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US VISA Interview Process

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Want to know what is is it like to apply for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul? Check out this video to find out more! Posted Originally by: U.S. Embassy Kabul
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Nabil El byari (5 days ago)
Usa p
fernando rsk (6 days ago)
So easy 🤣🤣🤣
joy vinuya (6 days ago)
thank ma'am because I have learn about this enterview I hope someday I want to go US
DRAMILLIONZZZ (16 days ago)
Is it hard to get an employment immigrant VISA to the U.S? I have finished a bachelor's degree in business, associate's degree in computer science, 2 NC-II's in both automotive servicing and health care services...... and i'm from the Philippines, will it be hard for me??? I don't have any relatives in the U.S. but i have my best friend with me that has almost the same credentials with me too and we will both be applying an employment and immigrant VISA to the U.S.
A Nguyen Couple (17 days ago)
We just made a video sharing our tips on how to ace the US tourist visa interview. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CeJ40Bfbic
pardeep singh (17 days ago)
I hate usa
Md JABED (21 days ago)
How are you Sir? i am a Bangladeshi.i many poor man .... i am working in Malaysia i am big in my family son All my friends i have had to get money that i work in Malaysia my family is having trouble with the money, will you help me go to your country? I'll go to your country and earn more money for my family. Please help me a little Hayya my little brothers and sisters, I want to study please tell me how can i go..how much needs many please tell me sir..i want to go to your country
Md JABED (21 days ago)
Hello sir hope to be good i have been working in Malaysia for the last few years now i have to say that i will get a visa from here
Hamir Bharwad (27 days ago)
In India, they do it in very different way.. Of course too many people are apply for US visa each day so it's difficult to handle them, so day before you have to go for all scan and u have to fill applications form online + need to take appointments online, you don't get passport same day, if u get visa as they need to print it and stick it in to your passport. Yes people are nice.. You should prove that you are genuinely traveler or businessman and going for business or holidays with supporting documents, hotel booking air tickets etc... that's it..
Hadas Yohannes Kafela (1 month ago)
i am interviewed over Google and i was before the incoming of selection point in the company. I had to spoil and comeout in a hurry!!! don´t know what to do?
dev bachu (1 month ago)
Too much shit for what
Ahmad Zaman (1 month ago)
No need
Sittara Khan (1 month ago)
I live in Pakistan peshawar and i want go to Canada do you help me plzzzzzzz i am patan and every one and egents say me you are patan you are no going in Canada but why......?
Sittara Khan (1 month ago)
+Mc Donalds you have fun with me....!
Sittara Khan (1 month ago)
+Mc Donalds how do I believe a visa officer well send me a massage I do not believe I am not so lucky but you do not know anything about my story and life i have to live I have to be happy to read.i do not want to everything write like this
Mc Donalds (1 month ago)
+Sittara Khan you have to belive because I'm visa officer of uk
Sittara Khan (1 month ago)
+Mc Donalds really sir I don't believe......!
Mc Donalds (1 month ago)
I can do u r visa
Imad Salar (1 month ago)
Difficult to get the visa.
Fluppy Bird (1 day ago)
anyway Imad, applying a visa is unlimited :) if you want to re-apply make sure that there is some changes in your situation base on your last situation we you applied.
Imad Salar (1 day ago)
+Fluppy Bird It's up to their mode if their mode was good so they will give you the visa if their mode wasn't good then this will be your misfortune no matter how eligible you are how rich you are then these things are just useless in front of them. This is just their policy they are money makers. Interview is just a formality they have decided before the interview.
Fluppy Bird (1 day ago)
+Imad Salar :(
Imad Salar (1 day ago)
+Fluppy Bird The visa officer was so rude he did not check my I-20 letter he did not check my bank statement did not check my transcript and degree he did not even check my passport. And he didn't even look at me he was just busy at his computer and asked me 2 questions. Why study in the US? Why chicago? And directly rejected me. I answered him properly but even then he refused my visa i honestly don't know why.
Fluppy Bird (2 days ago)
+Imad Salar whooo sorry to hear that. Can you share your sitautions the last time you applied for a visa?
