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Google Hiring Best Practices

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"Hiring is the most important thing you do". Allison Watson, Head of EMEA Business Staffing, shares hiring best practices from Google. Campus is a Google space where entrepreneurs come to learn, share ideas and launch great startups. Find upcoming talks and events at your local Campus: Campus London: https://www.campus.co/london/en/events Campus Madrid: https://www.campus.co/madrid/en/events Campus São Paulo: https://www.campus.co/sao-paulo/en/events Campus Seoul: https://www.campus.co/seoul/en/events Campus Tel Aviv: https://www.campus.co/tel-aviv/en/events Campus Warsaw: https://www.campus.co/warsaw/en/events Recorded in October 2014 .
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Text Comments (23)
PETRE SOLO (2 months ago)
Angela Pena (6 months ago)
Rudhisundar Beura (7 months ago)
Those hypothetical question!!
Commander Zero (1 year ago)
3:58 What values do you want me to have to nail down that sweet Google paycheck? So don't be a white middle-aged man. Got it.
SuperstarPecanbar (4 months ago)
I am so surprised google use behavioral questions since so many new studies state that past behavior does not reflect at all future behavior. So old school..
True North (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/U2plchEYZF4?t=6m4s So she/Google takes the position that race limits one's ability to think broadly. In other words, why not say "Black people can only think within certain parameters, black-think, so we need Asians, Whites etc" ? This one seems infected with SJW derangement. Hire the best candidate, not to fill a quota or social-engineer. That way lies the madness of intersectionality.
HAHA CUTTY (1 year ago)
well fuck i mean your diversity initiatives are kind of hiring a lot of bad hires isn't it?
can you suggest me that ever academic marks matter to be placed in google?
ademito eae (1 year ago)
In Brazil there is only one solution to have job. People need to kill all politicians once. They need to go to hell.
dʒeɪms (6 months ago)
why not just have the south break away into a new country, its not like anyone there wants to support the rest of brazil
Deepika Anu (2 years ago)
Resume does not reflect what the person really is :) at 22.00
Deepika Anu (2 years ago)
at 13.00 very apt mention of behavioral questions
Casey Griffith (2 years ago)
Awesome content. Thank you for sharing!
JZ M (2 years ago)
Someday 😍
burhan shah (2 years ago)
She's hot and intelligent
Harvey Woods (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this.
Thanks Harvey, we're glad you liked it! Cheers.
fidel ramadhan (2 years ago)
28:59 haunted minutes
WaelGham (2 years ago)
fidel ramadhan hahahaha
hussein chokre (2 years ago)
very interesting idea and concepts for everyone who's looking for tips for their business. the only problem was at the end of the video there is a unpleasant sounds that can't let you focus at the conversation. if it's fixable the video will become perfect
Amanda Crisafulli (2 years ago)
great info and tips for a noob in HR!
Oberon Ahura Star (3 years ago)
get audio logistics sorted . here shows that in the base line realty , ie audio presentatiom clearly refeclts lack of presecptive fore fronting into get that right.

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