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How To Become A (Self-Taught) Interior Designer / Decorator / Creative Professional

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Mr. Kate (2 years ago)
I really hope this inspires and informs you aspiring professional Creative Weirdos out there! Let me know if you have any more questions! Remember that your unique, creative voice is worth sharing always 💋👔🔮💡🦄 Love, Mr. Kate
Ireesh janine Tabugay (4 months ago)
I hope you can go to philippines
Melody (6 months ago)
Yes, thank you guys so much for making this video! 😊🤗
Its Kenna (6 months ago)
Mr. Kate HELLO! ❤️❤️ I might be moving away to Chicago, near my cousins and I was wondering how I can maybe contact you Incase we do move and you can decorate my bedroom!? Please reply so I can know how to contact you! Tysm! Bye! 😁❤️
Jelena Nedeljkovic (6 months ago)
Mr. Kate Thank you💖💖💖
F L (14 hours ago)
In California you need to be licensed to call yourself an Interior Designer or perform the business of an Interior Designer. What you are doing is actually illegal and you can get sued. Just because you like Interior Design does not mean you are a qualified professional.The only thing you can call yourself is an Interior Decorator. Without the proper education and experience it is illegal and unethical to represent yourself as a qualified professional. You are ignorant and spreading bad information.
June Corl (1 day ago)
June Corl (1 day ago)
I’m 13 and I have wanted to be an interior designer since I was 10. Thank you so much for making this video!
sus2731 (1 day ago)
Be careful with the advise you are giving as in many states is ILLEGAL to present yourself as an "Interior Designer" if you don't have a License, you will be fine..or you can go to jail. To call or present yourself as an "Interior Designer" you MUST be licensed, to be licensed you must take and pass the exam by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) which requires at least a bachelor degree in Interior Design and at least 2 years on the job training to be able to take the exam. To be a Professional Member of the ASID you must be licensed by the NCIDQ. To be able to do REAL interior design work with contractors, architects, electritians, plumbers, and to be able to get permits, if needed, from a City, you MUST be licensed. A "designer" who doesn't have a license, even if she has a bachelor dregree, is NOT an "Interior Designer" is just an mere "Interior DECORATOR".
Eduardo Torres (1 day ago)
I'm in the second year of interior design and let me tell you is so fucking hard, I got no social life. Is like architecture just without deep mathematics in a more artistic approach. Before I joined this career I thought it was easier, more laidback but i was so wrong is not easy in fact challenging cause is so hands on it that u need to actually do all ur ideas material so fucking hard and time consuming hahahahahaa
christine white (4 days ago)
You are amazing! I love how your past experiences totally tie into what you do today. You are so authentic and passionate about what you do! I’m excited to visit Vidcon for the first time this year. Any pointers?
Attached To You (7 days ago)
Anyone here from 2019 and feeling weirded out that she’s blonde and not pregnant? 😂😂😂
Kay K (4 days ago)
Attached To You yup!
Asention (7 days ago)
What you said about qualifications actually makes me happy. In todays day and age you can learn so much and it is sad that you need a paper that states that you are qualified because over half of the time I found that people without qualifications do much MUCH better job in the field of IT/Designing/Coding and so on. I want to learn about interior/exterior designing since I spent over 8 hours on a computer anyway. And combining that with being a sysadmin would actually make my life a bit more fun.
Eduardo Torres (2 days ago)
go fucking school to be an interior designer, don't follow the easy way JAIL JAIL JAIL
maria_asmr X (9 days ago)
I wanna be one when Im older 😄 btw I’m 13
Alexia Matos (4 days ago)
I also want to be one when I'm older I'm 10
Meghan Everard (10 days ago)
I am studying Production Design and I Wana do interior design 😁😁😁😁
Biswajit Majhi (20 days ago)
I am from India, I am also a self though designer and I have done variety of design aspect, so can you add work with you?
