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Be Sure to see my Latest Vids for Great Contest and Giveaways Thanks a Bunch Digitonic 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Digitonic1 (5 months ago)
Be Sure to see my Latest Vids for Great Contest and Giveaways Thanks a Bunch Digitonic 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
mixumup1 (1 day ago)
How did you know it was 44 of 49... How many to a roll
Karen Grunberg (8 days ago)
Congrats! I know this was years ago but cool, all the same!
Telletell (16 hours ago)
Stupid Question, but how do you know you’re at the end of the roll? Do you ask the cashier to look at the tickets before buying them? How are you getting these details?
Digitonic1 (9 hours ago)
Telletell (10 hours ago)
I just did your method. And won $10 off a $1 lol. That’s the most I’ve won on a $1 ticket! I’m on it now
Telletell (13 hours ago)
Digitonic1 will do! That you!
Digitonic1 (13 hours ago)
Yep I ask all the time.
kevin stonerock (2 days ago)
I read an account where an experienced scratch off player would only scratch off the bottom of the ticket where the ticket identifier is. However, I’ve never heard it explained how he could tell it was a winner. Does anyone know anything about this?
kevin stonerock (1 day ago)
Hyun Sin. Thanks for the information. Also to the other who gave the heads up about stealing the barcode it never occurred to me you could do that.
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
Good advice!!
mamaboo cee (2 days ago)
Some states have apps for smartphones that can read the barcode. Never show a winning ticket barcode in a video if you have not cashed it in yet. In fact, do not show it to anyone - be aware who and what is around you if you are cashing in a larger amount (or any amount for that matter). In some states that is all you need to cash in a winner - a picture of the barcode. It happened to someone I know in Pennsylvania. He scratched the ticket in an online video, saw it was a winner, revealed the barcode, to verify the win with an app. He posted the video and then someone took a screenshot of the winning barcode, went to a lottery machine, scanned the barcode into the machine and the machine verified it and spit out the cash to him. It's like an atm for lottery - it dispenses tickets and cashes in winners under a certain dollar amount per win. Best of luck to all you scratchers!
Hyun Sin (2 days ago)
Where it is it has b h or r near the identifier is if it’s a win like it was three dollars it say t h r near it
Digitonic1 (2 days ago)
Yes there are scanners at retailers that can read the bar code I only use ones that are facing out for the public. In Ohio all retailers are required to have one for the public to use. It cuts down on Lottery fraud since not all clerks will be honest
Regina Moore (3 days ago)
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
Thanks Regina
Peter Smith (6 days ago)
These are bin fodder, in England.
Digitonic1 (6 days ago)
Really they sell like crazy here this one has been out for three years now
MzGee Rodriguez (8 days ago)
What luck is that?? #GODPLAN 🙏
HappinessWithin (9 days ago)
Hee haw I’m gone win it all
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
Brandon Barrientos (13 days ago)
Just a question.. do you know what "odds one in mean" ??
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
It refers to the overall odds for the game. One win per 4.3 tickets sold would be an example
amaqjuaq Khan (13 days ago)
All i would need is like 100k and id start a few businesses in thailand have constant money coming in and just relax
Digitonic1 (12 days ago)
Sounds like a plan
waldo 256 (14 days ago)
In Maryland, when a new game is introduced, the first packs of 60 are filled with small to mid-sized winners to lure people to keep buying them throughout the game's run.  That's the best time to buy the whole block of tickets.
Digitonic1 (14 days ago)
Sounds like a good plan,
ender king 50496 (16 days ago)
Digitonic1 (16 days ago)
Joshua Pendergast (16 days ago)
Digitonic1 (16 days ago)
Yep it was
Daniel Converse (18 days ago)
I have a system for the pick three based on the bell curve that in theory would work. It is also based on probability vs. possibility. The problem however, is that know matter how many times a number doesn't hit or does hit, the very next draw has the same odds as it does every time 1 to 1,000 with a 1 to 500 payoff. That said, my system doesn't beat the system but merely injects probability into the game of possibilities. Still gambling. Yet, 999 might not hit for 3,000 times and thus, the law of odds at a 1 to 1,000 chance has gone beyond the law while probability says it should hit approximately 1 in every 1,000 draws but possibilty says, even if it hasn't hit for 10,000 draws that every draw has a 1 to 1,000 chance of hitting.
