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Mike Pence's Indiana: Needle Exchanges (HBO)

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In 2015 there was a huge spike in Scott Co in HIV cases among heroin users. After waffling (and praying) Gov. Mike Pence allowed an emergency needle exchange which stopped the outbreak. Needle exchange is now allowed in a handful of counties but the barriers are high: the locals have to pay for it themselves and the problem counties are often the poorest. Evan McMorris-Santoro takes a look at how health care spending bumps up against social mores, and how that might translate now that Pence is about to become VP. Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2jeT4y2 Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Text Comments (295)
Joey Mathew (6 months ago)
Huge spike was only heroin users. By far HIV is spead by sexual intercourse. I don't really see how religion played any role here. people can't be religious and hold office?
Let those druggies OD
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (8 months ago)
Oh there cant be any doubt 1 1/2 years in... pence is anything but christian. just as scary is the fact that pence (a severely affected religiousity sufferer) could be pres! #TrumpHell #RepublicanHell #ChristianHell
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (8 months ago)
Just more Christian damage without so much as an apology. Reagan did the same thing killing thousands.
Futures (9 months ago)
how can we have people praying on policy in 2018
NeoGeo12 (1 year ago)
Religious Zealot
brad6785 (1 year ago)
When he stands with that blank expression on his face he looks like Steve Carell's retarded character from Anchorman.
Graham X (1 year ago)
I'm a big proponent of religious freedom, but maybe it's time that we only allow athiests in elected office.
Blossom Utonium (1 year ago)
VICE = Fake News Liberals on the comment section is full of 4 year olds.
Caleb Paddack (1 year ago)
Who in their right mind is upset when a politician takes some time to think about the decision they are making that could affect everyone he is responsible for. Obviously he isn't my favorite guy but I would rather a leader stop and consider his decision then just react as he is blindly told to. You know this story would have been very different if the opposite effect had happened.
MegaNINJAKING (1 year ago)
Decent propaganda background music Vice.
Daniel Callahan (2 years ago)
I'm not even Christian but I hope Mike Pence murders lots of muslims!
AndresM (2 years ago)
Meanwhile Indiana has grown on jobs and has a balance budget.. Then you have Chicago with a 20 percent unemployment and 15 state wide. Really..look Hillary lost. She cheated her way to the nomination, you Vice, never covered the DNC primary cheating toward Bernie. More propaganda here.
Nate S (2 years ago)
its kinda crazy that on friday that mike pence is gonna be the first gay vice president
"you can't just electrocute gay people" that's where you're wrong kiddo
Neavris (2 years ago)
Vice is walking a fine line between ambiguous wordings and hit piece journalism. They have to be careful not to become as regressive as other left-wing cultures have become.
Thomas schott (2 years ago)
Such a bad governor right?! That is why Trump won by an 18 point margin against Clinton and Holcomb won by more.
Tom Tom (2 years ago)
How many states can say are holding a 2 Billion dollar surplus when Illinois the Democratic state to its left is in the opposite with Billions in debt! FACTS!
Angry White Person (2 years ago)
So in order to demonstrate that Mike Pence's approach to public policy is dominated by his religious faith, you highlighted two examples of Mike Pence putting the will of the public before his religious faith?
Alan Vuong (2 years ago)
Mike "No-Nonsense" Pence
Chris Logan (2 years ago)
Mike "set phasers to straight" Pence
TheJusticeChannel (2 years ago)
Another establishment RINO. Trump's an idiot.
IvanTheJerk (2 years ago)
Religion and politics SHOULD NEVER be mixed together.
CC 96 420 CGAR (2 years ago)
When people realize RT news & Reddit are fake, or the in-action mike pence took, or hypocritical bigot racist Trump. maybe they realize, "Make america great again" is a sham. The most fake made up lie. How you could take the facts from this and call it fake isnt dumb. its retarded.
