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We look at 10 super rare pennies worth money. These are Lincoln penny coins to look for in circulation or in your pocket change. Keep coin roll hunting and always remember you can find rare and silver coins without going to a coin dealer or coin shop and spending money! ENTER GIVEAWAY/SUBSCRIBE: https://gleam.io/IeALR/get-lucky-scratchers-to-1000-subscribers-win-a-morgan-dollar PO BOX 16104 Ludlow, KY 41016 ___________________________ ►TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/couchcollect ►INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/couchcollectibles ►FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/couchcollectibles/ ►CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/JCouch ___________________________ Welcome to Couch Collectibles formerly known as Couch Coins! I’ve collected rare coins, baseball cards, and many other rare collectible toys since I was a kid. I'm sharing this collecting experience with others through educational videos on YouTube. Come along and join me on this exciting journey by subscribing right now as we look at the most valuable toy collectibles and rare coins that you could find at yard sales, flea markets and garage sales! MUSIC USED ON CHANNEL CREATED BY: Alan Walker, Kevin MacLeod, Marcus, Maxzwell, Doc Hollywood, Breakfast at Tiffanys Instrumental, Party Drug Instrumental, Partner In Crime Instrumental. DISCLAIMER: Some non affiliate links may have been used throughout the video creation process of this content.
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Text Comments (797)
daniel harvey (2 hours ago)
good stuff pal im from England an have some 1943 copper pennies can you suggest wheres best to sell them online to get the best price ?
Rita Devi (2 hours ago)
1976 I am sale how price
Khan Baba (5 hours ago)
I have some old most expensive coins any one interested plz contact me +13472214004
Henry Finney (11 hours ago)
I got one from 1945
Leandro Borrell (13 hours ago)
have a 1926, 1930 and 1937 penny.. dont see any errors
Savage (23 hours ago)
Real Steal (1 day ago)
Hey I have some of that coin and I want to sell it
Very good video
DebbyAbqNM (3 days ago)
Gals also look for rare and valuable coins.
Walet Putih (4 days ago)
I have penny 1983 how much is sell?
Couch Collectibles (3 days ago)
Here is a video that explains how to post images of your coins and how to sell your coins --> https://youtu.be/DaZMgjl02nQ
Chand Chand (4 days ago)
I have coins like this how to sell
Couch Collectibles (3 days ago)
Here is a video that explains how to post images of your coins and how to sell your coins --> https://youtu.be/DaZMgjl02nQ
GhostRider 323 (4 days ago)
Tahesia Ashford (4 days ago)
Found a 1969 s coin
Tahesia Ashford (4 days ago)
Couch Collectibles is there a way I can upload it to you
Couch Collectibles (4 days ago)
look for the errors I talk about. I have a whole video on the 1969 penny on my channel, just type it in on youtube and you should see my video. Thanks for watching!
Vic Gonzales (5 days ago)
I have 1/ 1983 ,1969,1999
Mujahid Khan (5 days ago)
मेरे पास हे ये सिक्का amrica का 1963का बिल्कुल यही सिक्का हे 7062937193
Christian Velez (5 days ago)
Hi bro. Where do I send my coins to get certified and where they get sold? Thanks
Ivanplays 247 (5 days ago)
I have a 1942
Cornelius Heard (5 days ago)
I have a 1968s wheat penney with lincoln smoking pipi with two smoke rings,also 1958d wheat penney what can I do to sale.
Memes 4 Life (5 days ago)
Ty for making this video
James Villamor (7 days ago)
I have a 1980 coin United State Philippine
missingmama (7 days ago)
I am sorry, guessing that I did not explain correctly. Ughh. Ok where it says UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the letters are ALL THE SAME HEIGHT IN THE WORDS... UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have looked thru every coin in the home of 7 people, even thru the saved kids coins. No matter what coin, only this 1 penny has a lower case o in UNITED STATES oF AMERICA IS HOW ONLY THAT COINS READS. IF THAT DONT EXPLAIN, MAYBE BETTER ON A PHONE. I LOOK ALL THE TIME AND HOPING HELP MYSELF GET LUNGS IN BETTER SHAPE. NEED MONEY FOR THAT AND IT. AM DISABLED UNLESS LUNGS BETTER. THIS IN MY 57 YEARS, NEVER HAVE SEEN. 6788005010
Bill Rainey (7 days ago)
Yes, after I sent it I realized! Sorry.
