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Stationary Electric Loader Sand & Gravel Mine. Rotobec

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Stefano Piraino (2 years ago)
NOT performer robot sheet
Allen Mowry (2 years ago)
It is a human operator on her first day. SHE is FASTER and BETTER LOOKING than you.
Stefano Piraino (2 years ago)
This robot is shit, he's slow, ugly and without electricity he is dead
Allen Mowry (2 years ago)
goose1173able (4 years ago)
I didn't realize what a novice I was until I watched this video. Now I know I've come a long way. Time for a redo!!! Lacy
Allen Mowry (4 years ago)
I agree Lacy, you're doing real well with it. Next visit we'll redo!!!
Allen Mowry (4 years ago)
Stationary Electric Loader Working Sand & Gravel Mine. #Rotobec #Mining
Allen Mowry (4 years ago)
Astec Underground does a real good job +Jim Stonecold Cody. 
Jim Cody (4 years ago)
Hi. Allen, iworked for a company called Astec Underground back in 2003. Enjoyed working there, they build earth moving equipment. ...

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