Biswajit Majhi (20 days ago)
Hi, you are beautiful
Stephanie E (21 days ago)
Wow what a great amount of honest information! I loved it thank you for sharing it. I’m currently studying to be an RN but may consider this career instead if I don’t get accepted into the program (it’s pretty competitive). Your video gives me hope. Maybe this is possible for me to get in to. I’ve always wanted to be a designer but not sure where to start! Thanks 😊
SS S (22 days ago)
any suggestion for software
catherine hasbun (22 days ago)
Hahahaha I’m dying here. U are the best !!! 😘❤️
Sherifa Ghoneim (27 days ago)
Can you explain what the difference between and interior designer and an interior decorator
Sherifa Ghoneim (1 day ago)
Klara Jirouskova it was a question, u don't have to be so harsh
sus2731 (1 day ago)
Serifa, @SY is correct but to make it easier for you: An Interior Designer is a person who has a bachelor degree in Interior Design, has years of experience, had pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam and has an Interior Designer License. An Interior Decorator is any person with or without an Interior Design degree who doenst have the license to practice as an Interior Designer.
Eduardo Torres (1 day ago)
she is neither or
S Y (23 days ago)
Interior designer is someone who plans, designs, and they also read blueprints, know building regulations and also inspection regulations and etc. Interior decorator is another word for home stager. they only focus on the decorating aspect.
Klara Jirouskova (24 days ago)
She did, in the first couple of minutes. If you have a hearing problem, google it.
Luetzsab (29 days ago)
Funny how she's excited about hitting 1 million subs. Now, 18 months later, she has 3,3 million. So proud of your success! Stay you and keep on the good mood!
Stitch Lover (30 days ago)
id really love to be an interior designer just like you but make it my own buisness. You inspire me a lot but also i just love to be creative and designing houses and rooms is just so fun for me!
Mystery ¿? (30 days ago)
My high school actually starts interior design classes next semester so I'm trying to get inspired😏
Evaleen Samuel (1 month ago)
I love this so much! This video is just what I needed, liked and subscribed ❤️😍😍
Hussain Tabi (1 month ago)
Just found you..Loved it..For sure you have a new fan now
Veronika Lattin (1 month ago)
I just discovered this page. You have a new fan for sure
Shandii Pandii (1 month ago)
Kate is sooooo right!!! But Lol my Architecture professors would disagree with the difference between an interior Designer vs Decorator. No Im not being offensive its just scarey here in Miami. If you don't have a degree you can't be called an Interior Designer now. And you certainly can't design commercial spaces. The design world here is so competitive and scary in Miami. They'll make you feel like you're not legit if you don't have an actual degree. But even after graduation you see that there's more to learn in the field vs school. I feel like they've created these difference between designer and decorator just to take our money. But alas I wouldn't get a job that pays decent if I didn't get the degree 😩.
catadhernandez (14 days ago)
There's always been the difference, the reason why now it's harder is because a lot of interior decorator takes advantages. Besides a designer knows more than just making a space pretty they are also in schools that are accredited by CIDA or IIDA etc.. As a designer I can tell you it is annoying when people tell you that you only make pretty rooms or don't take your career serious because they have this career confused with what a decorator do. Hope this help.
Jodian Chuck-Smith (1 month ago)
Awesome!!!! I love these pointers. I am so on my way. I love being creative, transforming spaces and positively impacting others lives
msshaun 71 (1 month ago)
Can you guys find a craft room to do
Foxy_Gacha 1537 (1 month ago)
Can you make a video on how to sign up for you to do peoples rooms?
Crystal's Daily Vlog (1 month ago)
i wanna be interior designer and a adventure photographer...But i dont know what bachelor to choose for that cousrse
Zuri Navarro (1 month ago)
Cryss•earl's DailyVlog go schedule an appointment with your college counselor they’ll be able to guide you better and print classes that you’ll need to reach your goal
OSARUMEN ASEMOTA (1 month ago)
Whoa this really cool but check a different way to make a different look on your home....check by clicking https://wishes2.com/RhNy9
Jacqueline Cosme (1 month ago)
Did you ever do a room and they didn't like it
James Kim (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. It really helped to encourage me. :)
Danou Schweren (1 month ago)
I just applied today for a education here in the Netherlands for interior decorator and I’m so happy to see this video. You and Joey have been a enormous inspiration for this decision. Thank you
Eurtle Turtle (1 month ago)
+Danou Schweren wow thank you so much!! I will definetly check them out :D
Katie Brumskill (1 month ago)
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!