Michael 478 (8 days ago)
cammac bahognawung (8 days ago)
i got 2 pcs 1998, and have a D sign at the back
missingmama (8 days ago)
Said to late. I need ask a question. Never said n 57 years saw this
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
freeman miles (8 days ago)
Who do I contact ? I have a collect of 1914 1933
freeman miles (7 days ago)
I found many coins in people's basements that the houses was abandoned I just like removing junk and I found this was kind ahh interested in coins
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
I have a video on my channel about where to sell coins and post images of coins. Just type in where to sell coins on YouTube and you'll see my videos.
tiffany william (8 days ago)
How can I sales my penny.
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
I have a video on my channel about where to sell coins and post images of coins. Just type in where to sell coins on YouTube and you'll see my videos.
missingmama (8 days ago)
I found a strange one I think. Upstairs but can cause my me back. Checked alot of others. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is all same size except this one. The f in Of is like that. Only one with lower case letter
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
I have a video on my channel about where to sell coins and post images of coins. Just type in where to sell coins on YouTube and you'll see my videos.
Bill Rainey (8 days ago)
I have a 1984 with VDB under the shoulder, along the edge.
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
That's suppose to be there
lynde tomarong (9 days ago)
where i can sell my 1955 old coins?
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
I have a video on my channel about where to sell coins and post images of coins. Just type in where to sell coins on YouTube and you'll see my videos.
Scott T (9 days ago)
yer linky donna workie
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
Watch my most recent video for the most recent giveaway.
Scott T (9 days ago)
So .... You Say that the holy grail of pennys is a 1944 copper ... was that a P ( No Mint mark ) Or a D mint mark ? ... I know about the 43 steel pennys ,,, I ask because I got some pennys from my dad and these are in his collection , Where to grade these?
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
Type in coin grading on youtube and you'll find my videos.
Scott T (7 days ago)
so wheres your link ?
Couch Collectibles (7 days ago)
No mint mark. I have a coin grading video on my channel
Arvind Parmar (9 days ago)
My Indian coin selling 1740yare old
Richard Malit (9 days ago)
I have one Lincoln penny year 1947. How much one like this cost?
Derrick Johnson (9 days ago)
Wat about a 1940 penny
Coco PuppyLover (10 days ago)
l lost my 1924 penny
Penny Smith (11 days ago)
Thanks for the intermeshing.
LINZELIA TURNER (11 days ago)
Hello. How are you. Fine I hope. I just want to tell you that I enjoy watching your videos. They are very interesting especially when I viewed The 1944 Steel penny. I don't have that one but I have the 1943 D Steel penny and it is magnetic.I video it so it could be viewed Also I have other coins that I've been saving for a long time.. My oldest coin I have is a 1901 Indian head penny it is 117 years old . it's older than me. The next oldest I have is a1918/7 D buffalo nickel that you can barely See the date. It is 100 years old. Those two are very special to me .why? Because they are older than my grandparents and parents..well it was nice talking to you and you continue to have a nice day. Thanks Linzelia Felton Turner
Harold Gerrard (11 days ago)
I have 64d
Ralph Lee (11 days ago)
How much the value or price of 1964 fifty sentavos coin
William Cornman (13 days ago)
Great video, a penny for your thoughts.
Cristine Kulkowsky (13 days ago)
Brian Christopher
davian duncan (13 days ago)
So what if u have any of those what do u do? Like how amd where u go to sell um?
yams every where (13 days ago)
I got a 1943 copper Pennie where can I cash it at
TheMentalGuy Y (13 days ago)
Oh my god I have a 1958 wheat Pennie
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez (13 days ago)
Where I go to sell my coins tell the state
محمد هادي (13 days ago)
عندی والله ارید ابیع اکو مساعده
the retard z (14 days ago)
How much are 1945
Franklin Warner (14 days ago)
Sara Sand (14 days ago)
where do you sell them?
