so wait what the hell does everyone else think free parking does?
William Mememan (6 days ago)
Wow this has opened my eyes to a bunch of sicc house rules that I've never heard of
Gorb Gorbinson (6 days ago)
I think the bidder rule is super unfun. My dad tried to pull it on me, after we never played with it before, and it just meant if I landed on something I couldnt afford it went to him. How is that a fair or fun rule? I think that the rules of monopoly are too srtrict lol, and people make the game more fun.
Pinkie Pie (7 days ago)
Oh, my bad, I didn't know there was a "correct" way to enjoy an entertainment activity....
Fofee (7 days ago)
I'm commenting before watching, free parking does absolutely nothing, I learned that from the CDRom version I got in a cereal box once.
Liam Sproule (8 days ago)
Dude, I want to just stroke his scalp
Cookie Skoon (8 days ago)
I have had arguments about what happens after a player goes bankrupt. For some reason even though I am right, people refuse to believe me when I bring it up.
Shaun Martinez (8 days ago)
could've swore that was gonna be VSauce Michael
0623kaboom (8 days ago)
tbh played monopoly a few times with the proper rules ... found it boring as hell ... so the free parking bit and non full stack property buys came into being ....the proper way is truly lame as all ... well it starts with F and ends with k
BK (8 days ago)
...we know you're supposed to get the assets of anyone you bankrupt, too...
BK (8 days ago)
I've also never heard of anyone playing it such that you can't buy anything until you make it around the board once.
BK (8 days ago)
yeah. we know nothing's supposed to happen when you land on free parking
Andrew O'Sullivan (8 days ago)
Simon also didn’t read the rules. There are no rules. Only instructions on how to bake a cake.
Robbie Garber (9 days ago)
I'm annoyed. I've spent eight minutes watching facts already knew, because I read the bloody book. Curse you and your beautiful voice, Simon!
Kandi Gloss (9 days ago)
I didn't know that not playing monopoly by the rules wast a thing in my family we always played it by the rules.
Anonymous Person (9 days ago)
There should be a rule that you can steal from the bank but if anyone else notices you they have to say and you have to pay a fine of double the amount you attempted to steal
S PROTOTYPE (7 days ago)
No that would suck
Anonymous Person (9 days ago)
Whenever I play monopoly with family and we disagree on the rules I always consult the book and am right lol
gatfatf (9 days ago)
Holy fuck he's just restating the rules of Monopoly, do you people know how to read? FFS the only way this isn't clickbait is if you have the attention span of a well-done grilled shrimp
David Remus (9 days ago)
??? People thought free parking was more than free parking . . ..
Blake Wenzhou (10 days ago)
I have heard of literally every one of these... EXCEPT having to go around the board once before buying. That makes absolutely no sense. Every other house rule has some meaning, or it is easy to understand how they made that mistake, but going around the board once sounds absolutely retarded, with no reasoning behind it whatsoever.
Squidnugget65 (10 days ago)
I can't stop looking at how his glasses blend in with the green screen.
Xam465 (10 days ago)
While you can't "loan money" you can make terrible trades that effectively turn into loans. Because of this my friends and I just make loaning legal, because desperate trades are too important to ban.
Nils Andersson (10 days ago)
haha playing games without reading rules -_-'
Ryan Sayres (10 days ago)
If these rules are in the rulebook as optional rules, why say thats not how you play?
Tom Kling (10 days ago)
What parent are so devilish to play monopoly with their own children? lol
Chris Heidke (11 days ago)
Nothing, the answer is nothing. Now move along.
Alex Sawyer (11 days ago)
House rules does not make it more boring, and yes it makes the game longer because board games are for you to spend time with your family
DisregardedHappiness (11 days ago)
If you land on go you do get double to GO money. It's a hundred percent in the rules. Here it is plain as day If the player lands on or passes Go in the course of his or her turn, he or she receives $200 from the Bank. A player has until the beginning of his or her next turn to collect this money. If a player lands on go then the money collected is doubled.