Danou Schweren (1 month ago)
Eurtle Turtle there are a few! There is one in Utrecht which is very nice but I’m going to a summa college :) good luck
Eurtle Turtle (1 month ago)
Hey! Interior education in the Netherlands? Is there a college or a course or? Aha sorry, I live here and I am in middle school, deciding on my future. Can give me any education course names or college names? Good luck on your journey!
wackwitwes715 (1 month ago)
Interesting...I think I'll give interior decorating a try. Thanks for the info😎
Charlotte Smith (1 month ago)
Silence Dogood (1 month ago)
if one more youtuber starts their stupid video with "im so excited" im gunna throw my laptop.
Silence Dogood (1 month ago)
+Taylor Zain it's just seeing people start their video the same way on every channel i click on gets really old. that would be like turning on the tv and every program has the same theme song, same character in the same house and not its own personality. it is like no one has their own personality/vocabulary anymore. u know what i mean...
Taylor Zain (1 month ago)
if excited people trigger anger inside you maybe therapy would be an obvious alternative to watching youtube....?
Pink Kiss (2 months ago)
"Believe in your talent." That's like telling a shy person, "just talk to others." I don't mean to sound critical because it's well-intentioned advice coming from a nice person, but it's useless. I would go with "Build your skills." By building your skills, belief in your abilities may come as a result. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this video, and it's making me think more on my own journey as a home decorator, whether I want to keep it as a hobby or perhaps take it a step further.
Elom Delali (2 months ago)
Thank you ! You are so talented
Gabriela Cantera (2 months ago)
Idk if people are going to see this, but I’m a sophomore and my school gives us a chance to take a program with careers that maybe you are interested, I’m taking construction bc in interior design Ik I have to work with a lot of measurements blueprint etc. Well I’m taking that class and for my science I’m taking physics and for math it’s just algebra 2 adding to that I’m going to take an elective of business, so construction will help me with interior design, so I’m going to a community college, and they offer interior design, so now that I’m going to now some of the “basics” it would be easier, I recommend also talking other “careers” that branch in with interior design :) also idk if this is confusion but it’s alright
Donna M (2 months ago)
You are not an Interior Designer. You are a Professional Decorator. Be more respectful of those who have learned a whole lot more about the full job of Interior Design. Your work is interesting. The videos are interesting. Live it all honestly. It's fine as is- without titling yourself incorrectly. 😊
Donna M (2 months ago)
+Yasmine Wilson what a strange reply. Do you hire wanna be doctors, lawyers or car mechanics? She is not an Interior Designer. Nothing wrong with what she does. In fact, it's great. She simply must not adopt a title she didn't earn. And, you, you need to learn better come backs- seriously lame. For your edification- https://digitalartschool.com/program-news/interior-design/what-difference-between-interior-design-and-interior-decorating
Yasmine Wilson (2 months ago)
Donna M get over yourself 🙄
Nikki Love-Bugg (2 months ago)
thanks 4 this!! 👍🏽
Aamanda Zittlau (2 months ago)
I don’t understand all these hate comments saying that you can’t be a “self taught” interior designer... like why not?? Because some national board somewhere says you’re not? SCREW THE MAN am I right lol #missmewiththatcapitalism
Mare Kirk (2 months ago)
Interior designers are on par with architects, and have to know so many clearance and safety measures and laws about building codes. They’re trained in using professional computer drafting programs like AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp, which are industry standard for construction managers and architects. The interior designers I know spend most of their time using these programs to draft interiors, knowing where to place walls around windows and doors, knowing where power and water hookups and in and out exhaust systems are and designing around them. Their plans need to be so detailed that they can be handed over to builders and subcontractors and be executed to the detail without having to call the designer or make costly mistakes. Inches off on a sheet can screw up the entire process of building a space. The details of building codes, construction terminology, communicating with subcontractors and managing project timelines and budgets are more than half of the job of a professional interior designer. It’s so much more than selecting paint colors, tile, flooring, furniture and accessories. It’s no joke being an interior designer, and you have to be respectful of the people who invest so much into building both habitable and beautiful homes.
Donna M (2 months ago)
Self taught Professional Decorator is not a bad thing. She simply should not disrespect the profession she wants to use the name of. In watching these entertaining videos and having worked with Interior Designers I see errors that she should know better about. Even she states "go to school"- because there is a reason.
Britt Cox (2 months ago)
Hey Mr. Kate- I'm sort of in your sitch. Graduated Bach. Of Fine Arts in Studio Art. I'd like to know what Certification class you took- like, what did it entail? I'm looking for a similar class so I can have some background knowledge.