Digitonic1 (17 days ago)
Try playing Box or Any, and pick up on my Cards on eBay search Lottery Box Card
ashleylaurennnx3 (18 days ago)
wow this makes me want to go out and buy scratch offs i have terrible luck tho
TK LOVER (17 days ago)
ashleylaurennnx3 the same here
Digitonic1 (17 days ago)
I know the feeling Ashley thanks for watching
Sarasdad91 Tim (18 days ago)
My company has a party once every year for all the employees. Before the night is over they give us all a Visa gift card that has money on it. They are put in a fish bowl, and the gift cards range anywhere from $10 up to $100. when people come up in line and pull the card out of the bowl they always pull from the top, but I always pull from the bottom 3 years in a row and I got an $100 gift card every time. Most of those people pulling from the top only get 10 + $20. If you can get the last of the roll of lottery tickets, take them there usually winners
Digitonic1 (18 days ago)
I would agree with that
Kimberly Valencia (21 days ago)
Do you know what store they have them?? Btw Love your channel
Digitonic1 (20 days ago)
It's a pretty old ticket so it's hard to say this vid was from 2016
Bella jay (22 days ago)
I been playing just been hitting like 130$ but i want to be a whole new roll did research on it too but should i buy a roll and if i do should i buy the one with the most highest and lowest prices left or a new game I'm so conflicted what do you want to buy a whole roll because there has to be at least 10 winning tickets in there so if I do a $5 instant game tell b300 dollars the whole roll or would it be better if I just do a $3 roll get more tickets or should I get the $5 game and get less tickets or the $10 games list tickets the which game will I win more money at
Craig Burroughs (13 days ago)
When you figure it out let me know. I always lose
Digitonic1 (21 days ago)
I'm not sure Bella I have never bought a whole roll
Daniel Cottrill (24 days ago)
wow nice job Boss !!
Digitonic1 (24 days ago)
RandomRed (26 days ago)
Nice bud thanks for sharing and congrats
Digitonic1 (26 days ago)
Thanks for watching man
John Vaughan (29 days ago)
I WON $1,500 on a $1 scratch it last month.
Digitonic1 (29 days ago)
Awesome!!! Congrats
John Simeone (1 month ago)
A girl friend of mine won 15 million on a $30 ticket.. Then hit another $50,000.. But it almost all gone!!.. Got a house and couple nice cars.. But gave over half back to the lottery
Dwayne Michael (1 day ago)
+Passionate Picker yes you are right
Passionate Picker (3 days ago)
@Ugonma Olarinde - I could be wrong but I think in America lottery winnings are heavily taxed if they take it in one lump sum? Perhaps someone can clarify that? In Australia, lottery winnings are tax free. Tax aside, how the hell can someone spend even half that, 7.5 million and have nothing left?
amaqjuaq Khan (13 days ago)
I would have gone poof to thailand minimalist lifestyle of luxury until i die
Ugonma Olarinde (17 days ago)
Smh why would she do that?😩
autuman71 (1 month ago)
Smh just stupid..
Peter (1 month ago)
I am VERY happy for you!!! Hope you are still financially AOK!!! Best wishes from Australia.
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
This was two years ago I'm doing just fine Peter thanks for watching
Angie Jefferys (1 month ago)
you must live in NY, Ca or Md
John Simeone (1 month ago)
Angie Jefferys Massachusetts has those too
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Solylunamia (1 month ago)
low roller scratcher (1 month ago)
how the heck you got 7.2 million viewers this scratch ticket? Are you shocked this video went viral?
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
shane hull (4 days ago)
+Digitonic1 5
Digitonic1 (9 days ago)
Did they get the hardrive unlocked?
bit coin bit coin bit coin
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Yea its done pretty well I put it up in 2016
Kishoreda Songs (1 month ago)
You are cool. I won 20$ and started jumping all over the place.
Timothy Peterson (1 month ago)
Damn lucky!
shyann wen covers (1 month ago)
Awesome win...❤ I usually always lose ..lol..but I did buy a 2.00 dollar ticket ..recently. .which was called 13 or something like that and ...I won ..40.00 lol.. I liked your video ❤
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Thanks Shyann, and congrats on your win
Francis Naughton (1 month ago)
I love this video, cuz all the comments are of people who remember winning something somewhere! 😂😂😂😂
Jamie C. (1 month ago)
Congrats!!!! 👍👍
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Hey guys I am new to scratch offs can someone explain how this works. I went to the lottery site and checked the prizes on a particular scratch off game and the big prizes are still out there. But, does that mean that every store that carries that game will have a big winner? Like is it per roll? Or is that prize for entire game dispensed throughout the state? I guess what I’m trying to figure out is do I need to go to multiple stores to buy the same game or should I just buy multiple games from one store to hit the big prize?
