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You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Your Users

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You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Your Users (The Daily Overpass #466) Today, I will talk about how you shouldn't be afraid of your users. Please don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel, follow us on social media and leave a comment! Watch and enjoy! Are you a fan of the Overpass company? You can leave us a review on Google at https://goo.gl/maps/XwEdcBgPLR62 For Overpass merchandise, check out our shop: https://shop.spreadshirt.net/overpass/ 👉 Do you need one-on-one advice about your apps and would like to talk to Eric directly? Or, do you just want to chat with Eric? You can use this link to book some of Eric's time. https://www.overpass.co.uk/book-time-with-eric/ About Overpass: Overpass is a mobile app development company based in the UK that actually makes money from its own apps as well as creating money-making apps for clients. We have our ideas and build them. We can build your ideas too. If you haven’t started creating your mobile app yet, and need a UK App Developer, give us a call. Our team consists of developers and designers with years of experience in various business sectors. We build apps in native iOS, Android, and Corona SDK. We are based in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Find out more about Overpass at www.Overpass.co.uk. Check out our educational games such as Mandarin Bubble Bath, Agent X, and Deep Sea Typing. Check out our spy apps like Ear Spy, Alarm Spy, and Eye Spy. If you are looking to get an app developed and want to discuss it, give us a call on 0845 834 1008 (+44 Country Code). Or email us at [email protected] Overpass on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+OverpassCoUk/ Overpass on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OverpassApps Overpass on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OverpassLtd About Eric: Eric Wroolie is the owner of Overpass. He has built software and web-based solutions for very many large and small companies including Macmillan Publishing, RibbonFish, BNP Paribas, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, BBC Worldwide, CircData and Omega Logic. Before that, he was a Chinese Mandarin and Vietnamese Linguist for the US Army and then a school teacher. Now, he makes apps. Eric on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricWroolie Eric on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+EricWroolie You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Your Users #OverpassApps #AppBusiness #Overpass Apps #appdeveloper #indieappdeveloper #wantage #oxfordshire #android #ios #admob #googleplay #appstore #googleplaypolicy #appleguidelines #ionic #reactnative #thedailyoverpass #mobileappdevelopment #appindustry #softwaredevelopment
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Text Comments (19)
Magic Forest (7 months ago)
I just added ads...hope it goes well you changed my mind ,went for admob
Inarm Osborn (7 months ago)
Makes sense.
Learn To Master (7 months ago)
About every week we need to respond to a user review who's complained about how annoying the ads are. We say that we need to support the developers and their families and that they should consider purchasing the ad-free version. The cheek! Expecting it all for free. If you wanted to watch Premiership football, you'll need to subscribe to Sky/BT Sport, pay extra for the channel AND sit through ads.
Sven (7 months ago)
Having your app logo and maybe name in the splash screen is the first thing the user sees. If and when they come back they get familiar with it. The same with your quote at the start of the videos. This is an essential part of branding and trying to create brand awareness. Agree with you on this one. I as a viewer don't get dissatisfied by your intro, but I do become familiar with your brand.
Marcin Majchrzak (7 months ago)
Hi Eric. thanks for your videos - fantastic work! If I can have some small suggestion: Could you please lower a bit volume of your intro to match the rest of movie (I mean to keep it equal) ? Most of your recent videos are way more louder during the intro, and then its super low. Cheers! ;)
Eugene (7 months ago)
Man, please do something with the volume of your music. The music is extremely loud comparing to the voice. Thank you for your videos!
Overpass Apps (7 months ago)
Sorry about that Sharafan. I'll look into that for future videos.
Kirill (7 months ago)
1. I like your intro with "Hi, my name is Eric, and I make apps" for me it sounds like as if it's a movie about a superhero or unbelievable story about some one and the main character says in the beginning: "Hi, my name is Bruce and I save the world" (meaning: here is my story) 😂😂 2. Regarding splash screens: in Android you can set a property to your main theme 'android:windowBackground' with any drawable you want. It will be visible when you cold start your app and which takes couple of seconds to start the MainActivity. There will be your drawable (your logo for instance) instead of a dull white screen.
Seif Kharrachi (7 months ago)
how i get people to know my app exist ? ? what kind of ads ?
Vython LoL (7 months ago)
Hi Eric. What are your thoughts on selling your apps, is it easy to do? What r ur experiences on that
Alexandre Martins (7 months ago)
When you say "my name is Eric and I make apps", this is like your signature, and I do not find it annoying at all. I do not put up with anything. It's part of the experience of watching your channel. Even that segment is enjoyable :)
Rıfat Erdem Sahin (7 months ago)
100 percent disagreed (:
Rıfat Erdem Sahin (7 months ago)
Annoying at the start is not ok, at the end ok... With the flow.
Rıfat Erdem Sahin (7 months ago)
Ever used lookback.io to see user actions?
Overpass Apps (7 months ago)
No. I've never used it.
Ku Syuk (7 months ago)
I can relate with the interstitial haha, I avoid using interstitial and relied on banner ads only for almost 1 year due to afraid of bad review and bad user experience. But once I did, my app revenue increases almost 300 percent and no bad rating (due to the ads) at all. As long as we follow the Ad Mob + Play/App store guidelines it should be okay. We can't please all users tho.
Kirill (7 months ago)
Yeah! Let's stand up and quit hiding in fear from unpleased users with our interstitials 😂😂 No more fear! 😁😁
Blessing (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I'm in the same situation, afraid to use interstitial because of users.
installtekz (7 months ago)
Who is that guy not putting company logo's in the splash?! Consider it re-considered :)

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