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3 New Apps To Watch Videos & GET PAID! | SuperVank [Cash Time] Cloud Cash

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Text Comments (30)
Beer Money Forum (7 days ago)
Will check the second app and try to share it as well on my own forum if members haven't already :P Nice video, thanks Ecash.
Ismael Contreras (4 days ago)
Well I found free $5624a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?tTues Great work...
High Roller Suite (7 days ago)
If we cant find a passive app, we need to make one and 2 and 3....
Jack Stieg (7 days ago)
Just to add about supervank: You are only allowed to invest half of what energy you have earned, so you are not going to lose it all with one investment unlike the stock market. You also have the option to invest in companies from around the world. But like the stock market, you can lose so be careful. Also don't forget to do the Schedule Alarm section. If you set the alarm for the current time, you get the energy points, but no alarm will go off.
Jack Stieg I will use your code and check it out. Thank you for contributing useful info man.
Jack Stieg (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=earn.spin.makemoney.luckywheel is the Google play link. They have a wheel, video section, referral section, and a daily check in. Its very scam feeling to be honest but I figured if its fake I'm no less poorer than I am already 👍
Jack Stieg (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks funny how it used to pop up every time and now when I want to get the exact wording it won't show lol but anyway it basically said that automation was against the TOS and anyone using it would be banned. Which is why I stopped using the other phones. Your only allowed one device per email that I know of, but an app that is that strict on automation may be strict enough for one per IP address as well
Jack Stieg What did they say about automation? Also do you have a link to the money time app your using?
Jack Stieg (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks no problem. I actually have it on three phones but only really have used it on one since they came out with their announcement about automation. Once I get a chance to read their TOS I may start using the other two again. Currently trying out one called money time on one of them instead. So far its going good, just have to see if it pays out when I get to that stage 😂
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
I love supervank. So far. I've just been goofing around periodically with it since you posted your vid. On my personal phone. And it's already made more than yoo's today on multiple phones. Yes it is not passive. But it could not be easier. Ever couple mins hit the buttons. And boom tons of points. Yes it is 1,000,000 points for $1 but I'm already almost at 300,000 with just about 5 mins of work in total. Pretty sure you can make an easy buck a day. 30 bucks extra a month with minimum work. I'm going to stick with it for awhile and see what it does for me. Thanks man. This was a good one. Not to mention the pedometer earning too. If you are a Walker definatly use this feature.
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
Yep first buck. If you grind this app is great.
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks I'm casually using it and I'll have a buck in about an hour I have around 900,000 points already. Since your vid posted. But a full day with it I'm guessing around or just under 2 bucks. Maybe more if i grind. And with one device that's not to bad Yeah just brought it up to 940,000 so in like ten mins I'll have 1 buck already so 1 dollar a day is super easy to make from this.
BreakIt MakeItBetter Yep easily my favorite app of the three. A ten dollar cashout should be fairly quick with the app.
Usual Johnson (7 days ago)
Didn't really like cash time when n using it.. will try other 2 .. thanks bro. Keep up good work
Usual Johnson (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks yeah quality of these programs are going down. Start off fast but in time they fade away. Just need honest people running these programs. They cheating same people making them money it's crazy .
Usual Johnson I hear you man.. Good apps are scarce these days aren’t they?
Tha Hood (7 days ago)
Do you have to have a Facebook account to sign up for cloud cash I can't seem to find a way to get to started
Tha Hood (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks i also know you're mining Bitcoin are there any legit mining apps
Tha Hood Yes which is a drawback! :O
Arvel York (7 days ago)
Awesome video as always
QUICK CORRECTION *CLOUD CASH ADSCENDMEDIA PAYS OUT 3 POINTS FOR EVERY 3 AD WATCHES not 3000... These are some okay apps though with some fairly solid earning opportunities!
Luminary (7 days ago)
Did you get paid by cheeta keyboard? I heard some got paid!
Luminary not yet nope :( :(
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
What up mr. E cash happy earnings everyone. Still watch but gonna try these out.
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks I'm ready for passive apps just like you. But untill then I'll put in the work.
BreakIt MakeItBetter They are worth a look I think. :)
lextech 98 (7 days ago)
BreakIt MakeItBetter (7 days ago)
+ECashsociety TechTalks second :P

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