Vincent Rohmann (17 days ago)
Yep that is what's left of total winnings for entire game
John Simeone (1 month ago)
Natasha lee no thats out of ALL the tickets made in that particular ticket
Juice (1 month ago)
I just did the same thing and was wondering the same question. lol
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Hi Natasha the prizes remaining on the website are for the entire game throughout the state
Ohio Scratcher (1 month ago)
My video tomorrow after this happened is not this big but its nice
Mark Bonetsky (1 month ago)
Nice.. I mostly win on $20 tickets.. a buddy of mine won $5,000 in 3 days buying $30 tickets and he only spent $300.. sweet win on that $500 only spending $60.. way to go man!!!
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Crystal Murphy (1 month ago)
princess fatzx (1 month ago)
I scratch them scratchers almost every but mostly crosswords I noticed that if u get 3 scratchers u got like 1 out of 3 scratchers u'll win so I buy 3 identical scratchers instead of 1
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
That's the way to do it
Junior Hyzell (1 month ago)
You were pretty calm hitting on that $500....my largest win was $500 and I felt like I fr hit the lotto!! LoL meanwhile you're just like MEH "I DO IT ALL THE TIME" Haha but the day I hit my $500 on a $10 ticket I also won $250 later that might on a $5 ticket and then the next morning I bought a $2 ticket and won $100 So $850 won on $17 spent isn't bad....that was a couple years ago....Congratulations man!!
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
With ten wins on a ticket in Ohio it can be 10 dollars I had a feeling that it would be more but ya never know in ohio
Elouise Mitchell (1 month ago)
Where did u get that at north carolina or more omgosh
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Ohio Elouise thanks for watching
leslie martin (1 month ago)
I feel like I just won lol...YAY YOU!!!!!!WOOO HOOOO
Michael Schexnayder (1 month ago)
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Thanks Leslie
Rhoni Winston (1 month ago)
Congratulations! It was meant for you. You had the money to invest. Was a great investment.
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
Thanks Rhoni
Buddy Scurlock (1 month ago)
Michael Schexnayder (1 month ago)
Amber Paz (2 months ago)
Some scratchers have better odds
Digitonic1 (1 month ago)
That's very true Amber it seems the higher the price the better the odds overall
Jessica J Mendez (2 months ago)
Awesome 👍
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks Jessica see my latest vid for a contest that ends tonight
coolassclay (2 months ago)
Grats my dude! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Keep on scratchin, you’ll hit the big jackpot before you know it...
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks Cool!!
mike wells (2 months ago)
Don't buy new Hampshire  scratch tickets.Theyre a scam.They don't even print the big winners .Theyre not fooling anyone.Been living and working in the state my whole life.I did a poll to get a figure of just how bad theyre ripping people off and the numbers are staggering.The state needs to be investigated for fraud
Digitonic1 (3 days ago)
I just saw this Cindi yea it's a racket for sure hope you and your kids find a nice win thanks for watching
Gerald B (1 month ago)
I live in massachusetts and the lottery here is as bad as New Hampshire. I go to the corner store where they hang the winners over the checkout counter and there might be 30 tickets at 500 to 10,000 . Ive been going there 25 years. You do the math. Ripoffs!
Laurie (1 month ago)
I agree with you @ Mike Wells. Im from N.H too.
Cindi Anderson (1 month ago)
Oh trust me, I know! I work at a Phillip's 66 in Portsmouth and have been in this industry for 10 years now and it is pretty sad. I am self proclaimed volunteer, victim, and dumbass! Haha I buy a lot, more than i should. But my kids and me do them together and have fun so it's more about that, but winning would be nice! Especially after how much i lose! We were just saying we would rather do that than blow $100 on an hour at chuck e cheese! Lol But i have bought books in the past and not even won 50% of my money. These people that do win the big ones either spend a lot of money to win a lot or happen to get lucky. Theres one $10 ticket, the green $500,000 that is claimed to still have the top jackpot out there. The games been out for a couple years now and they keep printing more. They don't even print the odds on the back anymore. And IF there actually is a jackpot out there, it's probably in one of the machines nobody buys from. They just keep raking in the money and take advantage of people rather than do the moral thing and go find the ticket and end the game. And its unbelievable how many we sell! And they claim its towards "department of education"! Ok! Then why aren't we all going to school for free?! Lmao
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
There does need to be more oversight in my opinion. Ohio ends alot of games with many prizes remaining thus screwing the odds even more in their favor
Almeda Dent (2 months ago)
What does it means "I hit a 15 after a Dud"? What is a 15?
