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How To Use The Japanese Currency Exchange Machine

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Money-changing machine: sugoi! Taken at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Lobby
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FinBrain Technologies (1 month ago)
It is impossible for human beings to analyze big data for stocks and currencies, FinBrain does that for more than 6000 assets including Stocks, ETFs and Currencies, you can visit our website for more.
Now the current exchange rate is US$1 to 114.17 yen.
Sue Lee (5 months ago)
Presently US Dollar converts to 113 Japanese yen.
DarkJanet (9 months ago)
lyndonkimthomas (1 year ago)
cecunsusubauay cecunsusubauay. #9-+949)®®©¢{¥°×¥×㊗️🈶💷💱
loner1878 (1 year ago)
Can this change yen back into USD when you leave?
KL (1 year ago)
Unfortunately it only converts currencies into yen and not the other way around.
Peachy Trash (1 year ago)
Oh so that’s what you do I was so confused like when people go to Japan from America like how do you get Japan money and I just found out (;
nolls888 (1 year ago)
Does it accept $100 US bills? Or only 50 dollar bills, or it accepts all amount? Thank you
Suga Kookie (1 year ago)
nolls888 I think anything above $20 you can encert
G gree (3 years ago)
how i can to buy this machine?
Chihiro Fujisaki (3 years ago)
Do they give the ¥500 yen bills not coins but bills and ¥100yen bills and also ¥50 yen bills and ¥1 yen bills..because I have all of those bills and I don't know if it's in circulation the year of those bills are from 1949-1989 I also have 2 different ¥1,000 yen bills with different people on it and also I have a ¥10,000 yen bill with a different guy on it ..I also have a ¥2,000 yen bill I don't know if that is still in circulation ..I don't like coins so ...reply as soon as possible ...I'm moving to Japan to live there if Donald trump is president
Eddie Bacon (11 months ago)
Medusa gorgon anime are you there now
Chihiro Fujisaki (3 years ago)
I'm not being sarcastic ...I have a question about old currency if it's still in circulation ....because I have ¥500 yen bills ¥10 yen bills ¥50 yen bills ¥100 yen bills ¥1 yen bill ¥5 yen bill from the year 1950 and Also I have a ¥10,000 yen bill from the year 1914 its a different guy holding a sword same as the ¥5,000 yen bill also I have ¥5,000 yen bill but is not a woman on the ¥5,000 ..it's guy with glasses and it has a picture of the globe on the ¥5,000 bill and another ¥5,000 yen bill with a guy holding the sword ..I also have a ¥1,000 yen bills with different people on the bill ....you can checked this bill out in the Internet Google and you can see which ones I'm talking about
KL (3 years ago)
+Rabbity Bunniez anime *lol* Hmm... Whether you're being sarcastic or not, I don't think the machine provides bills for such amounts. Only coins. And if you are really serious about this currency exchange, you might have a good chance in their local banks. Wish you all the luck ;)
ItsTatiii (3 years ago)
do they have matchines like this throughout tokyo? or at the airports?
KL (3 years ago)
+zombieater666 There are currency exchange services in the airport but not sure if there are machines like this. This was taken in a hotel in Shinagawa. So I assume it maybe a common thing.
Alpha Centauri (3 years ago)
Does it accept Canadian coins ?
giga sixarulidze (3 years ago)
+KL B. how i can to buy this machine?
KL (3 years ago)
+himanshu y I think so. I think the machine had a coin inlet as well, knowing that canadian dollar is part of the currency exchange. :)

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