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Human Resource Management Lecture Part 01 - Introduction

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What is Human Resource Management (HRM)? Which Megatrends determine future challenges in HRM? What are key fields of action in HRM?
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Vivek Sharma (4 days ago)
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M. N. K. (11 days ago)
Very good and helpful
Sara Shazali (16 days ago)
That is wonderful thanks a lot
Pawan Sharma (24 days ago)
Hellow prof. Really your video helpful to all .thankyou
Daxten Kubi (28 days ago)
What a mediocre presentation, hmmm hmmm.
Svetlana M (28 days ago)
which university is this?
Aliya Khan (1 month ago)
Handsome professor😍
Aislinn Mae Lim (1 month ago)
so good
sahana reddy (1 month ago)
surely internet is the best teacher who wants to get the quality education than sitting in the bloody classrooms
haripal pilania (1 month ago)
When I noticed there is another lecture by Armin Trost in the small window, I jumped out of joy. Wow PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST! Thank you Dear Armin Trost. It helps me as a MBA student. God bless!!!
yanjun dong (1 month ago)
You cannot do statistic and access database without computer.
yanjun dong (1 month ago)
Study business makes me sleepy. 😴 💤 Why I have to study business. There is no. correlation between biology and business.
vinayak bhatt (1 month ago)
Babygirl 2 World (1 month ago)
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Nicole Miller (1 month ago)
It is so true that if you stop learning at your job, you should quit and move on!
Mary Sesay (1 month ago)
I really love your lecture sir
Mary Sesay (1 month ago)
I really love your lecture sir
Babygirl 2 World (2 months ago)
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Luke Patterson (2 months ago)
Unfortunately sound is poor. The microphone should be attached to speaker or speaker should stay in one place next to stationary mic (the speaker should definitely move around though)
AlwaysSoldierOn (2 months ago)
Studying hrm because all the chicks do it gonna be a good 4 years 😉
BELAZGHEM AMIN (2 months ago)
A good prof..
BELAZGHEM AMIN (2 months ago)
A goo
Ibrahiim C/lahi Ciise (2 months ago)
Thnx ustaad
Philippe MORIN (2 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your expertise so clearly
Bonface Joseph (3 months ago)
I think its helping by watching this business lectures
Kasun Pathirana (3 months ago)
best introduce for the person who start the study HR thanks
Abiye Worku (3 months ago)
The main source of organization is human resource. These are current problems in human resource. * Discrimination *Unequal and not proportional participation of employees from all ethnic groups in all professions and leadership. * Ethical problems of leaders and other employees. * Dull and violation games players influence even on leaders * Following others than our leaders * Center to control fairness of job applications process including government and international organizations * Minimum wage and living standards * Organizations which wait seasonal employees not to hire permanent employees * Why job to retired before unemployed * Encouragement weaknesses *Learning weakness about all at least twice in a year Thank you
Sulaiman Al Suqri (3 months ago)
Thank Dr... Great HRM leacture..
KOFFI BIOVA AGBEDEY (3 months ago)
Thanks and I need the courses in french is it possible ?
Ngabonziza Innocent (3 months ago)
Lucarius Azeroth (4 months ago)
Thank you. :)
ahmed mohamed (5 months ago)
i think the HRM is not easy but i, m doing this course and i believe it comes easy step by step
amogh jawa (5 months ago)
u is awesome white professor - india
funny boy (5 months ago)
thank you sir is there any specific book for HRM?
Omar Alkarnos (6 months ago)
Thanks 👍👍👍
Emily jones (6 months ago)
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DocToR StRanger (6 months ago)
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essam garguom (6 months ago)
Fake organization
Rabea Alqadi (7 months ago)
The greatest teacher I've ever seen
Haashim Abdulaahi (7 months ago)
Very very thanks
Tinashe Chitombi (7 months ago)
Hey ✋✌. I'm your new student, cool class.
Aditya Singh (7 months ago)
"Big up" from India
Mira Abliz (8 months ago)
interesting that he did not mention how AI replacement of human workforce would effect HRM,,,,,,,,
Mira Abliz (8 months ago)
Armin Trost only four years, but how much has changed since then huh? :) was not being critical. I actually enjoyed your lecture very much. thanks for sharing:)
Armin Trost (8 months ago)
Because I did this lecture 4 yrs ago
Jyoti Singh (8 months ago)
Addi Kamal (8 months ago)
People think that evolution will go linearly while it is not
Addi Kamal (8 months ago)
Its 2018 and still we use google omay rayt ?
Addi Kamal (7 months ago)
I Agree because people think evolution is linear while it is not :)
Tinashe Chitombi (7 months ago)
Addi Kamal I'm sure Google will stay classic, we got google maps and more, I mean its so useful and will not die of or overtaken by any other company, if google keep on improving.