Where are you reading that? I cant find any copy of the rules that state what you are claiming.
Magic Bagel (11 days ago)
Chance DuPuis (11 days ago)
Fuck you! I play how I want!
Sam Melicosta (11 days ago)
I already knew this?
meme machine (11 days ago)
darbish (11 days ago)
Just as expected, another 1:00 video stretched out to 8 and a half minutes long.
DumandsONE (11 days ago)
get money
ThePlasmaPro (11 days ago)
Nicolas Roman (11 days ago)
One question (beacuse i don't have my Monopoly here) can you just buy the 4 houses of a property instantly or do you have to but one at a time for every property of that color?
Hunter Thorne (11 days ago)
what? how have you savages been playing??? Am I the only one who's playing by the actual rules..?
Elees Sba (4 days ago)
Hunter Thorne same, I don’t get how people don’t read the rules??? I would be so confused
imahumannotasamwich (11 days ago)
Can’t forget that the rules say you have to pay $50 at the end of the third role in jail if you never roll doubles you don’t just get out free at the end of the third roll
Bowman173 (11 days ago)
How much money do you spend on stock photos?
noobmaster117 (11 days ago)
Literally anyone who's played Monopoly Plus knows these rules. PS: Putting tax dollars on free parking is the best way to play since it adds a way for someone given an unfair start to come back from near bankruptcy. It may be about the evils of capitalism, but its still a game and games need to be fun.
Sadi (11 days ago)
so can you build and sell hosues even if its not your turn?
Noobelli (12 days ago)
Hyperfoxeye (12 days ago)
Was I the only one who though the free parking looked like a fire alarm
Bradley Parrett (12 days ago)
The best strategy isn't to buy hotels. Buy 4 houses on all your properties. There are only a limited number of houses and it's done on purpose. Buy up all the houses and it's very hard for other players to go straight to hotels.
Ricky Duran27 (12 days ago)
So what do you do if you land on free parking
Matthew Madruga (12 days ago)
No it’s not, might have used to have been, but you do know that there are video games that tell us exactly how the game is played. I’ve never fucking heard that rule in my life. Pretty sure your taking your rules and saying everyone plays exactly that way.
Silence (12 days ago)
My family actually followed all of these rules... Except for the bidding. I never knew about the bidding. If you only allow people to purchase titles they land on the game becomes excruciatingly long and tedious. I used to hate monopoly because of this, but I kind of want to play again now that I know bidding exists.
Lucas Earth (12 days ago)
Lmao it's called house rules you cuck
Gabriele Genota (12 days ago)
What? I thought you we're going to say something different from the rulebook. Also. People DON'T read that shit?
TBirdThe18th (12 days ago)
Your answer is at 0:59 that's all you need to know
CrazyBear65 (12 days ago)
Rules are made to be broken. Monopoly is a "game" designed to teach avarice, blatant disregard for one's fellows, the misguided notion that hoarding material wealth makes one somehow better than others, and obedience to "authority"... In actuality, he who dies with the most stuff can't take it with him anyway, so what's the point of hoarding stuff then? Wouldn't it be better to make sure that your brother has enough to eat? ..Shelter from the elements? ..A fuckin job?? Maybe I just don't belong in this fucked up society.
Ghiaman1334 (12 days ago)
Did anyone actually ever go around the board without buying properties? What? That's crazy. If you can manage that then you've rigged the dice.
Ken Hill (12 days ago)
8 minute video. Answer = nothing
supercow376 (13 days ago)
Honestly, not trying to be mean, but this video is extremely pointless and drifts off topic a lot for seemingly no reason but to extend the time of the video. The only "misconception" that anyone ever had about monopoly was the free parking money (and honestly, by now everyone knows the "you actually AREN'T supposed to collect money from free parking") and the limited number of houses. Everything else in this video seems just made up from the creators to make it seem like there is enough content to even make a video. Also what is with the uninteresting and completely expected stats that you give at around 1:27, or the tangent on scrabble? Sorry but this is not quality content
Da Nintendude (13 days ago)
huh... so that 4 hour Monopoly game could've been 2 hours...