Jack Mckay (2 years ago)
RIP Vice
matt Heffernan (2 years ago)
heroin is rampant because the war in Afghanistan. Most of the heroin comes from Afghanistan
Swaharma man (2 years ago)
Kind of set to see that people like Mike Pence subdue a whole population to his own religious beliefs. It shows a lack of empathy and a self-righteous mind-set, as he prefers his own ideas above others despite the consequences for the public.
H Eck (2 years ago)
Liberals don't even own guns to Assassinate Trump...if they did they know what they're getting.
South Bound (2 years ago)
Vice! Nothing on Clinton.
Luiz Guilherme Hazam (2 years ago)
religion has no place on politics as well as your views of religious acceptance have no place in private businesses, if someone dont want to have lets say muslims in his stablishment its the owners decicion, stop cutting freedoms
Pince Diop (2 years ago)
How and why do we let these delusional fucks make policies.
jay jones (2 years ago)
I voted for Trump and I know Pence is a cocksucke, he just needs to stay out Trumps fucking way the old Republican party is dead they just don't know it yet
Joe Dubble (2 years ago)
Obvious bias, Vice has gone to shit. Stick with documentaries.
Dochirin (2 years ago)
Liberal tears are so delicious.
TRAILERSPOT (2 years ago)
what's fake news taste like?
scaryfaced1 (2 years ago)
What's pee taste like?
Nimbus (2 years ago)
What's his name again?
Claude Nine (2 years ago)
America is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. all women are sluts and whores, gay abominations everywhere, and people tremble to social media for acceptance more over than doing what is right. this is a reflection on how this new generation was spoiled and tolerated. top leading country for anti-depressant durg users. soft and a bunch of pussies.
TaskForceSixTwoSix (2 years ago)
VICE promotes drug use; people become drug addicts; drug addicts get hit with an HIV epidemic; VICE demonizes conservatives for not handing out free syringes...
George Macauley (2 years ago)
Vice has shown the negative sides of drugs in many of their documentaries. They've shown Heroin addicts with ruined lives puking everywhere. They've shown crackheads with fucked up minds. Vice shows you the raw uncut reality of it. Perhaps drug addiction would be lower if conservatives would stopped slashing education funding, rehabilitated instead of imprisoned, and provided psychological services to those in need of them,
Warren Webb (2 years ago)
I'm from Indiana and it's so embarrassing to have him as a governor... He doesn't represent the states values whatsoever. I fucking hate the bible thumping nut job. #fuckpence
Freckles (2 years ago)
If Mike Pence was born in the 1800's, I feel he would be one of those religious nuts that would kill black and gay people because they were "sinners." Just my two cents....
Steven Deane (2 years ago)
fucking scumbag just like the awesome governor i currently have living in florida...
XpnLef (2 years ago)
Mike " the only power for the queer is Volt time Ampere" Pence
likestohunt758 (2 years ago)
Unsubscribing from Vice. Ive seen the great things Mike has done to us Hoosiers and wont acknowledge a half baked story with no actual insight that pretends it knows what it's talks about.
likestohunt758 (2 years ago)
From Indiana here. Mike did a great job here in Indiana. Don't listen to the bias of Vice
steven USA (2 years ago)
Turn Away From The Corrupt NEW WORLD ORDER Mainstream Media Conditioning Propaganda AGAINST The PEOPLE... That Dumbs You Down. ....like vice spews. ...............................
Pretentious Arsehole (2 years ago)
Such an incredibly slanted, biased excuse for a "report".
George Macauley (2 years ago)
They interviewed a Republican senator on the issue and she gave a half-assed vague answer. Perhaps Republicans should give actual answers to questions if they truly desire nonpartiality in news
Pretentious Arsehole (2 years ago)
This comment is dangerous, not the man. I am not arguing that any of the facts in this video are untrue, I am arguing that the viewpoint from which they are presented is incredibly biased. I am by no means defending Pence, I'm simply pointing out the one-sided nature of this video. If it were openly titled as an opinion piece then this wouldn't be a problem, but this is not the case. With an official sounding name like name like "VICE News" you would expect a neutral viewpoint, but this is very clearly not the case. Again, if the channel were more open about their explicit bias then this would not be an issue.