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
15 dollar winner
Kathy Wood (2 months ago)
I am going to get those right now 🤣🤣😂😂
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
LoL good luck!!
RICHARD GORDON (2 months ago)
RICHARD GORDON (2 months ago)
Elvira Arriaga (2 months ago)
My Dad's Girlfriend Is A Hard-Core Gambler & Knows How to Win Big Money and have never seen her lose Money Except Spend it on Nonsense things!
Elvira Arriaga (2 months ago)
☺Hi Hope You & Other People playing These Scratch off Tickets Win Big 💰💰 Money! Have You ever played those 2× & 5× 10× Scratch off Tickets? I heard Those are Winning Tickets if You buy a few of Them to Win! Wish Slot Machines were legal throughout America sometimes those Scratch off tickets aren't always winning depending what Tickets are bought i guess.
Junie Smart (2 months ago)
I've played those 2× and 5 × games and have never won!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Yea slots have alot better odds than lottery tickets be sure to catch my latest vid Elvira for a contest I'm running through tonight thanks for watching Elvira!!
John Bellis (2 months ago)
I want 20,000 January 5, 2019 in Florida
Timothy Bryant El (1 month ago)
John Bellis congrats
griff Hall (1 month ago)
Want or won?? Naples Florida
shawnda mccormick (2 months ago)
Congrats, i'm in florida too! I'll send you some home state love. Good job! Nice to read some positivity, ty!
Ken Stark (2 months ago)
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Jenn B. (2 months ago)
Where can I get one of those magic coins?😂
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
LoL the bank
Forstilial Dweh (2 months ago)
Happy for you!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Cheryl Dias (2 months ago)
So what was the point just watching you scratch and win? I thought you had a hack in choosing the winning tickets. Happy for you.
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
There's also a link in the top right corner of the vid to episode 1
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Listen to the 1st few seconds again
Brian Mccool (2 months ago)
alfred kamsate (2 months ago)
+Digitonic1 to get
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks Brian
TOMS WILL (2 months ago)
Thanks nice.
Curtis joseph (2 months ago)
Very nice! Happy for you man 😊
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks Curtis
young_sbg14 gaming (2 months ago)
Wish i can get this lucky
Junie Smart (2 months ago)
ME either. I can't ever win anything!
young_sbg14 gaming (2 months ago)
Thanks man, great content👌💯
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Keep trying young it will come
Layla_the_great !! (2 months ago)
Congratulations but I'mma confused on the title
Layla_the_great !! (2 months ago)
Ok thx
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Did you see episode 1 there's a link in the top right hand corner
Jeff Robinson (2 months ago)
Yeah buddy that was freaking awesome. I know that feeling when you think your never going to hit again. But I've learned when I start loosing all the time I just quit for a while Until I get a good feeling ,then I go for it again. I would rather get one number to match than 2. Usually if you get 2 numbers to match you win enough to make your money back one number your chances are better to win more than your card cost.
Matt Sharpe (2 months ago)
Rumor has it, that to this day, he’s STILL glad he went back and bought those last six tickets
Shawn Magra (1 month ago)
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
LOL!! That would be correct!!
Bobby Miller (2 months ago)
Congrats Sir. What state did you buy tickets in?
Bobby Miller (2 months ago)
Keep playing sir, I'm originally from Chicago and I won $1000 twice scratch off and $500 once. Chicago is a hot City to play in. Texas not so much because we don't have a state income tax I suppose
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks Bobby, these are Ohio tickets this vid is from 2016 but the ticket is so popular it's still available
Jonathan H (2 months ago)
Congratulations! The sound of your voice made me fall asleep in which i dropped my phone and cracked my screen....Lucky me lol
Mary Roberts (2 days ago)
Jonathan H lol
Mariana Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Buy yourself a Samsung Active... best phones when it comes to drops.
gracie restivo (1 month ago)
Alice Williams (2 months ago)
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Aw man that sucks sorry
Lee Brown (2 months ago)
Glad to see you WIN ~! awesome , Man -I'm pretty sure you are being honest, but how do we know you don't work for the Lottery and they are producing this video secretly to encourage sales? If you show the scene where you are in the store cashing them in...I will be a believer~!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
In Ohio Lottery employees are banned from playing it's a rule of their employment so if I did have a job with the lottery I would be fired I'm semi retired I just work from time to time I do factory work CNC machinist
Scratch N Kicks (2 months ago)
glad you did go back and get them.. awesome win Digitonic1
Shouka Pola (2 months ago)
Oh my God these scratch offs are good I was just watching you today I saw you win $500 and some then I was telling my boyfriend about it he bought 2 of the $10 ones we just win $40 not a lot but we hope to win big one day thank you man God bless ❤️❤️
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Yea meeee too lol
Mary P (2 months ago)
The title of this video is "when you see this buy them all" - see what?