Kathrin Pelzmann (8 months ago)
This was the best talk I have ever heard. Armin Trost made a real great job. He spoke clearly, he could explain well and furthermore he was jokey. In addition to that, his speech was very interesting and educational. Thank you very much!
anjana gupta (8 months ago)
Nice sir
Zevile Vilakazi (8 months ago)
This was very informative 🙏
董超 (8 months ago)
thank you Dr. Armin. it's so easy to understand the HRM through your class. thanks very much. -----from China
Ranjeet Kumar (8 months ago)
which university is it?
Ranjeet Kumar (8 months ago)
+Armin Trost thanks and you did a great job
Armin Trost (8 months ago)
Furtwangen University in Germany
abdiwahaap samakaab (8 months ago)
thnkz professor
Sanchari Guha (9 months ago)
thank you professor a lot . I'm doing hrm from distance it's so heard to understand some topics ! thank you so much .
Yiğit Bey (9 months ago)
Greatings from Istanbul! Great lecture, thanks a lot!
Mohamed Nsairi (10 months ago)
Thank you Mr Armin
Ahmed mutasim ali (10 months ago)
Thx sir
Dante Sparda (10 months ago)
Thank you for this video . it helps a lot .
Humayun Kabir (11 months ago)
Thank you very sir, I am student of Human Resource Management
L VOSSOUGH (11 months ago)
It is wonderfull to find a course of this quality free on YouTube..
Mohammad Shahidul Islam (11 months ago)
Gustavo Saravia (11 months ago)
Ajay tomer (11 months ago)
This is Ajay student of MBA from Delhi University. Your lecture has cleared my concept. Thank you sir.
Little Sunshine (1 year ago)
You looks like Old Charlie Puth and too damn Hot teacher.
Sarthak Dhyani (1 year ago)
Sorry but your name its just that , Armin.....Trost...... Na na na na na na na na AOT
Henry Li (1 year ago)
thank you sir for providing the wonderful video . from Malaysia ( diploma in business management )
bikash mudwari (1 year ago)
thank you so much sir,,, i have to learn from you more and more,,,,,,
Mnther Fhed (1 year ago)
doctor. Wonderful and excellent can deliver the information as required and I personally benefited from it and I hope to give more
Micah Mbano (1 year ago)
Good stuff.
Johnnie Laser (1 year ago)
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Ola Mike (1 year ago)
I wish to study with this institute. The teaching is very clear and interesting
Abdisalam Nour (1 year ago)
thank you Mr. Trost for you help.
Sonu Dogra (1 year ago)
hi professor i have a difficulty in management in tourism will u deliver your lactures onthis topic
Anshul muskara (1 year ago)
very good lecture sir
Prony (1 year ago)
Awesome video
Kwame Limitzx (1 year ago)
Hi Professor, I am undertaking HRM course now need assistant, in my course need more of your lecture video to enrich my abilities. Thank you.
khin zaw Win (1 year ago)
Prof: you are very good at teaching! so clear explanation with prefect slideshow! Thank You!
abdenbi sekrane (1 year ago)
very good introduction and you have great expression for information thank you
Victor Fredin (1 year ago)
*hi* -hi-
Akansha Dogra (1 year ago)
I really like your lectrure Awesome Teaching
Saligia79 (1 year ago)
A lecturer should not swear!
Kalpana Sharma (1 year ago)
gud 1
Hồng Hạnh Đặng (1 year ago)
some one can sub that video! thanks!
Omary Abdallah (1 year ago)
Very good lecture
Bebe Uni (1 year ago)
no need for swearing. Either than that he's a good teacher
Asim Malik (1 year ago)
How is this related to HR?
Viddesh Andure (1 year ago)
nice Gary Dessler
Faith Coetzee (1 year ago)
I have registered for HRM this year, however have not received study material yet. So I thought in the meantime I should look for something regarding HRM, that is when I found this lecture. Believe you me this lecture was amazing to listen too. It provided me with some sort of foundation and to prepare myself on what to expect in future. Many thanks
kevin Rudd (8 months ago)
Are you doing a degree in it? Hows it been so far
Diwakar Sati (1 year ago)
Thank you for all these videos sir. Surely helped with clear understanding of the basics of HR.
very nice lecture i gonna watch all videos
aafaq khan (1 year ago)
Such a loving professor.
അക്ഷരം തെറ്റാതെ sir എന്ന് വിളിക്കാൻ തോന്നുന്ന ഒരു വെക്തി..... sir ഒരു സംഭവമാ........
Dushyant Kumar (1 year ago)
great nice
Jackson Lazor (1 year ago)
Amazing Lecture!!!
So, when the twenty five year old drunk girl asks me where I'm going to be in five years, where do you fit in?
KT's Life (1 year ago)
I hope my lecturer would be like u
Buurane Isse (1 year ago)
thank you your lectute to cliefied what does mean human resource
Blair Comptons (1 year ago)
If only my professor would stop teaching, get his computer, and play this video instead throughout the entire class period.
Jay Notorious (1 year ago)
1:07 daamn professor Armin, did someone pull a prank on you last night, your missing quite a bit of hair
Luca Monaco (1 year ago)
Ty for sharing lessons on Youtube.

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