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Dangers in Paradise What Belize tourists aren't being told

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Jazlene Chicas (2 days ago)
I live in Belize
playinragz (2 days ago)
What kind of idiot goes to a place like this? The same idiot who vacations in Afghanistan. Oh yes, they do it!
Fatimah Muhammad (2 days ago)
Its hard for white ppl.... ive been multiple times and never had a problem Absolutely love Belize #501, i about alone and never is looked at differently..to them im belizean
W S (8 days ago)
baby khan (13 days ago)
Murder Dem murder Dem
InQue Hamilton (18 days ago)
BELIZE DOES NOT HAVE ONE OF THE HIGHEST IN THE WORLD. U gonna compare this little country to countries where people are bombing and have greater population...stop with FAKE NEW! BELIZE IS SAFE like any country travel with caution and don't wear flashy jewelry
Atak Goloi (18 days ago)
Americans are hated in the world and that's for good reason
Amiel Topsey (20 days ago)
People of the world...do not bring your petty self absorbed bs to the 501!!!
Ginio Lamy (23 days ago)
White American Canadian being killed
Iram-bitxz (25 days ago)
If you don’t like it than get the fuck off
MOJAVE DESERT (27 days ago)
Notice it is only "White" people who complain?8🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
MendezGV (29 days ago)
That sound like Chicago
MendezGV (29 days ago)
Have you notice that they are all white
Glenn Gooman (1 month ago)
Why are you bad mouthing Belize stop now please...what is the murder rate in the US? America is always the best yeah right....
Richard Burns (1 month ago)
Update on Belize's Central Prison , the current population: That number is 1,225 as of date of this entry. The prison has a total capacity of 2,100 inmates. Belize's population is between 350 to 360 thousand full time residents. Belize is composed of a half dozen large towns, one main city and the rest is a collection of sleepy towns where it is easy to fall asleep sitting down on your front porch. So then, why would more than a million tourist ( per year ), tens of thousands of immigrants and thousands of retirees call Belize their new home if it was such a dangerous place ?
Dajah Turner (1 month ago)
Im a proud belizean living in belize yes we have problems like any country but tbis is bullshit to make it seem like were crazy
0 0 (1 month ago)
I'm originally from Belize born an raise, an my time there I never really heard about; too much crime compared to now" I currently live in USA, for now" Belize is paradise STFU, with that dumbass propaganda' b.s unlike Central America there is violence, everywhere just have to be aware" of your Surroundings.....
teengenerate08 (1 month ago)
Worked there for years (1998-2007). Loved the country and the people. That said its not without crime. I got robbed at gun point there (near the border, by bandits).It is a great place but its important not be naive about the problems that are endemic there
Trecia Flowers-Dyson (1 month ago)
Number #1 Common Sense travel in groups and don't stay off. Always be aware of your surroundings no matter if you think it's safe, your never 100% safe.
Marie Smith (1 month ago)
I was just there last week on a cruise. I got a taxi driver that had to have a license to show who was carrying my husband and I. Belize is my first Granddaughter's Heritage. I dug in and found things I wanted to see and get pictures of. Its sad this happened but drugs and crime are everywhere. Its a shame no country is without blame on their drugs etc. Belize is basically a new country. England finally gave them their country back. I will say I saw a pride in trying to build their country.. Belize has the second largest coral reef system. The water is breath taking. All month of September when England gave them their country back is extremely important for this small country. It was an awesome experience and I will be going back for my granddaughter.
Adeline Waight (1 month ago)
Americans always want to come and act like they are better than anyone and a lot of women come and get into problems and blame the ppl and not the fact that they don’t be careful
jennifer (1 month ago)
Fact....the US is alot more dangerous.
Alex Brooks (1 month ago)
how about fuck the media in the u.s belize is the best ,
K G (1 month ago)
Better call Saul he loves Belize
Miguel Bonilla (1 month ago)
Much of the issues with these crimes is that these tourists become associated with the wrong people. I live in Belize and although Belize city is not the most peaceful place, all the other parts are filled with good people. The reporting is very poor and misleading, if anything, it is as fallacious as it can get.