Thehard Geeker (1 month ago)
Feels like you are going to jail, WTF!!! i'm going to stay in my country, this is crazy.
Play Maker (1 month ago)
Kelan kaya kita makukuha - ? God tulung naman
Play Maker (30 days ago)
+Fluppy Bird salamat he-he-he
Fluppy Bird (30 days ago)
:) kuya kung may strong ties ka na.
lkevsan (13 days ago)
I got my USA visa today. We made the line and a woman attended my mom and me. She asked us what was the purpose of the visit and I said to visit my cousin, then she asked what did we do in life and my mom answer she is a lawyer and that I am studying electrical engineering. Then she asked us if we travelled before and yeah we did 20 years ago and showed our old passports with those visas. Then after a while she with a consultant ,she approved our visas and even wished me good luck with my studies. So it was cool it is valid until 2029 Everything I answered was in english. So what I can say is: FINALLY FUCK YOU CARAVAN ASSHOLES HOPE YOU DIE FOR DOING ILLEGAL STUFF FOR GOING TO USA AND MAKING THE PROCESS TOUGHTER THAN WHAT IT IS
Dimitris Barouhas (13 days ago)
+lkevsan yea bro english is english i have all my degrees like lower and proficiency with A plus and also my cousin works in the national bank of NY so i think i have a pass to get it easier
lkevsan (13 days ago)
+Dimitris Barouhas Just be clear and firm with the answers and don't lie, it is the only tip I can give for anyone going to apply for a Visa. If that's your intention for your visit because who the hell knows what they were checking after I answered her questions, when the lady was with her consultant. Also if you have a clean record then just hope for the best since you are not going to do anything unlawful and also talk to them in English because where I am from almost nobody speaks English and like I said in my rant the caravans are making this process even a worst pain in the ass than what is already.
Dimitris Barouhas (13 days ago)
Dimitris Barouhas (13 days ago)
Wait wait also if the ask me what i want to do to us and say i want to go to my cousin and stay for 2 weeks is it bad or good and also have 5k in ur bank account
Dimitris Barouhas (13 days ago)
+lkevsan ty for ur time
Adolf Lazo (1 month ago)
The rules is very simple, make a lot of money and power in your country then after you can travel every where in smoothly way lol
Fluppy Bird (30 days ago)
What power?
uttam das (1 month ago)
Fuck US embassy.
Guru Sandirasegaram (1 month ago)
What’s my qmatic Number. I waited 3days you never call me ? Why ?
sandhu Singh (1 month ago)
Welcome to shuthole 🖕🏽🗽💩
Nitish singh (1 month ago)
dumbest interviewee.
Mujtaba Hashimi (2 months ago)
They guy selected non immigrant visa queue and had Selective service forms in the folder and did IRIS scan. Make sure you guys do a good editing.
Nabil kellaci (2 months ago)
Thanks for The Video
FM Through The Years (2 months ago)
Just had it and 10 years of it! I’m happy! They’re actually kind. The building looks different.
Vinay Kumar (2 months ago)
USA worst country
Allison Williams (2 months ago)
Congratulations to January recruiters February recruitment in progress!!!!! AT&T is hiring now! Work here in the United States All nationality can apply Free accommodation and feeding will be issued by the company Salary: $5000 - $7000 Interested candidate should inbox or comment below. Whatsapp us at +16145856726. Get a your dream job now!!!!
HARI CHANDAN (2 months ago)
Proud to be a Australian Citizen. Safest & Beautiful country , Fuck USA and it's daily Shit Crime Rate. 👇
Eddy junior (2 months ago)
For your US visa contact [email protected] do not be scared of interview that what people uses to eat your money it’s just a mere question like where are u going? What are you going for? Who is your sponsor? So stop freaking out about that. And for those who do not have the connections they will keep telling people it’s hard nothing is hard when u have the required documents
Madison One (2 months ago)
Just cross the border in the south. Fly to Mexico City. Take a bus to the border & just cross. This is BS. Most Americans don’t even believe in this BS process. It’s too intrusive.