Alexi Hanner (2 months ago)
Alexandra Ryzhkova (2 months ago)
Beth Fleming (2 months ago)
While I enjoy the majority of the Mr. Kate videos, this video is offensive to educated and qualified interior designers like myself. I watch these videos for inspiration, but there is no such thing as a “self taught interior designer.” Mr Kate is a great decorator, but any true interior designer would not be so negative about sitting for the national exam to become qualified.
Kayla Taylor (2 months ago)
the laws are different in California..anyone can call themselves an interior designer....maybe do some research before getting triggered... https://ccidc.org/
Beth Fleming (2 months ago)
+K W yes you are right, there can be a self taught designer if they take the time and use the correct resources and materials to educate themselves, which would be quite impressive and I personally applaud! I apologize for my ignorance in the previous comment. However, to someone who is properly self-taught or to someone who went to school for it, it is still humiliating that there are uneducated people calling themselves designers when they are really just decorators. That was the point of my initial comment.
K W (2 months ago)
+Beth Fleming Thing is, she encourages people to go to school and learn. She just explains that it's not the end of the world if you don't have the time or funds to take the exam. So many skills can be self-taught, even the complicated ones. Those who teach themselves enough can pass the exam and have the knowledge to back it up. They are designers, even though they didn't go to school. Same for when people go through the schooling, but can't/don't take the exam; they are designers, just not officially qualified - IF they have the knowledge to back it up. I'm not saying that everyone who teaches themselves a little is a professional designer. Some are just involved as a hobby and others may think they're more professional than they are. That said, Kate is ONLY saying that not taking the exam doesn't mean you can't be a professional designer, but that you should still go to school and learn the ins and outs of designing. An example is that there is a lot more to playing the piano than just pressing keys. Some train for years and know the ins and outs of it, whereas others teach themselves and know a lot about it, but aren't officially qualified. Neither is more professional than the other based off of that; one is just more qualified and formerly educated. You can share the career with others who are less formerly educated/qualified than you - provided they do actually have good knowledge of it because they've genuinely taught themselves, rather than just random people who furnish rooms with no knowledge behind it, just what "looks nice". You don't have to behave threatened or invalidated by people who have put in just as much time and effort as you, but taught themselves (extensively) and/or didn't take the exam. If they have the same knowledge as you, they aren't less of a professional designer, they're just less officially qualified.
Beth Fleming (2 months ago)
+Steph Exactly! What you said is spot on. The general public does not understand what a struggle it is for people to take business away from a true professional when that person has not done half as much to get where they are. It is extremely disappointing, but people who are not in this field do not understand this and that is the main reason I made this initial comment, to help them understand that just because someone can put a couch in their living room and hang a piece of art does not mean that they are a true designer!
Beth Fleming (2 months ago)
+K W I am absolutely not "invalidating" her career by saying what I did. Obviously they have succeeded well at what they are doing and I think it is great. My issue is with people calling themselves "designers" just because they furnish a house, when they don't truly understand what design is. Anyone can furnish a house, but a true designer takes into account how things go together, the scale, the textures, and so much more that no one understands. Design is part talent and skill, but it's also a large part education. In a way, people like these are "invalidating" educated and qualified professionals by insinuating that you don't have to go to school or take the exam to become a designer, when in truth they are not even designers.
mendan Bobb (2 months ago)
Hey guys! I’m currently majoring in interior design and I’m trying to grow my insta account to get my name out there! Follow me at @mendanbobb :)
jaelyn Kinney (2 months ago)
You have a Joey I have a dad 😋😛
Luise tiramisu (2 months ago)
Hey gorgeous Kate! I’m a fan and I was wondering if you could help me with choice of colour for my flooring in hallway, my living room is hard wood brazilian cherry ☠️, I don’t know what colour would match that if I were to make over only the hallway , hope you care to reply ❤️
Leah (2 months ago)
Luise tiramisu this is an old video so I dont think she will answer to this :/
Taylor Moss (2 months ago)
This video was really slow. The first half was not very useful. It could have been covered in a minute or less. I thought the second half was insightful and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.