Thomas Paine (1 month ago)
I have been here a mere 24 hours. I am going back to Costa Rica. Upon getting into the city, and waiting for the Ferry. I was harassed and insulted for not buying drugs 4 times ( in a 1 hour walk ) my girlfriend who was beside me was aggressively flirted with. The locals are ultra aggressive and rude, furthermore were staying at Caye Caulker & the beach has the most intense rotten smell 5 times worse than any other beach I've been to. I have been to 39 counties, and this is by far my most unpleasant experience, I'm currently on Expedia to go back to Canada or back to Costa Rica, where the locals don't make you feel very uncomfortable& the beach dosent have rotten sea grass poisoning the fish & my lungs. Beware if you're affluent at all please go somewhere else!!
Aitiana Smith (1 month ago)
If we're so dangerous and have one of the highest rates in the region, then why do Central Americans consider it a safe haven? Why have we had over 4,000 asylum seekers since 2015? Why are people fleeing to Belize from their countries by the hundreds each month, and with no sign of the flow slowing down? I guess those people have not seen news from the USA regarding Belize to know they are leaving to a country more dangerous than their own.
Jaleel Montero (1 month ago)
See I know I mi a find dis on YouTube am from Belize I live in a tourist destination/ Placencia di way di new sets thgs up is fuk up. Yea there is crime but di amount I see about di U.S. it's far more but they won't say dat 🤔
xxx xxx (1 month ago)
Another white woman, 68 year old Sherris Stringham, retired there from Missouri, was found murdered and her house ransacked. Of course it was three black “youths” hating on whitey, so having no qualms in committing racial hate crimes. BEWARE !
That Eean Guy (1 month ago)
An overexaggeration if i may say so myself. I live in the Orange Walk district, possibly the most peaceful district in the entire country, where murders are extremely rare to non - existent. It shocks the entire town when we hear that someone has been murdered here, but most murders in the district are gang related. Innocents are never hurt. The city, however, is very very dangerous. Always walk in groups, never alone. I only go to the city, because i study there, otherwise I'd never want to go or live there by any means. But thats the belize city alone, the rest of the country is otherwise welcoming and friendly. Especially Hopkins, the most peaceful place in the country, with no murders and crime whatsoever.
BillyThePhysicist (1 month ago)
Just got back from Belize for the second time. Didn’t spend any time in Belize city and felt safe everywhere
Marion Romero (1 month ago)
well we are black and trump is racist instead of helping why talk?
steve michigan (1 month ago)
May I say fake news. Sensationalized for ratings.
outstanding vlogger (1 month ago)
Tbh the american was probably secretly apart of bloods
outstanding vlogger (1 month ago)
Cough cough chicago
outstanding vlogger (1 month ago)
Cole207 Bandit (1 month ago)
What????? I live in Belize. This is soooooooo inaccurate. They cannot compare a country of a population of over 300,000 people to a country of over 300,000,000 people. The comparison is unfair. If 12 people got murdered in Belize in a year , that's a lot when u do the math with 300,000. But isn't with 300,000,000. The statistics is so off its laughable.
Tanya Alvarez (1 month ago)
Im a belizan and i hate belize....not that much dou
Victor Granados (1 month ago)
I like STANN CREEK DISTRICT in BELIZE ........n it really depends on where you live no one in my areas had died that hasent been from natural reasons. The place where there is most danger is in BELIZE CITY . SO DONT LIE UNLESS YOU KNOW THE WHOLE STORY
Victor Granados (1 month ago)
And those tips they give bullshit everyone wheres jewelry here its safe to travel alone aswell
mankieTM (1 month ago)
I'm a Belizean citizen, and I will state that this is actually true to be honest. The District of Belize are nothing but just political discussions and a few tragic events from what I see in the news. Yes, there are people who are being murdered, being robbed, and I heard about this one story where an infant struck 3 houses on fire accidentally. It's the responsibility we have lack on apparently. (In my opinion) My country looks beautiful to me and to the tourists who likes it as well. However, beautiful things can be ugly. I'm just telling the truth about what see in my country. But! I will tell you this. There are a few districts here that has a lot of crime rates such as Corozal and sometimes in Belize City, Belize. The others are very quiet and nice, I recommend tourist to go to Orange Walk and the Belize District! They have so many cultural and Spanish foods and sweets about just everywhere. ❤
JJ (1 month ago)
ABC, NBC, CBS all are gloom and doom media
Errol Vanzie (1 month ago)
Nice job with all this fake news about Belize.