Danny Littles (6 days ago)
+Mary P gdj
Mary P (2 months ago)
Digitonic1 ok thanks- great win!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Go back and listen to the 1st 15 seconds then see episode 1 there's a link in the top.right hand corner
Afro Confessional (2 months ago)
I always try and play the low numbers it seems the higher you go in the roll the more you loose
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Yea it does seem that way sometimes I guess this was an exception
G0OF (2 months ago)
Its cool that after all these years the creator of the video still replies to comments when it got on evryones recommended ❤
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Thanks for watching GOOF
Charlotte Allard (2 months ago)
What state is this in..
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
+catamandow1 no clue cat thanks for watching
Dudie Dude (2 months ago)
A good one ! Lol
catamandow1 (2 months ago)
hi , i live in new york city , are you familiar with the lotto here , can you tell what is the best scratch off in my area , thanks
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
This is an Ohio ticket
Eva Mata (2 months ago)
B&N Squad (2 months ago)
Hey nice gonna try here from live hope we stay connected
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Might wanna becareful if your playing this exact ticket it's pretty old now this vid is from 2016
shloyo Goldstein (2 months ago)
Anyone else get oddly satisfied from the sound of scratch off tickets? Lol
Erika Rivera (2 days ago)
Yes lol
Sara B (2 months ago)
Lol, yes. I get so excited for ppl when they win stuff too, as if it effects my own life in some way 🤣🤣
Cesar Andrade (2 months ago)
shloyo Goldstein u
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
LoL I do
misty poole (2 months ago)
How much do they cost!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
These were $10 tickets
back mann (2 months ago)
Last month I hit $500 on a $2 jumbo bucks. Nice win
Shmoney Doe (2 months ago)
Im trying to hit $500 of $2 ticket
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Nice!!! Congrats!!
HoneyBee (2 months ago)
It was on the new that most of the big pay out on scratch off tickets have been won already
Miss Nicole (2 months ago)
Awesome win 👍🏼
Messiah Mews (2 months ago)
Awesome! A great blessing indeed!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
robertowolf 21 (2 months ago)
I'm so jelly of you but Im more jelly that you thumb up turn blue in the video👍 😂👌
Lezlie B. Fowler (2 months ago)
What just happened to my email or my messages?
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
How did you know I am blue lol
Azell Edwards (2 months ago)
That's cool I won 50 dollars twice years ago on dollar tickets so it's possible. And congratulations because most time people are not as lucky. All I can tell people to keep trying.
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Yep ya can't win if ya don't play
Doug (2 months ago)
I just recently won $700 on these exact tickets $500 with 10 wins (mostly auto win) and $200 on a numbers matching ticket
Doug (2 months ago)
I just played out of the ticket machine. I didn’t know the ticket numbers at first but they were the end of the roll too.
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Good luck Monica just becareful not every book has a big winner in it
Monica Jennings (2 months ago)
Hell, I'm going to try it out next week on payday! I've only tried the $1 tix, maybe a bit pricier if someone bought it. But you can't win if you don't play!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Nice!!! Glad ya made out James
Lisa Spencer (2 months ago)
Man you suck. I want one ticket and I don't have a dime. You don't really suck,I am just jealousy.
robertowolf 21 (2 months ago)
I'm jelly to lol
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
No pobblemo I had no idea what Jelly meant till I heard it on the radio two days ago lol
Lisa Spencer (2 months ago)
I meant jelly. Ha. I honestly had no idea. Senior moment.
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Sorry Lisa the correct term is now Jelly get with with it girl lol 😄😄😄
Francine Wismann (2 months ago)
Fun to watch you win lucky #44
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
JUSTIN TURNER (2 months ago)
These can’t be from the Georgia lottery there’s no big money under their scratchers nobody in Georgia hits the power ball or mega millions neither when someone does hit it big it up north somewhere
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
These are Ohio tickets
TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT (2 months ago)
I have figured out that if you have a ticket whose winning numbers are in succession such as 35, 36 that it is typically NOTa winner...see..47 had #’s 28, 29...not a winner...48 had numbers 38, 39...not a winner...there IS a pattern..$500 on one ticket is a nice pick.
TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT (2 months ago)
I could spend a million cash on scratch offs and NEVER win a DAMN thing...some people just got it.
Brent Thompson (2 months ago)
+ryan perry lol
ryan perry (2 months ago)
Yea but a bird with a bush is worth 4 in the tush
TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT (2 months ago)
ryan perry I’ll pass. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
TH3 C4SSIU5 3FF3CT (2 months ago)
Miss Nicole is it pessimism or REALISM? You can believe you’ll get rich all you want. Its not gonna make reality change for you..It’s a game designed for you to lose. Gambling is a fools endeavor.
ryan perry (2 months ago)
Try different stores..different tickets than you usually buy
Coko W (2 months ago)
I won 100£ last week if I knew this I would have brought the roll. 🤷‍♀️
Tameara Harris (2 months ago)
I won one like this except I got 10 2 dollar winners lol
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Weezy E (2 months ago)
I use to work at a Uni-Mart around where I live. When I started I trained with another employee so I could get the hang of how to do the job. So my first day alone comes and this little old lady who worked at the local high school comes in and asks me to scan her Cash 5 ticket to see if she had won. So I scan her ticket and out prints a winning ticket slip that says $160,000 (not sure exact amount, just giving a round number). As soon I saw this, I said to her "I need to call my boss because I think I somehow made a mistake when scanning cause it says you won $160,000". So I called my boss and he immediately said to keep the ticket in my hand and that he would be right down. So to make a long story somewhat shorter, she did in fact win the $160,000. Needless to say, I was in shock because I did not expect that to happen to me on my first day alone on the job. Even crazier was when I told one of my coworkers about what happened and described the lady, she informed me that this lady hit a huge amount on the lottery before.
Lezlie B. Fowler (2 months ago)
I can't find the upper of my messages.
TG R. (2 months ago)
+Terri Tangeros RIGHT!!!
TG R. (2 months ago)
Just give her the ticket back. I don't trust some employees to give winners their winning tickets back
Mary Murdock (2 months ago)
+Pirate1975 pos
Pirate1975 (2 months ago)
Yes ma’am you won $160.00!! (Gives cash, pockets ticket)
O0o MoFuzzR (2 months ago)
Mannnn..I wish I had luck like that...badass bro..👍👍u can't win if u don't play right
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Rosalind Dickey (2 months ago)
Great 4 U! It's possible!
Milly mags (2 months ago)
Wow nice winnings! I always buy out of the machine at giant eagle n I'm thinking I'm not buying anymore from those! To many looking tickets
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
I hit my 1st thousand out of a machine years ago it had double 500s
Milly mags (2 months ago)
Where are u located if u don't mind me asking I've never seen this ticket
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
Wendy G (2 months ago)
I won $500 on a penny machine in Blackhawk Casino outside of Denver one time. Usually I break even or out ahead when I play scratch off's.... and I just keep the winners in my glovebox if i need quick cash for something.
davonte gibbs (2 months ago)
U fine ash whts ur Instagram
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
That's a good way to save it for later Wendy thanks for watching
Tara Shelton (2 months ago)
I don’t know how people do that! I could buy 100 of them and would be lucky to win 2.00!
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
LOL naw you would win more than that Tara
Arthur Greenwood (2 months ago)
Nice win my friend
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
PENNY WILLIAMS (2 months ago)
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
mike eat it (2 months ago)
I won $5,000 on the lottery... I blew it on cocaine, hookers and bail !!
Crystal Greer (1 month ago)
bronzemilan (2 months ago)
Sabrina Calvente (2 months ago)
+Digitonic1 I was saying it in joking manner 😂😂😂
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
I think he was kidding Sabrina
Sabrina Calvente (2 months ago)
Stooooopid 😂😂😂😂
Outlaw 9020 (3 months ago)
You know if you think about it, you never truly win anything on lottery because you are just getting your money you spent back.
Simple Days (2 months ago)
That's not how that works...
Ms.LadyBug Samuels (3 months ago)
So what was the point was u showing us how to win or just show how u won
Digitonic1 (2 months ago)
See episode 1 Ms LadyBug there's a link in the top right corner
Azell Edwards (2 months ago)
It's a strategy you have to learn to win
Ashley Wurr (2 months ago)
Some people are lucky enough to play the lottery once spend 20$ and win the millions so it's not just getting your money back
luloo poppin (3 months ago)
Sis get out my head!

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