That Edward (2 years ago)
When reporting facts upsets you, maybe you have a problem. This report was informative, and didn't even rag on Pence much. Were I the person in charge of this report, it would have been much harsher on Pence. That posturing, feckless nitwit ruined people's lives because of his personal morals and religious views. I don't care if he thinks a needle exchange is immoral. I do care if my family could die because of an outbreak directly caused by his inaction. He should hold the public's best interests at heart, not whether or not he can skip the confession booth because he was a good little christian that day. The man is dangerous.
hardcore hunter (2 years ago)
Another biased liberal news source
PineAppleWilly (2 years ago)
George Macauley I don't think he can.
George Macauley (2 years ago)
Provide me with a non-biased news source
PineAppleWilly (2 years ago)
hardcore hunter Are there any news sources that aren't bias?
sun spot (2 years ago)
sun spot (2 years ago)
if this country decides to treat it's vulnerable so wickedly, it will implode.
sun spot (2 years ago)
bad things happen to good people.
George Macauley (2 years ago)
What do you define as a "degenerate", are all drug addicts innately "degenerates?", is a degenerate anybody who is a burden or a negativity to society?. Because a VERY substantial number of famous and successful people who have accomplished more than you ever will in your lifetime were substance abusers at some point in their life Winston Churchill was a depressive alcoholic. JFK was addicted to methamphetamine's. Pretty much every half-decent musician was addicted to something at some point. Insulting people who become addicted to drugs because of socio-economic, sociological and psychological reasons does not make you any better of a person. It just demonstrates your insecurity.
sun spot (2 years ago)
yes lynch them jesus loves you
CR2504life (2 years ago)
*#MAGA** mother fuckers !*
tom ashton (2 years ago)
if pot was legalized opiate addiction would go way down
Captain Buggy (2 years ago)
Opening is him saying he puts religion over state. Rip america
grizcuz (2 years ago)
Republicans/Conservatives: because facts and evidence based practices should never come before our 'morality'/religion/politics. Get ready for a whole lot more of this nonsense American peeps, policies based on voodoo and bullshit rather than what's efficacious and effective! 'I prayed last night and was given a very clear message that planned parenthood and help for those that are addicted to intravenously used drugs is definitely the work of the devil himself.' A fantastic country with some brilliant people within it, ruled over by fucking cretins like Pence, I really do feel for you.
russianbuds (2 years ago)
The HIV and electoshock therapy is likely exactly why Trump picked him. *sarcasm*
Deacon Ness (2 years ago)
Hypocrisy. All of you complain about wanting to be accepted for your different beliefs but yet you all get pissy for someone wanting to state their own opinion and beliefs. Why don't you left wing worthless fucks get a job. Worthless turds. Go find somewhere else to cry and whine. All of you can go suck a big fart
Phoenix Wright (2 years ago)
RIP Supreme Court
j 619 (2 years ago)
Electricity bill gonna be higher than a motherfucker.
j 619 (2 years ago)
+TRAILERSPOT deus volt
TRAILERSPOT (2 years ago)
Nationwide blackouts as Mike "turning fruits to vegetables" Pence "straightens" things out ;)
Leonnatus Chouan (2 years ago)
The problem with this video is that it paints the needle crisis as a religious problem for Pence. Which it wasn't. It was a problem over whether governments should give out safe needles to illegal drug users for free, or whether drug users should be left to deal with the consequences of their actions, which is the libertarian solution to most problems. In the end, he still opted for the needle exchange program in a way that was effective both in ending the epidemic, and in limiting government welfare. To portray him as a religious extremist over this issue is irrational.
Laptop46 (2 years ago)
Yeah it's a weird thing for me to hear about all of this from north west Indiana since this sort of health epidemic never happens where I live (Porter county) it is possibly due to the conservative influence of places like Chicago that there hasn't been anything like this going on here.