dakwar44 (1 month ago)
I've been to Belize and Chicago multiple times. Like Chicago, Belize has places you go and places you don't go. I liked Belize and wouldn't hesitate to go again.
grand hard belize (1 month ago)
So what your saying the state your living in is perfect
Andrew Bliss Cain (1 month ago)
You tube junky, this is one of the most misleading and biased story I've ever read. Seems to me that you are one of those reporters who write junk as your names suggests. You have just discredited yourself as a wannabe journalist.
SP mQQse (1 month ago)
i wouldn't  advise  anyone  to  visit  belize....not  these  days....  and  I  live  here.
Tony Per (1 month ago)
I notice and know most western females feel they don’t have to behave responsible or be accountable the reality is that you do have to, so cognitive dissidents is not going to help you; So STOP behaving rather loosely, irrationally and avoid typical slag behaviour, but as most to all foreign countries do not tolerate this as it is so offensive... you really can’t do that in a foreign culture so have some respect in your worthless self and most of all be sensitive and respect the local culture, also remember females’ try to ware clothes that are non-revealing, ie avoid skin-hugging clothes, if you cant, please stay at home... no body wants to see your shameful, disgusting, ugly, smelly bits... please... ) In other words don’t look like a feminist whore, (prostitute) or don’t even look like a prostitute, as this would be asking for trouble ... so be responsible in the way you behave, generally... Where would you females be if make up, hairstyles And perfume wasn’t invented... you would definitely be in the ugly looney house It is not my intention to cause any kind of harassment or abuse, My only intention is to provide alternative view point and comment which is for educational and informative reason only...
N A (1 month ago)
It's dangerous everywhere in the world.
SunRaysEye Kemetic (1 month ago)
White people always go to these beautiful islands with indigenous people and find bad things to say. FOH! But is always trying to take over the land. Maybe if your experiencing bad things stay your ass off the islands.
Steven Choc (1 month ago)
Whenever an American dies somewhere it's always a big deal. But anybody else it doesn't matter. Grow up people die everyday. You don't hear other countries crying over All that have died abroad.
Tony Folch (1 month ago)
Its a shit hole!
5winder (1 month ago)
She was just doing Yoga... yoking with demons.
J Supreme (1 month ago)
Maybe don’t take the American colonist arrogance and attitude and you won’t get killed. Respect peoples home, simple as that.
Rene Witzil (1 month ago)
You americans sholud come to san pedro
Jume Mowery (1 month ago)
The only reason they did this story was retaliation for the murder of their coworker.
Andrew Villanueva (1 month ago)
That is exactly why you shouldn't go to 3rd world countries. No police presence. I would never go there.
TheNeonRabbit (2 months ago)
Well fuck, guess I'm not going to Belize
HW (2 months ago)
Paula Johnson (2 months ago)
Belize has been a jungle dump for ages.
Ben Mak (2 months ago)
What's a purpose o this video? Fake news, hopping to distract people.
chillchi (10 days ago)
Ben Mak I am afraid your living in the past, the current President is a RAPIST, RACIST, POTTY MOUTH WITH THE IQ OF A WOODLAND MOSQUITO.
Ben Mak (10 days ago)
+chillchi yeah Barack Hussein Obama
chillchi (10 days ago)
Fake news is appropriate when your President is fake as well.