Rosie Vu (2 months ago)
Thank you a lot for your sharing! I just quit my corporate job recently to pursue a study in Interior Stylish (in February) and have started to work on some of my friends’ houses and rooms.. for free and really wondering how I should charge others in the future because it takes a lot of my time :) I was thinking of the exact 3 ways as you mentioned in the video so watching your video makes me feel more certain about it. Very helpful to me! Thanks for all the tips too! I hope to start my new career in Interior Styling real soon! Have a nice day! ^^ From Vietnam with love, Rosie
Skylar French (2 months ago)
what are some good online interior design colleges
samiha sharif nur (2 months ago)
I want to be a interior designer help me
Ana-Gabriela Quintero (3 months ago)
Unfortunately, using the term interior designer is not regulated in the United States and so can cause a lot of confusion in the industry. Mr. Kate is not an interior designer but an interior decorator. She did not follow the proper channels to gain an education that focuses on the health and wellbeing of a space's inhabitants and while she may be a great businesswoman and have good taste, would not be hired as a professional interior designer. The reason that a certified interior design education along with certification is important is because interior designers deal with codes that pertain to the inhabitant's wellbeing. If you are seriously considering becoming an interior designer, check out this article on what interior design really is. https://www.qpractice.com/interior-design-vs-interior-decorating/
Donna Roselyn (1 month ago)
As if architects or contractors and of course residential clients, in reality, care if you're licensed. They don't.
Ashleigh S (1 month ago)
Except...she is hired as a professional interior designer 🤔🙄❤
TerrBerr84 (2 months ago)
The health and well-being stuff is a load of bull. I say this as someone that went to school. You don’t have to be educated to be a designer.
Caren Dychangco (2 months ago)
Ana-Gabriela Quintero 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Honey Xoxo (3 months ago)
Hi Mr. Kate , My dream job is what you do cuz iam a creative weirdo and I love to decorate and do diy and I been told that I am good at decorating n that makes me so happy to know because I know it’s my passion and iam looking into it . So this video helped me a lot . Ps . I love your good energy and good vibe Mr.Kate ..
Jiggity Jeff (3 months ago)
Michael Dudek (3 months ago)
BEWARE! There are two sides to interior design. In the U.S. anybody can call themselves an "interior designer" (except in Louisiana and D.C.). If you want to design/decorate peoples homes then you do not need anything but a pulse. These decorators can legally call themselves "interior designer" but cannot practice beyond single family homes where a building permit is required. However, if you want to be a professional interior designer who designs commercial spaces in which the user's health safety and wellbeing are paramount, you will most definitely need an accredited education and certification via an exam. In Canada the title is regulated. Be careful up there. This is a good video that better explains the profession of interior design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEQdqZm0gNE
Imagine Knowledge (3 months ago)
Can you make video on point without waiting our time really don't wanna see your drama
Jocelyn D (2 months ago)
You are so rude
DJ Jones (2 months ago)
Fuck you
Sa ra (3 months ago)
new greys luv (3 months ago)
You're not an interior designer, you're a decorator..
Elle Lee (2 months ago)
BarbieHarajuku98 interior designer = interior architect, thus you have to pass licensing especially with building codes, that's a safety hazard.
sleazy potato (2 months ago)
People are so petty.
DJ Jones (2 months ago)
+new greys luv umm have you actually watched her videos?! She DEFINITELY does way more than decorate. She has a hand in choosing building designs and refurbishing rooms and stuff. AND she decorates too,. On top of rebuilds stuff.
artdancelvr (3 months ago)
and she does say this at 2:58
BarbieHarajuku98 (3 months ago)
Em Uh If you mean an interior architect does a lot more you are right, but an interior designer = decorator.
Izabela Wright (3 months ago)
Interior designer has a degree!! calling yourself a SELF-TAUGHT one sounds uneducated, delusional and slightly offensive. You might be an amazing interior decorator, but you are not a self-taught designer
Steph (2 months ago)
​+DJ Jones To be clear, she said in the video that she didn't go to school for interior design, and that she majored in film production.
WiseWillow (2 months ago)
Maybe look into shit before commenting crap. DJ owned ya. you dont need an education to go into someones home and help decorate and style there home. but if your going into a business building or public place, you need at least a bachelors certified, and license.
DJ Jones (2 months ago)
She graduated from college studying interior design... She just didn't take the exam to get certified. She still graduated the classes though
evaefi (3 months ago)
Starts at 8:00
Connor Pennell (1 month ago)
It actually does start at 00:00
Terrence Sayles (3 months ago)
thank you! damn!!!