Andrew Feikema (2 years ago)
We wanted him out of our state but not like this
SupaEMT134 (2 years ago)
Oh please, Vice "News."
George Macauley (2 years ago)
He prefers companies owned by Rupert Murdoch. A multi-billionaire news mogul who controls the vast majority of the worlds news, most of which go off against Liberals for being the "establishment"
PineAppleWilly (2 years ago)
SupaEMT134 Where do you get your "News" from?
Alexis M Hernandez (2 years ago)
Why are we bringing religion into our Democracy
Kelvin Tejada (2 years ago)
Pence should leave his religion out of politics if it's going to slow him down that much.
obsolete optics (2 years ago)
Legalize and tax all drugs. Use the revenue to fund education and to provide safe use and addiction treatment facilities. Treat drug/alcohol addiction and abuse not as a crime but as a public health issue.
George Macauley (2 years ago)
I'm skeptical about legalizing all drugs. I feel like individuals with addictions should be able to get the aforementioned substance for the purpose of weaning themselves off of it. But I think large-scale legalization would substantially backfire.
Vagabondo (2 years ago)
I really wish people would stop trying to force others to live by their Bronze Age superstitions. Only religion makes you that stupid and self centered.
James Davis (2 years ago)
I keep praying but Pence and Trump are still there
nikada vise (2 years ago)
How does no one else see that we just need to kill off nearly all of his and drumpfs generation. period. they should have died decades ago and are only holding the rest of humanity back....so we are no devolving instead of evolving
Brianna L (2 years ago)
I'm a Christian, yet don't identify with either party. Christianity and governments are supposed to be separate. It's even in our own law. I'm so sick of politicians using their faith to determine policies. Separation of church and state is there for a reason!
Ashton Wuh (2 years ago)
Pence might be horrible but that doesn't hide the fact that Vice is turning into an anti-conservative outlet and it's fucking hilarious.
Ashton Wuh (2 years ago)
I want a media that does both fucking sides. I'm not even a conservative.
Ashton Wuh (2 years ago)
Then report on how the majority of news networks use their publicity to sway public opinion into a specific political group? Yeah. Doesn't fit their agenda, teehee.
obsolete optics (2 years ago)
The whole mission statement at Vice is simply to report on the absurdity of the modern condition.
Shes Comeundun (2 years ago)
Bri Wuh also vice has its roots in punk rock french Canada. they've never leaned right. you just want media that confirms your personal biases.
Shes Comeundun (2 years ago)
Bri Wuh yeah cos the two are completely equal.
SoulAsasin Jr. (2 years ago)
This really pisses me off, its needles, not fucking welfare. Pence is a fucking retard.
Hank Moody (2 years ago)
I'm a sanctimonious liberal...I'm better than you.
A Fernando (2 years ago)
Someone should pray for this reject to fukk himself
Scott Nahler (2 years ago)
"The virus was allowed to spread." Oh you mean by those who were willingly sharing needles to get high. I guess it's not the users fault, right. Government cannot save everybody from their own bad decisions. Personal responsibility is an outdated concept according to this report.
Олег Оленев (2 years ago)
Mike "304 electoral Volts" Pence
Z Jones (2 years ago)
Sooo.... elected leaders aren't allowed to carefully consider a decision? They are just supposed to go with whatever public opinion is at the time? I'm glad he didn't sign it right away and prayed on it.
THRIQUILLED (2 years ago)
Religion has no place in politics.
Dardania Lion (2 years ago)
How can you be a Christian or a Muslim before being an American? Being and American is much better than a filthy religion person.
YourHomieJesus (2 years ago)
Religion and politics what a great combination
TheJusticeChannel (2 years ago)
+George Macauley Estonia's government is dominated by centre-right liberals who adopt anti-theist stances to oppress their Russian minorities. You clearly have no idea how Zionism owns Western nations especially self-proclaimed "atheist" nations.
TheJusticeChannel (2 years ago)
+George Macauley They are also drowning in cultural Marxism and Zionism.