jasson bisht (2 months ago)
Dani_ creations (2 months ago)
US every people's dreams
asa zafar (2 months ago)
These ambassadors of america are with cruel hearts..they just give visas to elite people and dont even ask simple questions to ordinary people..they are full of hatred..they just refused to give me and my children a visit visa in just 20 seconds and i was like crying with heavy grieved heart..wanted to visit my brothers as lost my husband 2 yrs before and my younger sister cancer battle and then her death also..just need a break for my children but they refused to give us visa..we all cried..my children were full of hope just age 5. 7.10 and 12 last yr..and we were all heart broken.
Kara 95 Tv (2 months ago)
It's like a test to go to heaven . Fuck this shit
FOOD COURT (3 months ago)
Don't go to usa Nd it's a bad country
Dimitris Barouhas (13 days ago)
run digital (3 months ago)
no need usa visa no good country
fucking us embassy I pay 160$ for a tourist visa, officer say, sorry maybe in next time my friend
Yahye Mohamed ahmed (3 months ago)
I'm interesting to help visa sir please please contact [email protected] number WhatsApp +252616311132
KeroMiro K . M (3 months ago)
انا احب امريكاااااااا جداا اريد الذهاب اليها اريد ان أعيش فيها احبها اجمل دوله ولاكن لااستطيع ان اذهب اليها 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
tabassum imran (3 months ago)
USA big crock embassy all over the world only want money and visa time nice word I not satisfy (make stoped the person and make mony)
Ali Ebrahim (3 months ago)
its nice to be an american. they insist on foreigners getting a visa to enter USA, yet they dont need visa to enter Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Vietnam
Mohsen Khan (3 months ago)
Who wants to go in a shit hole country people are pooping around white house due to government shutdown people are jobless 😀😀😀
manjrajput a (3 months ago)
United States of Afghanistan Holder of This Passport dose not required Visa Visit to the India
Pierro Kacelo (1 month ago)
Mohammed Alexia (3 months ago)
Danishkhan basharat ali (3 months ago)
Visa officers are worst people out there ..money , documents and all sort legality won't be satisfy them
Riz scorpio (3 months ago)
On the name of visa these so called rich countries RIP money from visitor those already going to spend thousands. Shame
Souptik Ferdinand Gupta (3 months ago)
Is the visa fee refunded incase of a rejection ?
Souptik Ferdinand Gupta (3 months ago)
Oh, then that's quite a lot of money to donate.
Smile :) (3 months ago)
Souptik Ferdinand Gupta no, it is not refundable.
PakPassion (3 months ago)
OMG they gave back PP mean go back home looser and apply again
Vijay (3 months ago)
Hi, I want get the job in USA ,so what is the procedure and I am a medical student ,after one month I will get the job experience certificate .please us my dream and tell about it
max level 100 max (3 months ago)
Lol nothing happened
Nivedita pandey (3 months ago)
Its not that difficult to get USA visa. If you are not nervous and specific i meant clear about your purpose of visiting to US thn 100% you will get visa
Hniang Uk (1 month ago)
usa visa
Hniang Uk (1 month ago)
USA visa
chocolate girl (3 months ago)
Which documents, you don't go into details
chocolate girl (3 months ago)
Oh thanks
KIEC (3 months ago)
hi, thanks for your comment, well the documents depends upon your types of visa you've applied for.
Ambili Ramesh (3 months ago)
Pay close attention to the questions...Never get nervous while being interviewed..yul perform better...
Rajsonijpr.1989 Soni (3 months ago)
I Will do 100% sure usa multiple couple visa in 50 day's charge 15 laxs Needs all documents 7300257688. Call me
After applying of the ds160 in how many days we have to arrange an interview ?
Raghavendra Chari (3 months ago)
tabassum imran (4 months ago)
Us consulate just want money don't give visa spicile pakistani person I got personal experience just want money and time
Mohsen Khan (3 months ago)
Apna mulk he acha hai🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Welcome at war industry inc 😂😂😂😂😂
Badassad lusifer (4 months ago)
I thought this was a scary video but this is clickbate
Hazeem Hefny (4 months ago)
why the fuck all that to just visit America .. it's full of gangs anyway
Aryan Yama (4 months ago)
Recently, Traveling to USA has become so easy for a large amount of people from Afghanistan & other arab countries than there was in the past.