Lindsey Breault (3 months ago)
Thx 😂
Imagine Knowledge (3 months ago)
Thanks life saver
Ly Ly (3 months ago)
Anyone know why her channel name is Mr. Kate?
Elisma Schutte (27 days ago)
She loves juxtaposition so I read somewhere that because she loves juxtaposition so much - that she thought ‘Mr’ and a female name ‘Kate’ is a nice juxtaposition
Day23J1k (1 month ago)
I wonder that too.
Lindsay Lorraine (3 months ago)
So... Just get on a TV show. Cool.
VINCENTON (3 months ago)
I go by what Jack Sparrow said: "My ship makes me captain..."
Phsycotic Singer (3 months ago)
Its how “did” not how “do”
jasmine smith (4 months ago)
I love the idea of combining different interior styles together. At the moment, I’m loving A Modern Grand Tour’s (https://amoderngrandtour.com/collections/lighting). They combine vintage interior design with an unique twist.
Charley sommers (4 months ago)
Linda Grimm (4 months ago)
My Grand-daughter is a Waldorf kid. I hope she becomes as creative as you.
Callee Reimers (4 months ago)
If you could will you please reply so I could use your knowledge for interior design.
DJ Jones (2 months ago)
Why do you need her to reply to use her ideas...?
Josh McLaren (4 months ago)
Hey, Kate. Check out my Professional interior design page! Been in the industry about 7 years, but just took the leap to go freelance; all a work in progress! facebook.com/baltimorehomedesign
m.elbayoumi elshikh (4 months ago)
see more The beauty of the Rooom divider ideashttps://youtu.be/-LJgq_r11Uk
MeEmme Espinosa (4 months ago)
You’re not an interior designer. Interior designers put in hours of work for this learn building codes and how a house functions and learn every nitty gritty detail of a space. You are a decorator. You decorate a space, paint, furniture. A designer designs bathrooms and kitchens and knows how to build a house. You don’t know how to build a house.
Carol MacDougall (2 months ago)
She may not be a certified designer, but she is one heck of a decorator, and Joey is a fantastic hands on d I y. Such a talented couple, artistic, innovative and inspiring decorators. Well done Mr Kate. I am a huge fan
sleazy potato (2 months ago)
+RogerTheCactus this makes me think a designer is needed! Thank you. I'm just doubting myself bevomibg one.
anabel8lee (3 months ago)
+RogerTheCactus your collage sounds like it made you one heck of a disigner!
RogerTheCactus (3 months ago)
Thank you! i am an interior disigner i kept listening to this woman thinking she doesn't know anything... in my collage we didn't even learn about decoration that much because it was considered a thing of personal taste... i mean i had to be tasefully done, obviously but it wasn't a subject of importance and it was the last thing we did, like cherry on top. where you put your hallway and how does it connect to rooms now that's important! natural light, where are the water sources, parting walls- how many is not enough and how many is too much... there are tons of stuff you have to think through before you can even come to choosing furniture... what kind of painting do you hang on your walls is the last thing you think about- if you even think about that. so yes i agree, she's not a designer.
Aubrey (4 months ago)
I'm 11 and I better than a lot of other people at making and decorating rooms. So I'm self taught
teb Interiors Inc. (4 months ago)
AWESOME!!!! We are UBER Self taught over here. Everything we do, we taught ourselves how to do it.....well YouTUbe taught us, i suppose. lol. Keep up the great content!!
Ami Alice (4 months ago)
Your an interior decorator not a interior designer
Ami Alice (3 months ago)
+Billy's Angel an interior designer goes much deeper then just the decro part, that only counts for like 25% of what a interior designer does. Interior designers are more like interior architects, we deal with building codes, space planning, renderings, research, construction documents not limited to mechanical plans, demo plans, floor plans, structural plans, specifications, etc. Almost everyone that goes into interior design program goes in thinking they are going to be doing stuff like hgtv when they realize that a just a very small portion of a what we do. I know I did, now that I graduated it's practically insulting when people only think you decorate. Of course you can't blame them since the media misleads people and at the end of the day what people see is the visual aesthetic of a space. There is actually a debate within the interior design field of wanting to change interior designer to the name interior architects because of this. What she has described here is interior decorating, and there is nothing wrong with that, everything involves a form of skills and talent.
