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2013 Honda Civic EX Drive Review and Road Test

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People assume that car companies know their competition's ever move as if there was some sort of mission impossible crew sent in every weekend to monitor R&D progress. While there are no doubt some less-than-ethical information exchanges in the industry, on the whole, a car manufacturer like Honda finds out what the competition's latest widget looks like around the same time as we do. Need proof? Look at the 2011, 2012, 2013 Honda Civic. The 9th generation Civic was intended to debut as a 2011 model, but the financial implosion caused Honda to go back to the drawing board and the re-design to land as a 2012 model due to the need to re-design the redesign. In the perpetual game of auto-leapfrog, Honda miscalculated the direction Ford, Hyundai, Kia and even Nissan were headed. The result was bashed by Consumer Reports and raked across the coals by most of the press. Did buyers care? Apparently not since the 2012 Civic was purchased in impressive quantities by real-people. Honda could have found solace in their sales, but instead they did something unusual: they re-re-redesigned the Civic for 2013. Say what? The 2013 Civic isn't just a second-year options package shake-up, and it isn't even a mid-cycle color and trim shuffle. The changes after only a year on the market land somewhere between a refresh and the ever-so-popular redesign-on-the-same-platform. How can I call it a redesign? Well, if Lexus can call the "new" LS a new car... But I digress. While I didn't hear as many complaints from my comrades in the auto-biz about the Civic's curb appeal, Honda took the opportunity to graft the chrome smile from the 2013 Accord onto the Civic, redesign the bumper covers (front and rear), add some smoked tail lamps, new wheels and finished it off with a trendy honeycomb grille. While I didn't have a single issue with the way the old Civic looked, I have to admit this one looks better, especially from the front or back where Honda spent some cash to have the tail lamps cross onto the trunk lid giving the Civic's heinie a more premium feel. From the side it would appear that noting has changed with the same four-window silhouette, but the difference is in the glass: it's thicker this year for improved sound isolation. The problem with the 2012 Civic wasn't the exterior. And, in my mind, it wasn't the interior design OR the interior plastics quality. Yep, you heard me right with that. The old Civic's plastics weren't great, but they were easy to clean, textured attractively and I just didn't expect anything different from an $18,000 car. What I did have a problem with was a lack of color-matched bits and ill-fitting panels. Our 2012 tester's four main dash components sported four different variations of the same target color. For 2013 Honda cranked the thumbscrews on the parts suppliers and all the colors in our Civic EX were the same. In addition to the color change, Honda had an eye on touch points, swapping out the hard doors and dash "faces" for squichy-injection molded units with fake stitching. Keeping costs d0wn, the same gauge cluster and dash structure remain from last year as well as the dash parts farther from your reach, but they have all been re-cast to texture-match the new bits. Even the radio's plastics have received a color and texture upgrade to look classier. The change has brought the Civic from slightly below average to a solid contender running neck-and-neck with the new Focus and Elantra. Honda continues to integrate a fairly exaggerated lumbar support contour in the front seat backs, something I prefer, but since it isn't adjustable you should spend some time in the Civic to be sure you can live with the shape. As with most cars that have families in mind, the Civic's rear seats are close to the floor and the door openings are wide and tall making ingress/egress easy with or without a child seat in tow. Honda has a reputation for function over form, and that pays dividends in the rear with a high roofline that allows a more upright seating position and adequate head room, more than can be said of the Elantra. Fold those 60/40 rear seats down and you'll notice an area Honda didn't touch: cargo. The Civic's trunk pass-through is still somewhat small and oddly shaped preventing larger items from riding along. The trunk's 12.5 cubic feet is in line with the Focus and Corols, but it's a few Cubes behind the Elantra and Sentra. When it comes to bag carrying, the Sentra has a further trick up its trunk: a 24-inch roller bag can ride vertically in the Sentra's cargo hold allowing you to carry a surprising seven carry-on sized rollerbags, try that in your Panther replacement. Music by Kevin MacLeod Statistics powered by ChannelMeter http://channelmeter.com
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Text Comments (148)
ArthropodSpidey (15 days ago)
Who the Hell picks a Sentra over a Civic? Also he’s probably the only reviewer who likes CVTs lol
Jam Slam (2 months ago)
I bought this car and don't regret it. Get 50MPG hwy!!!!!!! I only use Top Tier fuel.