Fon Johnson (4 months ago)
Any help for me ? Am working in Dubai my first language is English. Thanks
Aryan Yama (4 months ago)
At The collection fee window, none Visa seekers smile..
brave tiger (4 months ago)
japan is best guys
tabassum imran (2 months ago)
I hate USA I love japan I been 2 times they
tabassum imran (2 months ago)
Is tru brother was I visit in japan _best cuntry in the world I like ?
brave tiger (2 months ago)
Tariq Munir very safty very polite
brave tiger (2 months ago)
tabassum imran i am in japan i hate usa beasuse very selfish country
Tariq Munir (2 months ago)
I have been vist japan 2 time nice peoples nive County beautiful peoples
Thorvald Olavsen (4 months ago)
Norwegian speaking here, you can keep your shit of a joke you call country, Norway is way better than the US! richer, safer, more beautiful, happier etc... We beat your asses on everything PS. I did not apply and I'm not planning to, this video was randomly recommend to me
Mami Emily (4 months ago)
one day soon i will be able to do this for my beloved husband.... boy its been hard here in his country.
Vijay Brahmn (3 months ago)
american dream (4 months ago)
God bless USA
Deepali Lathe (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/user/diana23474. Do subscribe and watch the video! It’s very helpful. It explains in detail about L1 Visa
Asha patel (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVeMi79vSXs I recommend this video to know Visa process
Mfarhanmirza01 Mirza01 (4 months ago)
I ll early apply fr usa visit
Mfarhanmirza01 Mirza01 (4 months ago)
Syed Alifshah (4 months ago)
Lol in this video man and women have blue passport see clearly it's just dumb i hate it leave
Mudassir khan (4 months ago)
North cyprus visa
Bhavani 1234 (4 months ago)
My dream
Hi There (3 months ago)
Bhavani 1234 ur dream sucks
Sokor Idris (4 months ago)
People think that going to US is like going to heaven lol
vikas patel (4 months ago)
10 billion dollar visa rejection say Mila jata america
WATCH VIDEOS (4 months ago)
then u go america first u see airport officers nude bad behaviour with asian peoples
jai v (5 months ago)
Y u serve USA serve your nation make like USA , when that nation won't like immigrants in future
ED48 (5 months ago)
my dream is to live in the US
Maya Aank (4 months ago)
You want to live in the USA, that was my dream, it came true not until I meet a American travel agent. Mr Ben, he helped me out. I don't have the link to is email anymore but you can text him on WhatsApp +1 (201) 936-6138. He will definitely help you out
Ali Haidar (5 months ago)
Going to United shits of America is as if you are going to heaven or something....fuck you and your shitty country.
Ayesha haque (5 months ago)
I got usa visa 6 year ago..😅😅😅
Dubbed Media (3 months ago)
Hi dear I need your help
batanghamog*_* DiGiBi (5 months ago)
tara dito sa lax. dalawin moko
Hasan Kemal Kayacan (5 months ago)
Yeah everyone is so happy as if they just smoked weed from the pot :)
Nick Zone (5 months ago)
USA will take your Finger and eye scan and reject your application. Lol your information is already in the FBI data base
NietBekend (3 months ago)
Kunal Nagarkoti (3 months ago)
But why ?
i will be traveling to US by February 2019 from Nigeria but i don't have my visa yet.
Mc Donalds (1 month ago)
All Nigerian people dreams of US lol
Floyd Mayweather (5 months ago)
I wish it were that simple to get a US visa ! What's the difference between the non-immigrant and immigrant visa ?