George Macauley (2 years ago)
The world's most secular nations are the most successful, happiest and most well-educated. If you consider being irreligous being immoral, then by your logic morals are of no imperative to society.
Mister Mood (2 years ago)
this guy is FAR worse than trump.
Keona Harper (2 years ago)
The Bleachening love is love. We are givin a choice.
Mister Mood (2 years ago)
i disagree with him on just about everything
Adrian (2 years ago)
That's the plan. Nobody will try to assassinate Trump.
WolfBlaz (2 years ago)
So basically Mike Pence believes what "moderate" muslims believe.
WolfBlaz (2 years ago)
Go ahead democrats, try to assassinate Donald Trump and you'll get Mike "LGBTQ BBQ" Pence.
VICE News (2 years ago)
In 2015 there was a huge spike in Scott Co in HIV cases among heroin users. After waffling (and praying) Gov. Mike Pence allowed an emergency needle exchange which stopped the outbreak. Needle exchange is now allowed in a handful of counties but the barriers are high: the locals have to pay for it themselves and the problem counties are often the poorest. Evan McMorris-Santoro takes a look at how health care spending bumps up against social mores, and how that might translate now that Pence is about to become VP. Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2jeT4y2 Read: “Tillerson’s relationship with Putin was key to his success as Exxon CEO” - http://bit.ly/2iYwQ3w Read: “Trump-branded buildings are likely terror targets, but its unclear who will pay for extra security” - http://bit.ly/2icIKVg
Sleekcartim .sleekcartim (8 months ago)
Its also well documented that reagan did the same thing killing thousands without so much as apology #ChristianDamage
Aaron Prince (1 year ago)
I live in Indianapolis Indiana he did expand Medicaid through a waiver but Indiana made need exchange programs illegal there was a CDC investigation in Scott County the HIV crisis got so bad so you don't know what you are talking about and I watch and read a variety of sources from CNN to Fox news , to vice, to VOX, the daily beast, Slate, the Indianapolis star.
Odon Flanagan (1 year ago)
man he goes against the conservative trend, brings in a remarkably progressive measure, cuts hiv infection rates and vice says it's a bad thing, do you know why? because Vice's viewership wants to hear how evil the big bad pro-lifer is, just another voice in the echo chamber, tu tut vice tut tut.
Paul Wheeler (2 years ago)
Indiana is in great shape. more fake news from a pro leftist organization. can you hacks get any worse?
fludblud (2 years ago)
It'll be very interesting to see how Pence and the religious sects of the Republican party will govern under a POTUS who worships himself and who's closest advisers (who also happen to be his children and son in law) had a relatively liberal New York upbringing.
Alex Boston (2 years ago)
I don't get this hatred of Pence. I'm gay but I don't blame him for his anti-gay views -- that's how he was raised and if that's what he believes fine. I think it's far more constructive to value someone's actual political ability rather than their specific views. Obviously, if he was to begin to legislate anti-gay law then I become hostile -- these are actions, not words -- but for as long as his ideals remain his ideals a common ground can always be found.
electric_magnetic (2 years ago)
he better hold on to his holy underwear because you don't want to piss off liberal millenials
Miki Seius (2 years ago)
Religion kills in more ways than just terrorist attacks.
Miki Seius (2 years ago)
+Alan Vuong Ofc you are right mate when it comes to fundamentalist Islam being more damaging to society that fundamentalist Christians. But that still doesn't make his comment invalid. One can be a hypocrite both ways. Conservatives are not known to question the vile practices within their own religion, western and eastern conservatives are both tribalist hypocrites. While regressive leftists are confused and ignorant of reality when it comes to theists.
Alan Vuong (2 years ago)
+George Macauley How many Christian organizations have thrown homosexuals off buildings, beheaded nonbelievers or enslaved women/girls as sexual slaves within the last decade? I'm agnostic myself, but the differences speak loudly.
George Macauley (2 years ago)
Conservatives sure love attacking Islam but tiptoe around Christianity
Miki Seius (2 years ago)
+titmouse1 By obsessing over factual evidence and sources? And by questioning everything at every turn? Oh yes, JUST like religious people..
titmouse1 (2 years ago)
Atheism is a religion ;) Not really, but atheist sure do act like religious people.