Heidi Gorman (4 months ago)
I just bought my first Honda Civic EX 2013 and I'm In Love!!! I paid 12,000 and the car has74k miles on it. I hope this car will last without a whole lot of repair for the 5 year loan. So far so great!
Jam Slam (2 months ago)
Excellent choice! Mine gets 50mpg hwy and never had a single problem! I do my own maintenance.
Andreal Washington (3 months ago)
Everything still loved?
Zach Deboer (4 months ago)
Heidi Gorman hows it holding up still love it
treshawn wilson (7 months ago)
I have this same exact car color and everything lol
EazEdits (3 months ago)
treshawn wilson just got one axacly like this too , how you like yours any tips
Marty Peters (11 months ago)
My biggest complaints are the hood stand is location and that tiny opening from behind the chairs and the inside of trunk come on what’s the point of being able to put seats down ??
Alan Collins (1 year ago)
2013 civic here with sunroof great gas mileage, about 41.3 mpg. Best car I have ever had and I have had lots of cars.
Liz Mas (1 year ago)
Should I buy this used $13,000 ( cdn) and 74,000 km ? 2013 ex
+Sandra Mir has it been good?
Sandra Mir (1 year ago)
I just bought 2013 ex today , $9800 (cnd)+ 13% tax. 69000 km
Louis Dega (1 year ago)
mason resendes (1 year ago)
whenever i'm having a bad day and think i'm ugly i watch this video of u and feel better lmfao
Louis Dega (1 year ago)
Phil Pin (2 years ago)
I don't like how CVTs sound. It sounds like its revving higher and higher and it doesn't stop.
Colin Purvis (2 years ago)
Your jacket doesnt fit
Kim P (2 years ago)
just bought one for my 15 year old son. soo nice
Kelly Smith (3 months ago)
AF I own one, saves gas and money....
Andrew K (9 months ago)
Savin up for one for my first car
AF (1 year ago)
still driving good? whats the mileage like on it?
Amari Deraisx (2 years ago)
+Kim P thanks for replying
Kim P (2 years ago)
drives well
Mirik Man (2 years ago)
Can you the hood from insinde?
Clarence Moore (2 years ago)
I have a 2013 civic and I absolutely love it.
Konae Wright (1 month ago)
What's the fuel usage like?
Louis Dega (1 year ago)
you mind telling me what your mpg is on your screen?
Zoro (2 years ago)
You have a body of 40 old man but face of a 12 year old. Sorry it had to be said, growing facial hair will help...nice review though .
OfficialVanDyce (3 years ago)
9 fucking seconds god fucking damn my 2001 intrepid is faster...
OfficialVanDyce (3 years ago)
+D Marr yeah see i would get the tc but it is a front wheel drive car so therefore i dont want to buy it lol
D Marr (3 years ago)
+OfficialVanDyce I agree with you there. I wouldn't want the Civic like this. I drive a 2008 tC that is definitely faster with 4 cylinders. I'd like to try the new turbo though and see what that's about.
OfficialVanDyce (3 years ago)
+D Marr which is why i would rather have the intrepid.. scion frs is just as fast if not faster and that is a 4 cylinder...
D Marr (3 years ago)
+OfficialVanDyce You do realize that the intrepid has a more powerful engine right? Every model in 2001 was V6.
La'nae (3 years ago)
Does this car have heated seats?
Sandra Mir (1 year ago)
Mario bf1 Levesque (2 years ago)
+John Frantz i have the ex model and i have the heated seat in it
La'nae (2 years ago)
+John Frantz Okay thank you!
John Frantz (2 years ago)
+La'nae Garrison it only has heated seats if you get the top end EX-L model with the leather seats, the model shown here does not have heated seats
La'nae (2 years ago)
+Clyde Mac Thank you!
None Ya (3 years ago)
The horn is gay sounding and a bitch to upgrade. You have to take all the front end plastic off!
Shiraz Khan (3 years ago)
What a fantastic review! You're very clear yet thorough. I'm considering this car at the moment, so this has been very useful.
Vileps (3 years ago)
Thanks alot helped me to make my choice, just wondering, don't you think honda is more reliable car then nissan ?