Billy's Angel (3 months ago)
What’s the difference?
queer noodle - (4 months ago)
She said why shes saying interior designer but ok
Emira Marra (4 months ago)
I love you this is so informative! I’ve been thinking about doing this I’ve always been passionate about home decor.
Kwindian69 (4 months ago)
Hi Mr.Kate! I start my new job tomorrow as a design consultant at a furniture store where I live. They have an 8 week interior design program that I am excited for! I have always had a flair growing up for interior design where I have already helped with 3 homes. I also will be going to school for interior design. I just wanted to say I am a huge fan and I am so happy I stumbled upon your show. I was wondering if you ever come to florida at all. I would live to get in contact with you and pick your brain about some ideas I have. Thanks so much! Xoxo Brandi
Natasha Lindner (4 months ago)
Doing what you are passionate about needs you, and not a piece of paper. I love what you share and it inspires me to have a go ,and although my husband encourages me to do the studies, for now it makes me happy to be inspired by you, xox.
Something else Sophia (4 months ago)
Even though I am ten I really want to be interior designer I really really really want to be one
Kyla Tindall (4 months ago)
Omg me too!
Rana Alhadad (4 months ago)
♥️you can do it
Aubrey Swenson (4 months ago)
Thank you so much Kate you have inspired me now I know what my future awaits I now want to be a interior designer!!! I’m so great full for you!!! I ❤️ u
Lisa Pieper (4 months ago)
Love your spirit and knowledge!
sibel shejdo (4 months ago)
coude you make a vid about how you can make your jewelry on your own and what you need to do that love you so much💜💙😘😘
monica Mourad (4 months ago)
please make more vids like that
Kemberleigh Purvis (4 months ago)
I'm actually in college and it's my first year and I've already changed my major twice. I was required to go to this house museum and when we looked around it,it sort of sparked this interest I once had about becoming an interior designer. Right now I'm majoring in graphic design and I'm not sure if I have to necessarily major in interior design to be an actual interior designer,but your video really helped me! I love being able to be creative and work in other people's styles and seeing how they come together!
Kemberleigh Purvis (4 months ago)
+David Flores thank you! It really does! I've been playing around with ideas and creating electronic visuals for my ideas most recently! My grandma is letting me design her bedroom, and I'm super excited to make her room look more colorful but also keeping a similar color palette to what she has now! Depending on how they like my design for the bedroom,I could possibly do a makeover for the living room!
David Flores (4 months ago)
I’m actually studying interior design and I cannot tell you how important it is to also be good at graphic design. Some classmates cannot present their ideas on a computer screen or through drawings and such so it’s really hard for anyone to get their point across. You need to have a good visual with graphic design in order to sell the idea you have for an interior space. Without this you won’t get far. Try to be as proficient as you can with adobe and then make the switch to interior design. It will make classes go by much smoother. Guarantee it!!!! Hope this advice helps!!
Kemberleigh Purvis (4 months ago)
+Bibi Yol I've been thinking of making my own business for the longest time,but at the same time it's way too expensive to do. I do like graphic design but I don't want that to be my full time career. It's nice as a side job,but as an interior designer I would make so much more money and would be able to work with a diverse population of people with different styles and personalities.
Bibi Yol (4 months ago)
OMG SAME!! I don’t know either I think I just might make a business with graphic design (side job) and interior design my main career 🤷‍♀️
Jamin Jules (4 months ago)
Can you do a video in my room
Pasesi Interiors (4 months ago)
Great video! I'm sure it has helped many people
Yantram Studio (4 months ago)
Nice Video!! If you are interested in Architecture then Please visit :- http://yantramstudio.com
Olivia Ekwelu (5 months ago)
I’m really good with virtual designing and I like taking in that idea and using it in real life
Lady J (5 months ago)
I loved it!! Thank you so much for making this video!!
John-Mark Klapperich (5 months ago)
5 minutes in and I already Love her! Fellow creative weirdo ;)
Leila Trottier-Evans (5 months ago)
Does this mean I can't also do the exterior? I want to do stuff like chip and joanna gaines.
iiomqitz georgie (5 months ago)
I want to be a flight attendant but i hate high school with a passion so im trying to find a job for the future (im 15)
Megan Jordan (5 months ago)
I wanna do something with design I’m not sure I wanna do apprenticeship as I don’t wanna go to uni I’m 20 and still can’t make up my mind lol 😂 I live in the uk 🇬🇧
Andrea Dominga Chidiac (3 months ago)
Can you tell me what you have decided ? I wanna become an interior designer and decorator but I don't know where are the best courses in UK. I 'M not in UK but I'd love to study there.
