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Exchange Dollar to Turkish Lira in ATM Turkey

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Exchange Dollar to Turkish Lira in ATM Turkey
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Faisal فيصل (1 month ago)
Do I need to use an ATM Debit card to exchange dollars or it can be done without using a debit card?
Yian_DG (2 months ago)
Is this ATM at the airport? Do you know if there are such ATMs around Istanbul? Thank you
Musab Öney (2 months ago)
You may find in center in the small town. This atm is Ziraat Bank's atm, almost in every places there is. The other banks atm is different from that.
Andrii Tanenkov (2 months ago)
No, it's in Göreme. Also, we used the similar ATM in Ankara, but need to insert money through slot.
Musab Öney (2 months ago)
You can find these atm in every places. Also you can exchange your money (dollar or euro) the other banks atm. I look which banks atm exchange money.... (İş Bankası, Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bankası, TEB, Finansbank, Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bankası, Denizbank, Halkbankası, HSBC, Garanti Bankası, ING Bank, Odeabank)
Sheerin Vuong (6 months ago)
1 dollar = ???turkish money
Taehyung cheonmin (2 months ago)
Andrii Tanenkov Now is 6.42 ....
Görkem Kaya (2 months ago)
1$=6,49 Turkish Money
Elif (2 months ago)
Currenty 1$=5.38 ₺
Kıymalı Pide (4 months ago)
1 dollar=4,5515 turkish lira

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