Alex on Autos (3 years ago)
+Vileps In general yes, but I doubt that you'd ever "save money" since the Nissan is usually less expensive with slightly better fuel economy, that offsets repair costs in general to be fairly equal.
jeremiah160 (4 years ago)
Great review, thanks!
Samiul Islam (5 years ago)
looks ugly
weirdshibainu (5 years ago)
Alex....possible to do a review on the hydrogen powered clarity? I understand Honda is heavily invested in future hydrogen powered vehicles.
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
I am looking into this but the Clarity is such a limited vehicle it may not be possible.
ravinuss (5 years ago)
The head restraint as they would like to call is literally a pain in the neck. Leads to poor posture problems.  While it is designed as a safety feature and to minimize whiplash, you suffer from it all other days due to neck being pushed forward while not in an accident. If you recline your seat back to avoid interference with the head restraint, now your body will be shaped like a "C". If you intend to drive this car for more than an hour each day, avoid this car.
thehman06 (5 years ago)
your video reviews are excellent. i just got this civic and so far love it. keep the reviews coming.. great job
Shajia Afrin (5 years ago)
I have one off these, 1996 civic with >360km . My brother drove it into a ditch and left underwater for a few hours (long story...) It still ran/runs right out off the water. I'll buy another one once mine dies ...might be a another decade though.
part destroyed (3 months ago)
Hows it holding up after 4 years?
ESGAR MONTALVO (5 years ago)
Don't forget back up camera.
Alex Boston (5 years ago)
Can you please do a review on the new 2014 Prius 5?
Alex Boston (5 years ago)
+Alex on Autos Thanks
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
We will as soon as possible.
Amandeep Johny Baryah (5 years ago)
5:11 LMFAO !!
Karina Salgado (1 year ago)
tranceboyjohny1 yesss hahahaa
Tamás Bácskai (5 years ago)
Omg! Dude....R u  blind?Invalid parking lot!!!!!!!
patwickgriff (5 years ago)
The 2014 Civic gets the all-new Earth Dreams CVT.  I'll be interested in your impressions, Alex of the '14 Civic when you get around to test driving it.  Also people here complaining about CVT's should reconsider.  The Earth Dreams CVT that Honda uses is like no other CVT you've ever driven.  It debuted in the all-new redesigned 2013 Accord and is slowly trickling to other Honda models.  It will debut in the all-new 2015 Fit next year and is likely to appear in the 2015 CR-V when it gets its mid-cycle refresh. CVT's have gotten a lot better and will continue to improve going forward.  
Aaron Carpenter (5 years ago)
Automatic w/ gears > CVT, by a long shot. In every car.
Sam Canuk (5 years ago)
I've had a Civic 5-speed since February. I'm 5'10" and the cluster is great for me, except that the cruise control indicator light is blocked due to my personal preference for keeping the steering wheel in it's lowest position. I really like the split dash.
shumpie41 (5 years ago)
own a 2006, have for 8 years, love the two stage dash, wish every car had it.
Claire Montanaro (3 months ago)
i just sold my 2006 with over 400,000 miles to my friend for 140.00 and i bought a 2013. The stereo in the 2006 EX is alot better than the 2013. I'm upgrading with new speakers and an amp. I also don't know why but i prefer the 2006 dash to the 2013 dash. they are both split,but maybe i'm used to the 2006. The back up camera is weird and freaks me out, lol.
Abdullah Alhumaidi (5 years ago)
what i like in this review is how the commentator described briefly, precisely, and professionally. Honestly, best review for car I have ever had.... keep it up.
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
Well, being the cheap guy I am I was too cheap to buy a pair of clear lenses and a pair of sunglasses so instead I got one set of transitions lenses. Maybe some day if this whole YouTube thing pays off I'll invest in something else, but until then it's going to have to be a shaded look.
MrTonifumi (5 years ago)
Sure, but you don't need to wear transition lenses when doing a review. I'm sure you want these videos to be successful because you wear nice clothes and your review is very professional. Clear glasses would add to that, that's all.
Alex Dykes (5 years ago)
They aren't sunglasses they are regular vision glasses with the transitions coating, the camera makes them appear much darker than they are. I wear them because I have to have corrective lenses on to drive.