Viren Singh (4 months ago)
Floyd Mayweather immigrant stands for permanent residency visa .. non immigrant means going there for work tourism etc
Brown Media (5 months ago)
I prefer to travel to Asian countries like Thailand rather than to US.
luceeta Longchar (5 months ago)
All that big process for one big ass rejection
Abdul Mumin Adam Jallo (5 months ago)
Why? Are they going to heaven?
here there (12 days ago)
Heaven? Why got to heaven when u can visit the US???
Gogol - (1 month ago)
+القدس عاصمة اسرائيل agreed
Abdul Mumin Adam Jallo Yeah USA is a Heaven of the earth dog
Hello everybody. I want to go USA does someone help me
Zipho Shobede (5 months ago)
when I tried to get a visa to the US just for a visit the person who was interviewing me was did not even bother looking at my documents I had with me she was not interested in understanding what I was trying to explain.
Bastian Faraaz (1 month ago)
sunny passionz (3 months ago)
+Kunal Nagarkoti sounds like ur rejected as well lol
Kunal Nagarkoti (3 months ago)
No one wants to come in USA, better go to other parts of the world
Tina Davasi (4 months ago)
Sorr it wasn't for u my reply
Brain Ramirez (4 months ago)
Tina Davasi what do you mean reply please
Usman Ali (5 months ago)
Us visa is totally fraud... only for collecting money in shape of visa fee.. and 1000 rs for their own buses... looting pakistani people.. the officer rejects the visa application without any reason... although u have complete papers and requirments thay needed.. and if u r 100 % eligible for tje US visa and have sufficent genuine bank balance and having a good status in pakistan and although u r genuinely going for higher studies to tha US they rejects the visa without any reason... it is only money collecting game from the innocence people of pakistan.... I appeal yo pakistanis to avoid US travrlling and the best is to sattle in our beloved country... own country is own country... I have seen in the US... Pakistan is pakistan... v can freely move and wirk here and can spend our life very freely... never visit USA... it is a sweet jail
Brownie Royal (5 months ago)
May be they reject you because of your name or religion. You can’t blame them they are just scared and islamophobeic
zaib shah (5 months ago)
Usman Ali Right I’m also 3 times rejected without any reason
Claudelody Ballie (5 months ago)
Vos trucs là son trop compliqué
daniel vinueza (5 months ago)
Para mi seria un sueño viajar algun dia a USE y practicar la lengua inglesa porque yo he estudiado el ingles pero me gustaria tener la oprtunidad de practicar para aprender hablar fluido con los hermanos norteamericanos saludos desde Ecuador para USE. For me will be a dream to travel some day to USE and practice the english language because i have studied the english language but I will like to have the chance to learn to speak english fluent with people of USE I want to send grettings from Ecuador to USE
عفريت الليل (5 months ago)
مرحبا 🙋👋
Abhijit Mehta (5 months ago)
Let me know if you have ever meet a courteous US visa officer
Even go see a baseball re shat it out.
Yes, below . So many boring q 2me B 4 predecided judge. Fuckin g bou NOTHING relationship with local family blood money job 2 tie it up 2 show case .
I v down few B officer ass m how u arre bou golira ?
Joel Pelanga (5 months ago)
Sjav Sgscb (6 months ago)
Third world countries are even more better than USA.
Virginia McCormick (8 days ago)
This is a sad comment I’m not saying that because I’m American I’m saying that because 3rd world countries aren’t a place I would say is better off. I feel for the people of 3rd world countries living in such sad circumstances they can’t control. I’ve donated to many organizations to try to help those countries so to say people in them are better off and happier is just a sad statement. However, you are entitled to your own opinion like I am entitled to mine. This isn’t me being shady it’s just eye opening.
Adrian (1 month ago)
+vaibhav satpute dude are you really debating if USA is a 3rd world country or not? I get it you hate US but yall getting pathetic with this bullshit ffs
vaibhav satpute (3 months ago)
+Prashant Singh why they need medical tourism if they are in best countries ? what's the use of so called hygyne if they consume a lot more medicines than others?
Anvitha 4106 (5 months ago)
Ya..like Wakanda 😝
Prashant Singh (5 months ago)
Sjav Sgscb.... mate there is a reason they are called 3rd world countries....and USA is not one of them.

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