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The Good, the Bad and the HR - Identities INC. Productions

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Featuring Dominic Kellar, Gehan Blok, Pasan Ranaweera and Dino Corera. Venue - BMICH Event - National HR Conference 2017 Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Identities-Inc-781659281884782/
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Text Comments (46)
Vihanga Rathnayake (1 month ago)
Rumal Mahindaratne (2 months ago)
very nice performance....
I just love the last bit! “Stay high tech. Stay high touch. But always remember, sometimes look, but don’t touch!!!” 😅👌🏻
sonalee dinesha (4 months ago)
sajeth Kumara (4 months ago)
Awesome guys
sajeth Kumara (4 months ago)
suneth ranga (5 months ago)
mj 4888 (6 months ago)
Nadun Prarthana (6 months ago)
Zahir Hussain (6 months ago)
Nicely disclosed reality how the relationship and friendship influences employment but little louder Editor needs to work out . HR Guy might work as PR in reality. Very generously behave.
Cookiemonster Tana (6 months ago)
This is super....The bad remains me soo much of srilanka fmcg typical...
I didn't laugh this video makes me angry I don't know why.
Hasitha Ekanayake (7 months ago)
Great talents..
Raveen Jaya (7 months ago)
Melani Fernando (8 months ago)
can you please teach these HR practices to LOLC finance marketing operations department because some managers don't know anything about those things. They actually know how to insult their hardworking employees
Keheliya Dias (6 months ago)
Melani Fernando 😂😂
Melani Fernando (6 months ago)
Keheliya Dias pishshuda... 😂😂😂 can't you remember those days my pren? 😂😂
Keheliya Dias (6 months ago)
Hi pren 😂😂
Sandu Anjalika (8 months ago)
Perfect 💪
Ranindu Mcdraft (8 months ago)
Real humour bravo bro
Menaka Wijesekara (8 months ago)
Talented guys. Keep it up..
Dasitha Ruwanpathirana (8 months ago)
Excellent performance! This is all about what we are facing every day at our work places.
Ishara Karunaratne (9 months ago)
Wow !! Just Wow !! this is fu**ing awesome guys
Zero Cool (9 months ago)
Awesome HRM is the most useless department in any organization
bertinus augustine (3 months ago)
Gayantha Vitharanage (6 months ago)
But not the Naturab Panadura
Digital Wizard (9 months ago)
tokkata tokka tokka (9 months ago)
Super...keep it well.so i like this programe
Nuwan (9 months ago)
The ugly HR.
King MaNa (9 months ago)
Mehema talent kollo thiyan media wala program karana un dakkama adenawa
Dulan Wickramasinghe (6 months ago)
Eranda Chetha (9 months ago)
Sira kathawa ....
sadeesh vilanka (9 months ago)
Chris Menon (9 months ago)
Ohh no need to roll anything 😂
Dilshan Madhushanka (10 months ago)
Sad of having a biased HRM
Shenal Tito (10 months ago)
Thats awesome man !
Niro Silva (10 months ago)
Vry funny
Multimedia HUB (10 months ago)
Sachintha Randil (10 months ago)
navin rodrigo (11 months ago)
Sashen Peiris (10 months ago)
navin bro damn right😂
Thushan .Nirudaka98 (11 months ago)
Kevin Ferguson (1 year ago)
lol Outstanding performances. I had a good laugh. Thanks for that guys :D
Randil Show (1 year ago)
What a nice video......Awesome..
Awsome guys and wonderfully acted. Very good representation of what HR does in organisation. Liked it that I have published it at http://www.humanengineers.com/hr_videos/good-bad-hr-identities/. :)
Maduka Ariyasiri (1 year ago)
Nice performance :) :)

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