MrTonifumi (5 years ago)
A CVT IS NEVER A GOOD THING !! Also, why do a review wearing sunglasses, makes you look shady/hungover/distrustful.....
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
I don't find that the cluster impacts visibility in any way, I just think the design is a little unusual. If you're thinking about the Touring, then I would strongly recommend spending some time in the Accord. The Civic isn't really groundbreaking in any way but the new Accord is incredibly compelling, gets real-world MPG numbers equal to or higher than the Civic (4 cylinder), It has an excellent ride and I find it more attractive as well.
401demon (5 years ago)
Excellent review Alex! Subbed! I have a question regarding the dual level gauge cluster. I am 5'10'', so would the protruding speedometer obstruct my front view in any way? Has it done so for you? Also, do you recommend getting the EX or spending a bit more and getting the touring with the navigation and screen? Thanks and all the best!
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
I agree with you about the new Mazda3, but you'll have to wait till next week for that...
Mark Rivera, M.D. (5 years ago)
Another stellar review from Alex. Although i disagree with your "fondness" for the CVT, i appreciate the honesty. I am with you on the Civic vs Accord competition especially when buyers go up to higher trims like EX with Nav, EX-L with Nav. However, i STILL believe that the Mazda 3 sedan/hatchback, especially the redesigned 2014 is the dark horse in this segment. Fair and balanced review. It's TTAC, i expect nothing less.
Jamal Juse (5 years ago)
What's the 1 2 3 and d3 meant for??
William Hetherington (5 years ago)
when i saw you actually get into the trunk i subscribed immediately lol
Nick Babington (5 years ago)
Great video with lots of useful information. The only thing I would say is yes the Accord is more refined but I honestly prefer the futuristic dash as well as a lot of the other interior touches in the civic more
P Hightower (5 years ago)
True , but it has nothing that the others dont, it just doesnt look right to me the way its layed out..but thats just my opinion
P Hightower (5 years ago)
I cant stand the dual cluster instrument pane...UGLY!!
P Hightower (5 years ago)
The Sentra lacks power and the ride is lacking YET its a nicely designed car..I just left Nissan this yr and went for for most part because of their customer service.....I got a 2013 Focus Titanium...
P Hightower (5 years ago)
People refuse to believe that they are simply paying for a name badge...
P Hightower (5 years ago)
I DO agree ! its better than its predecessor BUT still unapealling!
Dylan Mark (5 years ago)
Still ugly. Would not even consider a Civic. Focus or Mazda 3 are way ahead.
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
Yes, all EX models get the moonroof as standard.
James McAnally (5 years ago)
This is the most in depth review I've ever watched... subscribed. BTW, was the moon roof an option for this EX? I'm planning on getting an EX, I just don't wanna pay extra for that option haha.
Joana Mistak (5 years ago)
My uncle cant fit in the back seat so we might get crv or accord
Theresa Chester (5 years ago)
A very nice, thorough look at the vehicle. Thank you for this video.
lukash kowcz (5 years ago)
look the reason why the 2012 civics suck was because it was designed when the earthquake was in japan, there was a shortage of parts so they cheapened the car out to make it less expensive to get to those parts
lukash kowcz (5 years ago)
just because of that i would get a civic over a sentra
lukash kowcz (5 years ago)
yea the forte failed in the new iihs crash test while the civic got top marks
cooldude7337 (5 years ago)
Just watch the small overlap test... Sentra and civic
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
I know, it is the love that dare not speak its name.
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
That's something of an apples to oranges comparison. The 2013 Sentra gets 39 or 40 MPG with the CVT depending on the version and in our tests at 70MPH with the A/C on the Sentra could easily average 45+ on a level highway run.
BeastyNissan (5 years ago)
Explain how the CVT saves on gas when a 2011 Civic 5 speed auto can achieve 36mpg highway and a 2011 Sentra with a CVT can only achieve 31mpg hwy.
BeastyNissan (5 years ago)
Do not ever suggest a CVT transmission!
Maks Orlov (5 years ago)
не знаю...
Alan Alan (5 years ago)
Hi Alex, please let me know what the car's color is. Thanks.