Wize One (2 months ago)
NEVER would I EVER go to Belize from the simple fact I know I lot of people from Belize that live in NYC and they are all wild as hell and tell me how violent their country is (there is a videos on YouTube of a all Belize gang in Los Angeles). Another dangerous spot is Nassau in the Bahamas, I watch the ZNS (Bahamas) new every night. They also have a high murder and robbery rate and recent incidents of raping tourist. Is there any safe ALL black country and I ask that as a legitimate question not to be sarcastic and I am black BTW?
Hugh Janus (2 months ago)
Belize is a joke. It's the proverbial banana republic. The police are completely overwhelmed and incompetent.
Melz Jones (2 months ago)
ppl will always have alot to say... what u stupid fucks should really say is that no matter where u go there will be some sort of danger and dangerous places in any and every country... Tourist and locals are aware that if you leave ur country to go to another that is always a risk ur going to take!!! am a born an grow BELIZEAN an yes we might fall short of resources we need hence the reason why where still a developing country...so for all the narrow minded ppl who tries their very best to belittle my country maybe ya'll are uncomfortable in ur own skin!!! Should really check ur own back yard be4 start throwing garbage on other ppl country... Peace out bitch
I lived in Belize for four years, and THREE people I knew personally were murdered. I also had three bicycles stolen, and an attempted robbery by a youth gang in San Ignacio. An entire group of tourists were robbed at gunpoint by men in military uniforms in Western Cayo. The police and military are just as likely to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug trafficking as the "bad guys." And there is no such thing as "law;" the law is what you can get away with, including murder. The guy who killed one of the people I knew was released from prison almost immediately, and then killed a young woman and tried to burn her body at a landfill site. And most Belizeans are resentful of any foreigners; especially people of European descent. There's nothing in Belize you can't find other places. The "I'm so happy posts" here are people who are in denial, or ignorant, or haven't been out of the ex-pat hangouts, or haven't been robbed... yet.
Miles Gabourel (2 months ago)
2nd generation immigrant 🇧🇿 I haven’t been however I plan on visiting. However everywhere dangerous.
Oso J (2 months ago)
If you don't at least look like the population...you are a target.
Garry McDaniel (2 months ago)
Come on ABC Chicago, worry about your own city.
Jill Ritchie (2 months ago)
With 350,000 people in the country, and 35 murders a year here, all based on %. Look at Chicago, New York or any other big city in US, higher rate in one weekend!
starioskal (3 months ago)
Sad that with such a low population density crime in rural areas is violent. Cities are cities, but maybe the folks running businesses should arm themselves. Who's out in the middle of no where killing people. Was thinking about going there for awhile.
Derick Mai (3 months ago)
Yes, we lack on resources, remember Belize is younger than any other person talking in the video, and they be comparing Belize with the USA, common.
Seemor Disillusioned (3 months ago)
Says a lot about a person when asked about a murder their response is about tourism , damn poor individual .
J Washington (3 months ago)
I had an amazing time vlogging in Belize 🇧🇿
Sam Clayton (3 months ago)
Lol @ mainstream media.
Nashlita Pennil (3 months ago)
Why are you comparing Belize and Chicago it's deferent
Olahshia Brown (3 months ago)
Of course American media wants to point out all the negative. Like living in America is any better. Lmao! Sad these people were killed but we are dying by the hundreds every week in the states. The lies this country tells. I'm out
Lamar Parker (3 months ago)
The media always lie and exagerate about the crime in other countries but not there own school shootings and mass killings
100ukmrf (3 months ago)
Victor Williams (3 months ago)
This is so stupid! America is the most violent country on Earth! They tarnish and bully smaller nations who do not confirm to their will.
Yah Baruch (3 months ago)
talk about operation fast n furious and other drug operations the american gov. are involved in.
Yah Baruch (3 months ago)
300,000 people with being compared to far bigger countries. belize 3% america 7% what a big difference.
