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Learner Characteristics

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For training to be successful, learners must be ready and able to learn. Learner readiness means that individuals have the ability to learn, have the motivation to learn, have high confidence, see value in learning, and have a learning style that fits the training. Learners must possess basic skills, such as fundamental reading or math proficiency, and sufficient cognitive abilities. Companies may discover that some workers lack the cognitive ability to comprehend their training. Some have found that a significant number of job applicants and current employees lack the reading, writing, and math skills needed to learn the jobs. A person’s desire to learn training content, referred to as motivation to learn, is influenced by multiple factors. Learners must possess self-efficacy, which refers to people’s belief that they can successfully learn the training program content. For learners to be ready for and receptive to the training content, they must believe that it is possible for them to learn the material. The success of training efforts depends on understanding and adapting training to the needs of the learner.
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