GiovanniRomano (5 years ago)
As a 2012 Civic owner - I can tell you it SUCKS. It is my 7th and possibly last Honda
dave houston (5 years ago)
cvt sucks
r1pster (5 years ago)
Kelvin (5 years ago)
its said that 2014 civics will get the new earth dreams
n777ua (5 years ago)
So what, Honda moved up the mid model refresh 3 years early. As far as "nobody saying anything about the Jetta's downmarket interior" - I can only assume you are completely ignorant since you are so far from reality it isn't even funny. The entire automotive press lambasted VW for using materials that are THE SAME as the ones in the Japanese cars. Please, get real!
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
Since it was a private parking lot with the permission of the owner when the business was closed I'm not sure how it's a big deal.
dshiningsword (5 years ago)
U jst got new a subscriber....
Derek Unknown (5 years ago)
Nissan Sentra 2013 is a much better alternative.
tariq mahmood (5 years ago)
CIVIC 2013 is the best car maximum MPG and luxury style .. nice review thanks .
Joe Campagna (5 years ago)
PICKED UP MY 2013 CIVIX EX July 4th. Love it. I'm 6' tall. very comfortable and I love the milage! Getting over 35 with mix driving City/Highway. Love the style, it looks so much cooler than the 2012.
Scooby Subie (5 years ago)
I like how you do the reviews, can you pls make one on the 2013 subaru wrx.....thanks
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
They are fairly equal. The Civic is quieter than the old Forte and about the same as the new Forte. They are both finally among the quieter entries in the segment.
Johnson L (5 years ago)
Great video! You did a great job reviewing this car. I love this Honda civic ex, but it's over 20k. I can get an accord lx for about 22k that has all the option this civic has, and it's a bigger and more powerful car, but gets a really close real world mpg of the civic.
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
Thank you! We're working on getting our hands on the new Corolla but it is likely to be a few months off.
Jim Dunbar (5 years ago)
Hi Alex: I absolutely love your vehicle reviews, they are very informative!! Do you know when you will review the 2014 Toyota Corolla?
tacuazinful (5 years ago)
well done Alex, you've just nailed it big time, you gave all the information I needed to. Do you believe nissan cvt has improved its reliability lately, I am planning to buy a qashqai cvt or honda ex 2013 automatic.
alejandrolz1250 (5 years ago)
Can I have one?
TOYOXUS#1 Forever (5 years ago)
No cvt on my civic please I like the way it is!!!!! 2013 :)
Trailgnome adventures (5 years ago)
you cover all the bases and make smart observations, keep it up!
foxxmufasa (5 years ago)
The rice paper was shit
Jona ML (5 years ago)
I love this brand "Honda", I had a civic si 2007, an Accord sedan 2010, and i 'll buy a civic 2013.
your moms a hoe (5 years ago)
I love the Honda
alien83 (5 years ago)
You did a good job I really like your review.
hawkermustang (5 years ago)
I don't like a CVT.
Twerk4Bada (5 years ago)
Why did you park where it says No parking?
Scooby Subie (5 years ago)
Review the subaru wrx pls. Ty
innerpurpose (5 years ago)
Once again, a nice job. Look forward to seeing a review of the 013 hybrid civic : )
CarloP (5 years ago)
And also the Mazda 3 is a fantastic car but pricy
CarloP (5 years ago)
Is funny now that you say that sentra is better... considering the poor review that you give to the sentra 2013. For me the CVT is super noisy and the sentra lacks power when try to overpass in the highway
Kadeen Hunter (5 years ago)
An Infiniti Qx56 review would be nice
apostle999 (5 years ago)
I would love to see a head to head comparison of the 2014 Mazda6 grand touring with the 2013 Kia Optima SX or SXL
roxburyranger (5 years ago)
How about using nothing at all. Filler is filler. Imagine what your written reviews would look like with such filler.
roxburyranger (5 years ago)
Alex on Autos (5 years ago)
Keep in mind that driving style and terrain can have enormous (50% or larger) impacts on your economy.
Dark0blivion (5 years ago)
That sounds great. I'll be curious to hear what you get in real world fuel economy for the Forte. A friend of mine in Vancouver just leased one, and his first few tanks have been ~30% worse than the expected fuel economy figures. Makes me nervous. :)

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