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The Power of Compounding - Traders Corner

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www.TradersCorner-Online.com Traders Corner is a Forex education company run by Alex & Nicky Ong. We help new traders learn to trade the Forex markets. http://youtu.be/XInpsqf5JfQ
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Jacob Thomas (1 year ago)
maybe I'm a little to vanilla to this process to have a real understanding of how you came to those projections but in mine I came to a 1500% increase per year based on a 60% success rate, with 3 trades a week, at 2% risk, setting the take profit at double my stop loss or more. Am I being to optimistic? In your calculations do you predict a higher failure rate than success or have I just missed a variable of some kind? Any mathematical help will be much appreciated :)
Jacob Thomas (1 year ago)
(without leverage)
Jonathan Powley (1 year ago)
Hey Alex is 5-10% a month manageable?
Alex Ong (1 year ago)
yes definitely
Jason Russell (2 years ago)
This is BS. The way you grow account is by saving and depositing funds over the long run plus achieving compound return of 10-12% on that money. Not 30-100% per year. You will blow out by doing that.

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