Star Time Traveler (3 months ago)
I call bull fuckin shit !!! Higher than Chicago GTFOH
It's Annabelle (3 months ago)
Will never leave my Belize. Fuck u abc7!
Zephra Castillo (3 months ago)
When I go I'm in the southern part of Belize and I go to my grandparents house and i love Belize that's my ma and Pa home they were born and raised.. c'mon now they kill everywhere
Barbie Gentle (3 months ago)
Belize this,Belize that if ya'll feel threatened then stay the fuck away😡 we won't miss u there are over 5 continents in the world n numerous countries. Its your lost if you don't want to come to Belize because y'all quick to judge the bad side but never wanna look on the good. Belize is filled with flora n fauna. Our barrier reef ranks 2nd longest in the world n were know for alot more precious things.
karl wills (3 months ago)
how about the $ Millions in foreign aid doled out to Belize every 12 mths, i bet you wouldnt want that to stay away ?
Donna Flores (3 months ago)
I have lived here since 1992 and I have lived in remote places in the Corozal District and have never, never had anything scarey or anything stolen in all that time, so common sense is what you need as this is also the smallest country, so are those statistics correct in comparison to the U.S.?
jonny clayborn (3 months ago)
all u coke head's go down there. then u get in trouble. then u blame everyone else.
Timogin43 (3 months ago)
I stayed at his hotel while I was there. His unscrupulous prices in their restaurant if you have no means to travel other than calling a cab to drive you 25 minutes into town to eat at a decent price plus the cab fare and hoping that you will be able to get a ride back are almost as bad as what he charges to take you anywhere that might take money that might otherwise be spent on their hotel. The "included with your hotel stay" sales pitch on their web sight is nothing but sucker fodder. Do yourself a favor and stay at any other hotel but this one or better yet don't even go to Belize it really is unsafe,
Wendy Hernandez (3 months ago)
Many of the murders of americans are situations that are mandated from persons who reside in the US. They know murders can be commited in a country that doesnt has the measures to convict anyone. Its rare how these people come here and then they appear dead without any reasons, sometimes.
Elbert Derf (3 months ago)
is it true they kidnap tourists and eat them? i don't like that.
Mike Johnson (3 months ago)
Elbert Derf. Your comment made me smile
Ashton Tillett (3 months ago)
Belize shouldn't have voted against Trump regarding the Jurusalem issue. Now America is clapping back!
Lebron Traveled (3 months ago)
I've been to Belize. And around the world. You're either gonna get murdered or you're not. So don't worry about it.
henry adolph Jex (3 months ago)
Compared to any city in USA the number is way way lower . Using rate per 100k is deceptfull . Case in point between 2015 and 2018 , there have been ZERO ZERO MASS KILLINGS IN BELIZE . NOW COMPARE THAT !
ShadowBlade8900 (3 months ago)
Ah fudge you idc about this Belize is still good
My Trish Advisor (3 months ago)
Over dramatized media as always. Chicago has horrible murders everyday. Ugh.
GURU (1 month ago)
My Trish Advisor white people killed more than anybody
Aldwin August (3 months ago)
What part of the world is the safest if it is you media guys should investigate it I am belizean I live in the city I see and hear it but don't judge little Belize to u.s big difference population smart ppl big difference
Timogin43 (27 days ago)
It's comparative my good man If you take just the shit hole know fondly as Chicago then yes Belize is much safer but if you say Illinois and you stay inside during the night in Belize than its probably safer. If you take ambergris Cay at night and Chicago at night then its a really close race.
S D (3 months ago)
You need to be able to hire guns by the sounds of it
khadijah lindiwe (3 months ago)
Natalie Franklin (3 months ago)
I swear the US act as if their country is crime free. We don't have kids shooting up in school. We don't have mass murders here. Most of the killing in Belize is gang related. Clean out unnu closet before unnu condemn ours. Report the number of Belizeans killed in the US.
Marsha Gardner (3 months ago)
Good...White people think they can go where ever like
Olga Cabanellas (3 months ago)
Thank you

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