Monjit Boruah (15 days ago)
Please sir contact me 10 coins my number 7005385587
Jonathan Ico (15 days ago)
Dear Sir, I have 2 pcs of LINCOLN once cent with 1971 & 1980 how can I sell
Corey Page (15 days ago)
From now on I am keeping every penny I find
Nmbn Hjkha (15 days ago)
انا معايا عمله اجنبيه ومصريه قديمه عايزه ابيعها
Nmbn Hjkha (15 days ago)
Danielle Baker (15 days ago)
I have russian coin .- .
Danielle Baker (15 days ago)
Savage Bliss (16 days ago)
What if the last penny was in the same condition and was copper and was 1945 instead of 1943? How much would it be worth?
Jatindar Maan (16 days ago)
I have this coin's please tell me real price please
Gerson Valte (16 days ago)
I have 1989 lincoln liberty coin. What its worth??
Kopano Christopher (16 days ago)
I have 1990 penny how much does it worth?
Ronnie Lamboso (16 days ago)
hello. i have here is 1960 penny
فيصل زمان (17 days ago)
Hello please contact me ok one pc I'm 1997 00966582533027 Thanks for your
Jerico Apuli (17 days ago)
hey my friend has a 1924 do u know where he can sell it?
midnyt delubyo (19 days ago)
I have that coin
midnyt delubyo (19 days ago)
I have lincon coin 1966 1972 1973 1980
midnyt delubyo (19 days ago)
I have 1966 1972 1973 1980 lincoln penny coins
21 News (20 days ago)
Nice video
Professor Bun Bun (20 days ago)
You watch professional sports which are rigged... Grow up and stop watching men in tights touch each other and pretend to compete.. Waste of your life and your money judging by all the faker gear you wear and own.. Smh.
Walter Riccio (20 days ago)
So do I get 43$ for 64 Jefferson nickel or?????
Madrass Entertainment (20 days ago)
A hope some off these penny in Jamaica lol
Madrass Entertainment (20 days ago)
Well interesting I am in
Babubhai Jambucha (21 days ago)
Hello sir, i have lincoln 1988 D very double die
DayStatue850422 E (21 days ago)
I have 1936 penny 🤨
Rafael Salazar (21 days ago)
Show your penny collection
Edward Torres (21 days ago)
Very nice. Thank you!
Rob Jontay (21 days ago)
Learn more in two minutes than i did collecting. This is where I.........
Md Rakib (22 days ago)
Hello I am Rj Rakib Bahrain coin sell me 97335940117
Ken Elliott (22 days ago)
Hey there bud I’m new and just wondering how to clean your pennies I tried vinegar and salt and that don’t work it eats away the penny let me know have a good one
David Deloach (22 days ago)
I have a 1911 wheat penny .I like to sell it.
supr3me (22 days ago)
1 have 1954
uttam singh (23 days ago)
I have this coin and another more than 200yrs old coins contact me my no 0919832213990 0917478818855
Harpreet Singh (23 days ago)
I have a 1998 pennies Pl. Hlap mee
GCDABARBER (23 days ago)
I actually have a 1992-D penny but idk whats this close AM thing they look pretty close to me more then the other letters.
camoslam 102 (23 days ago)
I have a 1942 copper Penny but not a 1943 copper penny
Candace clegg (23 days ago)
What do I do to sell them like how do I prove that they're real and stuff
Fa Chokchai (24 days ago)
Tristan Cabuenas (24 days ago)
Lil bill Hicckhop (24 days ago)
I have all these pennies you’re mentioning can you help me find some auction spots
BeefyBodyJose (24 days ago)
the condition really shouldnt matter to the seller if ur turning you pennie into hundreds to thousands of dollars
Timothy Pfaff (24 days ago)
Good show.
Nydia Rodriguez (24 days ago)
pleas i need dat morgan
Matt Rapp (25 days ago)
M usic
\°^°/ (25 days ago)
Believe I have several of these
\°^°/ (25 days ago)
Believe I have several of these
Amrinder Singh (26 days ago)
I have a 1991 cent
Couch Collectibles (26 days ago)
Look for the errors I talk about
AV_SAVAAAGE FOR LIFE (27 days ago)
I have a penny from the year 1919 and one ftom the year 1944 idk if their valuable
kalyugi mirza (27 days ago)
I have the penny 1967 sell it
Couch Collectibles (26 days ago)
Thanks! I have a video on my channel about where to sell your coins and where to post images of your coins.

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