*TheVoxOfReason* (2 years ago)
He worries me way more than Trump ever did.
Les m (2 years ago)
Kesus hes orange af
Chance Becker (2 years ago)
ad someone who lives in Indiana i can agree with this
Falconoffury (2 years ago)
Mike Pence has made mistakes along the way, but I believe his heart is in the right place. You could make a similar video on quite a number of Democrat governors, who have their own share of missteps.
Zizi Mugen (2 years ago)
"Take care of your uteruses like you take care of our plastic bags." What-what? wtf, mate?
humanoid (2 years ago)
This guy will be our president after Trump's impeachment
Lemmegetamuhfckin UHHH (2 years ago)
Pence is a fucking moron
huberticusrex (2 years ago)
It's kind of sad that a state's nickname is some shitty sports movie
nathan m (2 years ago)
if he was Muslim u wouldn't dare make a video like this
George Macauley (2 years ago)
There have been multiple Vice documentaries criticizing the human rights conditions in Muslim countries. Vice has criticized radical Islam multiple times in the past Perhaps you should do some research before making baseless claims?
David Ulanovsky (2 years ago)
What a prick just like trump
SYF_Gaming (2 years ago)
Addicts will do heroin no matter what anyone does, pence / trump are the incarnation of pure evil.
Rudy Texas (2 years ago)
finally America exposed to the world
Aaron Francisco (2 years ago)
Vice has turned into another garbage news outlet. Later crybabies
Aaron Francisco (2 years ago)
None of that is comparable to what I'm talking about which is the people still being babies about the ELECTION RESULTS. Those are all separate issues within themselves. Yes and like every president they all receive their share of assassination attempts. I'm not surprised that Obama received his, I mean he has killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians with his drones in the Middle East. No wonder majority of the attempts were planned by muslims. Democrats don't even like him just like they dont Hillary and this years results proved that. I'm not saying there aren't some disgraceful conservatives out there because there are, just like there are disgraceful people on the left. We can go back and forth forever trying to validate who is better and who is worse but in reality there is good and evil on both sides. I just hope President Trump has a chance to prove himself and people just stop trying to sabotage him before he is even inaugurated. Good day
George Macauley (2 years ago)
+Aaron Francisco Did you miss the multiple assassination attempts on Obama? Did you miss the wide-scale anti-abortion protests Conservatives do around the world every year? Did you see the insane reaction from the legalization of gay marriage? Did you see the reactions to Roe V. Wade? Anybody who claims Conservatives don't react violently to political shifts they don't like needs to read their American history
Aaron Francisco (2 years ago)
I think killing a fetus is a lot more emotionally intriguing than losing an election. And no I haven't seen conservatives make a big deal out of past elections even close to the scale that the election losers have made this year. I don't recall civil disobedience and rallies every week after an election in my lifetime and that's because it hasn't happened. Conservatives just go back to work and wait for the next cycle. I guess that's what happens when you have a job you don't have the time or energy to be bitching in the streets all hours of the night. There is no way that conservatives make the left look moderate in that sense. That is just obsurd. I mean, the left has organized groups that are planning shutting down mass transit, acid gassing people in buildings, setting off fire sprinklers at inauguration events, fighting police, assaulting trump supporters, etc. Mentally ill bunch of psychos that should be arrested for domestic terrorism. Gonna be a looong 8 yrs for you fools
George Macauley (2 years ago)
The same people who have widescale emotional campaigns against abortions and gay people aren't crybabies? Have you never seen Conservatives losing their shit over being decimated in past elections? It makes the most far-left commies seem like moderate centrist's.
obsolete optics (2 years ago)
Aaron Francisco The whole mission statement at Vice has been simply to report on the absurdity of the modern condition.
IamMclov1n25 (2 years ago)
why should my tax dollars go to a junkie getting his fix?

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