Aparna Vyas (5 months ago)
You speak too much....
madison MUA (4 months ago)
Scrolling the comments and hmm.. Everything was very informative and she has an amazing heart. Dont be rude she s just giving people knowledge on what her subscribers like me ask for. This video was nothing short of informative.
Ren G (5 months ago)
And we love her for it.
Kyra Carty (5 months ago)
Aparna Vyas this is a video about her explaining how she became an interior designer so of course she is gonna talk
iiomqitz georgie (5 months ago)
U need to stfu.
Hannelie Roodt (5 months ago)
Seriously.......come on
MissAquaGamer (5 months ago)
Fine then, since everyone wants to be technical. I want to become a professional Interior DECORATOR. Exactly what Mr. Kate is doing 💙 She’s the best of the best.
Julienne Salazar (5 months ago)
Hi Mr. Kate! I'm a waldorf kid too! I just knew you were as well. Loveee lovee love your designs! <3
Bethany may (5 months ago)
Callee Reimers (5 months ago)
hello my name is callee reimers i'm doing a interior design project for my gifted class and i would like to interview you
DesignLifeApp (5 months ago)
Being an interior designer is an awesome job, you change peoples lives for the better, adding a sense of purpose to a room and allowing the clients to be in a happy healthy space. Our App will allow you to help with the finishing elements of any room; allowing you to take a picture and see the items in your specific room set.
Bethany may (5 months ago)
I think that's really cool
Sarah Kitney (5 months ago)
Here are some tips for those of you considering the field of Interior Decorating/Design: First thing first- If you're going into this field know the difference between an Interior DESIGNER and an Interior DECORATOR. You cannot call yourself an Interior Designer without accreditation, in certain States/Provinces you can be fined for this. Second- you'll never do mood boards for clients if you're professional- you may get the odd client ask for one, but don't go into a meeting with a mood board unless you're in school and or presenting to a large group...It's all about renderings- get to know AUTOCAD or Sketchup Pro. Know your stuff! I worked for five years in a paint store selling paint, stain, wallpaper, furniture, blinds, fabric, custom drapery etc...It has elevated my ability to give sound advice, and clients respect that and seek me out because of that. I also worked for a year in a high-end tile store, designing bathrooms and kitchens with other designers and retail clients. This taught me a lot about harder textiles- including tile application, trims (Schluter) and what looks good together and what doesn't. It's also super beneficial to have a customer service background. It will only help your career. I find that's where people lack skills, not in design aesthetic, but knowing how to handle clients-specially difficult ones- and build a rapport with your clients. Learn building codes, and how to read blueprints. Also, I see a lot of Designers/Decorators with really bad math skills- learn how to calculate sqft and how to take measurements. I also find knowing how to calculate yardage required for fabric projects and wallpaper a helpful tool. Its made things easier for me. You're never going to graduate and be a full-on Designer/Decorator right out of the gate, so you might as well work part-time in a place where you're going to learn practical skills that will only help you in your career. Look at local decorating stores like paint stores, window covering stores, furniture etc. I also worked in Film as a set decorator, it wasn't glamorous at all- and the days were very long- I wouldn't recommend this path unless you're okay with being married to your career. I'm 31 now and I spend my entire twenties educating myself and setting myself up for a successful career by continuing with my education even after graduation. Only now am I able to finally work full time (comfortably) as a designer- which is rare in my city. Those of you looking to start upon graduating, try and get into work with a big builder/contractor company. Oh! And Network, network, network! Best of luck XOXO
lamusiquefanatique (4 months ago)
Thanks. That's really good advice.
Rose Riv (5 months ago)
Sarah Kitney Hi Sarah! I was wondering could we somehow chat by email or whatever you’d prefer? I am really interested in what you have to say! Thanks in advance
Alyssa Lackey (5 months ago)
I'm just about to go to college next year been very serious about becoming an interior designer for years I've been told though that I should get a degree in business management and marketing as well as an interior design certificate if you see this what are your thoughts on that

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