Pablo Mendoza KI7DBV (13 days ago)
You park for free, duh.
Mark Welten (13 days ago)
How stupid can people be to not now what free parking is?
Maddy Boden (13 days ago)
Are people really that illiterate?
ACConant (13 days ago)
I didn't hear a word you said, straighten your hood.
Rufihoot (13 days ago)
i legitimately already knew that what i didnt even know people did it wrong
James Evans (13 days ago)
So what happens on Free Parking is exactly what everyone thinks happens on Free Parking. Nothing. Glad I watched this video to find that out. P. S. You're an anus.
sara lo (13 days ago)
Put houses on railroad and Electric, they make bank.
Geoy Baney (14 days ago)
Who didn't know that free parking did nothing?
Matallica (14 days ago)
More time consuming? Yes. More boring? Hell no! When we play monopoly with the house rules things get really heated and competitive and it lasts for ages which makes it more fun! If it was boring then people wouldn't keep playing the house rules, would they.
MiniMimi (14 days ago)
Did anyone else already know you didn’t need to go around the board once to buy property? I’ve never heard that rule before.
Johny Boy (14 days ago)
Would you kindly.. get out of my recommendations feed
Christina Goetz (14 days ago)
Who else is so used to clickable titles that they spaced out and didn't realize the core question would be answered within two minutes of the video? I was buckled up and ready for 6 minutes of bs and tomfoolery before the question was actually answered like most of the internet.
DevilsToast (14 days ago)
Wow. Unreal that nobody reads the rules. Then everybody always says they hate the game because it lasts too long. Well no shit, you're adding hours of gameplay by inventing your own version of the game. Play by the rules and it flys by.
Dr. VegaPunK (14 days ago)
i don't know about anyone but what i do when i play monopoly with my sis and cousin we out 500$ in the free parking then who ever land there first get the 500$ then we put a 100 then a 50 then a 20 etc. etc. until we get to the 1 anyway that the way i do it because i don't see the use for free parking in fact jail in this game is a life saver later on in the game well that just me who else does this?
Delzanzius (14 days ago)
8 minute video for an answer that is only one word, nothing.
Unser Productions (14 days ago)
It’s hard to also teach people the rules if they prefer to cheat only
Thomas Lefler (14 days ago)
How did you make an 8 minute video out of the word "Nothing"?
arnau alcon (14 days ago)
Yeah I'm one of those few people who always reads the entire instructions of everything and when trying to explain all this monopoly rules everybody would disagree with me :c
The Fuddler (14 days ago)
Am I the only one who always played the rule with getting the tax money when landing on free parking??
thompompey32 (15 days ago)
Years ago, I had World Cup 98 Monopoly for the Pc. In that you could add lots of custom rules such as the taxes on free parking or £400 for landing on go. It also had a bizarre “football” part of the game where the properties, or teams, could play each other and move around the board as they get worse or better.
Izumi's Apprentice (15 days ago)
The only ones I'm guilty of are Free Parking (throwing tax money there) and Landing on Go exactly getting $400. I don't recall about auctioning properties when the person whose turn it is refuses...
Karl Rayne (15 days ago)
Nothing. Since it's not in the description. You're welcome.
Giovanny Linares (15 days ago)
Ah, the Rockefeller move, I always play it. Buy the railroads, buy all the resources(water and electricity), go to jail and watch them suffer as you enjoy immunity
SnivyLink (15 days ago)
I knew all this cuz I played monopoly for the first time ever on my Switch
Antonio9002412 (15 days ago)
Who in there right mind doesnt know everything that he said.....
Anthony Aziz (15 days ago)
Roll a 4 for daddy!

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